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After giraffe, Danish children to watch lion dissection

Copenhagen - A Danish zoo said Thursday it would dissect a lion in front of children, undeterred by the international outrage that hit a Copenhagen zoo that last year did the same thing to a giraffe.

Danes demonstrate for 'decent treatment' of refugees

Copenhagen - Thousands of Danes braved chilly winds on Tuesday to march in Copenhagen for the "decent treatment of refugees" and to protest a decision by Denmark's rightwing government to slash benefits for refugees.

Denmark tightens citizenship requirements

Copenhagen - Denmark, which earlier this year slashed benefits for asylum seekers, said Monday it is making it more difficult to acquire citizenship in the Scandinavian country.

Nordic states fret over migrant threat to Schengen

Copenhagen - Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg on Saturday said she feared for Europe's borderless Schengen zone and urged countries to shore up their external frontiers in the face of the migrant crisis.

Denmark to probe removal of pro-Tibet demonstrators in 2012

Copenhagen - The Danish government said Friday it would investigate why police forcibly kept pro-Tibet activists from demonstrating and holding up Tibetan flags during a 2012 state visit of then Chinese president Hu Jintao.

Suspect in Danish police stabbing was 'potential radical': Spy agency

Copenhagen - A Palestinian man suspected of seriously wounding a Danish policeman in a stabbing attack was known to authorities as possibly mentally unstable and a potential radical Islamist, the intelligence service said Wednesday.

Asylum seeker arrested in Denmark after police stabbing

Copenhagen - Danish police on Tuesday arrested a Palestinian man suspected of stabbing a policeman at the country's largest reception centre for asylum seekers, which had sparked a manhunt in the area.

Denmark's Mohammed cartoons: A decade in the news

Copenhagen - Ten years after a Danish newspaper published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, the shockwaves are still reverberating -- but experts are divided over how attitudes to freedom of expression have changed.

Low life expectancy of British women

London - Women in Britain and Denmark have the lowest life expectancy rates in Europe, according to a new report measuring a range of health issues.

Denmark to take 1,000 refugees on voluntary basis

Copenhagen - The Danish government said Thursday it had voluntarily agreed to accept 1,000 migrants out of the 120,000 the EU plans to relocate to ease the burden on frontline states.

Denmark sticks to hardline refugee stance amid crisis

Copenhagen - Denmark's government, which depends on an anti-immigration party to pass legislation, is sticking to a hardline stance on refugees despite growing public support for a more open approach.

30,000 rally in Copenhagen in support of migrants: Police

Copenhagen - Some 30,000 people joined a rally in Copenhagen on Saturday in favour of taking in thousands of refugees seeking shelter in Europe, police said.

Danes defy their government to feed and aid refugees

It appears that Danish citizens and their government are not on the same page when it comes to refugees. Despite the Danish government's hard-line stance on refugees, many Danes are giving them food and aid.

Denmark closes border to German trains over migrant influx

Copenhagen - Danish police on Wednesday ordered the suspension of all rail services to and from Germany as hundreds of migrants refused to disembark from trains arriving from Denmark's southern neighbour, demanding to continue on to Sweden instead.

Denmark sends first group of refugees back to Germany

Copenhagen - Denmark has sent back a first group of refugees who arrived from Germany, Danish police said Tuesday, with others expected to follow."These are people who do not want to seek asylum (in Denmark) and are therefore here illegally.

Danish police close motorway as refugees march to Sweden

Copenhagen - Police in southern Denmark late Monday closed a motorway as groups of refugees marched towards the border with Sweden, known for its more generous asylum policies.

Gay marriage in focus as Faroe Islands votes

Copenhage - Faroe Islanders headed to the polls on Tuesday to elect a new parliament following a one-month campaign dominated by gay marriage and whether to raise taxes on fishing firms.

Denmark to hold referendum on Europol in December

Copenhage - Denmark will hold a referendum December 3 on whether to keep its opt-out to the EU's justice and home affairs rules, it said Friday.

Danish nurse charged with fourth patient murder

Copenhage - A 30-year-old nurse in Denmark was charged with a fourth count of murder on Tuesday following a series of suspicious patient deaths on her ward, a court heard on Tuesday.

Denmark has banned kosher and halal slaughter

On Monday, a sweeping ban on religious slaughter of animals was enacted in Denmark. The move has led to backlash from Muslim and Jewish community representatives.
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