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Solar Impulse 2 leaves Egypt for final leg of world tour

Cairo - The first solar-powered plane to circle the world took off from Cairo on Sunday for Abu Dhabi, in the final leg of its journey.Swiss pilot Bertrand Piccard was behind the controls of Solar Impulse 2, which can fly for days on only energy from the sun.

Solar Impulse 2 embarks on world tour final leg

Cairo - A sun-powered Solar Impulse 2 aircraft on a record-breaking flight around the world to promote renewable energy was due to depart from Cairo early Sunday on the last leg of its journey.

World touring solar plane's final leg to UAE delayed

Cairo - The final leg of an unprecedented world tour by a solar-powered plane was postponed Saturday due to the pilot's health, he said in a message on Twitter.The Solar Impulse 2 had been scheduled to leave Cairo for Abu Dhabi."I'm sick. Stomach upset.

Word 'fire' heard on voice recorder of doomed EgyptAir

Cairo - The word "fire" is heard on the cockpit voice recorder of EgyptAir 804 before the plane crashed into the Mediterranean in May, an Egyptian-led investigative committee said Saturday.

Solar Impulse 2 lands in Egypt in penultimate stop of world tour

Cairo - The Solar Impulse 2 landed in Cairo on Wednesday for its penultimate stop as the solar-powered plane nears the end of its marathon tour around the world.

Liberal hopes dashed as post-Islamist Egypt turns conservative

Cairo - When Egypt's military overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013, Egyptians like Nabil dared to hope that their conservative country was on the brink of change.

Dentist breaks ground for Egyptian women as pundit

Cairo - Manar Sarhan disinfects her hands after filling a patient's tooth, readying to catch the Euro 2016 match and analyse it for a newspaper as Egypt's first woman in mainstream football punditry.

More time needed to reach conclusions on EgyptAir crash, committee says

Cairo - Experts investigating the EgyptAir plane crash in May need more time to analyse and match the information gathered before they can reach "very basic conclusions," the Egyptian-led investigative committee said Tuesday.

Egypt priest killed in IS-claimed attack

Cairo - An Egyptian Coptic priest was shot dead Thursday in the Sinai Peninsula where authorities are battling a jihadist insurgency, officials said, in an attack claimed by the Islamic State group.

EgyptAir black box confirms smoke on board: Probe

Cairo - Data from one of the black boxes of a crashed EgyptAir plane showed smoke alarms had sounded on board, while soot was found on the wreckage, an Egyptian-led investigative committee said Wednesday.

Rare student protest in Cairo's Tahrir square

Cairo - Hundreds of Egyptian high school students staged a rare protest in Tahrir Square on June 27 but security forces moved in quickly to disperse them with tear gas, detaining several of them.

EgyptAir black box flight recorder 'has been repaired'

Cairo - One of the two black box flight recorders from the EgyptAir plane that plunged into the Mediterranean last month has been repaired, Egypt's investigation commission said Tuesday, prompting hopes it could provide clues on why the aircraft went down.

U.S. President Obama backs entrepreneurs at global tech summit

Palo Alto - U.S. President Barack Obama told the best and brightest in the technology industry on Friday that the government would partner with private industry to keep the Internet free and open to innovation.

Egypt court quashes handover of Red Sea islands to Saudi

Cairo - An Egyptian court on Tuesday quashed a government decision to hand over two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia, judicial sources said, overruling a deal that had sparked public outrage.

Families of EgyptAir crash victims to get compensation

Cairo - EgyptAir said Monday advance compensation payments of $25,000 will be offered to families of the 66 people killed when one of its planes crashed into the Mediterranean last month.

Egypt's Morsi sentenced to life in espionage trial

Cairo - An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi to life in prison in an espionage trial in which six of his co-defendants were handed death penalties.

Second black box recovered from EgyptAir crash site

Cairo - Search teams on Friday recovered the second flight recorder of an EgyptAir plane from the bottom of the Mediterranean that could prove vital in establishing the cause of the crash.

Egyptian president el-Sisi can now appoint Higher Press Council

Cairo - A bill that allows Egyptian President Abdel el-Sisi the power to appoint the leaders of the Higher Press Council the group that controls state-owned media outlets.

Black box recovered from EgyptAir crash site

Cairo - A search team on Thursday recovered the cockpit voice recorder from the EgyptAir plane that crashed into the Mediterranean last month in a major step towards establishing the cause of the tragedy.

Bomb hoax forces EgyptAir plane to land in Uzbekistan

Cairo - An EgyptAir flight from Cairo to Beijing made an emergency landing in Uzbekistan on Wednesday after a bomb threat that turned out to be a hoax, the airline said.
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