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Moreno and Lasso: Ecuador election contenders

Quito - A joke-cracking socialist in a wheelchair and a conservative ex-banker will face off on April 2 in Ecuador's runoff presidential election, officials have confirmed.

Ecuador headed for runoff in tense presidential vote

Quito - Ecuador's President Rafael Correa admitted Wednesday that his leftist ally Lenin Moreno will have to win a runoff vote to succeed him after a tightly-fought first-round election.

Ecuador officials deny fraud claims in presidency vote

Quito - Ecuadoran officials denied claims of attempted fraud in a tightly-fought election as the last votes were counted Tuesday with the ruling socialists looking likely to face a hard-to-win runoff vote.

Leftist hopes to avoid runoff in tense Ecuador vote

Quito - Leftist Lenin Moreno crossed his fingers Monday for outright victory in Ecuador's presidential vote as impatience grew over a delay in publishing full results that could force a runoff.

Ecuador heads to presidential runoff vote

Quito - Ecuador's presidential election looked headed to a runoff as partial results showed leftist candidate Lenin Moreno fell short of the lead needed to win outright in Sunday's first-round vote.

Yeast found in guts of babies increases asthma risk

A study performed in Ecuador has shown a yeast in the gut of new babies to be a strong predictor that the babies will go on to develop asthma.

Ecuador in key vote for Latin American left

Quito - Ecuador voted Sunday in general elections that could see a pillar of the Latin American left swing to the right -- and potentially deprive WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of his place of refuge in London.

Ecuador in vote that could alter Assange's fate

Quito - Oil-rich Ecuador votes Sunday in general elections that could lead to fugitive Wikileaks founder Julian Assange being evicted from the country's London embassy.

Body of tortoise 'Lonesome George' returned to Galapagos Islands

Quito - The embalmed body of the giant tortoise known as Lonesome George -- the last known member of a species that was wiped out with his death in 2012 -- returned home to the Ecuadoran Galapagos Islands.

Colombia, ELN announce first accord at peace talks

Quito - Colombia's government and the country's last active rebel force announced a preliminary agreement in their work toward a permanent ceasefire at peace talks on Thursday.

Colombia opens talks with ELN rebels

Sangolqu - Peace negotiators from the Colombian government and the ELN, the country's last active rebel group, got down to business behind closed doors in their first day of talks Wednesday, seeking to end a half-century conflict.

Colombia seeks 'complete peace' at ELN talks

Quito - Colombia opens peace talks Tuesday with its last active rebel group, the ELN, seeking to replicate its historic accord with the FARC guerrillas and deliver "complete peace" after 53 years of war.

Colombia to hold peace talks with last rebel group

Quito - Colombia announced a deal Wednesday to hold peace talks with its last active rebel group, the ELN.The move aims to seal "complete peace" after the signing of a historic deal with the bigger FARC guerrilla force, President Juan Manuel Santos said.

At least 20 dead, 17 hurt in Ecuador bus crash

Quito - At least 20 people died and 17 were injured when a school vehicle collided with a bus in southwestern Ecuador, President Rafael Correa said Saturday."There are 20 people killed... and 17 injured," he said in his weekly address.

Race to succeed Correa opens in Ecuador

Quito - Campaigning opened Tuesday for Ecuador's February 19 general elections, which will decide who succeeds leftist President Rafael Correa after a decade in power.

Ecuador quake, aftershocks leave three dead, serious damage

Quito - A 5.7-magnitude earthquake followed by 37 aftershocks rattled Ecuador's Pacific coast before dawn Monday, causing three deaths and heavy damage to hotels and homes in resort towns, officials said.

Ecuador quake, aftershocks leave two dead, serious damage

Quito - A 5.8-magnitude earthquake followed by more than 20 aftershocks rattled Ecuador's Pacific coast before dawn Monday, causing two deaths and heavy damage to hotels and homes in resort towns, officials said.

Britain has Assange DNA sample: Ecuador

Quito - British police have received a genetic sample from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for Swedish prosecutors to use in their rape investigation against him, an official said Monday.

ELN rebels say Colombian army ops threaten talks

Quito - Colombia's ELN rebels said Friday that military operations in one of their strongholds were endangering the life of a hostage and the prospects for stalled peace talks.

Colombia in suspense over peace talks with ELN rebels

Quito - Peace talks between Colombia's government and leftist ELN rebels hung in suspense Thursday, hours before their scheduled launch, as leaders complained the insurgents had not released a key hostage.
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