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Spain: People's Party makes gains but fail to win majority

Madrid - For the second time in six months, Spanish elections ended up with no party winning a majority although the ruling People's Party increased the number of seats they hold.

Spain's Socialists refuse to back conservatives after election

Madrid - Spain's Socialists said Monday they would not back a government led by Mariano Rajoy, in the first sign that the incumbent prime minister may have a tough time forming a coalition after yet more inconclusive elections.

Spain's PM calls for government by early August after polls

Madrid - Spain's acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called Monday for a government to be formed by early August after his conservative Popular Party (PP) emerged stronger from another inconclusive general election.

Spain's Rajoy: The no-frills, under-estimated survivor

Madrid - Criticised as dull and uncharismatic, Spain's outgoing prime minister Mariano Rajoy retorts that he represents stability in the face of inexperienced upstarts, especially the "radicals" of the anti-austerity Podemos party.

Spain's conservatives steal show from Podemos in polls

Madrid - Spain's incumbent conservatives stole the show away from a far-left coalition led by Podemos Sunday, finishing stronger in repeat elections with more seats than in December polls though still falling short of a majority.

Spain's PP wins election, Podemos second: exit poll

Madrid - Spain's ruling conservative Popular Party (PP) took first place in a repeat general election on Sunday but fell well short of a majority while far-left formation Unidos Podemos came second, an exit poll showed.

Polls open in Spain repeat elections

Madrid - Polls opened in Spain Sunday for the second elections since December aimed at unblocking six months of political paralysis, just days after a shock Brexit.

Spain's PP wins election, Podemos coalition second: exit polls

Madrid - Spain's repeat polls ended Sunday with the incumbent conservatives appearing to have won the most seats tailed closely by a far-left coalition led by Podemos, exit polls said.

Spain struggles to reduce unemployment, debt despite growth

Madrid - Spain, which goes to the polls on Sunday in a repeat general election, is the eurozone's fourth largest economy and one of the fastest-growing nations in Western Europe, although it suffers from high unemployment and debt.

Radical change or safety first? Spain wavers before vote

Jerez De La Frontera - In Spain's southern tourist hotspot Jerez de la Frontera, Cristian Garcia whiles away the day sitting on a bench with his mates. Unemployed, he will vote for a far-left coalition led by Podemos in Sunday's elections.

Brexit bursts into Spain election campaign

Madrid - Brexit burst into Spain's election campaign Friday, with the outgoing conservatives pledging stability in the face of the rising far-left, anti-austerity coalition Unidos Podemos.

For now, Brits in Spain will have same rights, Madrid says

Madrid - Spain's premier on Friday sought to reassure Britons living in Spain after the Brexit vote, saying that for now, they would keep the same rights to live and work there.

After Brexit, Britons in Spain fear time in sun is over

Orihuela - For years, thousands of Britons made a home of the warm beaches of Orihuela on Spain's Costa Blanca. But after Brexit, many feared Friday their golden time in the sun could be over.

Brexit: Spain proposes 'shared sovereignty' over Gibraltar

Madrid - Spain proposed on Friday sharing sovereignty over Gibraltar after Britain voted to leave the European Union, saying this could be a prelude to bringing the overseas territory back under its control.

Solar Impulse 2 completes first-ever Atlantic flight

Seville - The Solar Impulse 2 landed in Spain Thursday after completing a 71-hour flight from New York in the first "magical" solo transatlantic crossing in a solar-powered airplane.

Spain interior minister faces calls to resign over leak

Madrid - Spain's interior minister faced calls to resign Wednesday over a conversation leaked four days before elections in which he appears to discuss with an anti-fraud official ways to incriminate his political rivals.

Spain awaits verdict as trial of king's brother-in-law ends

Madrid - A Spanish court on Wednesday wrapped up the embezzlement trial of the Spanish king's brother-in-law and his wife, accused of tax evasion, ahead of a verdict expected in a few months' time.

Solar plane powers on over Atlantic after turbulence

Madrid - The Solar Impulse 2 plane went through "a long night of turbulence" over the Atlantic, its weary pilot said Wednesday as he continued on the challenging leg of its sun-powered trip around the world.

Spain elections: What are the possible outcomes?

Madrid - Spaniards will cast ballots for the second time in six months in repeat polls on Sunday that may see the conservatives remain in power, even if many vote for left-wing parties.Here are the possible outcomes.Same again?

Stay home, Spain tells Cameron before Gibraltar trip

Madrid - Spain's acting prime minister took a swipe Thursday at his British counterpart David Cameron who is due in Gibraltar to campaign against Brexit in a "historic" trip, telling him to stay home.
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