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Colombia arrests 298 in sweep against child sex abuse

Estanzuela - Authorities in Colombia have arrested 298 people in a nationwide operation against child sex offenders, prosecutors said.

Two suspected FARC fighters killed in Colombia

Estanzuela - Two suspected FARC guerrillas have been killed in central Colombia, officials said, days after President Juan Manuel Santos lifted a suspension of air strikes on the Marxist rebels.

Colombia accuses FARC of 'war crime' in disputed clash

Estanzuela - Colombia's attorney general accused the FARC rebels Thursday of committing a war crime by ambushing a resting army unit with unconventional weapons, but the guerrillas insisted they acted in self-defense.

Colombia ends freeze on air strikes after rebel attack

Estanzuela - Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos lifted a suspension of air strikes against the FARC after the Marxist guerrillas were suspected in the killing of 10 soldiers in a pre-dawn attack.

FARC kill 10 Colombian soldiers in pre-dawn attack

Estanzuela - Suspected FARC guerrillas killed 10 soldiers and injured 20 others in a pre-dawn attack in western Colombia on Wednesday prompting President Juan Manuel Santos to order a resumption of air strikes against the rebels.

Brazilians march against Rousseff government

Brasilia - Hundreds of thousands of Brazilians took to the streets Sunday, venting anger over government corruption and a souring economy a month after protests gathered more than a million people.

Colombia extends suspension of anti-FARC air raids

Estanzuela - Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said Thursday he was extending the suspension of air raids on leftist guerrillas to accelerate peace talks aimed at ending the five-decade war.

Carlos Gaviria, Colombian politician, jurist, dead at 77

Estanzuela - Carlos Gaviria, a jurist and former leftist presidential candidate in Colombia, has died at the age of 77, his political party said.Hospitalized March 14 with a respiratory infection, he died on Tuesday.

Colombia transforms old tires into green housing

Choach - The highlands around the Colombian capital are scattered with small buildings that look like out-of-place igloos but are in fact innovative houses made from the tires that litter the country's roads.

Heat tolerant beans could help alleviate poverty

A loss of crops and protein as a result of social, economic and climatic changes poses a new challenge for world hunger. A research group are addressing this with new plant lines to provide beans.

DEA agents allegedly hosted cartel-funded orgies with prostitutes

Washington - Drug Enforcement Administration agents stationed abroad allegedly hosted sex parties with prostitutes reportedly funded with money from drug cartels, according to a newly-released Justice Department report.

Nearly 150 trafficked animals flown to Amazon freedom

Estanzuela - A Colombian Air Force plane whose cargo hold looked more like the hull of Noah's Ark delivered nearly 150 trafficked animals back to the Amazon on Tuesday following months of rehabilitation.

Brazil police make new arrests in Petrobras scandal

Brasilia - Brazilian police launched a new round of arrests Monday in the corruption scandal at state oil giant Petrobras, a day after massive nationwide demonstrations against leftist President Dilma Rousseff.

Colombia halts air raids on FARC in boost to peace drive

Estanzuela - Colombia will stop air raids on Marxist FARC rebels for a month, President Juan Manuel Santos announced -- a major stride in a peace process aimed at ending Latin America's longest-running civil war.

Brazil president warns on violence as new demos loom

Brasilia - Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff warned she would not tolerate violence as the continent-sized Latin American country, convulsed by a graft scandal involving dozens of politicians, prepared for a new spate of protests.

Colombia's ELN rebels call for U.S. to step up in peace talks

Estanzuela - Colombia's ELN rebels have called on the U.S. to assume responsibility for a role in the Colombian armed conflict, as peace talks make new strides forward.

Colombia puts Chinese ship captain under house arrest

Estanzuela - A judge has ordered house arrest for the Chinese captain of a freighter Colombia stopped in port for carrying unregistered Cuba-bound weapons and materiel, a prosecutor said Sunday.

Colombia's ELN rebels release kidnapped mayor

Estanzuela - Colombia's ELN guerrillas have released a mayor they kidnapped in December amid preliminary talks between the rebels and government on opening a peace process, officials said Sunday.

Former top Colombian officials convicted in domestic spying scandal

Estanzuela - Colombia's Supreme Court has convicted the country's former intelligence boss and a presidential chief of staff of spying on judges, journalists and politicians during the presidency of Alvaro Uribe.

Colombia court puts restrictions on adoptions by gays

Estanzuela - Colombia's Constitutional Court has put stringent limits on adoption by gay couples, saying it would be allowed only if one partner is already the child's biological parent.
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