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Cubans fear return to 90s austerity amid cuts

Havana - Havana awoke Thursday to long lines at gas stations and public transportation stops after President Miguel Diaz-Canel warned fellow Cubans to expect fuel shortages and blackouts that he blamed on US sanctions.

Cuba denounces suspension of official Twitter accounts

Havana - The Cuban government on Wednesday denounced the suspension of multiple official media Twitter accounts during a live TV address by President Miguel Diaz-Canel about the communist island's fuel shortage.

EU's Mogherini forges closer ties with Cuba amid growing US pressure

Havana - EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini on Monday reaffirmed the bloc's drive to deepen trade with Cuba and counter a wave of lawsuits against European firms as Washington increases pressure on the communist-run island.

Cuba's intranet creators, thriving despite regulatory clampdown

Havana - What, no internet? That is no problem for Juan, who used to play the e-sports game Dota 2 on a giant local intranet created with a massive network of cables and antennas connecting thousands of homes in Havana.

Cuba falls in love again with the beard — and it's not about Fidel

Havana - Cubans and beards have gone hand in hand, or cheek by jowl, since the days of Fidel Castro's revolution, but after falling out of favor, facial hair is back -- and this time, it's not political.

Cuba to defend itself in US court over ExxonMobil lawsuit

Havana - Cuba announced Tuesday it would defend itself in US court against oil giant ExxonMobil, which has accused two companies on the island nation of "unlawful trafficking" of its assets after Fidel Castro's 1959 communist revolution.

Cuban leaders attend funeral of cardinal who fostered thaw with US

Havana - Cuban leaders on Sunday attended the funeral Jaime Ortega, a cardinal who played a key role in improving ties between Havana and Washington during the administration of Barack Obama.

Cuba expands internet access, but under a very wary eye

Havana - All Cubans can now have Wi-Fi in their homes, as the island's government extends internet access even while trying to maintain control over its version of the "truth" and to defend its legitimacy, a top official tells AFP.

Cuban cardinal who fostered thaw with US dead at 82

Havana - The cardinal who played a key role in improving ties between Cuba and the United States during the administration of Barack Obama died on Friday at the age of 82, the archbishop of Havana said.

First transgender couple married in Cuba

Havana - A transgender couple married in Cuba this week, a first on the island nation where sexual minorities have long suffered discrimination.The couple had to register their civil union according to the official genders on their identity documents, though.

Key things to know about Cuba's government reforms

Havana - Cuban lawmakers on Saturday approved a new electoral law that will alter the country's government with the restoration of the post of prime minister, but one fundamental reality remains unchanged: the central and unique role of the island's Communist P...

Cuba's aging rockers finally earn their due

Havana - For decades, their songs were banned, and even called the "music of the enemy." But Cuba's rockers have finally found their place in a nation where salsa, rumba and reggaeton usually reign.

Cubans feeling the pinch as Trump cruise ban bites

Havana - The waxy sheen on his splendid 1934 Ford glimmers in the Caribbean sun, but nobody is hiring Estaban Estrada's red and white convertible these days -- the dollars have dried up now that US cruise liners are no longer calling at Havana.

Democrats want to ban sending more terror suspects to Guantanamo

Washington - Democrats on the House Armed Service Committee are attempting to stop the Trump administration from detaining any new terror suspects at the prison facility in Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

Cubans left frustrated by slow and costly internet rollout

Havana - Six months on from the euphoria that greeted full internet access for mobile phones on the communist-run island, frustrated Cubans complain it is too expensive, too slow and crippled by government censorship.

Cuba's support for Maduro 'not negotiable' despite US sanctions

Havana - Cuba on Thursday rejected the latest US restrictions on travel to the island and stressed that its support for Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro is "not negotiable.

Last cruise ship leaves Cuba as fresh US sanctions bite

Havana - The last US cruise liner to stop over in Cuba sailed out again Wednesday as stepped-up US sanctions against the Communist-run island came into force.

Trump slaps new restrictions on American travel to Cuba

For more than half a century Cuba has suffered from a US embargo that prevents the export of most goods from the US and also restricted tourism until easing of restrictions on Americans visiting the island by Obama who somewhat normalized relations.

Last cruise ship leaves Cuba as fresh US sanctions bite

Havana - The last US cruise liner to stop over in Cuba was expected to sail out again Wednesday as stepped-up US sanctions against the Communist-run island came into force.

Young orchestra musicians bridge US-Cuba divide

Havana - Baton in hand, conductor James Ross mixes English and Spanish to set the rhythm for his orchestra of young Cuban and American musicians playing in a convivial atmosphere that contrasts sharply with the diplomatic tensions between their countries.
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