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Cuba dreading Trump re-election, says diplomat

Havana - The re-election of Donald Trump as president of the United States would be "the worst" scenario for Cuba, Havana's top diplomat in charge of relations with Washington told AFP."If the Republicans win ...

Cuba seeks delay in debt repayment to 2022: diplomats

Havana - Cuba has asked the Paris Club of major creditors for a delay in repaying its debt until 2022, citing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on its economy, diplomatic sources told AFP on Wednesday.

Artists, athletes cling to their dreams on Havana's rooftops

Havana - These are hot, humid days in Havana.

Balcony banners, e-rallies as pandemic curbs May Day demos

Havana - Workers of the world scaled back their traditional May Day demos Friday with coronavirus lockdowns forcing many to rally online while a determined few hit the streets in face masks.

In virus-hit Cuba, the struggle to get food on the table

Havana - Yadira types out a message to her WhatsApp group, with the name of a Havana store where a supply of chicken has just arrived.

Cuba's private sector suffering from a lack of tourists

Havana - Havana is a ghost town. The American convertibles swooned over by tourists are back in the garage, while most restaurants and cafes are closed.

Calls to loosen US sanctions as Cuba battles pandemic

Havana - As the deadly coronavirus spreads across Cuba, with 726 cases recorded by Monday, a growing chorus of voices is calling for an easing of the decades-long US embargo.

Cuba hits out at 'cruel' US sanctions during virus pandemic

Havana - Cuba hit out at the United States on Friday over its nearly 60-year-old embargo against the island nation, which Havana described as "even more cruel" given the suffering caused by the new coronavirus pandemic.

In Cuba, medical students provide door-to-door virus care

Havana - Student doctors in Cuba are trudging from house to house trying to identify cases of the coronavirus pandemic to stop it from spreading in the Caribbean island nation."How many people live here? Have you been in contact with foreigners?

Cuba suspends May Day parade over virus worries

Havana - Cuba on Tuesday announced a rare suspension of its May Day parade, a fixture of the country's political calendar since the 1959 Communist revolution, as a precaution against the coronavirus pandemic.

Finish your mojito, we are closed: tourists scramble to leave Cuba

Havana - Nesmi Orslom relished his Cuba vacation to the very end: "In every city that we went, to every bar to have a drink, we always ordered a pina colada or a mojito!

Cuba closes borders to non-residents over virus: president

Havana - Cuba announced on Friday the closure of its borders to non-residents due to the coronavirus pandemic, having previously tried to remain open to keep its key tourism industry alive.

Virus-hit British cruise ship docks in Cuba

Artemisa - A British cruise ship that was turned away from Barbados and the Bahamas over coronavirus infections docked in Cuba on Wednesday.

Independent media in the firing line in Cuba

Havana - Monica Baro's investigation into cases of lead poisoning in Havana won her a prestigious Latin American journalism award but few friends in the Cuban government, which views independent media outlets like hers with growing suspicion.

Cuba burning tires to power factory as US oil sanctions bite

Havana - The Cuban government has ordered a cement factory to burn old tires to power its operations and save on oil, amid a worsening fuel shortage brought on by US sanctions on the Communist island.

Cuban dissident freed but cannot leave country

Havana - An award-winning Cuban dissident who was detained this week announced Thursday that he has been released without charge but barred from a planned trip to Europe for a meeting on human rights.

Cuba's Havana Club rum faced with gauntlet of US sanctions

Los - US sanctions against Cuba have made life tough for producers of the island's signature alcoholic drink, rum, but despite running a gauntlet of obstacles, they're still managing to survive.

Op-Ed: Cuban economic problems and the US blockade

The US first imposed an arms embargo on Cuba on March 14, 1958. On October 19, 1960 almost two years after Batista was overthrown the embargo was extended to other imports except for food and medicine after Cuba took over US-owned oil refineries.

'Crazy' Cuban jazz musician Fonseca putting home fans first

Havana - Roberto Fonseca has been enchanting jazz fans in Havana since he was 15. As the prodigious pianist once again heads a list of stars at the 35th edition of the Havana Jazz Festival, he spoke to AFP about his new -- and ninth -- album.

Harry Villegas, Che Guevara loyalist, dies at 81

Havana - Harry Villegas, a Cuban guerilla who served under Che Guevara in his doomed Bolivia campaign and subsequently walked in his funeral procession, has died in Havana, state television reported on Sunday.
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