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Obama warns African leaders who refuse to step down

Addis Ababa - Barack Obama condemned African leaders who refuse to give up power and urged the continent to end "the cancer of corruption", in the first ever address to the African Union by a US president.

Obama challenges Ethiopia on democracy but praises Shebab fight

Addis Ababa - US President Barack Obama on Monday praised key African ally Ethiopia for its fight against Shebab militants in Somalia, but also challenged Addis Ababa on its democratic record.

Obama opens talks in Ethiopia, set to make South Sudan peace push

Addis Ababa - Barack Obama opened talks in Ethiopia on Monday during the first-ever trip by a US president to Africa's second-most populous nation and the seat of the African Union.

Obama begins Ethiopia, African Union visit

Addis Ababa - US President Barack Obama landed in Ethiopia on Sunday, beginning a two-day stay and becoming the first American leader to visit Africa's second most populous nation.

Obama to wade into South Sudan peace drive

Addis Ababa - US President Barack Obama will on Monday try to build African support for tough action against South Sudan's warring leaders if they reject an August peace ultimatum, US officials said.

Eritrea calls for UN probe into 'abhorrent' people smuggling

Addis Ababa - Eritrea on Saturday called on the United Nations to investigate the "abhorrent" flood of refugees from its borders to Europe, an exodus attributed to gross human rights violations in the hermit state.

World on way to 'generation free of AIDS', says UN chief

Addis Ababa - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Tuesday the world was headed for a "generation free of AIDS", after UNAIDS reported a 35 percent drop in new HIV infections from 15 years ago."The world has delivered. We have achieved and exceeded the...

UN chief says world on way to 'generation free of AIDS'

Addis Ababa - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Tuesday the world was headed for a "generation free of AIDS", after UNAIDS reported a 35-percent drop in new HIV infections from 15 years ago.

Key global development summit to open in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa - World leaders are meeting in Ethiopia's capital from Monday for a development financing summit presented as crucial for United Nations efforts to end global poverty and manage climate change by 2030.

Ethiopia: 30 years on from famine and Live Aid

- Three decades ago, the world looked on in horror at images of dying famine victims in Ethiopia, as musicians led the giant global fundraising concert, Live Aid.

Early human ancestors were not alone

Scientists believe they have discovered a new species that could change the human family tree. The species may have lived during the same time period of the famous 'Lucy' fossil.

African Union demands South Sudan sanctions, arms embargo

Addis Ababa - The African Union has demanded sanctions and an arms embargo be imposed on South Sudan's warring leaders to stem an escalation in the country's 17-month-old civil conflict.

Ethiopia votes with ruling party set to return

Addis Ababa - Ethiopia was Sunday holding its first general elections since the death of strongman Meles Zenawi in 2012, with his successor Hailemariam Desalegn all but certain to stay in power.Over 36.

Ethiopia readies for elections but outcome not in doubt

Addis Ababa - Ethiopia, Africa's second-most populous country, readied Saturday for the first general election since the death of strongman Meles Zenawi, whose successor Hailemariam Desalegn is all but certain to stay in office.Over 36.

Three of those beheaded in Libya by IS were deported from Israel

Tripoli - Three of those beheaded in Libya by IS had earlier lived in Israel where they sought refugee status before being deported.

Thousands of Ethiopians march in government rally over IS killings

Addis Ababa - Tens of thousands of Ethiopians marched through the capital Wednesday in a government-organised rally condemning the murder of a group of Ethiopian Christians by Islamic State militants in Libya.

International pressure mounts to end S.Sudan war: Diplomats

Addis Ababa - Heavyweight international powers will pressure South Sudan's leaders to end civil war, diplomats said Thursday, with the African Union, United Nations, United States and China to kickstart stalled peace talks.

South Sudan peace talks collapse

Addis Ababa - South Sudan's warring leaders failed to reach a deal to end more than a year of civil war, mediators said Friday, with the latest collapse in peace talks paving the way for possible sanctions.

Militarization and alternative biofuel drives Ethiopian land-grab

Ethiopia buys military weapons and claims advance on Millennium Goal objectives while India and others gain large scale alternative biofuel crops and claim advance on reduction of fossil fuel dependency.

World Bank dam and foreign land-grab force out Ethiopian tribes

World Bank and China join Ethipoia's government to relocate 200,000 villagers of the Omo River and Lake Turkana Valley, UNESCO protected "Cradle of Mankind," to replace them with super-irrigation plantations and hydroelectric plants aimed at exportation.
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