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ISIS fueling soldiers with drug that makes them feel unstoppable

ISIS has allegedly been supplying it's militants with a drug that makes them feel unstoppable. The drug Captagon creates an euphoric state where the user feels no pain, unbelievable strength and will not sleep for days.

Angry Cubans protest at Ecuador visa rule

Havana - Hundreds of furious Cubans chanting and brandishing air tickets protested Friday outside Ecuador's embassy in Havana over new visa restrictions designed to stop Cuban migrants traveling through the region to the United States.

Colombian FARC rebels demand UN monitors for ceasefire

Havana - Colombia's FARC rebels called on the United Nations and other international bodies Thursday to monitor proposed safe zones aimed at ending half a century of conflict.

Guillermo Rigondeaux beats Drian Francisco in lopsided fight

Cuban boxing star Guillermo Rigondeaux doesn't care what boxing fans say about his boring fighting style as long as he gets a favorable decision from the judges. Moments ago he got a unanimous decision win against Drian Francisco amid boos from the crowd.

Colombian paramilitaries could derail peace deal: FARC

Havana - Colombia's FARC rebels, who are negotiating a peace accord with the government, said Saturday they will not disarm or sign a deal unless rightwing paramilitary groups are eliminated.

Peace closer than ever, say Colombian govt, rebels

Havana - The Colombian government and FARC rebels said Thursday they are closer than ever to ending their half-century-old conflict as peace talks entered their third year.

Colombia peace talks near finale

Havana - The peace talks to end five decades of conflict between the Colombian government and FARC rebels mark their third anniversary Thursday, with a deal tantalizingly close but still beyond reach.

Op-Ed: Why Rigondeaux could suffer first career loss against Francisco

Cuban boxer Guillermo Rigondeaux has won all his fights since turning pro in 2009 but on Saturday night in the undercard of the Cotto-Alvarez fight at the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, he could suffer his first career loss.

Op-Ed: Guillermo Rigondeaux needs to keep audience awake on fight night

Cuban boxer Guillermo Rigondeaux needs to engage Filipino challenger Drian Francisco in a toe-to-toe situation when they collide Saturday night in the undercard of the Cotto-Alvarez fight at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nev.

Cuba, U.S. could soon sign renew flights, mail: Havana

Havana - Cuba and the United States could soon sign agreements renewing direct flights and mail services between the two countries, Cuba's foreign ministry said Tuesday.

Chinese navy visits Cuba, amid Havana-Washington thaw

Havana - A Chinese naval flotilla arrived in Cuba Tuesday to bolster close military ties between the two Communist-ruled allies, its commander Wang Jianxun said.

Colombia's FARC rebels say peace deadline not definite

Havana - Colombia's FARC rebels warned Tuesday they may not reach a peace accord with the government by the March 23 deadline the two sides set in September.

Op-Ed: Why nobody wants to face Guillermo Rigondeaux in the ring

Cuban Olympic gold medalist Guillermo Rigondeaux is unbeaten in his 15-fight professional boxing career but despite his extraordinary skill and talent, his promoters were having difficulty matching him with elite fighters in his weight class.

Op-Ed: UN condemns U.S. trade blockade of Cuba

New York - The UN General Assembly for the 24th year condemned a U.S. trade embargo on Cuba. Only two countries voted against the resolution this time around, Israel and the United States.

Bogota, rebels reach deal on those missing in Colombia conflict

Havana - The Colombian government and FARC rebels reached a deal Saturday on searching for the thousands missing and presumed dead in their decades-long conflict, in a further step toward peace, diplomats said.

Havana denies talk of Cuban troops in Syria

Havana - A senior official in Havana "categorically" denied reports that Cuban troops were in Syria supporting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Katy Perry, Raul Castro daughter meet in Havana

Havana - Pop superstar Katy Perry met in Cuba this week with the daughter of President Raul Castro, becoming the latest US celebrity to visit the communist island since its rapprochement with the US.

Peace deal not possible in six months if Colombia 'backtracks': FARC

Havana - The FARC guerilla group warned Saturday that a peace deal with the Colombian government would not be possible within the agreed-upon six-month window if Bogota backtracks on the current partial deal.

Colombia peace talks resume after breakthrough

Havana - The Colombian government and FARC guerrillas resumed peace talks Friday after signing a partial deal that President Juan Manuel Santos vowed would pave the way to peace within six months.

Colombian peace negotiators vow to speed up talks

Havana - With a key stumbling block in Colombia's peace talks now resolved, negotiators pledged Thursday to speed up the process and meet a six-month deadline for ending Latin America's last guerrilla conflict.
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