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Rags-to-riches Skoda mulls post-Brexit sales woes

Cejeticky - Once the butt of jokes, Czech-made Skoda cars have won over Brits, but the UK's looming exit from the European Union could deal a heavy blow to the brand and the entire Czech economy.

'Salmonella-tainted' Polish beef found by Czech vets

Prague - Czech authorities said Wednesday they would slap checks on beef imported from Poland after veterinarians found the dangerous Salmonella bacteria in a 700-kilogramme batch of Polish beef.

Prague compensates German for 1982 border shooting

Prague - The Czech Republic has compensated a man for wounds suffered during his 1982 attempt to cross the Iron Curtain, a spokesman said Thursday.

Billionaire Czech PM tests EU's new conflict of interest law

Prague - Facing conflict of interest proceedings under tightened EU rules, billionaire Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis may soon become the first European politician found in violation of the bloc's new law.

'No winners' as 100 mushers brave tough Czech sled dog race

Strechov Nad Sazavou - Only half of the 100 mushers who braved one of Europe's toughest sled dog races, the Czech Long Trail, finished the competition which ended on Saturday.

Czech lawmakers approve tax on billions in church compensation

Prague - Czech lawmakers on Wednesday approved a tax on the billions the state will pay churches for assets seized by the Communists during their Cold War rule, aiming to claw back a portion of the compensation payments.

Man sets himself on fire in central Prague

Prague - A Czech man set himself on fire Friday in central Prague where the student activist Jan Palach self-immolated 50 years ago to protest the Soviet-led occupation of the then Czechoslovakia.

Czechs pay tribute to student who set himself on fire 50 years ago

Prague - Several thousand Czechs on Wednesday took part in a torchlit march through Prague in tribute to a student activist who set himself on fire 50 years ago to protest the Soviet-led occupation of then Czechoslovakia.

Czech student Palach set himself alight for freedom 50 years ago

Prague - Jan Palach was a student activist who burnt himself to death 50 years ago this week to protest at the Soviet-led occupation of then Czechoslovakia.

Czech PM targeted by billboards of 'shame'

Prague - Billboards targeting billionaire Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis have popped up across the country this week, showing portraits of citizens expressing "shame" over fraud charges he faces.

Prague zoo hopes rare lion insemination sows seed for survival

Prague - After two suitors failed to get a rare Asiatic lioness pregnant, Prague zoo now hopes that artificial insemination will finally plant the seed for her species' survival.

Thirteen dead after fire in Czech mine

Prague - Thirteen miners died and 10 were injured after a methane gas fire erupted in a coal mine in the east of the Czech Republic, the worst accident of its kind there in nearly three decades.

Czech warning over Huawei, ZTE security 'threat'

Prague - A Czech cyber-security agency on Monday warned against using the software and hardware of China's Huawei and ZTE companies, saying they posed a threat to state security.

Czech intelligence says it busted Russian spying network

Prague - The Czech Republic's intelligence agency said Friday it had smashed a Russian spying network, after the EU member's pro-Russian, pro-Chinese president had criticised it for poor results.

Embattled Czech PM survives no-confidence vote

Prague - Embattled Czech billionaire Prime Minister Andrej Babis survived a no-confidence vote on Friday called by opposition parties over allegations that he had tried to hinder a fraud probe into his past business dealings.

Prague protesters call for embattled PM to resign

Prague - Tens of thousands of Czechs rallied in Prague on Saturday calling for Prime Minister Andrej Babis to resign as the country marked the 29th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution that toppled the communist regime.

Czech PM vows to 'never resign' as confidence vote looms

Prague - Embattled Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis said Friday he would "never resign" ahead of a no-confidence vote, while a junior coalition partner mulled backing him amid allegations he hindered a fraud probe.

Thousands rally against billionaire Czech PM

Prague - Thousands protested in Prague on Thursday against embattled Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis after his son said he was forcibly sent abroad to thwart a fraud inquiry into his father.

Czech opposition to seek confidence vote after PM's son claims abduction

Prague - Czech opposition parties on Tuesday decided to seek a no-confidence motion against billionaire Prime Minister Andrej Babis after his son claimed he had been forcibly sent abroad to hinder a fraud probe.

Czech premier proposes restoring writer Kundera's nationality

Prague - Czech Republic Prime Minister Andrej Babis said on Saturday he had proposed restoring writer Milan Kundera's Czech nationality, stripped from him by the country's former communist regime nearly four decades ago.
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