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Chanel glitz comes to Havana, Cubans watch from afar

Havana - French fashion house Chanel staged its first Latin American catwalk show in newly trendy Havana Tuesday, but ordinary Cubans were left watching the glitz from afar.

Happy tears as first US-Cuba cruise in decades docks

Havana - Cuban Americans wept with joy Monday as they stepped onto their parents' homeland off the first US cruise ship to sail to the island in half a century.

Cuba May Day rally defends embattled Latin American left

Havana - Hundreds of thousands of Cubans marched Sunday in the country's annual May Day rally, which condemned a campaign to "destabilize" leftist governments around Latin America.

Britain's Hammond, Cuba's Castro agree on debt restructuring

Havana - Visiting British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond reached an agreement on restructuring Cuban debt payments in a meeting with President Raul Castro, officials in Havana said.

British foreign secretary in Cuba, a first since 1959

Havana - Britain's foreign secretary met Cuban officials on the first such visit to the island since 1959, for talks on boosting trade and tourism ties with the communist state.

Cuba cardinal, key to better U.S. ties, steps down

Havana - Cardinal Jaime Ortega, the Catholic church's top official in Havana and a promoter of closer ties with the United States, will be leaving the post, the Vatican announced Tuesday.

Op-Ed: Cuba jazz musician snubbed by White House and Voice of America

A controversy over the Obama White House treatment of Cuban jazz musician Paquito D’Rivera has been ignored by the Voice of America (VOA) whose late music broadcaster Willis Conover had played a major role in promoting jazz and artistic freedom.

Cuba clears way for cruise ship resumption

Havana - Cuba cleared the way Friday for the resumption of cruise voyages to and from the United States, lifting a restriction that barred travelers born in Cuba from the trips.

Op-Ed: Voice of America or Voice of Castro without any balance?

U.S. taxpayer-funded Voice of America (VOA) has just helped Fidel Castro promote his communist legacy in a report without one word of balance.

Cuba old guard to flank Raul Castro until 2018

Havana - Fidel Castro appeared alongside brother Raul at a Communist party congress that ended without sweeping leadership changes, leaving to another day the question of who will run Cuba when the old guard bows out.

Fidel makes second outing in two weeks at Communist Party meeting

Havana - Fidel Castro made an appearance Tuesday at Cuba's Communist Party Congress, his second public outing in less than two weeks, state-run media reported.

Colombia FARC rebels seek Pope's backing in peace bid

Havana - Colombia's FARC leftist rebel force called on Sunday for Pope Francis's support to prevent other armed groups from disrupting its efforts to seal a peace deal with the government.

Raul Castro rejects privatization, 'shock therapy' for Cuba

Havana - Cuban President Raul Castro rejected rapid privatization and vowed never to pursue "shock therapy," setting the tone for a Communist Party congress reviewing progress in revamping the island's moribund Soviet-style economy.

Despite Obama, no revolution expected at Cuba party congress

Havana - Cuba's communist party gathers Saturday for a rare party congress less than a month after US President Barack Obama's historic visit, but Cubans eager for change are likely to be disappointed.

Stigma dogs businessmen going it alone in Cuba

Havana - Anywhere else, Gilberto Valladares would pass for a small businessman with a sense of social responsibility, but in Cuba the hairdresser is stigmatized as "anti-revolutionary" because he has prospered on his own.

Cuba inc. —The empire strikes back Special

While most Cubans welcomed President Obama when he came to Havana last month, the country’s retired leader Fidel Castro sat out the party — probably because it wasn’t his party.

Cuba on the cusp Special

If you were blindfolded and parachuted into the beach resort town of Varadero you’d be hard pressed to identify where you were.

Colombia's FARC rebels reject setting disarmament date

Havana - The leader of Colombia's FARC rebels on Friday rejected President Juan Manuel Santos's demand to set a date to disarm, showing that tensions are still marring the peace process.

Fidel Castro makes first public appearance in nine months

Havana - Cuban revolutionary icon Fidel Castro appeared in public for the first time in nine months, chatting with school children and criticizing Barack Obama's recent visit.

Fidel Castro blasts Obama's Cuba trip

Havana - Fidel Castro laid into Barack Obama after the US president's historic visit to Cuba in a testy newspaper column Monday, saying the communist island doesn't need any "gifts from the empire.
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