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Op-Ed: Barack Obama's criminal legacy on war, torture and Guantánamo

President Barack Obama leaves behind a criminal legacy on war, torture and Guantánamo Bay. This isn't hyperbole, it's legal fact, as what follows will amply demonstrate.

Ethiopian photographer seeks new portrayal of Africa

Addis Ababa - Surrounded by untidy stacks of paper and abandoned half-empty coffee cups, photographer Aida Muluneh chain smokes cigarettes in her Addis Ababa office and rails against the negative portrayals of Africa by foreigners.

UN adds yoga's Indian philosophy to heritage list

Addis Ababa - The ancient Indian philosophy behind yoga, the mind-body discipline now practised the world over, on Thursday joined UNESCO's list of "intangible" world heritage.

Without reform Ethiopia risks a deepening crisis

Addis Ababa - Faced with its most serious challenge yet, the Ethiopian regime, a crucial Western ally in the fight against terrorism, risks a deepening crisis if promised reforms do not come, researchers and analysts warn.

Dutch farmer on Ethiopia violence: 'I was terribly scared'

- When protesters torched a nearby Dutch-run farm in Ethiopia's Oromia region, Marc Driessen watched anxiously as smoke billowed above the horizon, fearing his own business would meet the same fate.

Ethiopia PM seeks to 'reform electoral system' after protests

Addis Ababa - Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said Tuesday his government wants to reform the country's electoral system, which has excluded the opposition and prompted months of bloody protests.

Ethiopia says 'enemies' Egypt, Eritrea fuelling unrest

Addis Ababa - Ethiopia on Monday blamed "enemies" from Egypt and neighbouring Eritrea for stoking an unprecedented wave of protests that has led the government to declare a six-month state of emergency.

Ethiopia declares state of emergency

Addis Ababa - Ethiopia declared a six-month state of emergency on Sunday following months of violent anti-government protests, according to an official statement released on state media.

Ethiopia mourns more than 50 killed in festival stampede

Addis Ababa - Ethiopia was in mourning Monday after more than 50 people died in a stampede triggered when police clashed with protesters, the latest bloody episode in a wave of anger against the authoritarian government.

52 dead in Ethiopia festival stampede

Bishoftu - Fifty-two people died on Sunday at a religious festival in Ethiopia to celebrate the end of the rainy season after police fired tear gas at protesters triggering a stampede.

Anger still boils in northern Ethiopia after protest crackdown

- The demonstrations were crushed but anger remains in Bahir Dar, capital of Ethiopia's northern Amhara region, where a fortnight ago security forces killed at least 30 protesters, according to a human rights group."I would say at least 50 people!

7 dead as Ethiopian police and protesters clash: sources

Addis Ababa - At least seven people were killed during fresh clashes between police and anti-government protesters in western Ethiopia on Saturday, local sources said, while the ethnic unrest also reached the capital Addis Ababa for the first time.

Chicken scent offers hope for malaria prevention

Addis Ababa - Ethiopian scientists have discovered mosquitoes are repulsed by the smell of chicken, raising hopes for the development of a novel way to prevent a disease that kills hundreds of thousands every year.

Sleeping with chickens protects you from mosquitoes

If you're worried about mosquito bites, or live in an area at risk from malaria, then sleeping with a chicken might be the answer. A point of scientific research are the compounds in chicken feathers.

Public smoking ban for Ethiopia's capital

Addis Ababa - A ban on smoking at public gatherings has been announced by the mayor of Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, according to local media reports on Wednesday.

Floods following drought worsen Ethiopian hunger

- Stuck on a track in eastern Ethiopia, trucks carrying food for the starving are forced to turn back.After one of the worst droughts for decades, the rains have finally arrived, but now only add to the complication of the delivery of food aid.

Life on other planets? Scientists look to Ethiopia first

Scientists have been studying extreme conditions within the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia to see if the conditions there, which mimic conditions on other worlds, could predict life on certain planets.

Ethiopia ethnic violence kills 14, aid groups targeted

Gambela - Clashes between different ethnic groups in west Ethiopia have left 14 dead, while UN and MSF offices were targeted by angry protesters, local security service sources said.

South Sudan rebel chief misses deadline to return

Gambela - South Sudan's rebel chief Riek Machar missed an international deadline to return to Juba on Saturday to become vice-president under a peace deal hoped to end war, claiming the government denied permission.

Death toll tops 200 in cross-border Ethiopia raid

Addis Ababa - More than 200 people were killed and over 100 children abducted by armed men from South Sudan in a cross-border raid into Ethiopia, the country's leader said.
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