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Satanists not pleased after Boehner compared Cruz to Lucifer

While people who dislike Ted Cruz found John Boehner's comments, comparing the presidential candidate to Lucifer entertaining, members of the Satanic Temple were not amused. They were upset.

Finland risks 'serious crisis' with Russia if it joins NATO: Study

Helsinki - If Finland joined NATO it would provoke a "serious crisis" with neighbouring Russia, an expert report commissioned by the government warned on Friday.

Op-Ed: Libyan PM of unity government Serraj gives keynote speech on TV

Tripoli - In a pre-recorded TV address, Faiez Serraj, PM-designate of the UN-brokered Government of National Accord (GNA), gave a mainly upbeat talk about the progress of the GNA in Tripoli.

Review: Which came first, the city or the country?

Shotgun Wedding hails from the New York City metropolitan area; a busy place teeming with action, attitude and a whole lot of noise. The band, billed under the moniker City Country, leaves one poised to ask, what exactly does that mean?

Passwords of seven million Minecraft players being sold online

The passwords to over seven million user accounts owned by members of a popular Minecraft community have been hacked and are now being offered for sale on the dark net. The community, Lifeboat, didn't notify users until three months after the breach.

Aleppo: A key Syrian battleground

Birut - The city of Aleppo, capital of the eponymous northern province, is strategically vital to all sides involved in Syria's five-year civil war and at the centre of escalating violence imperilling a landmark ceasefire.

Op-Ed: Why Amir Khan has slim chance of winning over Canelo Alvarez

British boxing star Amir Khan has admitted he is in for the toughest fight of his career when he squares off with Saul "Canelo" Alvarez in a title fight on May 9 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hounded by protests, Trump surges as Cruz scrambles

Burlingame - Hundreds of protesters faced off with police on Friday at a California hotel where Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was giving a speech, as tensions intensified ahead of the next key primaries.

Helicopter crash off Norway coast 'kills 11'

Oslo - At least 11 people died on Friday when a helicopter transporting 13 people from a North Sea oil platform crashed off the coast of western Norway, rescue services said. "Eleven people found, none alive.

Kenya's mega ivory piles 'will burn even if it snows'

Nairobi - Eleven towering piles of ivory rise above the savannah grasslands of Nairobi National Park, ready to be burned Saturday in a symbolic grand gesture against the trade threatening elephants with extinction.

Finnish parliament debates petition on leaving eurozone

Helsinki - The Finnish parliament is debating whether Finland should leave the Eurozone after 53,000 people signed a petition asking that the parliament debate the issue.

HP's newest laptop is a premium Chromebook with a 4K display

HP has launched a new Chromebook, the 13-inch Chromebook 13. The laptop is one of few to be billed as a premium Chromebook, starting at $500 and including an all-metal chassis and high-end features. HP said it is "built for performance" on the go.

Nanoparticles present a sustainable way to grow crops

Saint Louis - With the world's population soon expected to reach eight billion, scientists have been working to find a way to produce enough food to feed all those hungry mouths. A team of engineers has found a way to do this using nanoparticles.

Op-Ed: Ocean oxygen levels — Grim forecasts

Sydney - As if the world wasn’t having enough fun, depletion of oxygen and acidification of the oceans is increasing. A 30 percent increase in ocean acidification has been measured since pre-industrial times. The ramifications are potentially severe.

Protesting Venezuela opposition leader attacked

Caracas - Supporters of Venezuela's socialist government attacked a senior opposition leader with fists and stones Friday when he was demonstrating against the country's emergency power cuts.

Malaysian capital to be one of world's most connected cities

The Malaysian government is implementing an ambitious three-year plan to transform the capital Kuala Lumpur into one of world’s most connected cities.

Toronto Police release video of shootout that lead to kidnapping

Toronto Police have released a dramatic video that shows a shootout that took place in a downtown apartment building. Multiple shots were fired by numerous gunman and at least one man was wounded and two were kidnapped.

Review: ‘One-Man Star Wars Trilogy’ is for fans by a fan Special

‘One-Man Star Wars Trilogy’ is a hilarious and entertaining show that delivers new memorable moments from a long-time favourite.

Review: The Force is with Ross, as ‘One-Man Star Wars’ returns to T.O. Special

Toronto - You wouldn’t think a one-person Fringe show reenacting the basic plots of the original “Star Wars” trilogy would take a person very far, but British Columbia actor Charlie Ross has been doing this show for about fifteen years now.

Trevi fountain runs red with 'blood' of persecuted Christians

Rome - The Trevi fountain in Rome was bathed in red light Friday, symbolising the spilt blood of persecuted Christians, in a grim makeover for one of Italy's most iconic monuments.
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