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Germany foiled biological attack with Tunisian arrest: police

Berlin - German police said Wednesday they had foiled a biological attack with last week's arrest of a Tunisian suspected jihadist in possession of the deadly poison ricin and bomb-making material."Very concrete preparations had been made for an act with a ...

Hardline ally in new attack against Merkel over eurozone budget

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel's hardline allies on Wednesday took aim at her backing for a new eurozone budget, opening up another front after an attack against her on immigration.

Hardline ally in new attack against Merkel over eurozone budget

Berlin - Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative allies on Wednesday took aim at her backing for a new eurozone budget, German media reported, opening up another front in their attack against her.

Macron wins Merkel's backing on budget for eurozone

Meseberg - France's President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday won German Chancellor Angela Merkel's backing for reforms aimed at bolstering the eurozone against crises, including a vaunted budget for the bloc.

Macron, Merkel urge 'European response' to migrant crisis

Meseberg - French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Tuesday for a joint European response to the EU's flashpoint challenge of immigration amid deep divisions in the bloc.

France, Germany agree to set up eurozone budget: Merkel

Meseberg - France and Germany have agreed to set up a common budget for the eurozone, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday, announcing a key reform proposal to bolster the bloc.

Audi names interim CEO after boss arrested in diesel probe

Frankfurt Am Main - German carmaker Audi said Tuesday it had named a new interim chief, a day after prosecutors arrested boss Rupert Stadler in connection with parent company Volkswagen's "dieselgate" scandal.

Macron backs EU ally Merkel in political battle on immigration

Meseberg - France's Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday jumped to the aid of his core European partner, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is under mounting domestic pressure over the divisive issue of immigration.

Merkel, Macron to talk EU reform in shadow of migrant crisis

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday hosts French President Emmanuel Macron for joint cabinet talks on EU reform, especially the flashpoint issue of immigration that divides the bloc and heaps domestic pressure on Merkel.

Syrian admits to Berlin assault on Israeli wearing kippa

Berlin - A Syrian migrant apologised in a German court Tuesday for lashing out with his belt at an Israeli man wearing a Jewish kippa skullcap in an assault that stoked fears of resurgent anti-Semitism.

Essential Science: The computer that can look into the future

A computer program has been developed that can look five minutes into the future. The artificial intelligence was developed at the University of Bonn, and it appears to be able to accurately predict future actions.

Hardline ally fires migrant ultimatum at Merkel as Trump wades in

Munich - Hardliners in Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative bloc on Monday gave her a two-week ultimatum to tighten asylum rules or risk pitching Germany into a political crisis that would rattle Europe, as US President Donald Trump poured fuel on the fire.

Key to improving solar cell efficiency is chemistry

Nuremberg - As solar cell technology continues to advance, at the same time as interest in renewables rises, researchers are looking at how advanced chemistry can shape industrial sized solar cells so they can be adapted to maximise power collection.

On a bike, ex-child refugee retraces escape from Nazi Germany

Berlin - Paul Alexander was just a toddler when his mother handed him to a volunteer nurse on a train leaving Nazi Germany in 1939.

Stoltenberg, Merkel eye NATO 'unity' despite G7 bust-up

Berlin - NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg and German Chancellor Angela Merkel voiced confidence Friday that a summit of alliance leaders in July will show "transatlantic unity" despite last week's acrimonious G7 meet.

Brief panic in Germany as satire site claims Merkel coalition demise

Berlin - Germany lurched into a brief panic Friday as several media outlets fell for a satirical tweet that claimed Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition had collapsed in a bitter row over immigration.

In Merkel migrant row, Germans back tough policies: poll

Berlin - As Chancellor Angela Merkel fights to save her government in a heated battle over immigration, an opinion poll Friday showed most Germans support the tougher line of her rebel interior minister.

Merkel under pressure in escalating row over immigration

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel faced a tense showdown Thursday within her divided conservative camp over the flashpoint issue of immigration that could threaten her political future.

Tunisian held in Germany 'sought to build biological weapon'

Frankfurt Am Main - A Tunisian man arrested in Germany is suspected of trying to build a biological weapon using the deadly poison ricin, prosecutors said Thursday, stressing however there was no indication of any "concrete attack plans".

German reporter who exposed Russia doping 'won't be at World Cup'

Berlin - German journalist Hajo Seppelt, whose investigative reporting exposed Russia's alleged state-sponsored doping, will not travel to the football World Cup tournament out of security concerns, national broadcaster ARD said.
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