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Alien star passed through our solar system just recently

NASA publications have confirmed that an alien star passed through our own solar system just 70,000 years ago. This is recent in astronomical terms and the star was not alone.

6.7 magnitude quake strikes Chile-Argentina border: USGS

Santiago - A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck a region along the border of Chile and Argentina on Wednesday, the US Geological Survey said.The USGS initially reported the quake, which hit at 1857 GMT, as having a magnitude of 6.9 but later revised the reading.

Chile plane wreck find revives 53-year-old memories

Santiago - Chileans who lost teammates and friends when a plane carrying a professional football team crashed 53 years ago said Monday the surprise find of the wreckage had revived painful memories.

Plane carrying Chile soccer stars found, 50 years on

Santiago - Climbers in Chile's Andes say they have found the wreckage of a missing plane that disappeared more than half a century ago with a team of soccer stars on board.

Four Chilean ex-military arrested for Pinochet-era murders

Santiago - A Chilean judge ordered the arrest of a retired general and three other ex-military officers for alleged roles in the murders of 12 people under former dictator Augusto Pinochet, authorities said Friday.

Chile's Bachelet sends abortion bill to Congress 

Santiago - Chile's President Michelle Bachelet on Saturday pressed ahead with plans to decriminalize abortion in certain cases, a decades-old taboo in one of Latin America's most socially conservative countries.

Op-Ed: McCain backs mass-murderer Kissinger, calls protesters 'scum'

Washington - Who is a "low-life scum," a man who green-lighted a genocide in which a third of a nation's population was slaughtered, or protesters who get in his face for that, and other crimes against humanity?

Chile approves same-sex civil unions

Santiago - Chile's Congress on Wednesday approved the country's first law authorizing civil unions of gay and lesbian couples.

The Dalai Lama not allowed to meet Pope Francis, was told 'No'

The Dalai Lama requested to meet Pope Francis but was refused the right to meet with him. The Dalai Lama was in Rome on Thursday for a Nobel Peace Prize winners' conference.

Chile jails two for torturing president's father

Santiago - A Chilean judge jailed two retired colonels Friday for torturing President Michelle Bachelet's father, who was arrested for opposing the country's 1973 coup and died after repeated beatings and electrocutions.

Op-Ed: The finest wines from France and California have lost to Portugal

Portuguese wines dominate the Top 10 ranking in the latest list of the world's 100 most exciting wines as judged from blind-tasting conducted by Wine Spectator magazine.

Op-Ed: Gigantic pattern of ancient quasars spans billions of light years

Sydney - A decidedly eerie pattern of consistent positioning of ancient quasars has been discovered. This is a vast pattern, billions of light years across. Either someone’s taking “join the dots” way too far, or a new cosmic structure's been found.

Chilean president speaks of her torture under Pinochet

Santiago - Chilean President Michelle Bachelet made rare public remarks Thursday on her detention and torture by the country's former military regime, saying "maturity" had helped her reconcile with the past.

‘Roots of the Earth’ — Ethnic elders meet to praise Mother Earth

Rancagua - A 4-day international meeting of aboriginal elders called "Roots of the Earth" will be held in November in Graneros, Chile. The event aims to "appeal for Mother Earth and Humanity", and to educate local families about ancestral ethnic traditions.

'Piure' — Possibly the world’s most outlandish seafood Special

It looks like a bag of blood inside a stone. Some people compare its flavour to that of sea-urchin; others define it as “bitter and soapy,” and its smell as “sweaty underarms.” Loaded with iodine and iron, the taste of piure defies description.

Children’s book on homo-parental family causing debate in Chile

Santiago - "Nicolas has two dads" is the title of the first children's story-book about sexual diversity and homo-parental families in Chile. The book is currently being distributed to pre-school kids in 500 public kindergartens in Chile.

Former Pinochet bodyguard arrested for regime-era murders

Santiago - A former bodyguard of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet was arrested along with nine other former officials for the kidnapping and murder of 13 people during the military regime.

Irish-born priest found guilty of sexual abuse of minor in Chile

Santiago - A criminal court in Chile ruled that priest John O'Reilly is guilty of repeated sexual abuse of a minor, a former student of an all-girls’ school. The child was five years old at the time the alleged abuses took place.

Chile police fire tear gas at indigenous protest

Santiago - Chilean police fired tear gas and water cannon Sunday to break up thousands of indigenous protesters demanding land rights and condemning Columbus Day, after masked demonstrators began throwing stones.

Man burned alive in latest Chile bombing

Santiago - A man was burned alive when a homemade bomb went off in Santiago on Thursday, law enforcement officials said, the latest in a series of explosions in Chile's usually safe capital.
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