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Ecuador VP indicted in Odebrecht case

Quito - Ecuador's Vice President Jorge Glas and 12 others were indicted Tuesday for unlawful association in the giant corruption case involving Brazilian constructor Odebrecht.

Ecuador VP facing indictment in Odebrecht case

Quito - Ecuador's attorney general on Thursday accused Vice President Jorge Glas of unlawful association in the giant corruption case involving Brazilian constructor Odebrecht.

Last Colombia rebels ready to respect ceasefire: leader

Quito - Despite warning a ceasefire in Colombia is at "serious risk" of collapse, the leader of the country's last rebel group says it will respect the truce until its New Year expiry date.

Ecuador prosecutor accuses Odebrecht of tax fraud

Quito - The Ecuadorian prosecutor's office announced Tuesday it will press tax fraud charges against Brazilian construction conglomerate Odebrecht -- also embroiled in a corruption scandal spanning Latin America and Africa.

Colombia government and ELN begin fourth round of peace talks

Sangolqu - The Colombian government and the National Liberation Army (ELN) -- the country's last active guerrilla group -- Wednesday began the fourth round of peace talks amid an historic ceasefire between the two.

Jailed Ecuador VP says he is target of construction giant's revenge

Quito - Ecuador's vice president, Jorge Glas, in jail pending a criminal investigation into allegations he took $16 million in bribes from Brazil's Odebrecht, told AFP Saturday he is a victim of revenge by the construction giant.

Ecuador vice president ordered to jail over graft allegations

Quito - Ecuador's vice president, Jorge Glas, was ordered locked up Monday pending a criminal investigation into allegations he took $16 million in bribes from Odebrecht, a Brazilian construction giant that paid illegal kickbacks to win public contracts.

Colombia rebels say ceasefire to extend to January 9

Quito - Colombia's leftist National Liberation Army rebels said Saturday that their temporary ceasefire would stretch from October 1 to January 9, and not three days later as the government indicated.

'Extinct' giant tortoise to be bred in captivity

Quito - A species of Galapagos giant tortoise thought to have been made extinct 150 years ago will be bred in captivity, officials said, after DNA studies showed specimens discovered in the last decade shared similar genetic makeup.

Colombia govt, rebel ELN eye ceasefire before pope visit

Quito - The Colombian government and the country's last active rebel force, the ELN, said Monday they hope to agree on a ceasefire before Pope Francis's visit to the nation next week.

Ecuador prison for Chinese fishers caught in Galapagos

Quito - A court in Ecuador sentenced the crew of a Chinese ship caught fishing endangered sharks in the Galapagos marine reserve to prison terms on Sunday.

Ecuador's congress clears path for corruption inquiry against VP

Quito - Ecuador's congress on Friday voted unanimously to allow a criminal inquiry against Vice President Jorge Glas in the sweeping corruption scandal around the Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht.

Ecuador's president strips VP of all functions

Quito - Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno on Thursday stripped his vice president, Jorge Glas, of all his functions after his deputy delivered a stinging critique of the new leftist leader.

Selling $600 frogs -- to save them from poachers

Quito - Poachers in Ecuador have long known the hefty prices their country's rare frogs can fetch. But now environmentally conscious firms are starting to sell the amphibians too -- to try to save them from the black market and threatened extinction.

Ecuador designers reinvent indigenous style for modern age

Riobamba - After years of taking a backseat to Western style, indigenous fashion is re-emerging in Ecuador, thanks to a new generation of designers who are re-imagining traditional clothes."Make the turn snappy!

Fourteen killed in Ecuador bus accident

Quito - Fourteen people were killed and 26 injured when a bus drove off the highway in central Ecuador, flipped and caught fire, local police said Saturday.

Last Colombian rebel group says ceasefire is near

Sangolqu - Now that Colombia's leftist FARC rebels have laid down their weapons under a peace accord ending 50 years of war, the country has one last guerrilla group that is still active, the National Liberation Army, or ELN.

Last Colombia rebels eye ceasefire before Pope visit

Quito - Colombia's last rebel force said Friday it is making progress towards a possible ceasefire, which the government hopes will definitively end half a century of civil conflict.

Assange lawyer says UK breaking international law

Quito - Julian Assange's lawyer accused Britain on Thursday of breaking international law by denying the WikiLeaks founder safe passage out of the country if he leaves Ecuador's embassy in London."Britain is...

New Ecuador leader says 'hacker' Assange can stay at embassy

Quito - Ecuador's new President Lenin Moreno criticized Julian Assange as a "hacker" but stressed his country would continue providing asylum to the WikiLeaks founder fleeing international arrest.
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