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Colombia's ELN rebels free two hostages: Red Cross

Estanzuela - Colombia's last active rebel group, the National Liberation Army (ELN), freed two hostages after more than a month in captivity, the Red Cross said, a boost to ongoing peace talks.

At least 11 killed in Colombia floods: Red Cross

Estanzuela - Flooding and mudslides in central Colombia have killed at least 11 people, the Red Cross said Wednesday, causing alarm in a country still recovering from recent mudslides that killed hundreds.

Colombia forces struggle to root out coca

Llorente - Colombian forces sent to rip green coca plants from the earth to end a trade fueling violence complain the crops are being replanted as fast as they can destroy them.

Colombia orders protection for mudslide town

Estanzuela - Colombia's government on Sunday ordered measures to protect the stricken town of Mocoa from deforestation thought to have contributed to a deadly mudslide.

Over 100 children among 312 Colombia mudslide dead: official

Estanzuela - The giant mudslide that devastated the Colombian town of Mocoa last week killed 312 people including 102 children, the government said Friday.

Some 100 children among 311 killed in Colombia mudslide

Estanzuela - Some 100 children were among the 311 people killed in the giant mudslide that slammed into the southern Colombian town of Mocoa last week, the government said Thursday.

Colombia launches truth commission under peace deal

Estanzuela - Colombia created a "truth commission" on Monday to help it heal after decades of war under a recent peace deal with the leftist FARC rebels.

Colombia opens probe into deadly landslide

Mocoa - As survivors braved the increasingly sickening smell of decomposing flesh to find their loved ones, Colombian authorities on Thursday investigated who is to blame for the devastation of a landslide that now has claimed more than 300 lives.

Wails of grief as Colombia town lays mudslide victims to rest

Mocoa - Parents wailed over the coffins of their children while others searched Tuesday for the missing or tended relatives wounded when a mudslide swept them from their beds in southern Colombia.

Why is South America being hit by deadly landslides?

Estanzuela - It starts with torrential rain in the mountains. Then a wall of mud and boulders comes barreling down the slopes, sweeping away houses, cars and people.

Colombia seizes 6.1 tonne cocaine haul

Estanzuela - Colombian authorities seized 6.1 tonnes of cocaine in the northern port city of Barranquilla as it was about to be shipped to Spain in a cargo of scrap metal, the government said Sunday.

Colombia mudslides kill more than 200, sweep homes away

Mocoa - Rescuers clawed through piles of mud and twisted debris Sunday searching for survivors after violent mudslides destroyed homes in southern Colombia, killing over 200 people and injuring hundreds more.

Colombia govt, ELN rebels announce demining plan

Estanzuela - Colombia's government and the country's last active rebel force plan to start demining conflict areas, the armed group said Thursday.The announcement by the National Liberation Army (ELN) came weeks after it launched peace talks with the government.

Angry Colombia says Venezuela sent troops into its territory

Estanzuela - Colombia slammed its neighbor Venezuela on Thursday for what it said was an "unacceptable" incursion by Venezuelan military forces on its territory, and sent troops to secure the area.

For FARC moms, peace in Colombia marks new beginning

San Diego - Josleidy Ramirez, a FARC guerrilla, never had a chance to raise the son she gave birth to 15 years ago in the middle of Colombia's civil war.

Colombia's Santos apologizes over Odebrecht campaign funds

Estanzuela - Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos apologized Tuesday over funding for his 2010 election campaign from scandal-plagued Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht, saying he had been unaware of the payments at the time.

Colombia to set up special war crimes courts

Estanzuela - Colombia's senate late Monday approved a constitutional reform to set up special war crimes courts, a key component of the historic peace agreement with FARC guerrillas that ended five decades of war.

Colombia atrocities ongoing despite peace deal: report

Estanzuela - Thousands of Colombians are still suffering rapes, killings and torture and the country will take decades to recover from civil war despite recent peace accords, the Red Cross said Thursday.

Rapes of girls, women leave scars from Colombia war

Quibd - Like thousands of women, Zoraya suffered sexual abuse by fighters in Colombia's civil war. But that horror is secondary to the memory of what was done to her toddler daughter.

Colombia FARC women rebels plan for life after war

San Diego - With their rifles, green fatigues and black rubber boots, the women fighters of the FARC rebel force have become one of the international faces of Colombia's civil war.Soon the photographs that have fascinated world media will be for the history books....
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