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Cuba's new constitution would allow same-sex marriages

Havana - The new constitution being debated this weekend by Cuban legislators would provide a legal path for same-sex marriage, an important demand of the socialist island's LGBT community.

Market economy set for recognition in Cuban constitutional reforms

Havana - Cuban legislators are set to implement sweeping constitutional reforms this weekend that will legally recognize private property and the market economy, as well as encourage foreign investments, but capitalism remains a dirty word.

Reforms loom, but not capitalism: Cuba president

Havana - Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Tuesday said that while reforms loom in the Communist country, they would not be an embrace of capitalism.

Cuban reforms stress free market, private property and investment

Havana - Socialist Cuba is planning a series of potentially far-reaching changes, with a new constitution set to recognize the free market and private property, while dividing political powers between a president and a prime minister.

Cuba reauthorizes private sector, but with tighter controls

Havana - Cuba on Tuesday reauthorized private businesses after a year-long freeze, but with tighter controls than before on a segment of the economy that now makes up 13 percent of the Communist island's workforce.

Cuba reauthorizes private sector, but with tighter controls

Havana - Cuba on Tuesday reauthorized private businesses after a year-long freeze, but with tighter controls than before on a segment of the economy that now makes up 13 percent of the island's workforce.

Cuba to get ready for same sex marriage: Castro daughter

Havana - In Cuba, where homosexuals once suffered harsh repression, a new reform-oriented constitution being drafted could pave the way for same sex marriage, Raul Castro's daughter Mariela Castro Espin says.

Colombia, ELN rebels end fifth round of talks without agreement

Havana - The Colombian government and the ELN guerrilla group ended their fifth round of peace talks in Havana on Friday without reaching an agreement for a bilateral ceasefire, but vowed to continue their dialogue.

Cuba says cause of US diplomats' illness still a mystery

Havana - Cuban authorities on Sunday said they remained baffled by a mystery ailment that has afflicted numerous US diplomats on the island, with the latest case reported last month.

Google's Schmidt in Cuba to meet new leader

Havana - Eric Schmidt, a board member of Google's parent company Alphabet, met Monday with Cuba's new president to discuss improving Cuban internet connectivity, one of the world's lowest."The benefits of the internet to the world are extraordinary.

Seven killed in storm Alberto flooding in Cuba

Havana - Heavy flooding caused by Subtropical Storm Alberto killed seven people when it struck Cuba, Civil Defense officials said on Saturday.

US-Cuba mail service fully implemented after trial phase

Havana - Direct mail service between the United States and Cuba was fully established Friday at the end of a trial period despite a toughening stance by President Donald Trump towards the island's government.

Colombia's ELN rebels ready for talks with next president

Havana - The chief negotiator of Colombia's ELN guerrillas said Tuesday he is ready to continue talks with the government even if the hardline rightist candidate wins next month's runoff presidential election.

Cuba to amend constitution to extend economic reforms

Havana - Cuba will seek to amend its constitution to further open up the economy but without modifying the "irrevocable character of socialism," authorities there said Monday.

Cuba air crash toll rises to 112

Havana - A woman died in a Cuban hospital Friday after suffering severe burns, bringing to 112 the number of victims from last week's crash of a Cuban airliner.

Cuba regrets CIA Bay of Pigs veteran died without trial

Havana - Havana expressed regret Thursday that a former CIA agent who led a bloody campaign against Fidel Castro had died without ever being brought to justice for "terrorist" crimes against Cuba.

Cuba's new leader brings hope for gay rights

Havana - Gay rights in Cuba have come a long way since the early years of the Communist revolution, when countless people were marginalized or forced to flee because of their sexual orientation.

Cuba identifies remains of 50 of plane crash dead

Havana - Cuba now has identified the remains of 50 of the 111 people killed in the country's worst air disaster in decades.

One of Cuba's three air crash survivors dies

Havana - One of the three women who survived Cuba's worst air crash in decades has died from her injuries, the health ministry said Monday, raising the toll to 111.

'The explosion shook everything' — witnesses to Cuba plane crash

Havana - It happened in the tropical lull that is Havana's midday, usually a time for lunch and rest. A tremendous noise broke the calm: the crash of a passenger aircraft that had just taken off from the capital's airport.
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