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2,200 Austrian drivers join campaign to pick up refugees in Budapest

Vienna - Some 2,200 people had joined a social media campaign in Austria by Friday afternoon to organise a convoy of private cars and vans on Sunday to help pick up hundreds of migrants stranded in Hungary.

Op-Ed: Homophobic clerk Kim Davis not elligible for GoFundMe Campaign

It looks as if bigot-of-the-month Kim Davis and her ilk have been kicked to the curb by GoFundMe. Davis is warming a cot in a local Kentucky jail after a district court judge held her in contempt for not complying with federal law.

Deaths of 60,000 saiga antelopes still confounds scientists

In May, 2015, a mysterious illness killed off half of the world's saiga antelopes, a critically endangered species that roam the steppes of central Kazakhstan.

Egyptian billionaire offers to provide shelter to Syrian refugees

An Egyptian billionaire has offered to help Syrian refugees shelter and jobs if Greece or Italy allows him to buy an island where he can build homes for the thousands of migrants or refugees who are now wandering in the borders of Hungary and Austria.

FBI admits to spying on Burning Man festival

Gerlach - Newly-released documents reveal the Federal Bureau of Investigation spied on Burning Man, the weeklong art and music festival in the northern Nevada desert.

Pope Francis prepares for most political trip yet

Vatican City - Pope Francis is gearing up for potentially his most politically charged trip yet, an eight-day whirlwind visit which will take him from Havana's Revolution Square in Cuba to the headquarters of the United Nations.

Diego de la Hoya dominates Jesus Ruiz, remains unbeaten

Rising boxing star Diego de la Hoya scored a unanimous decision win against Jesus Ruiz Friday night at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles, California to bag the vacant WBC Youth Featherweight Title.

Op-Ed: Wild Rose party wins provincial by-election in Calgary

Calgary - The victory for the Wild Rose party in the Calgary-Foothills constituency shows that small-c conservatives still have a good grip on parts of the city. However, the Progressive Conservatives came a dismal third in a riding they held since 1971,

Child soldier drama makes Netflix award contender

Venice - Officially its full title is the International Exhibition of the Cinematographic Arts.

Op-Ed: Refugees, Totalitarians and the West

The solution to the migrant crises in Europe is not open borders or donations to refugee camps. Instead, we must identify and remove oppressors and help to create functional, humanist societies.

Japan lifts evacuation order for radiation-hit Fukushima town

Toukyo - The Japanese government on Saturday lifted the evacuation order for the first town near the crippled Fukushima reactors, more than four years after ordering mass relocations near the tsunami-wrecked nuclear plant.

Hundreds protest over Michael Vick at Steelers home game Special

Pittsburgh - More than 300 animal rights protesters turned out Thursday before the start of the Pittsburgh Steelers last preseason game calling for Michael Vick's removal from the team.

Acting jobs await Mayweather after Sept.12 retirement fight

Unbeaten American boxer Floyd Mayweather has been offered at least three major film roles in the past week, up for grabs if he finally decides to retire after his Sept.12 fight against Andre Berto at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev.

Gorillas have individual musical tastes

New York City - Gorillas, like people, have strong personal preferences as to the type of music that is played within their ear-shot. Gorillas, in a recent study, were shown to display different responses to various melodic sounds.

Scientists: Strange lizard-like reptile is earliest known turtle

Scientists have now solved an important piece of the turtle evolution puzzle. Recent fossil evidence has helped paleontologists prove that turtles share a recent common ancestor with birds, lizards, and crocodiles.

UN climate talks plagued by twin fears

Bonn - Negotiators from 195 nations tasked with crafting a universal climate pact are driven by twin fears tugging in opposite directions, which may result in a hollow deal, say analysts.

Apps and websites caught collecting personal data from children

A group of privacy advocates has found many apps and websites aimed specifically at children collect personal information and then share it with third parties. Others run marketing campaigns or prompt children to sign-up to mailing lists.

U.S. wildfires could be costliest on record

Los Angeles - The battle against wildfires sweeping across the drought-stricken western United States, mobilizing 30,000 firefighters, could be the costliest on record with $1.23 billion spent so far, officials say.

Computer algorithm can create a masterpiece in one hour

There is now a computer algorithm that can recreate a Van Gogh or Picasso painting in just 60 minutes. The algorithm has been developed by German computer programmers.

Between hope and despair, migrants board buses for Austria

Hungary - "According to the Hungarian government, there will be free buses to take you to the last town before the border," shouts a man urgently in Arabic through a megaphone. "You don't have to go if you don't want to.
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