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Costa Rica volcano eruption chokes towns in smoke and ash

- A volcano erupted Friday near the capital of Costa Rica, choking surrounding communities with smoke and ash.

Blocked African migrants finally move to C.Rica shelter

San Jos - Hundreds of US-bound undocumented migrants demanding permission to leave a border town in Costa Rica's south have finally accepted to go to a nearby shelter organized by authorities, officials said on Friday.

Colombia violated gay man's rights after partner's death: Court

San Jos - Colombia violated a gay citizen's rights to non-discrimination and equality by refusing him the pension from his partner who died in 2001, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruled.

DR Congo migrants in limbo as C.Rica, Panama reject them

San Jos - Around 200 African migrants, most of them from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), were in limbo between Costa Rica and Panama on Friday, with both Central American nations refusing them entry.

Cubans blocked in Panama demand passage to US

Canoas - Thousands of Cubans stranded in Panama, many increasingly desperate and penniless, demanded Thursday that borders closed to them in Central America be reopened to allow them to reach the United States.

More than 1,000 migrants storm border into Costa Rica

San Jos - More than 1,000 migrants, most of them Cubans, thronged and then stormed across Panama's border into Costa Rica in a desperate bid to reach the United States, officials said.

The last Cuban migrants leave Costa Rica

San Jos - The last of nearly 8,000 Cuban migrants stranded for months in Costa Rica flew to Mexico Tuesday to continue their journey to the United States, the government said.

Costa Rica president sees off US-bound Cuban migrants

San Jos - Costa Rica's president on Friday saw off one of the last planes carrying departing Cuban migrants, resolving a three-month period in which nearly 8,000 US-bound Cubans were stranded in his country.

Nicaraguan accused of 'massacre' of five awaits his fate

A Nicaraguan man who allegedly killed a U.S. citizen, his wife, and their three children in a stabbing rampage at their home in Costa Rica, is in custody in his country but it is not clear if he will face charges.

Costa Rica calls 'preventive' emergency over Zika

San Jos - Costa Rica has declared a "preventive" emergency in nearly half the country over the spreading Zika virus to speed up the fight against the mosquito carrying the illness, the presidency said Friday.

Venezuelan opposition leader's wife unable to enter Costa Rica

San Jos - Lilian Tintori, the wife of jailed Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez was barred from entering Costa Rica to attend a forum on Thursday because she failed to produce proof of yellow fever vaccination.

Mexico flights offered to U.S.-bound Cubans in C.America

San Jos - Thousands of US-bound Cubans stranded in Costa Rica and Panama will be able to take direct flights to Mexico, if they can afford the cost, the governments of the Central American countries said Friday.

Joy, anxiety as US-bound Cubans ready to fly out of Costa Rica

La Cruz - Elation and trepidation gripped a first group of Cuban migrants about to fly out of Costa Rica on Tuesday on a trial air-and-land journey to ultimately start new lives in the United States."I still can't believe it.

After Central America slog, Cubans can expect U.S. welcome

San Jos - The first 180 Cuban migrants, of nearly 8,000 stranded in Costa Rica, were set to fly Tuesday to El Salvador to continue an arduous journey through Central America and Mexico to new lives in the United States.

Cuban migrants aiming for U.S. to fly out of Costa Rica

San Jos - A group of 180 Cuban migrants is to fly from Costa Rica to El Salvador on Tuesday, blazing a trail thousands of their compatriots stranded in Central America hope will see all of them securing new lives in the United States.

Cuban migrants to fly out of Costa Rica next week

San Jos - A first group of 180 Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica is to fly out of the country next Tuesday to continue their journey through Central America and Mexico to new lives in the US, officials said.

Cuban migrants may fly out of Costa Rica next week: Minister

San Jos - A first group of US-bound Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica may fly out of the country to continue their journey next week, Foreign Minister Manuel Gonzalez said Monday.

Central America deal brings hope for stranded Cuban migrants

- Cubans risking all to reach the United States are cheering a deal this week between Central American nations to start flying them out of Costa Rica, where they have been stranded for weeks.

Costa Rica warns Cubans it's not an 'open bridge' to U.S.

- Costa Rica on Tuesday warned it should not be seen as an "open bridge" to America after striking a deal to start shipping out stranded Cuban migrants to other Central American countries.

How the Ninja lanternshark glows in the dark

Moss Landing - In the depths of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Central America, swims an enigmatic shark that uses its jet-black skin to hide, yet it can also glow in the dark. Previously unknown to science, the Ninja lanternshark is a recent discovery.
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