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After Castro death, Raul successor waits in the wings

Havana - After burying Fidel Castro, Cuba is 15 months away from seeing his brother, Raul, give up the presidency. For the first time in almost 60 years, the president won't be named Castro.

No statues for Fidel Castro, but his image is everywhere

Havana - While Cuban President Raul Castro has promised that no monument will be erected in memory of Fidel, his brother's image has been plastered across state media since his death.

Killing Castro: Poisoned cigars, explosive seashells

Havana - Mobsters, poisoned cigars, exploding seashells, a contaminated diving suit: The CIA's imagination ran wild in its plots to assassinate Fidel Castro.

In Cuba, French minister defends Castro's rights record

Santiago De Cuba - French Environment Minister Segolene Royal, representing her government at a tribute for Fidel Castro in Cuba, defended the late communist leader's human rights record, questioning whether the regime imprisons dissidents.

Cubans hold one more massive rally for Castro

Santiago De Cuba - Tens of thousands of Cubans rallied on Saturday to pay one more tribute to the late leader Fidel Castro before his ashes are buried in the cradle of his revolution.

In rural Cuba, economy stuck in time after Castro

Camag - A convoy is carrying Fidel Castro's ashes across a Cuban countryside stuck in the bleak economy he left behind: Farmers plowing with oxen, people traveling in horse carts and stores lacking basic goods.Crowds have been chanting "viva Fidel!

With Castro gone, US presence in Cuba grows

Havana - Fidel Castro spent his life combating US capitalism, but by the time he died, American cruise ships, regular flights and even the embassy had returned to the communist-ruled island.

A Cuban veteran remembers 'Che' and Fidel Castro

Santa Clara - Luis Monteagudo, a hardened Cuban military veteran, remembers with pride fighting alongside revolution icon Ernesto "Che" Guevara and watching maximum leader Fidel Castro fire a gun.

Barefoot and brave: Castro's ranch life

Santiago De Cuba - Nobody in Fidel Castro's village expected the boy who liked to walk barefoot and jump in the river to leave the comforts of his family's ranch to launch a revolution.

Castro's ashes resume trip after stop at 'Che' Guevara monument

Santa Clara - A convoy carrying the ashes of late Cuban leader Fidel Castro resumed an island-wide tour on Thursday after spending a symbolic night at the mausoleum of his comrade-in-arms Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

No music or rum for tourists after Castro death

Havana - Tourists looking to drink daiquiris at El Floridita, a favorite haunt of legendary US author Ernest Hemingway in Havana, found the entrance gated shut.

Cubans hold mass rally for late leader Fidel Castro

Havana - Hundreds of thousands of Cubans packed Havana's Revolution Square on Tuesday for a massive rally in honor of late leader Fidel Castro.The crowd chanted "long live the revolution!" and "Fidel! Fidel!

Presidents attending, skipping Castro's funeral rites

Havana - African and Latin American heads of state will attend funeral rites for Cuba's communist icon Fidel Castro on Tuesday, but US President Barack Obama and several European leaders are staying away.

Fidel Castro and his (many) women

Havana - With his rugged rebel look and seductive charisma, Fidel Castro was known not only as a giant of 20th century history, but also as quite the ladies' man.

Cubans sign 'oath' to Castro's revolution

Havana - In hundreds of schools, hospitals and public buildings, Cubans signed a "solemn oath" on Monday to defend the revolution following the death of communist leader Fidel Castro.

Cubans pay homage to Fidel Castro as week-long farewell begins

Havana - Throngs of Cubans began streaming to Havana's iconic Revolution Square to pay tribute to Fidel Castro on Monday, kicking off an emotional, week-long farewell to the divisive Cold War titan.

Cuban dissidents fear repression after Castro death

Havana - While Cuban-Americans partied in the streets of Miami after Fidel Castro died, dissidents in Cuba stayed home, fearing more repression though some hope his brother Raul will enact reforms.

Cuban dissidents lie low after Castro's death

Havana - Cuban dissidents called off a regular protest on Sunday as the communist island prepared for days of tributes to the late revolutionary icon Fidel Castro.

Castro's Cuba, beacon in Latin America's leftist tide

Havana - Beyond his native Caribbean island, Fidel Castro's revolutionary fire set alight much of Latin America, helping drive numerous leftist allies to power in a tide that is now turning.

Cuba set for farewell for historic leader Fidel Castro

Havana - Nightclubs closed, baseball games were suspended and booze was banned Sunday as Cuba prepared to send off revolutionary leader Fidel Castro with days of tributes and a cross-country funeral procession.
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