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Top News: Crime

Three-year-old Texas boy accidentally shoots himself in head

A three-year-old boy has died after accidentally shooting himself in the head in Northwest Harris County Friday afternoon.

Shooting in Toronto at McDonald's leaves 2 dead, one injured

Details are sketchy but it is known that two men were shot dead inside a McDonald's restaurant in Toronto in the early hours of Saturday. A third man was sent to hospital with a minor gunshot wound to his hand.

Woman who stole and euthanized dog gets jail time

On Friday, a woman from Pennsylvania was sentenced to jail for stealing her neighbor's dog and paying to have it euthanized.

Group beats woman unconscious over hamburger

Atlanta - Myriah Pointer, 23, said she was beaten to the point she lost consciousness, all because of an argument over a hamburger.

Eight dead in mass murder and suicide in Missouri

Investigators in Tyrone, Missouri are working six active crime scenes this morning after eight bodies were discovered overnight in several homes in rural southern Missouri.

Op-Ed: Police surveillance breaches privacy, abuses power

People may not like the spy games when the light is turned on them, but many value surveillance to catch criminals, even as others speak about how it is abused.

Mexican migrant worker was shot in the back by Pasco police

Pasco - Two weeks after an unarmed migrant farm worker was shot and killed by police in Pasco, Washington, the results of a second independent autopsy have been made public. On Thursday, a family attorney said the victim had also been shot in the back.

ISIS burns artifacts, rare books, and manuscripts in Mosul, Iraq

Hostile and turbulent ISIS members have burned the Mosul Museum Library to the ground this past weekend in another vicious act of destructive violence. Rare old books, artifacts and manuscripts dating back to the 1700s were demolished.

Two men charged for the stabbing incident at downtown food court

Edmonton - Edmonton police have charged two men with aggravated assault, after investigations proved that they attacked and stabbed a man in a downtown food court bathroom, on Thursday.

Former U of L basketball player Chris Jones accused of rape

Louisville - Chris Jones, the University of Louisville's starting point guard who was recently dismissed from the team, is now facing rape and sodomy charges and is being held on $25,000 bond.

Man arrested with 400 pounds of marijuana chocolate bars

Chocolate is something a lot of people like and marijuana is something that, well, some people like. A California man appears to have gotten the bright idea to put the two together. The problem? He got caught doing it in the wrong state.

Islamic State: FBI arrest 3 New York men who tried to join ISIL

Three men in Brooklyn have been charged with offences relating to alleged efforts to join the terror group ISIL. Two were planning to fight with or on behalf of ISIL, the other is alleged to have been helping them to do so.

Adult steals lunch money from 3-year-old bus riders

Millville - A school bus aide in the state of New Jersey is being accused of stealing food and lunch money from 3 to 5 year old children who ride the bus she monitors.

Thousands of inmates to be transferred after riot in Texas prison

Raymondville - Efforts are being made to relocate thousands of inmates at a federal prison in south Texas after an uprising by angry prisoners left the prison seriously damaged and uninhabitable, reports say.

Court ruling in Russ Faria case opens door for retrial

Russ Faria, a man currently serving a sentence of life without parole for the murder of his wife, received a possible new lease on life today.

12-year-old girls allegedly stab classmate to please Slender Man

In new video footage of a police interrogation, two girls claim they stabbed one of their classmates last year in order to please the fictional character 'Slender Man.'

Op-Ed: Why concealed-carry on campus won't end college rape culture

The news cycle is abuzz with news that 10 states are proposing an end to banning firearms on college campuses. Some proponents of allowing concealed-carry on campus argue that it will help fight rape culture and protect women. Why they're wrong.

Woman allegedly swipes elderly woman's $250 bingo winnings

Monterey Park - A 53-year-old woman was arrested Thursday for allegedly stealing a purse left briefly unattended that contained the bingo winnings of an elderly Los Angeles woman at a senior center in Monterey Park, police say. The incident occurred on Feb. 6.

Video shows guy shooting at passengers on bus in Kansas City

Kansas City - Earlier in the week, a video showing a man shooting at a bus in Kansas City surfaced. A camera on the bus captured the incident.
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Top News: Crime
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