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Germany probes publisher planning to re-print Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'

Berlin - German prosecutors said Thursday they were investigating whether to bring charges against a publisher who has promised to print a version of Adolf Hitler's anti-Semitic manifesto "Mein Kampf" without annotations.

Refugees in Germany turn to church for sanctuary

Tutzing - Peshtiwan Nasser Abdal has been holed up in a church for the past four months, in a desperate bid to avoid deportation from Germany.

Adidas to return to Germany to make shoes by robots

Adidas, a German company, has not manufactured its products in Germany in more than 20 years. However, later this year it will begin production of shoes in Germany, made by robots.

Bayer-Monsanto tie-up fuels anti-GM debate in Germany

Frankfurt - A proposed tie-up between Bayer and Monsanto may still face numerous hurdles but it has already inflamed opinion in Germany where most people oppose genetically modified foods.

Attacks on refugee homes soar in Germany: Official data

Berlin - Germany recorded nearly 1,000 far-right offences targeting refugee shelters last year, a five-fold annual rise amid a record influx of asylum seekers, the government said Monday.

Merkel voices 'great concern' over Turkey ahead of visit

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel said some political developments in Turkey were a source of "great concern" and pledged to address them during a visit to the country on Monday.

Fiat Chrysler suspected of emissions cheating: Report

Berlin - German regulators suspect that Italian-American auto maker Fiat Chrysler, like Volkswagen, used illegal software to cheat on emissions tests, a newspaper report said Sunday.

Germany seeks jail for ex-SS Auschwitz guard, 94

Berlin - German prosecutors on Friday sought six years' imprisonment for a 94-year-old former SS guard on trial for complicity in 170,000 murders at Auschwitz.

Merkel 'to raise concerns over Turkey's democracy' with Erdogan

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel will raise concerns over democracy in Turkey when she meets President Recep Tayyip Erdogan next week, her spokesman said Friday, as Ankara began a final vote on a contentious bill lifting parliamentary immunity.

German doctors blast Lufthansa over Germanwings crash

Berlin - The head of Germany's doctors' association has lashed out at both Lufthansa and aviation regulators for failing to prevent last year's Germanwings crash by allowing a pilot who suffered from severe depression to fly.

German court bans public recital of anti-Erdogan poem

Hamburg - A court in the German city of Hamburg on Tuesday banned the author of a poem lampooning Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from publicly reciting passages from his work.

New UN climate talks aim at fleshing out Paris deal

Bonn - Five months after ushering in a landmark climate deal, diplomats kicked off a new round of talks Monday tasked with converting a political blueprint into a workable plan.

Germany puts refugees to work... for one euro

Berlin - With a spoon and spatula in hand, Zaid, a 23-year-old Iraqi refugee, lifts the lid on a large pot filled with goulash and potatoes as he begins his shift.

German police arrest 120 in anti-coal demonstrations

Deutschland - German police said Sunday they arrested 120 people following violent clashes between environmental activists and security personnel at anti-coal demonstrations in the east of the country.

Syrian pianist plays to Germans' hearts after fleeing Damascus

Berlin - A year ago, 28-year-old pianist Aeham al-Ahmad was performing in the ruins of Damascus. But after Islamic State jihadists torched his beloved piano, he fled to Germany where he now sings to audiences of the troubles in his home country.

Germany eyes free wi-fi in public spaces, finally

Berlin - Try looking for a free wi-fi connection in the cafe down the street in Germany and, more likely than not, there isn't one.Forget about looking for open connections in parks or at key monuments. They just don't exist.

Pig's head found outside Merkel's constituency office

Berlin - German police said Saturday they found a pig's head bearing an "insulting inscription" outside Chancellor Angela Merkel's constituency office in the country's northeast.

Eco campaigners blockade German coal mine

Proschim - Two thousand environmental protesters blockaded a coal mine in Germany on Friday as part of an international campaign against the use of fossil fuels.

German spy service says Russia behind major cyber attacks

Berlin - Germany's domestic secret service accused Russia on Friday of a series of international cyber attacks aimed at spying and sabotage, in "hybrid warfare" that also targeted the German parliament last year.

Four-way talks on Ukraine war fail to win breakthrough

Berlin - Key powers failed to clinch a breakthrough in talks Wednesday seeking a lasting peace deal in Ukraine, with negotiations stumbling over the thorny issue of local elections in the rebel-held zone.
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