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New Ecuador leader says 'hacker' Assange can stay at embassy

Quito - Ecuador's new President Lenin Moreno criticized Julian Assange as a "hacker" but stressed his country would continue providing asylum to the WikiLeaks founder fleeing international arrest.

Ecuador's Moreno warns Assange not to interfere in politics

- Ecuador's new president Lenin Moreno warned Julian Assange Thursday not to interfere in the politics of the South American country, whose embassy the WikiLeaks founder has lived in for the past five years.

New leftist Ecuador president takes office

Quito - Ecuador's new president Lenin Moreno took office Wednesday, tasked with steering the oil-rich nation, a flagship of the Latin American left, through troubled economic and political waters.

New leftist Ecuador president set for swearing-in

Quito - Ecuador's new president Lenin Moreno takes office Wednesday, tasked with steering a flagship of the Latin American left through troubled economic and political waters.

Ecuador at turning point as feisty Correa bows out

Quito - One of the feistiest personalities in Latin American politics, Ecuador's Rafael Correa hands power Wednesday to his quieter ally Lenin Moreno, who is tasked with steering a leftist political flagship through troubled economic waters.

Ecuador 'did its duty' by giving Assange asylum, Correa says

Quito - Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa said Saturday that his country had "done its duty" by granting asylum in 2012 to Julian Assange, and said he was glad Sweden had closed its rape case against the WikiLeaks founder.

Colombia, ELN rebels resume talks

Quito - Colombia and the left-wing National Liberation Army insurgency resumed talks Tuesday aimed at reducing everyday violence on the road to a peace deal.

Endangered Galapagos tortoises saved from suspected traffickers

Quito - Nearly three dozen Galapagos tortoises considered vulnerable to extinction will return to Ecuador after being rescued in Peru from alleged traffickers, the Galapagos National Park said.

Ecuador to recount 12 percent of presidential votes

Quito - Ecuador will recount almost 1.3 million ballots from the country's presidential election earlier this month, 12 percent of the total, the National Electoral Council (CNE) has said.Socialist Lenin Moreno won the April 2 second round with a 51.

Ecuador bucks rightward trend, voting Moreno president

Quito - Socialist Lenin Moreno won Ecuador's presidential election, the electoral authority confirmed, bucking a trend in Latin America to extend a decade of leftist rule in the major oil exporter.

Ecuador's new president Moreno a survivor

Quito - He is known for his affable manner and easy smile, but don't mistake Ecuador's new President-elect Lenin Moreno for a softie: beneath the jokes, he is a fierce survivor.

Assange taunts Ecuador opponent after election

Quito - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange waded into Ecuador's contested presidential election, tweeting his congratulations to the ruling socialist party's candidate and telling his rival he should leave the country.

Ecuador socialist wins presidency, rival cries fraud

Quito - Socialist Lenin Moreno declared himself the "president of all Ecuadorans" Monday after a runoff election win that will extend a decade of leftist rule, but his conservative rival refused to accept the result.

Ecuador rivals both claim victory in tight runoff

Quito - Both candidates in Ecuador's presidential runoff claimed victory on the basis of conflicting exit polls Sunday, setting up a tense wait as the country charts its future after a decade under leftist Rafael Correa.

Moreno and Lasso: Ecuador election contenders

Quito - A champion of social welfare and author of self-help books faces off against a conservative ex-banker promising a change of direction for Ecuador in its runoff presidential election on Sunday.

Moreno and Lasso: Ecuador election contenders

Quito - A joke-cracking socialist in a wheelchair and a conservative ex-banker will face off on April 2 in Ecuador's runoff presidential election, officials have confirmed.

Ecuador headed for runoff in tense presidential vote

Quito - Ecuador's President Rafael Correa admitted Wednesday that his leftist ally Lenin Moreno will have to win a runoff vote to succeed him after a tightly-fought first-round election.

Ecuador officials deny fraud claims in presidency vote

Quito - Ecuadoran officials denied claims of attempted fraud in a tightly-fought election as the last votes were counted Tuesday with the ruling socialists looking likely to face a hard-to-win runoff vote.

Leftist hopes to avoid runoff in tense Ecuador vote

Quito - Leftist Lenin Moreno crossed his fingers Monday for outright victory in Ecuador's presidential vote as impatience grew over a delay in publishing full results that could force a runoff.

Ecuador heads to presidential runoff vote

Quito - Ecuador's presidential election looked headed to a runoff as partial results showed leftist candidate Lenin Moreno fell short of the lead needed to win outright in Sunday's first-round vote.
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