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US-Cuba relations 'in decline,' president says

Havana - Relations between Cuba and the United States are in decline under President Donald Trump, his Cuban counterpart Miguel Diaz-Canel said in an interview broadcast Sunday."Relations today are in decline.

Workers fired for selling 15,000 apples to one client in Cuba

Havana - Several employees of a Cuban supermarket have been fired for selling 15,000 apples to a single customer in a country regularly plagued by food shortages.

Rebels reject Colombia govt peace talk terms

Havana - ELN guerrillas on Monday branded as "unacceptable" conditions set by Colombian President Ivan Duque to restart peace talks in Cuba aimed at ending their insurgency.

Catholic Church urges Cubans to reject same-sex marriage

Havana - Cuba's Catholic Church has called on the public to reject a plan to legalize gay marriage in the country's proposed new constitution, describing it as "ideological colonialism" imposed by rich countries.

Rumba, the dance of seduction running through Cubans' veins

Havana - Born among black slaves on sugar plantations, Cuba's rumba has since become a national icon almost as renown as its cigars or amateur boxers and two years ago was designated by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage.

Cuba signals willingness to open railway operation to foreigners

Havana - Cuba has signaled its willingness to open up the operation of its extensive state railway system to foreign companies in a decree published Wednesday as part of a spate of economic reforms.

Cubans to join public debate on new constitution recognizing private enterprise

Havana - Cuba called on its citizens Monday to join a series of public debates on a new constitution that will recognize the role of market forces and private enterprise in the Communist island's economy.

Cuba's tourism numbers rising despite US 'campaigns': government

Havana - The number of tourists visiting Cuba is rising, despite US "campaigns" to curb economic activity on the communist island, Cuban officials announced Friday.

Cuba constitution referendum date set for February 2019

Havana - The national referendum to ratify Cuba's new constitution will take place on February 24, 2019, state television said Thursday.

Cuba plans to consult expatriates on new constitution

Havana - Cuba plans to let its 1.4 million expatriate citizens contribute to its new constitution, the first time emigrants will have a say in the island's affairs since the 1959 revolution.

Frozen in time, Havana looks to put a modern stamp on its 500-year history

Havana - Havana could be compared to the colorful 1950s classic American cars that fill its roads: an object of desire for historians and tourists alike.To walk through its streets is to take a step back in time.

Cuba's Castro hits out at US sanctions on left-wing LatAm gov'ts

Santiago De Cuba - Former Cuban president Raul Castro on Thursday accused the United States of tightening "the noose" around his country, Venezuela and Nicaragua but vowed to "respond to every challenge.

Cuba's new constitution would allow same-sex marriages

Havana - The new constitution being debated this weekend by Cuban legislators would provide a legal path for same-sex marriage, an important demand of the socialist island's LGBT community.

Market economy set for recognition in Cuban constitutional reforms

Havana - Cuban legislators are set to implement sweeping constitutional reforms this weekend that will legally recognize private property and the market economy, as well as encourage foreign investments, but capitalism remains a dirty word.

Reforms loom, but not capitalism: Cuba president

Havana - Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Tuesday said that while reforms loom in the Communist country, they would not be an embrace of capitalism.

Cuban reforms stress free market, private property and investment

Havana - Socialist Cuba is planning a series of potentially far-reaching changes, with a new constitution set to recognize the free market and private property, while dividing political powers between a president and a prime minister.

Cuba reauthorizes private sector, but with tighter controls

Havana - Cuba on Tuesday reauthorized private businesses after a year-long freeze, but with tighter controls than before on a segment of the economy that now makes up 13 percent of the Communist island's workforce.

Cuba reauthorizes private sector, but with tighter controls

Havana - Cuba on Tuesday reauthorized private businesses after a year-long freeze, but with tighter controls than before on a segment of the economy that now makes up 13 percent of the island's workforce.

Cuba to get ready for same sex marriage: Castro daughter

Havana - In Cuba, where homosexuals once suffered harsh repression, a new reform-oriented constitution being drafted could pave the way for same sex marriage, Raul Castro's daughter Mariela Castro Espin says.

Colombia, ELN rebels end fifth round of talks without agreement

Havana - The Colombian government and the ELN guerrilla group ended their fifth round of peace talks in Havana on Friday without reaching an agreement for a bilateral ceasefire, but vowed to continue their dialogue.
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