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Latin America's 'magic tree' slowly coming back to life

Arroyo Arena - The guaimaro, a highly prized tree bearing nutritious fruit, once abundant throughout South America, is slowly being coaxed back from near extinction in Colombia.Widely adaptable, the tree is resistant to drought -- though not, sadly, to man.

Biodiversity crisis summit kicks off in Colombia

Medell - A comprehensive, global appraisal of mass species extinction -- and what can be done to reverse it -- kicked off in Colombia's second-largest city Saturday, with more than 750 experts in attendance.

In Colombia, birders find their version of Eden

Cali - Despite his small stature, 10-year-old Juan David Camacho has big dreams: pacing through Colombia's jungle with binoculars in tow, he aims to spot all the bird species his country offers.

Colombia's former rebel leaders now battle for votes

Ocache - Former Colombian rebels are returning to mountain strongholds where they once fought to the death, this time to campaign in the first elections held under a peace accord that ended a 50-year insurgency.

Two police officers killed in Colombia car bombing

Caldono - Two Colombian police officers were killed Saturday when criminals bombed their car, then hurled grenades and strafed it with gunfire, local authorities said.

Open heart surgery for Colombian FARC leader Londono

Bogota - Colombian presidential candidate and FARC leader Rodrigo "Timochenko" Londono will have open heart surgery following a heart attack, officials said Friday.

Colombia FARC leader 'stable' after heart attack

Bogota - The leader of Colombia's former main FARC rebel group, Rodrigo Londono -- also known as Timochenko -- was in "stable" condition in hospital after suffering a heart attack on Thursday, a doctor at the facility told AFP.

Odebrecht scandal lands Colombian senator six years in prison

Bogota - An influential Colombian senator was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison Wednesday for his role in a corruption scandal which has ensnared politicians throughout Latin America.

FARC ex-rebel leader sounds 'SOS' on Colombia peace deal

Bogota - The ex-rebel leader running for president of Colombia for the former leftist guerrillas of the FARC said Wednesday their peace deal with the government is in serious danger.

Five Colombian soldiers killed in suspected ELN rebel attack

Bogota - Five Colombian soldiers were killed and 10 others wounded in a bomb attack near the Venezuelan border blamed on ELN guerrillas, the head of the army said Tuesday.

Colombia's ELN announce new ceasefire during legislative election

Bogota - Colombia's ELN rebels, whose peace talks with the government have been suspended since the end of January, announced on Monday a temporary ceasefire during next month's legislative elections.

Three Venezuelans killed in suspected rebel attack

Bogota - Three Venezuelans were shot dead in northeastern Colombia Sunday in an attack blamed on the National Liberation Army (ELN) guerilla group, official sources said.

Ecuador's 'Pablo Escobar' drug kingpin extradited to US

Bogota - A drug kingpin dubbed Ecuador's "Pablo Escobar" who was under arrest in Colombia was extradited to the United States early Saturday, local officials said here.

Bullfighting in Colombia under pressure from animal rights campaign

Bogota - With his tight trousers and boots, Luis Miguel Castrillon is dressed to kill as he prances, feints and pirouettes around a charging bull. The crowd applauds, but for animal rights campaigners in Colombia, the bullfighter is a cruel killer.

Have a merry Afro-Colombian Christmas, in February

Santander De Quilichao - Afro-Colombian communities in the southwest of the Latin American country are celebrating Christmas, like every year, a little later than the rest of the world.

Colombian police die in clash with 'FARC dissidents'

Bogota - Two policemen were killed in a gunbattle in southern Colombia with alleged FARC dissidents, the defense minister said Tuesday.

Colombia's FARC suspends campaigning citing threats to candidates

Bogota - The former Colombian guerrilla group FARC suspended campaigns for political office Friday, citing a lack of security safeguards that have put its candidates at risk.

Colombia's ELN rebels protest halt in peace talks

Bogota - Colombia's ELN rebels said Wednesday they would launch a three-day armed protest starting this weekend against the suspension of peace talks with the government, halting traffic and daily activities in areas they control.

US envoy Tillerson pushes counternarcotics effort in Americas

Bogota - Washington's top diplomat wrapped up a trip through Latin America on Tuesday buoyed by support for the US approach to Venezuela but with a warning against backsliding in the drug war.

Russia to face 'consequences' if it meddles again: Tillerson

Bogota - Russia will face consequences if it meddles in the US legislative election this year, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Tuesday.
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