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Thousands of indigenous people march to end Colombian violence

Cali - Thousands of indigenous people demonstrated in southwestern Colombia on Monday demanding an end to violence, on the day commemorating Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas.

Op-Ed: Is COVID really out of control globally? Probably.

Sydney - The short answer to the question is that global infection rates keep going up exponentially. That’s despite the selective testing and reporting and the political spin on every number. If it is out of control, what happens next?

Mothers seek answers in wake of Colombian massacres

Cali - A wave of deadly violence is once again roiling rural Colombia, after several years of comparative respite following the 2016 peace agreement with the FARC guerrillas.

With streets silent, Latin American activists use walls to speak out

Medell - Coronavirus lockdowns may have largely silenced various social movements but a new form of protest is spreading on the walls of buildings in Colombia and elsewhere in Latin America.

For Colombian activist Francia Marquez, clean water is worth the fight

Cali - A year ago, Francia Marquez was attacked with grenades and automatic weapons, targeted for defending clean water against mining pollution in the black community where she lived in Colombia's southwest Cauca department.

Violence forces exodus of former FARC guerrillas

Ituango - Yerlis Ballesteros has been here before, fleeing for her life.

Gardener uses Colombia lockdown to save botanical paradise

Calarc - When the coronavirus pandemic swept through Colombia in March, forcing a national lockdown, Alberto Gomez decided he would sit it out amid the lush green foliage of his botanical garden and tend to his plants.

Colombian with COVID-19 gives birth in coma

Cali - Diana Angola was fighting for her own life when she gave birth to son Jefferson. The 36-year-old had been put into a coma having contracted the novel coronavirus, which left her lungs barely able cope.

Fleeing pandemic, many Venezuelan migrants head home

Cali - For the second time in less than a year, Jesus Pena is on the run. The first time, he was fleeing poverty in his native Venezuela. Now, he's heading back to his crisis-stricken home to escape the death spread by the novel coronavirus.

In Colombia, fleet of cartel narco-subs poses challenge for navy

Tumaco - For years, they were referred to in hushed tones simply as "Bigfoot" -- a mythical creature rumored but never seen -- but these days, the narco-submarines used by Colombia's drug cartels have become almost commonplace.

Emaciated lion Jupiter returning home to 'mother'

Cali - Emaciated with a vacant gaze and without the strength to stand upright, 20-year-old lion Jupiter's life is in danger.But authorities are acting to try to save him after he was discovered in a "critical state.

Colombian ex-rebels leave danger zone following murders

Medell - More than 100 Colombian former left-wing guerrillas and their family members have left an area designated for them following the murder of 12 fellow ex-rebels elsewhere in the country, the FARC said Friday.

Colombian botanist risking his life to preserve nature's memory

La Calera - For the last three decades, botanist Julio Betancur has braved minefields and penetrated deep into jungle territory infested with drug traffickers and armed gangs in a bid to document Colombia's rich biodiversity.

Children of Colombia's peace growing up among landmines

El Paujil - The children in the school playground are the kids of former guerrillas, born during the peace process that allowed their parents to finally lay down their arms.

Colombia to deploy elite forces after killing of indigenous leader

Torib - Colombia's government on Wednesday ordered the deployment of 2,500 elite troops to combat dissident FARC guerillas after an attack that killed an indigenous leader and four guards.

Colombia's ex-rebels remove mines they left during war

El Paujil - A grenade blew off the hands of onetime FARC guerrilla Edwin Correa, but he only surrendered his rifle once a peace deal was struck nearly three years ago.

Colombia's indigenous on guard against armed groups

Torib - Luis Acosta talks softly but carries a big stick -- it's the way of the jungle paths of his native Colombia -- and though his word holds weight in his indigenous community, his stick, a tasseled staff, is purely symbolic.

Mainstream FARC rebels reject call to arms

Icononzo - The logo on ex-FARC combatant Davinson Lopez's tee-shirt says it all, and it's a message Colombians desperately want to hear: "Our only weapon is peace.

Amazon countries meet to bolster rainforest protection

Leticia - Presidents and ministers from seven Amazon countries met in Colombia on Friday to agree on measures to protect the world's biggest rainforest, under threat from wildfires and rampant deforestation.

Mothers of Colombia's missing vow to keep searching

Cali - They clamber onto buses and stand among the jostling commuters, portraits of missing loved ones hanging from their necks, their presence a reminder that despite a 2016 peace agreement, for some, Colombia's conflict has never really ended.
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