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Malaysia PM calls for China's help with fiscal problems

Bejing - Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad called on China's leadership Monday to help solve his country's fiscal problems, as he tries to revise major Beijing-backed projects signed under his scandal-plagued predecessor.

Malaysia PM calls for China's help with fiscal problems

Bejing - Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad called on China's top leadership to help with his country's fiscal problems Monday, as he seeks to revise major Beijing-backed projects signed under his country's scandal-plagued former regime.

Rival to WeWork China raises $120 million

MyDreamPlus, a co-working startup with spaces in big cities around China, recently raised a $120 million Series C funding round.

China rejects 'irresponsible' Pentagon report on bombers

Bejing - China on Saturday rejected what it called an "irresponsible" Pentagon report claiming Beijing's bombers are likely training for strikes against US and allied targets in the Pacific.

No children? Pay a tax, Chinese academics suggest

Bejing - Two Chinese academics have proposed a controversial idea to encourage childbirth as their country faces an ageing population: Make people with no or fewer than two children pay into a "maternity fund".

'Monster Hunter' on hold as China hits pause on new video games

Shanghai - China appears to have halted approvals of new online game licences, with reports Wednesday that a government shake-up was causing paralysis in the world's biggest gaming market.

Top China Buddhist leader quits in sex probe

Bejing - The head of China's government-run Buddhist association quit his post on Wednesday amid an investigation into allegations that he coerced several nuns into having sex with him.

Trump's trade beef with China may backfire on meat

Shanghai - A key objective of President Donald Trump's trade war is to pressure Beijing to "buy American", but when it comes to millions of dollars of US meat imports, China may simply take its business elsewhere.

China delays mosque demolition after protest

Tianshui - Authorities in northern China delayed the demolition of a massive mosque on Saturday after thousands of people demonstrated to stop its destruction, local residents said, amid a nationwide government drive to tighten restrictions on religious activitie...

Op-Ed: Hothouse Earth: It’s looking worse than ever

Sydney - After decades of senile, incompetent idiocy and procrastination about warming, we’re now talking about Hothouse Earth. Heat waves are killing people in large numbers. The question is now what happens next.

China exports top forecasts but warning over US tariffs impact

Bejing - China on Wednesday posted a forecast-busting surge in exports for July, but while its surplus with the US dipped slightly analysts warned that the full impact of US sanctions was yet to be felt.

China trade surplus with US down on-month in July

Bejing - China's trade surplus with the United States eased in July after President Donald Trump imposed tariffs on Chinese goods in a showdown between the world's two biggest economies, official data showed Wednesday.The Asian giant posted a $28.

Investor says only 1 percent of Chinese EV startups will survive

Beijing - The push to produce more electric cars (EVs) in China has resulted in literally hundreds of startups trying to cash in on the EV revolution but according to NIO Capital only 1 percent will survive.

Chinese tech 'wolf' Huawei stalks Apple and Samsung

Shanghai - Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Chinese telecoms behemoth Huawei, likens the company to a ruthless "wolf" tirelessly running down its prey, an ethos that could soon make it the apex predator of the smartphone world.

China deploys huge police force to prevent fraud protest

Bejing - Hundreds of police patrolled the streets of Beijing's financial district Monday as Chinese authorities thwarted a planned protest against money lost in risky peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms and a lack of government help.

A decade on, Olympics changed China, but not how many hoped

Bejing - A decade after Beijing hosted the 2008 Olympics, its legacy remains unmistakable from the smallest alleyways in the Chinese capital to the country's growing clout abroad.

US increases power to regulate Chinese investment in the US

Congress has acted to increase national security controls over merger and acquisition transactions involving China particularly with respect to technology firms. The Trump administration is also threatening China with even more tariffs.

Belgian wins inaugural France to China solar bike race

Bejing - A Belgian cyclist rode 12,000 kilometres (7,500 miles) from the French city of Lyon to the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou in just 49 days to win an inaugural solar-powered electric bike race aimed at promoting renewable energy.

Broken art: Ai Weiwei's Beijing studio faces wrecking ball

Bejing - An excavator shattered the windows of Ai Weiwei's largest studio while workers hustled away his art on Friday, preparing to demolish the old Beijing factory three years after the artist and government critic left China.

Chinese relatives frustrated by MH370 report

Bejing - Relatives expressed frustration Friday after a long-awaited official report into the disappearance of loved ones aboard Flight MH370 offered little information on the disappearance of the plane and had not been translated into Chinese.
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