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Mobile internet: Cuba's new revolution

Havana - Since arriving in Cuba just two years ago, mobile internet has revolutionized life here -- helping people find food, fuel and even medicine amid crippling shortages, and helping them organize protests in a country where waving a placard can land you in...

Cuba to test Covid vaccine candidate in Iran

Havana - Cuba will test its most advanced Covid vaccine candidate, in Iran, the research center that developed it announced on Saturday.

Teachers and lion tamers get same wage under Cuban reform

Havana - Cuban school teachers, journalists, lion tamers and doctors-in-training will earn the same salary under reforms spelled out Thursday and taking effect in the new year.

Reuters' report claims Biden will continue use of sanctions

A recent report from Reuters claims that the incoming administration of Joe Biden will continue Trump's policy of using sanctions as a foreign policy weapon.

Catholic church in Cuba urges dialogue after rare protest

Havana - The Catholic church in Cuba, the only political interlocutor recognized by the country's communist government, called Saturday for "dialogue and negotiation" two weeks after a rare protest over freedom of expression.

Cuba to increase minimum salary fivefold

Havana - Cuba will increase its minimum wage fivefold as part of reforms due to come into effect on January 1 as it unifies its two official currencies, the official gazette said on Friday.

Cuba will unify its two currencies as of January 1: president

Havana - Cuba will unify its two currencies, the Cuban peso and convertible peso, as of January 1, ending a unique system that has existed for nearly three decades, President Miguel Diaz-Canel said Thursday.

Cuba talks on freedom of expression break down after rare protest

Havana - Dialogue over freedom of expression between Cuba's government and artists who organized a rare protest last week hit an impasse Friday as communist authorities accused some of them of being financed by the United States.

Cuban leaders, artists, revive row over free speech

Havana - A promise of dialogue between the Cuban government and artists calling for greater freedom of expression seems to have stalled, after communist authorities blamed a protest on US interference.

Cuban president says artist collective's protest was US plot

Havana - Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said Sunday that a recent protest in Havana by an artists' collective over freedom of expression was "the last attempt" by US President Donald Trump's administration "to overthrow the revolution.

Cuba sees rare protest over freedom of expression

Havana - About 200 Cuban artists demonstrated outside the country's culture ministry on Friday in a rare protest over freedom of expression that received support from leading Cuban cinema figures.

For Cuba, any US president will be better than Trump

Havana - Most Cubans don't know Joe Biden, or what policies he will pursue toward the Communist island, but they are crystal clear on one thing: any US president will be better than Donald Trump.

Eta hits Cuba with strong winds, rain

Havana - Tropical storm Eta brought strong winds and torrential rain to Cuba on Sunday after having earlier cut a destructive and deadly path through parts of Central America and southern Mexico.

Cuban animal lovers hope new law changes attitudes

Havana - Havana's streets teem with abandoned animals and are littered with carcasses of chickens sacrificed in religious rituals, while, behind closed doors, dogs are thrown into illegal deadly fights.

Dollar makes a comeback as Cuba readies currency devaluation

Havana - The US dollar is making a comeback as the favored currency in communist-run Cuba as the country prepares to devalue the peso to relieve pressure on a battered economy.

Trump adds further restrictions on American travel to Cuba

The Trump administration has placed new restrictions on the import of Cuban cigars and liquor and has banned Americans from staying at properties owned by the Cuban government. Trump announced the new measures on Wednesday.

Cuba imposes Havana curfew to curb spike in virus cases

Havana - The clocks strike 7:00 pm in Havana and the usually crowded Malecon esplanade quickly empties. For the first time since the Cuban revolution in 1959, the capital is under a night-time curfew imposed by the authorities to keep the coronavirus at bay.

Laura lashes Cuba, expected to become hurricane by US landfall

Havana - Tropical Storm Laura brushed Cuba's southern coast Monday on its way to the United States, where officials predicted it would worsen to a hurricane ahead of its landfall after leaving 13 people dead as it ripped through the Caribbean.

ELN accuses supporters of Colombian ex-president of massacres

Havana - Faced with an escalation of murders in the territories where it operates, Colombia's Marxist National Liberation Army (ELN) rebels blame the violence on right-wing paramilitaries reacting to the house arrest of former president Alvaro Uribe.

Cuba reports record daily number of coronavirus cases

Havana - Faced with a second wave of coronavirus cases, Cuba announced on Monday a record daily number of new infections.
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