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Op-Ed: EU finger wagging fails to impress Thai junta

When on Sept. 24 the EU adopted its most matronly scowl, put on its best wrist-slapping gloves and gave Thailand's current junta a stiff ticking off, you could hear the sniggers from Bangkok halfway across the continent.

Noise in woman's ear was caused by a spider weaving a web

Xiamen - A woman ended up seeking out medical attention for noises that only she could hear. When doctors examined her, they found a live spider in her ear canal.

Gene-edited micropigs are going to be sold as pets

Shenzhen - Cutting-edge gene-editing techniques have products a byproduct, micropigs that a Chinese genomics institute will sell as pets.

Fresh blast rocks Chinese town: state media

Bejing - A fresh explosion rocked a Chinese town Thursday, a day after 17 parcel bombs killed at least seven people and wounded scores more, state media reported.

Seven killed by multiple China letter bombs: Reports

Bejing - Seven people were killed on Wednesday when 15 letter bombs exploded in southern China, state media said, with blasts reported in multiple locations including government offices.

Op-Ed: China wrecking environmental havoc in Southeast Asia

The South China Sea has often become a focal point for geopolitical conflict due to its shared importance to some of the world's most powerful nations.

If you're scared of heights, China's glass-bottomed bridge is out

A 600-feet-high glass-bottomed bridge opened in China on Thursday, and it is not for anyone afraid of heights, especially when you get the feeling you are walking on an invisible path. The bridge spans two cliffs and is 1,410 feet long, and 20-feet wide.

UK's Osborne slammed over visit to China's restive Xinjiang

Bejing - Campaign groups on Wednesday condemned Britain's finance minister for touting business opportunities ahead of human rights on a visit to China's violence-wracked Xinjiang region.

China, Britain to study London-Shanghai stock link: Osborne

Bejing - China and Britain will study linking the London and Shanghai stock markets, Britain's finance minister George Osborne said Monday despite weeks of plunging prices on the Asian exchange.

China officials 'delayed shipment' of author's frozen body to U.S.

Bejing - A US firm has blamed Chinese "government bureaucracy" for delays in shipping the frozen body of a science fiction editor out of the country in the hope that she might later be revived.

Over 190 hurt in China when fire drill goes wrong

Shanghai - A fire drill at a school in northwestern China left more than 190 people injured, nine critically, after participants inhaled smoke used to simulate accident conditions, state media said Sunday.

President Xi to show rising China's global role in U.S. state visit

Bejing - President Xi Jinping will demonstrate China's increasing global influence on his first state visit to the United States next week for a closely watched summit with Barack Obama, even as concern builds that its giant economy is losing steam.

After winning the lottery, man divorces wife

A man in China won hundreds of thousands of dollars after purchasing a lottery ticket. he then picked up his winnings, but first he divorced his wife.

Goldman Sachs chief 'would not invest in China': Report

Bejing - The chairman of investment banking giant Goldman Sachs has slammed China's handling of its economy, adding he would not currently invest in the country, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

World's tuna and mackerel populations suffer drastic 74% decline

Tuna and mackerel populations have suffered a drastic 74 percent decline within the last 40 years, researchers have found. The World Wildlife Fund warns that if we don't act quickly, we face losing species that are critical to human food security.

Diplomacy is child's play for China's underage welcome party

Bejing - She is only 10, but Dai Jingya has already come face to face with more heads of state than most people will in their lifetimes.

China renews islands claim as U.S. think-tank warns on airstrip

Bejing - Beijing will never give up its claims to South China Sea islands, its foreign minister insisted Wednesday ahead of a state visit to the US by President Xi Jinping, after a Washington think-tank said it may be building its third airstrip in the area.

Can eating fish keep depression at bay?

New research suggests that a high consumption of fish helps to keep depression at bay, for those who are risk from mental health problems.

Italian-Chinese medical team to perform first head transplant

Bejing - An Italian-Chinese medical team plan to perform the world's first head transplant in China, one of the surgeons said Friday, amid concerns over medical ethics in the country.

Op-Ed: China to inject huge cash stimulus, but no easy outs

Beijing - The news is that China is planning a big fiscal stimulus, but don't expect the worries to go away soon. Misreading the Chinese economy is an art form. Numbers, like people, can lie their heads off; it just depends who’s doing the reading.
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