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China names Marcello Lippi as national team coach

Bejing - Former World Cup-winning coach Marcello Lippi has been named to lead China's national side following the resignation of Gao Hongbo, the Chinese Football Association announced Saturday.

Philippines' Duterte, in China, announces 'separation' from US

Bejing - Philippines' President Rodrigo Duterte declared his "separation" from longstanding ally the United States, in Beijing on Thursday, as he rebalances his country's diplomacy towards China.

South China Sea looms over Duterte visit to Beijing

Bejing - Visiting Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had praise for China on Wednesday, setting aside a maritime dispute as the combative leader reconfigures his country's diplomatic alliances.The Asian giant was "good", he said.

China's Xi revives Long March myths to rally Communist Party

Bejing - As China marks 80 years since the Red Army ended its epic Long March, the Communist Party is attacking revisionist history in an effort to compel reverence for its founding legend.

Sharks are beautiful, diver says despite narrow escape

Shanghai - A diver whose near miss with a great white shark became a viral video sensation, viewed more than 15 million times on Youtube, says the ocean's apex predator is "beautiful".

As Trump bashed China, he 'sought hotel deal with its govt'

Bejing - Even as US presidential candidate Donald Trump aggressively condemned Beijing, his hotel firm pursued a lucrative business deal with a giant state-owned Chinese firm headed by a top Communist official, sources say.

6.4 magnitude earthquake hits northwest China: USGS

Bejing - A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck China's northwestern province of Qinghai on Monday, the US Geological Survey reported, in an area frequently plagued with seismic activity.

China sends two astronauts to space lab: Xinhua

Bejing - China launched two astronauts into space on Monday, official media said, on a mission to its orbiting laboratory as the country works towards setting up its own space station.

Silkworms that munch on graphene make stronger silk

A new study from China has found that by adding anno-sized fragments of graphene to the diet of silkworms results in the larvae producing stronger and more resilient silk.

China to launch manned spacecraft: Xinhua

Bejing - China will launch a manned space mission on Monday, official media said, as the Asian giant works towards setting up its own space station.

Beaches, skiing and tai chi: Club Med, Chinese style

Sanya - Tai chi, mahjong and karaoke are on the menu alongside more traditional offerings such as sailing at Club Med's new resort on the Chinese island of Hainan, as the French holiday group -- now Chinese-owned -- adapts its European formula for the market.

Elephants rescued from southwest China water tank

Bejing - Rescuers in China used helicopters and a digger to free three wild Asian elephants -- including one young calf -- from a water tank where they were helplessly trapped for more than two days, state media said.

China house collapse survivor 'a left-behind child'

Bejing - The little girl who survived a building collapse in China in her dead father's arms is a "left-behind" child who had just arrived for a reunion with her migrant worker parents, state media reported Wednesday.

China to free up internet for those attending 2022 Olympics

Bejing - China's tough controls over the internet will be temporarily lifted for people attending the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, officials promised Wednesday.

Father's last embrace saves girl in China building collapse

Bejing - A little girl protected by the embrace of her dead father was the last survivor pulled out of the rubble of collapsed multi-storey buildings in China, reports said Tuesday.

Multiple China building collapse 'kills at least 17'

Bejing - A series of multi-storey buildings built by local villagers and packed with migrant workers collapsed in China on Monday, killing at least 17 people, the government and reports said.

As China rises, top-selling painter looks to his roots

Bejing - Blue-chip Chinese artist Zeng Fanzhi built up a lucrative career by looking to the West for inspiration and buyers, but a new retrospective in Beijing reveals an unlikely turn back towards China's own aesthetics and traditions.

Trump factory jobs sent to China may never come back

Kuanchengchen - US presidential candidate Donald Trump has pledged to bring long lost American manufacturing jobs back from China. But he may be too late -- even for products that bear his family name.

Donald Trump got his steel from China for 2 major U.S. projects

The questionable deeds of Donald Trump are being revealed fast and furiously and it is hard to keep up. Among the revelations on Monday, a Newsweek investigation found Trump has been buying most of his steel and aluminum not from home, but from China.

At least 8 dead, 19 missing after China landslides: Xinhua

Bejing - At least eight people have died and around 19 are still missing after devastating landslides swept through two eastern Chinese villages, local authorities told the official Xinhua news agency Saturday.
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