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Power-starved Ethiopia rallies around Nile dam as Egypt dispute simmers

- Cell phone batteries constantly dying, health centres bereft of modern equipment, a dependence on flashlights after sundown -- Kafule Yigzaw experienced all these struggles and more growing up without electricity in rural Ethiopia.

Eritrean president vows to 'bolster cooperation' with Ethiopia

Addis Ababa - Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki promised Thursday to boost cooperation with Ethiopia on the last day of his two-day visit that came as the peace process was seen as having lost momentum.

Abiy Ahmed: Meteoric rise of the man trying to remould Ethiopia

Addis Ababa - Abiy Ahmed, the son of poor villagers who became a spy boss, and now the man behind dizzying attempts to reform Africa's fastest-growing economy and heal wounds with Ethiopia's neighbours, has seen an unpredictable and perilous rise to fame.

Five questions on change and challenges in Abiy's Ethiopia

Addis Ababa - Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is accepting the Nobel Peace Prize next week just as his country heads into what could be the most consequential year of its fraught political transition.

New EU chief pledges to back Africa on Ethiopia trip

Addis Ababa - European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen assured Africa of the EU's strong support during a visit to Ethiopia on Saturday, her first trip outside Europe since assuming her post.

Ethiopian referendum overwhelmingly backs new federal region

- Ethiopia's Sidama people have voted overwhelmingly for a new federal region, with 98 percent choosing autonomous rule, the electoral board said Saturday.

Ethiopia PM praises referendum for new state as votes tallied

- Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Thursday praised the conduct of a referendum in the ethnic Sidama region, that many expect will approve the creation of a new federal state.

Ethiopia's Sidama people vote on regional state

Hawassa - People in Ethiopia’s ethnic Sidama region voted on Wednesday in a referendum that could carve out a new federal state in a nation already struggling with community tensions.

Ethiopian PM Abiy defends response to ethnic clashes

Addis Ababa - Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Sunday pushed back against portrayals of his government as weak and timid in the face of recent unrest that left more than 80 people dead.

Orthodox Ethiopians criticise PM Abiy over deadly clashes

Addis Ababa - Ethiopia's influential Orthodox church on Sunday criticised Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's response to ethnic and religious clashes that have left nearly 70 people dead, saying he was failing to protect its members.

Ethiopia PM Abiy warns ethnic violence could worsen

Addis Ababa - Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed warned Saturday of further instability and vowed to bring to justice those responsible for violence that left at least 67 people dead this week.

Ethiopian activist floats election challenge against Abiy

Addis Ababa - A high-profile Ethiopian activist at the centre of violence that left 16 people dead this week has accused Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of acting like a dictator and said he might challenge him in elections planned for next year.

At least 16 dead in anti-Abiy protests in Ethiopia: Amnesty

Addis Ababa - At least 16 people have been killed in violence in Ethiopia this week that began with protests against Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Abiy Ahmed, an Amnesty International researcher said Friday.

Four dead in protests against Ethiopian PM Abiy: police, hospital

Addis Ababa - At least four people have been killed and dozens injured in protests in Ethiopia against Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, hospital and police sources said Thursday.

Stony silence from Eritrea as Ethiopia basks in Nobel glow

Addis Ababa - While Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was praised for efforts to end years of bitter tension with Eritrea in his Nobel Peace Prize award last week, his Eritrean partner in the peace-making has conspicuously failed to offer his congratulations.

Rough road ahead for Abiy after Nobel triumph

Addis Ababa - Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed faces stark challenges on the very issues that earned him a Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, and analysts say the coming months may tell whether he can translate this early applause into concrete success.

Abiy Ahmed: Meteoric rise of the man trying to remould Ethiopia

Addis Ababa - The son of poor villagers, a spy boss, and now the man behind dizzying attempts to reform Africa's fastest-growing economy and heal wounds with Ethiopia's neighbours, Abiy Ahmed has seen an unpredictable and peril-strewn rise to fame.

Going green: Ethiopia's bid to plant four billion trees

Addis Ababa - These days whenever Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appears in public, he removes his jacket, rolls up his sleeves, grabs a shovel and gets to planting a tree.

Ethiopia faces showdown over push for new region

Hawassa - The green, blue and red flag of the Sidama people flutters defiantly above government buildings in a southern Ethiopian city where leaders are on the brink of declaring a breakaway region.

Scores from Amhara party arrested in Ethiopia after coup bid

Addis Ababa - Scores of people with links to an ethno-nationalist party in Ethiopia's Amhara state have been arrested after an attempted coup in the region, a party spokesman said Thursday.
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