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Colombia to buy land for poor in post-war period

Estanzuela - Colombia aims to buy land from private owners and redistribute it among the poor after its 50-year-old war ends, the government said Sunday, addressing the root cause of the conflict.

11 killed in Colombia military plane crash

Estanzuela - The crash on Friday of a Colombian airforce plane has killed 11 people officials said, blaming the accident on mechanical problems.

Colombia-Venezuela border closed after deadly clash

Estanzuela - A man was shot and killed during clashes between the Venezuelan national guard and merchants moving goods into Colombia, prompting authorities to shutter the main border crossing between the two countries.

Volcanic ash forces airport closures in Colombia

Estanzuela - Colombia's Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted in an ash cloud on Sunday, prompting authorities to temporarily close two airports in the area.

Colombia suspends bombing raids on FARC

Estanzuela - Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Saturday ordered a halt to air strikes against the Marxist-inspired FARC rebels, giving a major boost to stop-start peace talks.

Colombian soldier killed in fresh FARC clash: Army

Estanzuela - A Colombian soldier died during a clash with FARC guerillas, the army said Thursday, as peace talks aimed at ending the decades-long conflict resumed in Cuba.

Colombia and FARC rebels resume peace talks

Estanzuela - Colombia and FARC rebels resumed peace talks Thursday with a new commitment to make progress after months of stagnation at the negotiating table and fighting on the battlefield.

Colombia celebrates FARC rebel ceasefire

Estanzuela - War-weary Colombia celebrated the start of a FARC rebel ceasefire after a half-century of hostilities, with hopes still high that its fragile peace process can hold.

Colombia rebels free soldier ahead of ceasefire

Estanzuela - Colombia's FARC guerrillas freed a captive soldier Sunday in an apparent good will gesture hours before they start observing a unilateral ceasefire.

Two Colombian soldiers dead in latest FARC clashes

Estanzuela - Fighting between Colombian troops and leftist FARC guerrillas left two soldiers dead and three wounded, the latest casualties in an uptick in violence, officials said Friday.

Colombia's FARC rebels announce one-month ceasefire

Estanzuela - Colombia's leftist FARC rebels announced Wednesday they will observe a one-month unilateral ceasefire in response to an international appeal for an urgent de-escalation in the country's decades-old conflict.

Colombia president replaces top military leaders

Estanzuela - President Juan Manuel Santos has replaced Colombia's top military leaders, days after the release of a Human Rights Watch report alleging complicity by the country's top brass in extrajudicial killings of civilians.

Colombia to exhume Medellin graves: Official

Estanzuela - Colombian authorities will this month begin the grisly task of carrying out what could be the largest exhumation of unmarked graves in the conflict-torn country's history, local media reported Sunday.

Colombian president blames ELN rebels for Bogota blasts

Estanzuela - Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Friday blamed leftist ELN guerrillas for two explosions that rocked Bogota and left 10 people slightly injured a day earlier.

Two blasts hit Colombian capital, 10 hurt

Estanzuela - Two minor blasts have rattled the Colombian capital Bogota and injured at least 10 people, amid an uptick in violence and strains in negotiations to end the country's internal conflict.

Colombia's ELN rebels claim to down army helicopter

Estanzuela - Leftist rebels with the National Liberation Army (ELN) claimed responsibility Saturday for this week's attack on a Colombian army helicopter in which eight troops were killed.

Colombia 'miracle' mom's fight to save baby after plane crash

Estanzuela - The memory of Maria Nelly Murillo's mother and her own maternal instinct kept her going for five days as she fought to save her baby after their plane crashed in the Colombian jungle.

'Miracle' mom and baby survive Colombia jungle plane crash

Estanzuela - A mother and her infant son who disappeared in a plane crash in the dense jungles of northwestern Colombia several days ago were found alive and well in what authorities called a "miracle".

Colombian generals implicated in civilian killings: HRW

Estanzuela - Human Rights Watch accused some of Colombia's top generals Wednesday of links to the "generalized and systematic" execution of civilians, who were then presented as felled FARC guerrillas.

FARC rebels kill four and rupture Colombian pipeline

Estanzuela - Colombia's FARC rebels killed four soldiers and wounded six by setting a landmine that exploded when an army helicopter landed on it, officials said.
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