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China bans Lady Gaga over meeting with the Dalai Lama

For the second time in her career, singer Lady Gaga has been banned from China — this time for meeting with the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual leader who has been exiled from the Communist country since 1959.

China party journal editor hangs himself: Report

Bejing - The deputy editor of the Chinese Communist party's top theoretical journal has committed suicide, reports said, sending speculation swirling over political infighting, freedom of thought and corruption.

Last words: language of China's emperors in peril

Bejing - It was the language of China's last imperial dynasty which ruled a vast kingdom for nearly three centuries. But 71-year-old Ji Jinlu is among only a handful of native Manchu speakers left.

At least 35 killed in fiery bus crash in China

Beijing - At least 35 people were killed and 11 injured when a bus crashed on a highway in central China Sunday and burst into flames, state media reported.

China, Russia eye closer friendship amid tensions with West

Bejing - Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin promised ever-closer cooperation and oversaw a series of deals Saturday, as the two countries deepen ties in the face of growing tensions with the West.

China cuts official contact with Taiwan over new president

Bejing - China said Saturday that communications with Taiwan had been suspended after the island's new government failed to acknowledge the concept that there is only "one China".

China mounts rescue efforts as tornado toll hits 98

Yancheng - Survivors scrabbled through the rubble of their homes Friday after hurricane-force winds and a tornado left at least 98 dead in China, with hundreds more injured.

78 dead, 500 hurt by storms in eastern China

Bejing - Hurricane-force winds, freak hailstorms, pounding rain and a tornado killed 78 people in China's eastern province of Jiangsu on Thursday and injured nearly 500 others, Xinhua reported.

World's most powerful computer built in China

The 93 petaflop Sunway TaihuLight is the world's most powerful supercomputer and it has been built in China. The new computer is twice as fast as any previous model.

Floods in south China kill 22: State media

Bejing - Heavy flooding in central China has killed 22 people and displaced 197,000 since Saturday, state media said on Monday.A total of 20 people are still missing, the official Xinhua news agency said, after summer rainstorms were heavier than usual.

China says Indonesia fired on fishing boats, injuring crewman

Bejing - China accused Indonesia Sunday of firing on its fishermen and injuring one of them, in the latest flare-up of tensions between the two nations in the South China Sea.

China rules against Apple over iPhone

Beijing's Intellectual Property Office has ruled against Apple in a patent dispute brought by Shenzhen Baili, a Chinese handset manufacturer.

Op-Ed: China and the case of the missing booksellers

Hong Kong - During 2015 Chinese officials arrested five booksellers in Hong Kong, accusing them of selling literature critical of the Chinese government and with an aim of shipping books to the Chinese mainland. One of the booksellers remains missing.

'Rebel' China village chief arrested for corruption

Bejing - The chief of a village that became a symbol of resistance against corruption has been arrested for allegedly accepting bribes, Chinese authorities said Saturday, as a large police operation moved in to head off dissent.

Loan sharks demand nude photos as guarantees

As a way of guaranteeing loans, internet-based loan sharks in China are demanding naked photos from female college students.

Foreign protesters' bark unleashes Chinese dog eaters' bite

Yulin - International groups and celebrities, backed by millions of foreign petitioners, have rallied against an annual dog meat festival in the Chinese city of Yulin: but the protests may have backfired, residents say, spurring more people to eat man's best f...

China's lunar mission shifts to far side of the moon

Beijing - China’s lunar exploration will shift to the far side of the moon as it aims to send the Chang’e-4 mission to the south pole region in 2018.

China police say airport bomber was gambler with heavy debts

Shanghai - Chinese police on Monday identified the suspect in a bombing at Shanghai's main international airport which injured four people as a 29-year-old man with heavy debts from online gambling.

Man hurls explosives inside Shanghai airport, injuring four

Shanghai - A man hurled a bottle containing home-made explosives inside the main international airport in China's commercial hub of Shanghai on Sunday, injuring four people before attempting to kill himself, authorities said.

Zou Shiming outpoints Jozsef Ajtai to retain WBO flyweight title

China's boxing sensation Zou Shiming got his second straight victory since his first career loss against Amnat Ruenroeng of Thailand last year after outpointing Jozsef Ajtai in a 10-round fight Saturday night at the Madison Square Garden in New York.
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