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Musicians chase fame on west Africa's musical islands

Praia - Every April, the tiny island capital of Cape Verde is taken over for a week by musicians of all stripes, trailing dreams of record deals and sold-out stadiums.

President Fonseca wins second term in Cape Verde vote

Praia - Cape Verde's President Jorge Carlos Fonseca has hailed his "historic" re-election at the helm of one of Africa's most stable democracies, with nearly complete results Monday showing him sweeping almost three quarters of the vote.

Presidential campaign suspended in Cape Verde

Praia - Campaigning for the October 2 presidential election in the tiny Atlantic island state of Cape Verde was suspended Friday due to the death of its first democratically elected president.

Opposition returns to power in Cape Verde after 15 years

Praia - Cape Verde's main opposition party won an absolute majority in general elections, according to nearly complete results, ousting the PAICV after 15 years in power.

Floyd 'Money' Mayweather posts photo of spiffy cars, private jet

They do not call him 'Money' for nothing...though that's actually a nickname he gave himself. At any rate, Floyd Mayweather showed off on Instagram today what he does with his money, posting a photo of his fleet of cars and private jet.

Volcanic eruption in Cape Verde destroys two villages

Praia - The biggest eruption of Cape Verde volcano Pico do Fogo in decades has destroyed two villages and threatens a forest reserve Tuesday, officials said.

Brava: The island of flowers in Cape Verde

The smallest inhabited island in the Cape Verde archipelago is “Brava.” The name means wild, but the island is the greenest of them all and is often called the Island of Flowers for this reason.

São Vicente: Culture and music in Cape Verde (Video)

Mindelo - São Vicente is the heart and soul of the culture and music of the beautiful and varied Cape Verde islands. Located between the mountainous Santo Antão and the deserted island of Santa Luzia, it is an fascinating place to visit.

Santiago, home to Cape Verde's capital and so much more (Video)

Praia - The island of Santiago is home to Praia, the capital city of the Cape Verde Islands, as well as great beaches and beautiful mountains. The largest island in the archipelago, Santiago is also possibly the most diverse in its landscapes.

Sal: Golden pearl in the Cape Verde Islands (Video)

When flying into the lovely Cape Verde islands, the first thing you spot from the air is a beautiful pearl of golden sand, nestled in the clear turquoise blue ocean surrounding the sunny island of Sal.

Op-Ed: Startup marketing goes old school

Toronto - At a time when digital tools such as social media and content marketing are all the rage, some startups are discovering that going un-digital can be an effective approach to marketing.

Alberta driver who had seizure, killed girl, jailed for two years

Edmonton - Richard Benson was sentenced to two years less a day in jail for driving into a school after suffering a seizure. He killed one girl and critically injured two others.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford 'sincerely' apologizes, stays on job

Toronto - Speaking to local and national media outlets inside the Mayor's Office, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford emotionally apologized to city residents and vowed to stay on the job for the sake of the taxpayers.

Ethiopia in FIFA World Cup playoffs

Toronto - Billed as one of the surprise packages in the World Cup qualifying rounds, the high flying Ethiopian national team lived up to its expectations beating the Central African Republic 2-1 in neutral Congo Brazzaville to secure a World Cup playoffs berth.

Toddler hears for first time after auditory brain-stem implant

Three-year-old Grayson Clamp was born deaf and until early June the North Carolina youngster had never heard anything. But that has all changed as after an auditory brain-stem implant, Grayson can hear.

‘Cocaine Airlines’: old planes fly the South America-Africa route

Drug trafficking gangs in Latin America are buying cheap passenger and cargo airplanes to bring their illegal cargo to Africa as a “technical stop” required before transfer into Europe.

Igor expected to become a major hurricane in the Atlantic

Miami - Tropical Storm Igor is about to become a hurricane late on Saturday as it moved westward in the Atlantic, but so far does not present an immediate threat to land on energy installations in the Gulf of Mexico.

CFL: Alouettes offense sputters without Calvillo Special

Montreal - If proof was needed that the Montréal Alouettes need Anthony Calvillo to be healthy, last night was it as they lost at home last night to the BC Lions.

Brazilian President Lula travelling to Africa ‘deeply saddened’

Brazilia - Gilberto Carvalho, the President’s private secretary said that Lula will go to Africa "deeply saddened". The President embarks today on a ten-day trip to six African countries, which ends in South Africa to attend the World Cup final game.

Another Firebombing Strikes Montreal

Firebombings in Montreal continued this morning. Café Ferrari, on André-Ampère Avenue in Rivière-des-Prairies, had a Molotov cocktail thrown inside. The cafe was empty at the time and the small fire that started went out on its own.
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