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China steps up on 'war' against pollution with more punishments

Beijing - Beijing officials have declared a war on pollution, vowing to abandon its previous economic model of growth at the expense of China's natural resources.

Communist millions for China's official Christians

Tianjin - Chinese priest Lin Xiuqiang is pleased with his new Catholic church, its tall tower topped with a cross -- and grateful to the Communist officials who paid $19 million to build it.

China firm to punish 'unscheduled' pregnancies: Report

Bejing - A Chinese company plans to demand its employees seek approval to get pregnant and fine those who conceive a child without permission, reports said, provoking a media firestorm Friday.

China targets web control with new national security law

Bejing - China passed a wide-ranging new national security law Wednesday, expanding its legal reach over the Internet and even outer space as concerns grow about ever-tighter limits on rights.

China's Great Wall 'is disappearing'

Bejing - Around 30 percent of China's Ming-era Great Wall has disappeared over time as adverse natural conditions and reckless human activities -- including stealing the bricks to build houses -- erode the UNESCO World Heritage site, state media reported.

China's UN climate pledges 'expected': State media

Bejing - China is expected to unveil its long-awaited national pledges to reduce carbon emissions beyond 2020, a state-run newspaper said Monday, as Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visits Belgium and France ahead of a Paris climate summit.

China criticizes United States' human rights record

According to a report from China, racial discrimination and police abuses are rife in the United States. The report counters U.S. criticisms of China's human rights record.

Chinese who buy abducted children to be prosecuted: Report

Bejing - Buyers of abducted children in China will face criminal punishment under proposed laws that would remove an exemption from prosecution, reports said Thursday, as authorities clamp down on the flourishing child trafficking industry.

Decades-old frozen meat seized in China food scandal: Report

Bejing - Almost half a billion dollars worth of smuggled frozen meat -- some of it rotting and more than 40 years old -- has been seized in China, reports said Wednesday.

Two men try to surf on a whale shark, anger conservationists

A video showing two men attempting to surf on the back of a rare whale shark has sparked the ire of conservationists who say the men should be prosecuted for their actions.

Protesters muzzled at Chinese dog meat festival

Yulin - Campaigners protesting at China's annual dog meat festival, which sees thousands of canines butchered and eaten, were forcibly dispersed by unidentified men Monday as they tried to rally outside a government office.

Chinese woman pays to rescue 100 dogs from meat festival: Report

Yulin - A Chinese woman has paid over $1,000 to save 100 canines from being eaten during a dog meat festival, media said, as activists have lashed out at the event labelling it cruel.

China gives new twist to world's second tallest building

Shanghai - The world's second tallest building, Shanghai Tower, will soon open in the Chinese financial capital with a twist -- a 120-degree twist, to be exact.

Review: Mark Schultz shines at 2015 Asia Pacific Trade Summit in China

Olympic gold medalist and best-selling author Mark Schultz gave the keynote speech at the 2015 Asia Pacific Trade Summit in Hong Kong, China.

Britain, Belgium to start new visa scheme for Chinese

Bejing - Britain and Belgium announced on Friday new streamlined visa procedures for Chinese nationals aiming to visit both the UK and the wider Schengen area.

Op-Ed: The govt. made me do it: Reporter defends anti-Snowden story

One of the authors of a controversial story published in the Sunday Times is in damage control mode and appeared on CNN Sunday to defend the story, which alleges that Russian and Chinese officials have obtained encrypted files leaked by Edward Snowden.

Op-Ed: Warren Buffett investing big money in Australian equity market

Sydney - The investor everyone would like to be has moved in to the Australian share market at a very interesting time. The local market is feeling queasy after the end of the mining boom, and talk of housing bubbles. Enter Buffett.

Mount Everest shifted southwest due to Nepal earthquake

Bejing - A devastating earthquake that hit Nepal in April moved Mount Everest three centimetres (just over an inch) to the southwest, but did not change its height, according to Chinese research published on Tuesday.The 7.

Tearful mother returns to China 'suicide children': Xinhua

Bejing - The mother of four children who apparently committed suicide in China after they were left unattended by their parents for months spoke of her regret as she returned home, state media reported Saturday.

China in shock after 'unattended' siblings commit suicide

Bejing - Four siblings, aged between five and 14 and left unattended by their parents for months, apparently committed suicide by drinking pesticide in southwest China, the government and state media said Friday.
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