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Chile begins volcano clean-up under eruption threat

Ensenada - Residents whose homes were buried under mounds of stinking volcanic ash in southern Chile began the painstaking clean-up Sunday, under the threat of more eruptions from the volatile Calbuco volcano.

Report: 8% of Chile's salmon stocks in volcano danger zone

Puerto Montt - Chile's salmon industry operates numerous freshwater facilities in the area directly affected by the eruption of the Calbuco volcano. The Association of Salmon producers (SalmonChile) reported destruction of hatcheries and heavy losses in production.

Flights disrupted as Chile volcano spews more ash

Puerto Varas - Ash from Chile's spewing Calbuco volcano threatened Saturday to spell travel misery in the region and beyond after it triggered the cancellation of domestic and international flights in several cities.

Chile volcano belches more smoke after twin eruptions

Ensenada - A large column of smoke streamed from Chile's Calbuco volcano Friday, prompting new warnings that it could erupt again after unexpectedly roaring back to life and forcing thousands to evacuate.

Chile volcano erupts for first time in decades

Metropolitana - A volcano in Chile that had been inactive for over 50 years suddenly erupted twice in the space of hours, blasting huge clouds of ash into the air and forcing the evacuation of around 5,000 people.

VIDEO: Chile declares emergency as Calbuco volcano erupts

Santiago - Southern Chile's Calbuco volcano erupted on Wednesday for the first time in nearly half a century, spewing a giant funnel of ash high into the sky and prompting authorities to declare a state of emergency.

Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, wakes from coma

A lawyer representing Bobby Brown releases a statement confirming that the singer's daughter has in fact opened her eyes after months in a medically induced coma. Brown was married to the late Whitney Houston from which Bobbi Kristina is their only child.

Chile's Bachelet to retire from politics after term

Santiago - Michelle Bachelet, Chile's first woman president, said Tuesday she will never again seek public office after her term expires in 2018, as a corruption scandal involving her son batters her popularity.

'Taco', the polar bear in Chile’s National Zoo is free at last

Santiago - After 16 years of captivity in Chile's National Zoo, Taco the polar bear died. During his confinement the animal endured summer temperatures that often reached 36 C in Santiago, the Chilean capital. Years of protests did not achieve Taco's freedom.

Fourth person dies after Chile nightclub collapse

Santiago - A fourth person has died of injuries sustained after a nightclub collapsed in downtown Santiago, relatives of the victim said on Saturday.

Four killed, twelve injured at DOOM punk rock concert in Chile

Santiago - Three people died and twelve were severely injured on Thursday night when a building collapsed during a concert of the long-running anarcho-crust-punk British band DOOM at a nightclub in Santiago de Chile.

Chilean police, students clash at corruption protest

Santiago - Masked demonstrators threw stones and police fought back with tear gas and water cannons Thursday in Chile as tens of thousands of students hit the streets to protest corruption and education conditions.

Chilean peacekeeper killed in Haiti protest

Santiago - A Chilean soldier who was part of the UN peacekeeping force in Haiti was shot dead during a violent protest in the Caribbean nation, the mission said.

Germany beefing up tank battalions as Ukrainian tensions persist

Berlin - Germany is to beef up its army by bringing back into service 100 tanks that were mothballed following the end of the Cold War. The move comes as tensions remain high in Eastern Europe concerning perceived Russian involvement in Ukraine.

Chilean leader defiant as son's scandal swirls

Santiago - Chilean President Michelle Bachelet scoffed Wednesday at speculation that she would resign over a financial scandal involving her son that has taken a heavy toll on her popularity.

Fidel Castro makes first public appearance in 14 months

Havana - Former president Fidel Castro appeared in public last week for the first time in 14 months at a school in Havana, media in Cuba reported Friday.

Chile's Bachelet visits flood-hit north after 25 killed

Santiago - Chile's President Michelle Bachelet visited the flood-hit north of the country where at least 25 people died and 125 others are still missing, vowing to "rebuild" the stricken region.

Chile's Bachelet visits flood-hit north after 25 killed

Santiago - Chile's President Michelle Bachelet visited the flood-hit north of the country where at least 25 people died this week, vowing to "rebuild" the stricken region.

Four relief workers killed in Chile helicopter crash

Santiago - A helicopter taking part in the emergency relief effort in flood-hit northern Chile has crashed, killing all four people on board, the air force said Thursday.

Chile defeats Unites States in World Polo Championship final

Santiago - In an electrifying final, Chile defeated the United States 12-11 in sudden-death overtime, achieving top status in the World Polo Championship 2015 held in Santiago de Chile. Brazil took third place by beating England 12-10.
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