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Climate change forces Chile ski stations to make fake snow

Santiago - Once deep in powder this time of year, Chile's ski stations are fighting the ravages of climate change and pollution that have brought less and less snow to the central Andes.

Families' endless search for missing victims of Chile's dictatorship

Santiago - It has been 43 years since Cesar Cerda, a member of Chile's communist party, was dragged off by agents of Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship.

Latin America set for feeble growth of 0.5% in 2019: UN

Santiago - Hit by five years of "economic slowdown," Latin America's economy will grow by barely 0.5 percent this year, the United Nations economic commission for the region said on Wednesday, well below the 1.3 percent projected in April.

Chile's mining waste poses silent threat to humans on multiple fronts

Requinoa - From the sky, the glistening emerald ponds of northern Chile are almost beautiful, but closer to the ground they harbor an ugly and dangerous secret: the reservoirs, filled with toxic waste from the country's mining industry, are ticking time bombs.

Chile bars entry to 'more than 100' Venezuelans linked to Maduro govt: president

Santiago - Chile will bar entry to anyone on a list of more than 100 Venezuelans linked to the "dictatorship" of President Nicolas Maduro following a damning UN report, President Sebastian Pinera announced Friday.

South Americans marvel at total solar eclipse

La Higuera - A rare total solar eclipse plunged a vast swath of Latin America's southern cone into darkness Tuesday, briefly turning day into night and enthralling huge crowds in much of Chile and Argentina.

Chilean copper mine strike continues after workers reject offer

Santiago - Striking workers employed by the world's top copper producer were set to continue their walkout on Saturday after voting down a management offer of better wages and compensation.

Chile president Pinera sacks FM in cabinet shakeup

Santiago - Chilean President Sebastian Pinera sacked his foreign minister and announced a cabinet reshuffle Thursday as polls showed a dip in his popularity following an economic downturn.

More than 3,200 workers at Chile state-run miner Codelco to strike

Santiago - More than 3,200 workers at Chile's huge Chuquicamata copper mine plan to go on strike this week after union-management talks broke down, state-run miner Codelco -- the world's largest copper producer -- said Wednesday.

British visit Easter Island to discuss returning sacred monolith

Santiago - A team from the British Museum arrived Tuesday on Easter Island to meet with local Polynesian people seeking the return from London of one of the most spiritually important of the Chilean island's stone monoliths.

Victims of Chile Nazi sect says German compensation not enough

Santiago - Victims of a Chile-based Nazi pedophile sect said compensation offered by Germany was not enough to make up for decades of slavery and abuse.

Chile's Valparaiso, an open air graffiti and mural art gallery

Valpara - Creating colorful pictures of surreal human faces, marine animals or even huge owls, hundreds of graffiti artists have turned the Chilean port of Valparaiso into a gigantic open-air art gallery.

Mapuche rappers fight for indigenous rights in Chile

Santiago - With songs like "We'll Beat the State," Chilean rappers Wechekeche Ni Trawun are on a mission to support the Mapuche indigenous people's fight for justice and land rights.

Chilean suspect in Japanese student disappearance faces prosecutors

Santiago - Chilean authorities on Wednesday questioned a man suspected of involvement in the 2016 disappearance of his Japanese ex-girlfriend in France.

Norway's Kon-Tiki museum agrees to return Easter Island items

Santiago - Norway agreed Thursday to hand back thousands of artefacts removed from Easter Island by the explorer Thor Heyerdahl during his trans-Pacific raft expeditions in the 1950s.

Chile orders Church to pay damages to ex-priest's victims

Santiago - A court in Chile on Wednesday ordered the Roman Catholic Church to pay damages of around $440,000 to the victims of influential former priest Fernando Karadima.

Bolsonaro says Brazil owes world nothing on environment

Santiago - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Saturday said his country "does not owe the world anything" when it comes to the environment.

Right wing Latin American presidents launch new regional bloc

Santiago - Colombia's President Ivan Duque said Friday he had discussed with several Latin American counterparts the possibility of offering asylum to Venezuelan servicemen who desert President Nicolas Maduro's regime.

Drought wipes popular Chilean lake from the map

Paine - The cows and horses would have come for the last blades of grass. Now their bones are scattered on the cracked earth, victims of drought that wiped Santiago's weekend playground Lake Aculeo from the map.

Mysterious orca found, after many years, in the southern ocean

Marine biologists have discovered a mysterious killer whale, one that was previously alluded to but never formally identified. Based on genetic tests the orca is a new type and it is the largest new animal discovered in many years.
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