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US, Colombia aim to restore Venezuela's 'democratic heritage'

Cartagena - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Colombian President Ivan Duque discussed Wednesday how to help restore democratic rule to crisis-wracked Venezuela and reject its "dictatorship.

Pablo Escobar's dark legacy refuses to die 25 years on

Medell - Twenty-five years after he was gunned down by police, Pablo Escobar's legacy refuses to die in Medellin, the Colombian city where he ran his cocaine empire with a mix of brutality and largesse.

Mexican barons are the new Colombian drug trade orchestrators

Tumaco - Mexican drug traffickers used to wait at home for shipments of Colombian cocaine that would then be transferred to the United States, the world's biggest consumer of the white powder.

Colombia's Duque calls for action against Venezuelan 'dictatorship'

Leticia - Colombian President Ivan Duque is stressing the need for international action to halt Nicolas Maduro's "dictatorship" in Venezuela, which he blames for a "massive humanitarian crisis" and a migration wave.

Venezuelan exiles turn to prostitution to feed families

Calamar - Back in Venezuela, they were teachers, police officers and newspaper carriers, but were forced to flee their homeland in search of work and money to survive.

'Urgent' donations needed to deal with Venezuela's migrant crisis: UN envoy

C - The UN special envoy for Venezuelan migrants called Tuesday for international donations to help South American countries deal with an "avalanche" of migrants from the crisis-wracked country."We will be appealing to donors...

Venezuela migrant crisis 'monumental': UN Refugee Agency chief

C - Venezuela's migrant exodus has sparked a "monumental" humanitarian crisis, UN Refugee Agency chief Filippo Grandi said during a visit Sunday to a border area of neighboring Colombia.

Legless Venezuelan rapper, surfer, overcoming odds in Colombia

Barranquilla - Venezuelan migrant Alfonso Mendoza was born without legs. Abandoned by his parents, he flirted with suicide. But everything about him shouts: "Believe in Yourself!" -- ask anyone who attends his motivational classes.

Slow gains in search for missing of Colombia's coca wars

Lebrija - In the shadow of a leafy coca plant lies an unmarked grave. Many like it are scattered in the lush plantations of Catatumbo, bearing unidentified victims of Colombia's deadly coca wars.

A disabled Venezuelan's treatment odyssey to Colombia

Pamplona - Jose Augustin Lopez's wheelchair is in a pitiful state. When he comes to a hill, his son Jefferson Alexis has to push. They have another 500 kilometers to go on this arduous odyssey from their home in Venezuela towards Colombia's capital Bogota.

OAS chief says should not rule out Venezuela 'military intervention'

C - The head of the Organization of American States on Friday said "military intervention" to "overthrow" Nicolas Maduro's Venezuelan government must not be ruled out for the country mired in economic and humanitarian crisis.

OAS chief says should not rule out Venezuela 'military intervention'

C - The head of the Organization of American States on Friday said "military intervention" to "overthrow" Nicolas Maduro's government must not be ruled out, as Venezuela suffers an economic and humanitarian crisis.

Colombian zoo celebrates birth of endangered spider monkey

Medell - A zoo in Colombia is celebrating the birth of a baby spider monkey, a rare species in danger of extinction.

In Colombia, human rights activists live in constant fear

Caloto - One day after Luis Dagua last left his farm in Colombia's southwest his body was found, his head shattered with a rock.He was a 64-year-old farmer and rights activist and left behind four children.

Colombian peace allows cultural jewels to re-emerge

San Jos - Deep inside the lush green and humid Amazonia jungle, a sinewing path stops abruptly in front of a giant rock face decorated with ancient paintings of anacondas, jaguars and tortoises.

Colombia confirms identity of murdered Ecuadoran couple

Pasto - Two bodies found in the thick jungle of southwestern Colombia are those of an Ecuadorian couple kidnapped by a dissident FARC rebel group, officials confirmed Wednesday.

Donkey in farmgirl getup wins Colombian pageant

Puerto Gait - A donkey disguised as a flirty farmgirl took home a quirky Colombian contest's top prize Sunday, without even making an ass of herself.No it wasn't Miss Colombia: Livestock Version, but it could have been.

Bodies found in Colombia are journalists from Ecuador

Cali - Colombian prosecutors said Monday that bodies found in a border jungle area were those of three Ecuadoran journalists who were killed after being held hostage.

Five ways to halt 'critical' land decay

Medell - Scientists warned Monday that land degradation imperils the health and well-being of billions of people, threatening food and water supplies while fuelling conflict, mass migration and disease spread.

Land decay to displace tens of millions, global survey warns

Medell - Land degradation will unleash a mass migration of at least 50 million people by 2050 -- as many as 700 million unless humans stop depleting the life-giving resource, more than 100 scientists warned Monday.
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