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Merkel says 'Europe's future not at stake' in Greek crisis

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday that "the future of Europe is not at stake" from the Greek crisis but warned against striking a compromise at any price that could weaken the EU."Yes, these are turbulent days.

Sharp rise in German attacks on refugee centres: Official report

Berlin - Far-right crime in Germany soared 24 percent last year to the highest level in six years, with a "shameful" surge in attacks on refugee centres, an official report released Tuesday showed.

Merkel warns 'if euro fails, Europe fails' as she urges 'compromise'

Berlin - German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed Monday that amid the Greek crisis Europe needs the ability to compromise, warning if the "euro fails, Europe fails", but insisted the bloc must also stick to its principles.

Op-Ed: Greek exit hits markets, default looms, and stupidity rules

Sydney - The bottom line has been hit. Greece has abandoned talks. Greek banks are closing indefinitely. The EU, thanks to its own ineptitude, has unleashed an economic event with unknown consequences for the global economy.

Huge crowds for Berlin Gay Pride after historic U.S. ruling

Berlin - Several hundred thousand people filled the streets of Berlin for the city's Gay Pride parade on Saturday, a day after the US Supreme Court legalised same-sex marriage nationwide.

Queen Elizabeth visits Nazi concentration camp

Berlin - Britain's Queen Elizabeth II made her first trip to a former Nazi concentration camp Friday, visiting Bergen-Belsen just over 70 years after it was liberated by British forces, on the final day of her state visit to Germany.

Al-Jazeera's Mansour blames Berlin detention on Egyptian pressure

Berlin - Egyptian-born Al-Jazeera journalist Ahmed Mansour on Tuesday blamed his controversial two-day detention in Germany at Cairo's request on pressure that the "tyrannical regime" had placed on Berlin.

Germany frees Al-Jazeera journalist sought by Egypt

Berlin - German authorities Monday released Al-Jazeera journalist Ahmed Mansour, two days after detaining him at the request of his native Egypt in a move that sparked outrage from rights groups.

Germany 'far' from decision to extradite Al-Jazeera journalist to Egypt

Berlin - Germany said on Monday it was "far" from a decision on extraditing a detained Al-Jazeera journalist to his native Egypt, voicing concern about the rule of law and human rights there.

Berlin Philharmonic chooses Russia's Petrenko as chief conductor

Berlin - The prestigious Berlin Philharmonic, regarded as one of the world's best orchestras, tapped 43-year-old Russian Kirill Petrenko as its new chief conductor, it announced in a surprise move Monday.

Last-ditch offer could save Greece from bankruptcy

Athens - Electioneering was never like this! Down to its last day before an emergency summit on his country's future in the European Union, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras made a new offer Sunday to keep international bailout loans coming.

Postcard by Picasso smashes auction record

A postcard, featuring a signed drawing by Pablo Picasso, has fetched a record amount for such an item. The postcard was sold for $188,000 at auction.

Demonstrators dig migrant 'graves' in Berlin

Berlin - Around 5,000 people joined a Berlin demonstration on Sunday by a controversial protest group which dug mock graves in front of parliament to highlight Europe's deadly migration crisis, police said.

Paintings by Hitler sold at German auction for $450,000

Berlin - Watercolour paintings and drawings by Adolf Hitler from about a century ago were sold at auction in Germany at the weekend for nearly 400,000 euros ($450,000), organisers said.

Jo Weil portrays music producer Nick Danne in 'Alles was zählt'

Actor Jo Weil has a new acting project in the German television series, "Alles was zählt," which translates into "All That Matters."

Al-Jazeera reporter held in Berlin on Egypt warrant

Berlin - A prominent Al-Jazeera journalist was being held in German police custody Sunday pending a court decision on his further detention on an arrest warrant issued by his native Egypt.

Germany turns military bases into 77,000 acre wildlife sanctuary

Where once there was war, there shall now be nature. The German government has announced plans to turn 62 defunct military bases west of the Iron Curtain into nature reserves for wildlife, including eagles, bats, woodpeckers, and beetles.

Germany detains Al-Jazeera journalist at Egypt request

Berlin - Al-Jazeera journalist Ahmed Mansour said he was arrested Saturday at a Berlin airport, after Germany acted on an international arrest warrant issued by his native country Egypt.

Berlin, Rome, Paris protesters say yes to migrants

Berlin - Thousands of people took to the streets in several European cities, in a show of solidarity with migrants seeking refuge in Europe and against austerity measures in debt-ridden Greece.

'Refugees welcome here,' say Berlin demonstrators

Berlin - Some 1,800 people took to the streets of Berlin on Saturday to express their solidarity with migrants seeking refuge in Europe and against austerity measures in debt-ridden Greece, local police told AFP.
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