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Review: Madonna and Maluma release visually striking video for 'Medellín' Special

On April 24, pop queen Madonna and Latin pop star Maluma released their brand new music video for "Medellín," which is a true work of art.

Pompeo urges Maduro to allow aid entry at Colombia-Venezuela border

C - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ended his tour of South America on Sunday with a brief visit to the Colombian border city of Cucuta, crossed through by thousands of Venezuelans fleeing crisis under President Nicolas Maduro.

Colombia's coca growers facing stark choices over crops

Lebrija - Decades into the US-led war on drugs, coca plantations continue to surge like a green tide across ally Colombia's Catatumbo region.

Former Colombia footballer Viafara arrested over drug trafficking

Cali - Former Colombia international Jhon Viafara has been arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking and could be extradited to face charges in the United States, the public prosecutor's office said on Wednesday.

Colombia says 326 Venezuelan army deserters since Saturday

C - A total of 326 members of Venezuela's armed forces have deserted embattled President Nicolas Maduro and crossed the border into Colombia since Saturday, Bogota's migration service said Tuesday.

Venezuelans trapped along border after weekend unrest

C - Some Venezuelans are living in limbo across the border in Colombia, trapped after a failed effort to bring humanitarian aid into their country.

Colombia demolishes former Escobar fortress in Medellin

Medell - Authorities in Colombia carried out a controlled explosion on Friday to demolish the former fortress of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar in Medellin.

Venezuela's Guaido defies travel ban as aid row turns deadly

C - Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido claimed the military helped him defy a travel ban by the government of President Nicolas Maduro as he joined thousands over the Colombian border on Friday for a charity concert to push for humanitarian aid deli...

Thousands flock to Venezuela aid concert on barricaded border

C - Thousands of people, many waving Venezuelan flags, streamed into a concert site on the Venezuela-Colombia border Friday for an international charity concert to push for humanitarian aid deliveries in defiance of a blockade by the government of Presiden...

Competing concerts to duel on Venezuelan border

C - Arenri Roque endured three days on a bus to take in a fund-raising concert Friday for Venezuela's opposition -- one thrust of a musical duel with the government, which is staging a show of its own.

Colombia to demolish former Escobar fortress

Medell - Late drug kingpin Pablo Escobar's old fortress in Medellin is to be razed to the ground with explosives to make way for a park dedicated to the victims of drug trafficking, the town hall said on Thursday."The Monaco building will fall.

Desperate Venezuelans sneak across Colombia border to peddle scrap

Villa Del Rosario - In the thick vegetation along the Colombian border, bands of Venezuelans make their way unseen, puffing under the heavy loads of scrap metal on their backs like leaf-cutter ants, covered in filth and trying to make enough money to simply survive.

Trading in Venezuela's pain: Border vendors do brisk business in meds

C - With the HIV virus killing him, Giovanni Plaza fled Venezuela and was able in neighboring Colombia to receive desperately needed anti-retroviral medicine for free.

Could women in white sway Venezuelan soldiers blocking aid?

C - The soldiers blocking humanitarian aid from entering Venezuela look unlikely to give any ground, but Maria Acevedo thinks she knows how to make them let the shipments through.

Trucks carrying US humanitarian aid arrive at Venezuela border: AFP

C - Trucks carrying desperately-needed US humanitarian aid arrived at the Venezuelan border on Wednesday, AFP reporters said.

At Colombia border, Venezuelans hunger for aid

C - Yajaira Gonzalez cries as she gathers with hundreds of other Venezuelans across the Colombian border from her homeland.

US, Colombia aim to restore Venezuela's 'democratic heritage'

Cartagena - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Colombian President Ivan Duque discussed Wednesday how to help restore democratic rule to crisis-wracked Venezuela and reject its "dictatorship.

Pablo Escobar's dark legacy refuses to die 25 years on

Medell - Twenty-five years after he was gunned down by police, Pablo Escobar's legacy refuses to die in Medellin, the Colombian city where he ran his cocaine empire with a mix of brutality and largesse.

Mexican barons are the new Colombian drug trade orchestrators

Tumaco - Mexican drug traffickers used to wait at home for shipments of Colombian cocaine that would then be transferred to the United States, the world's biggest consumer of the white powder.

Colombia's Duque calls for action against Venezuelan 'dictatorship'

Leticia - Colombian President Ivan Duque is stressing the need for international action to halt Nicolas Maduro's "dictatorship" in Venezuela, which he blames for a "massive humanitarian crisis" and a migration wave.
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