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Oil slick off China coast trebles in size

Bejing - The spill from a sunken Iranian tanker off China's east coast has more than trebled in size, just over a week after the ship sank in a ball of flames.

Op-Ed: US successfully tests small nuclear power plant for Mars mission

Washington - In what is actually a very large step forward, NASA has tested a small, “paper towel roll” sized nuclear power plant to deliver power for a Mars mission. The fallout from this idea, pun intended, will be interesting.

China says US warship 'violated' its sovereignty

Bejing - Beijing on Saturday said it had dispatched a warship to drive away a US missile destroyer which had "violated" its sovereignty by sailing close to a shoal in the disputed South China Sea.

Chinese human rights lawyer's detention 'absurd': attorney

Bejing - The lawyer of a prominent Chinese human rights attorney detained in Beijing said Saturday that the allegations against his client, who has been charged with disrupting public service, were "absurd".

China to enshrine Xi's name in state constitution

Bejing - China's Communist Party proposed on Friday to engrave President Xi Jinping's guiding philosophy in the country's constitution, further cementing his status as its most powerful leader in decades.

Chinese county bans schoolchildren from mosques

Bejing - Authorities in a Muslim-majority county in northwest China have banned schoolchildren from going to mosques during their winter holidays, a state-run daily reported Friday, the latest tightening of regulations on religious freedoms.

China sees births fall despite push for second child

Bejing - The number of births in China fell last year even though the world's most populous country has relaxed its one-child policy to allow all couples to have two children.The country saw 17.23 million births in 2017, compared to 17.

Troops, cameras, radiation: China preps for N. Korea crisis

Dandong - China has ramped up security along its border with North Korea, installing new surveillance cameras, deploying extra security forces and operating radiation detectors as it braces for a potential crisis.

China detains rights lawyer after call for reform

Bejing - Chinese authorities detained a prominent human rights lawyer on Friday, people familiar with the case said, just hours after he provided journalists with a letter calling for constitutional reform.

China spots four oil slicks from sunken tanker

Bejing - The spill from a sunken Iranian tanker off China's east coast has spawned four oil slicks as authorities prepared to send robots to the wreckage to assess the environmental damage.

China economy beat expectations in 2017: AFP survey

Bejing - China's economy exceeded Beijing's annual growth target in 2017, analysts said in an AFP survey, overcoming the government's battles against massive debt and pollution-spewing factories.The world's second largest economy expanded 6.

China races to prevent environmental disaster after tanker sinks

Bejing - Chinese ships scrambled Monday to clean up a massive oil spill after an Iranian tanker sank off China, raising fears of devastating damage to marine life.

Oil tanker's sinking off China raises environmental fears

Bejing - The sinking of an Iranian tanker off China could severely damage marine life, environmental experts warned Monday, as state media reported an oil spill covering up to 50 square miles at the scene.

Iranian tanker sinks engulfed in flames, official says no hope of survivors

Bejing - A Iranian oil tanker burst into flames from end to end and sank Sunday, eight days after a collision with a cargo ship off China, state media said.

China rescuers recover two bodies, black box from Iranian tanker

Bejing - Chinese rescuers Saturday recovered two bodies and the "black box" from a stricken Iranian oil tanker which has been ablaze for the past week off the east coast of China, the transport ministry said.

Professor sacked as #MeToo reaches China

Bejing - A professor at a prominent Chinese university has been sacked after a former student's accusations of sexual harassment went viral.

Blue skies in China's capital spark joy, scepticism

Bejing - Every day for the last five years, Zou Yi has photographed Beijing's smog-cloaked skyline from his 13th-floor apartment, but there is something different in the air this year.

China's global trade surplus falls, but grows with US

Bejing - Chinese exports and imports picked up steam last year thanks to strong global demand, data showed Friday, but its surplus with the United States, a sensitive issue with Donald Trump, widened.Exports expanded 7.9 percent while imports soared 15.

Op-Ed: New US nuke doctrine— Careful what you wish for

Washington - The idea of new, more “usable” nukes isn’t a Trump administration idea. It’s been around, for a while, including micro-nukes for tactical, less destructive operational use. This idea could be a massive own goal.

China denies report it could halt US bond purchases

Bejing - China denied on Thursday a report that it may slow or cease its purchases of US Treasury bonds, calling it a possible case of "fake news" after the dollar tumbled following the story.
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