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Activists who probed Ivanka Trump supplier released: NGO

Bejing - Three activists who were detained last month while investigating working conditions at a Chinese factory making Ivanka Trump-branded shoes have been released on bail pending a trial, their non-governmental organisation said Wednesday.

Chinese woman avoids jail after tossing coins at plane

Shanghai - An elderly passenger who threw coins at the engine of a plane at a Shanghai airport for good luck will not face police action, Chinese state media said on Wednesday.

Hong Kong's allure fading in mainland China

Bejing - When Naomi Wu was a teenager, she and her friends would ride the train from mainland China to Hong Kong several times a year to shop for clothes and designer handbags.

New US ambassador keen to see Chinese dissident go abroad

Bejing - The new US ambassador to Beijing, known for his friendship with China's president, said Wednesday he wanted terminally-ill dissident Liu Xiaobo to get treatment abroad, as Taiwan offered to care for the Nobel laureate.

China bans use of torture, forced confessions — again

Bejing - Chinese police and prosecutors are banned from using torture to obtain evidence under rules released Tuesday, in the latest attempt to curb forced confessions in the country's criminal justice system.

China rejects 'interference' as Vatican raises bishop case

Bejing - China said Tuesday it opposed outside interference after the Vatican reported that one of its bishops in the country was being held at an undisclosed location after he was forcibly removed from his diocese.

Op-Ed: End of the road for petrol engines? World going electric, fast

Sydney - Whatever the fossil fuel sector says, the ancient technologies which are killing the world are themselves dying out. Petrol engines are on the way out, in no uncertain terms.

China protests alleged Indian border incursion

Bejing - China has made a formal protest after accusing Indian border guards of crossing from Sikkim state into its Tibetan territory, China's foreign ministry said Tuesday.

China's treatment of sick activist raises fears for others

Bejing - China's treatment of cancer-stricken democracy activist Liu Xiaobo reflects Beijing's hardening crackdown on political dissent and heightens concern over lesser-known campaigners still languishing in jail, supporters say.

China rejects US criticism over Nobel laureate's treatment

Bejing - China on Tuesday rejected criticism over its treatment of cancer-stricken Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo after the United States urged Beijing to give the paroled activist freedom to move and to choose his own doctors.

US urges China to grant Nobel laureate Liu 'freedom of movement': embassy

Bejing - The United States on Tuesday urged China to grant Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo and his wife "freedom of movement" and let him choose his own doctors after the cancer-stricken activist was taken from prison to a hospital.

Bloodied at Chinese fight club for $75

Chengdu - Every Friday night, fighters trade blows in a ring in the dimly lit Monster Club in southwest China, competing for a $75 payday as a crowd cheer them on.

Liu Xiaobo: Freed Chinese intellectual spoke out for change

Bejing - Liu Xiaobo, who won the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize from behind bars, was for decades a vocal champion of democracy and human rights until Chinese authorities locked him up for speaking out.

China releases Nobel laureate Liu with terminal cancer

Bejing - China's Nobel peace prize laureate Liu Xiaobo has been transferred on parole from prison to a hospital for terminal cancer treatment, his lawyer said, but concerned supporters called for his unconditional release.

China landslide rescuers ordered to evacuate: state media

Bejing - Rescuers searching for more than 90 people missing following a huge landslide in southwest China were ordered to evacuate Monday due to the risk of another collapse, state media reported.

China crackdown on livestreaming on social media sites

The Chinese government has taken an action on live-streaming services on its top social media sites. This appears to be a move to battle unsuitable political content that's broadcast via live-streaming services.

China's Xi to attend Hong Kong handover anniversary

Bejing - President Xi Jinping will visit Hong Kong this week to celebrate 20 years since the former British colony's return to China, state media confirmed Sunday, a trip that will stoke resentment among pro-democracy activists.

15 dead, over 100 missing in China landslide

Bejing - Rescuers pulled 15 bodies from an avalanche of rocks that buried a mountain village in southwest China on Saturday as an increasingly bleak search for some 100 people carried into the night.

Around 100 people feared buried in China landslide

Bejing - Chinese authorities launched a frantic search for around 100 people feared buried after a landslide smashed through a mountain village in southwest Sichuan province on Saturday, local authorities said.

New wasp species names in honor of David Bowie

Beijing - The 'star dust' wasp is a new extinct species, and it has named after David Bowie's alter ego in honor of the British singer's contribution to popular culture.
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