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China firm apologises for racist detergent advert

Bejing - A Chinese detergent maker has apologised for an advertisement which shows a black man stuffed into a washing machine and transformed into a fair-skinned Asian, just a day after dismissing critics as too sensitive.

China's richest man declares war on Disney with giant theme park

Bejing - The Chinese conglomerate Wanda on Saturday opened its first theme park, with its billionaire boss declaring war on Disney weeks before the American entertainment giant launches a similar attraction in Shanghai.

Chinese firm behind racist detergent ad tells critics to lighten up

Bejing - A Chinese detergent commercial showing a black man stuffed into a washing machine and transformed into a fair-skinned Asian provoked outrage this week, but the company behind the clip says it is foreign critics who need to lighten up.

China says Nanjing more worthy of remembrance than Hiroshima

Bejing - China said on Friday that Japan's World War II violence is more worthy of remembrance than the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, ahead of a historic visit by US President Barack Obama.

China pushes 'patriotic' tours in South China Sea: Report

Bejing - China will turn contested islands in the South China Sea into pleasure-trip destinations for "patriotic" tourists, state-media said Friday, in a move likely to further stoke regional tensions.

Old jobs die hard in China's rustbelt

Saerhtu - Once the pride of Communist rulers and now hit by a global glut and slowing domestic growth, China's largest oilfield epitomises Beijing's reluctance to cut jobs at loss-making state-run operations.

China's 'road-straddling' bus will drive over traffic jams

Beijing - Innovations in modern transportation today look at factors like reducing traffic congestion, lowering pollution levels and moving people safely from one point to another. China's Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) may just be the answer.

Beijing lines up diplomatic battle groups over South China Sea

Bejing - The disputed rocks and reefs of the South China Sea are more than an ocean away from the landlocked African nation of Niger.

Op-Ed: China sets (odd) record for most choreographed dancers

Okay so it's not the kind of record most of us would aspire to holding, or be a part of holding, and it doesn't have the sex appeal of, oh, say, most goals at the World Cup of Soccer. But it is a world record and it took a lot of effort to achieve it.

For Allah, China and Marx: theological mix for young imams

Yinchuan - Every morning on his way to class at one of China's largest Islamic institutes, Wang Yue is reminded that the state comes before Allah.

China testing 5G technology, aims for availability by 2020

China expects to commercialize the use of 5G technology in 2020 as test works are ongoing to come up with the first version.

China mulls new ways to control video websites

Bejing - Chinese authorities are exploring new ways of imposing controls on the Internet, state-run media cited experts as saying Monday, after reports said state-owned enterprises may be encouraged to take stakes in video streaming websites.

Bricks in Hong Kong glued down to avoid protests

Fearing violent protests, authorities in Hong Kong have glued down bricks onto pavements in order to prevent the same activities that occurred during the New Year when officials from mainland China visited.

Beijing warns will cut contacts if Taiwan doesn't toe line

Bejing - Beijing warned Taiwan it would cut off critical contacts with the island if its new president Tsai Ing-wen does not state her support for the concept that there is only “one China”, state media reported Saturday.

China official media blackout on Taiwan inauguration

Bejing - Official mainland Chinese news outlets largely snubbed the inauguration of Taiwan's Beijing-sceptic new president Tsai Ing-wen on Friday, while searches for her name and "Taiwan" were blocked on social media.

China rejects US claim of 'unsafe' spy plane intercept

Bejing - Beijing on Thursday rejected Pentagon accusations that a Chinese aircraft made an "unsafe" intercept of a spy plane in international air space, as tensions rise in the strategically vital South China Sea.

U.S. dispute with Beijing over South China Sea islands heats up

Beijing - Tensions between the United States and China worsened last week after the U.S. Navy sent a warship past disputed islands in the South China Sea.

From legend to history: China turns to mythical emperor

Xinzheng - Scarves emblazoned with red dragons draped over their black business suits, Chinese officials lit incense and bowed solemnly at the feet of a mythical ancestor known as the Yellow Emperor.

Woman 'steamed' alive despite black magic being banned in China

Witch doctors tried to heal a sick woman, but their rituals failed. They finally decided they would have to "steam the ghosts out of her body." The woman's death is a gruesome reminder that superstition is still rampant in rural China.

Never again, say China media after Cultural Revolution anniversary

Bejing - The mayhem of China's Cultural Revolution will never be repeated, state-run media said Tuesday, breaking their silence after the 50th anniversary of its start saw little state-sanctioned discussion.
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