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Thousands rally in Ecuador for and against president

Quito - Tens of thousands of Ecuadorans, including President Rafael Correa, his supporters and anti-government protesters turned out Friday for May Day rallies across a handful of cities.

Ecuador president says 'seriously threatened'

Quito - Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa abruptly pulled out of a public lunch on Tuesday because of what he called "a serious threat" of attack against him.The threat was being investigated and one person had been arrested.

President of Ecuador: '¡Heil Hitler!'

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa tweeted "Heil Hitler" on Thursday in response to an opposition politician's tweet about his regime.

Julian Assange: The $15 million man

Keeping an eye on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange - who is holed up inside the Ecuadoran embassy in London - has cost British law enforcement over $15 million dollars, or $10 million British pounds.

Gene discovered that makes finches distinctive

New research into the full genomes of Galápagos finches has revealed an important gene for the beak shape of the birds. The research has also revealed three previously overlooked species.

Emergency declared after Galapagos ship grounding

Quito - Ecuador activated a state of emergency Wednesday at the famous Galapagos Islands, authorities said, a week after the stranding of a cargo ship loaded with supplies that included hazardous materials.

The Dalai Lama not allowed to meet Pope Francis, was told 'No'

The Dalai Lama requested to meet Pope Francis but was refused the right to meet with him. The Dalai Lama was in Rome on Thursday for a Nobel Peace Prize winners' conference.

Seven make final cut as world's most wondrous cities

Surviving three years of global voting and competition from almost 1,200 other candidates, seven communities were announced Sunday as New7Wonders Cities.

Thousands protest in Ecuador against president

Quito - Thousands of people marched Wednesday in Ecuador against the leftist government of President Rafael Correa, denouncing a move that would allow him to extend his rule beyond 2017.

Ecuador court clears way for unlimited presidential terms

Quito - Ecuador's Constitutional Court has given lawmakers the green light to set new rules on term limits that would allow President Rafael Correa to extend his rule beyond 2017.

Earth's most wondrous cities narrowed to 14 finalists

Barcelona - The modern seven most wondrous cities of the world will be revealed Dec. 7 from a list of 14 finalists scattered throughout Earth's six inhabited continents.

Ancient textile art pieces returned to Peru from Sweden

Lima - Peru's National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History will display until October 12 a priceless mantle recovered from Gothenburg, Sweden. This textile piece ascribed to the Paracas culture is almost 2,000 years old and is in perfect condition.

At least 15 police hurt as thousands rally in Ecuador

Quito - At least 15 officers were wounded and multiple arrests were reported in Quito as thousands gathered for rallies for and against leftist President Rafael Correa, officials said.

Ecuador women turn to boxing to fight sexual violence

Quito - After surviving a harrowing rape attempt, Any Hurtado took up boxing -- and found herself surrounded by other Ecuadoran women using their fists for protection in a country torn by sexual violence.

Ecuador quake triggers deadly landslides

Quito - A shallow 5.1-magnitude earthquake struck the Ecuadoran capital Quito Tuesday, triggering landslides that killed at least two people and violently shaking buildings and homes.

Egypt bans Islamist's Freedom and Justice Party

Cairo - The Egyptian ruling military establishment dismantled Saturday the Freedom and Justice Party, political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, signalling an end to the Islamists' prospects in politics.

Ecuador lawmakers propose unlimited presidential terms

Quito - Ecuadoran lawmakers proposed constitutional amendments to allow unlimited presidential terms, following a request from incumbent Rafael Correa.

UNESCO grants World Heritage status to ancient Inca road system

Doha - The Inca Trail, a complex road network crossing six South American countries was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The award recognizes the historic and cultural significance of the ancient route used by the Incas and later by the conquistadors.

Colombian Daniella Ocoró chosen Miss World Cup Brazil 2014

Rust - The representative of Colombia was selected as Miss World Cup Brazil 2014. The competition took place in Germany with participants representing the 32 countries playing in the group stage of the international soccer tournament in Brazil.

Ecuador sentences ex-president to 12 years in absentia

Quito - An Ecuadoran court sentenced exiled ex-president Jamil Mahuad to 12 years in jail for corruption.Mahuad, who served from 1998 to 2000, lives in the United States. Interpol has issued a warrant for his arrest.
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