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Colombia's biggest drug gang announces ceasefire

Bogota - Colombia's biggest narcotics gang, the paramilitary Clan del Golfo, has announced it has stopped armed actions to support peace efforts aimed at burying a half a century of conflict between the government and rebel forces.

Blind Colombian women 'seeing' cancer with their fingertips

Cali - Leidy Garcia awoke one morning in 2011 to discover she could no longer see. By then, Francia Papamija was already blind.

Colombia's chief negotiator with rebels steps down

Bogota - The Colombian government's chief peace negotiator with the country's last rebel group said Monday he will step down in January when a ceasefire with ELN guerrillas comes to an end.

Brazil footballers remembered one year after plane crash

La Uni - Two army helicopters scattered flower petals over a town square Tuesday as part of sad tributes to the upstart Brazilian football team Chapecoense, most of whose players died in a plane crash exactly a year ago.

Colombia marks anniversary of FARC deal as optimism wanes

Bogota - Colombia on Friday marked a year since the signing of a landmark peace deal with Marxist FARC rebels, which President Juan Manuel Santos said had saved thousands of lives.

Colombia's minorities still face armed conflict: Amnesty

Bogota - Colombia's landmark peace deal with Marxist FARC rebels was supposed to mean peace for all -- but it has made little difference to indigenous and Afro-Colombian minorities, Amnesty International said Wednesday.

Colombians displaced by civil war now in crossfire of drugs gangs

Tumaco - In the port city of Tumaco, the bullets are still flying a year after a peace deal ended Colombia's half-century civil war.

Colombian military seizes more than two tonnes of cocaine

Bogota - Colombian authorities have seized more than two tonnes of cocaine belonging to a splinter group from the now-disarmed FARC guerrilla organization, the military said Saturday.

Ousted Caracas mayor flees house arrest, heads to Madrid

Bogota - Fugitive Caracas mayor Antonio Ledezma, a key opponent of President Nicolas Maduro, traveled to Madrid on Friday after escaping house arrest in the Venezuelan capital.

Black leaders who urged farmers to dump coca on run from Colombia gangs

Tumaco - There is a price on their heads, and one of them has already been gunned down.

Colombia's FARC fields ex-rebel chief as presidential candidate

Bogota - Colombia's FARC -- a political party formed from a former rebel group following a historic peace deal -- said Wednesday it was fielding its leader as a candidate in next year's presidential elections.

Workers flock to coffee harvest in Colombia

Ciudad Bol - The coffee crop splashes the green mountains of Colombia with red, attracting a floating workforce of indigenous people in the fields of South America's second-largest producer after Brazil.

Fighting to farming: New life for Colombia's ex-rebels

El Paujil - Felix Salcedo lost an arm fighting during Colombia's half-century civil war which ended in August. Today, he uses his remaining arm to grow pineapples.

Colombia hosting 470,000 Venezuelans: Santos

Bogota - Colombia is bearing the brunt of Venezuela's economic and political chaos, President Juan Manuel Santos said Friday, hosting nearly 470,000 people who have fled the crisis.

Colombian court orders return of treasure gifted to Spain in 19th century

Bogota - Colombia's Constitutional Court Thursday ordered the government to recover more than 120 pieces of indigenous treasure given to the Spanish royal family by Colombia's president in the 19th century.

Paying for household staples with cocaine paste in Colombia

La Paz - Customers in Lorena's shop place innocuous white pebbles on an electronic scale. In exchange they take away staples like cooking oil and eggs - in the depths of the Colombian jungle, you pay with cocaine base paste.

A taste of freedom in a Colombian women's prison

Cartagena - Arleth Martinez smooths her clothes, kisses a photo of her twins and leaves for work. It's only a few meters from her Colombian cell to her unusually fragrant workplace, South America's first gastronomic prison restaurant.

A dissident FARC leader says 'war goes on'

Puerto Gait - A dissident guerrilla leader points his assault rifle into the air and fires, shouting "FARC is alive, the war goes on." Peace is a long way from this part of the Colombian jungle.

Colombia's last rebel group begins truce amid hopes of lasting peace

Bogota - After a half-century of armed struggle, the Colombian armed forces and the country's last guerrilla group, the ELN, began on Sunday a historic, if possibly temporary, truce.

Colombia and last rebel group to begin a truce on Sunday

Bogota - After a half-century of armed struggle, Colombia's ELN rebels are poised to usher in a historic, if possibly temporary, truce starting early Sunday.
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