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Top News: Crime

Baltimore: Tensions boil, thousands protest Freddie Gray's death

Baltimore - A protest over the death of Freddie Gray, a young man who suffered a spinal cord injury in police custody that would ultimately result in his death, erupted into violence after starting out peacefully.

Abandoned puppies found in sealed box, 100 degree Tennessee heat

A woman found a sealed cardboard box outside a Tennessee Goodwill donation site in Chattanooga and when she opened it was shocked to find 3 malnourished puppies, covered in urine with no food or water. The temperature? Over 100 degrees.

'Batman' theater gunman to go on trial

Centennial - Opening statements will finally begin Monday in the long-awaited trial of James Holmes, the allegedly crazed gunman accused of opening fire in a packed Batman movie premiere in 2012, killing 12.

Drug suspect puts GPS bracelet on cat, fools officials and flees

Highland Springs - A Virginia man who was being held on a drug charge and wearing a GPS tracking device may have fled the state, and possibly the country because he may have found a novel way to confound authorities.

Jury convicts farmer of killing two men, feeding them to pigs

Medford - It only took an hour of deliberation for a jury in Oregon to convict a woman of killing two handymen, then feeding their corpses to her pigs. The jury found Susan Monica guilty of murdering two men, dismembering them, and feeding them to her pigs.

Vet who killed cat with arrow through head to be charged: Sheriff

That Texas veterinarian who shot a cat through the head with a bow and arrow and then posted a disturbing photo of herself with the dead animal is going to be charged. The Sheriff's office has investigated and posted the decision on Facebook Tuesday.

Canadian mom, 3 kids murdered, suspect dead but baby still alive

A mother and three of her children were found murdered in a mobile park home in Tisdale, Saskatchewan early Wednesday morning. The suspect, a male, is believed to have killed them all was found dead in a town about 90 minutes from Tisdale.

U.S. woman jailed after McDonald's shooting over bacon-less burger

Washington - A Michigan woman was sentenced three to seven years in prison after firing her gun at a McDonald's drive-through when her hamburger was delivered twice without bacon, local media reported.

Nine distillery workers indicted in massive whiskey heist

Kentucky authorities have indicted nine distillery workers on Tuesday and charged them with carting away more bourbon whiskey than "one man could drink in a lifetime."

Dallas County to take guns away from domestic abusers

Dallas - Starting as soon as this week, the Dallas County Sheriff's Department will start taking guns away from those convicted of domestic abuse.

Surrey shooting victim was nephew of NDP MLA Harry Bains

A young man gunned down in Surrey on Sunday morning was the nephew of Surrey-Newton MLA, Harry Bains. Arun Paul Singh Bains, 22, was shot at about 3 a.m. and his death appears to be the latest salvo in an escalating drug war.

Happy Birthday, Hitler? Russian police raid Hitler birthday bash

Moscow police have raided what they said was a birthday party celebration for the deceased leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler. While police detained some 40 persons at the Hitler birthday bash, only 17 were charged. The charges? Petty hooliganism.

Armed man robs Northwest Title Loans, Post Falls [Video]

Post Falls - Police in Post Falls say they are trying to find an armed man who robbed a title loan business on Monday afternoon. He entered the store armed with a shotgun, demanded cash and made away with an undisclosed sum.

Mauritania jails senior Al-Qaeda figure

Nouakchott - A senior Al-Qaeda leader accused of planning attacks on the United States, Europe and Australia has been jailed for 20 years in Mauritania for "terrorist activities", a judicial source said on Tuesday.

Man dies after spine broken during Baltimore police arrest

Baltimore - A Baltimore man has died a week after suffering a broken spine while being arrested and transported by police for allegedly carrying a knife in his pants.

Student armed with 'crossbow' kills teacher in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona - A student in Barcelona, Spain has been detained by police after allegedly killing a teacher at the Instituto Joan Foster on Monday morning. There are unconfirmed reports that the weapon wielded by the student was a crossbow.

Student armed with crossbow kills teacher at Spain school

Barcelona - A 13-year-old boy armed with a crossbow and knife killed a teacher and wounded four others at his school in Barcelona on Monday before being subdued, police and witnesses said.

Teacher allegedly 'knocked out cold' by student's angry mother

Hempstead - An irate parent allegedly attacked a teacher in the hall of a middle school in Long Island — and the whole disturbing incident — filmed by surveillance cameras, shows the teacher knocked out cold.

IS shows purported executions in Libya of Ethiopia Christians

Tripoli - The Islamic State group on Sunday released a video purportedly showing the execution of some 30 Ethiopian Christians captured in Libya.
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Top News: Crime
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