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Venezuela boat migrants float in Curacao asylum limbo

Colon - Just 60 miles across the water from Aron's town lay a quiet island of white beaches and palm trees: a paradise compared to his violent and impoverished homeland of Venezuela.But the island of Curacao did not want him.

Venezuelans park aid boats, retreating from navy threat

Colon - US-based Venezuelan opposition supporters have parked two boatloads of humanitarian aid in Curacao, retreating from a bid to ship it to their country following a warning from the navy.

Venezuela aid boat reaches Curacao after reported standoff

Colon - A boat carrying aid from the United States docked at the island of Curacao on Sunday after officials said the Venezuelan military had stopped it reaching the crisis-hit country.

Prayers, holy water as Venezuelan Curacao aid shipment delayed

Colon - Venezuelan opposition supporters rallied in Curacao's port Saturday, pushing for their own shipment to join in a dangerous aid effort for their country, but the vessel's captain declined to sail yet for security reasons.

Curacao blocks Venezuela aid ship cargo, citing security

Colon - Curacao authorities Friday blocked Venezuelan opposition supporters from loading aid donations onto a ship to sail to their country, the vessel's captain said, with the island's government citing security concerns.

Venezuela sea aid bid puts quiet Curacao in spotlight

Colon - A sleepy island best known for beaches and a blue liquor named after it has become the focus of a tense bid to bring aid by sea to Venezuela, in the face of warnings that the country's military will block it.

Venezuela aid from US lands in Curacao

Colon - A plane carrying food and medical aid from the United States landed on the Caribbean island of Curacao Thursday en route to Venezuela, whose government has vowed to block it.

Op-Ed: Scientists discover how camouflage 'trick' helps fish disappear

Scientists have discovered that some fish use a clever mechanism to disguise themselves and avoid hungry predators in the open ocean. These findings may also help the military create more effective ways to use this type of camouflage.

Divers take a plunge with an ocean giant: the Goliath grouper

Miami - At first glance, an adult goliath grouper can appear intimidating. Equipped with a capacious Edward G. Robinson-esque lower jaw and weighing as much as 360 kg, or 793 pounds, encountering one while you're diving or snorkeling can give you pause.

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