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More than 3,300 apply to rewrite Chile's constitution

Santiago - More than 3,300 hopefuls have applied for selection to the commission that will rewrite Chile's dictatorship-era constitution, the top electoral body said Monday.

Chilean judge dismisses police case against feminist singers

Santiago - A Chilean court on Monday dismissed a case brought by the military police against a group of feminist singers over a performance of a song that has become a global anthem against sexual violence.

Op-Ed: Antarctica hit by 30,000 tremors since August

Sydney - Atypical tremors have been happening fast and furious in Antarctica. A group of islands is moving away from the continent at double its previous rate. Nobody’s too sure what it means.

Chile Congress reserves indigenous seats in constitution commission

Santiago - Chile's indigenous community will have 17 seats reserved for it in the commission charged with rewriting the South American country's constitution following a vote in parliament.

Solar eclipse plunges southern Chile, Argentina into darkness

Pucon - Thousands of people turned their heads to the sky to watch a solar eclipse that lasted around two minutes on Monday as southern Chile and Argentina were plunged into darkness.

Chile police chief resigns after officers shoot adolescents

Santiago - Chile's police chief resigned Thursday after officers shot two minors in an incident that sparked outrage across a country already alarmed at heavy handed security force tactics during months of social protests.

Hundreds protest in Santiago against Chilean president

Santiago - Hundreds of people protested in Chile's capital Santiago on Wednesday to demand the resignation of President Sebastian Pinera over police repression of the country's social protests.

Chile elite say facing 'uncertain' future after vote

Santiago - In Santiago's well-heeled suburbs, Chile's elite say they are facing uncertainty after the rest of the country voted to ditch the dictatorship-era constitution that has served them well for decades. For some, it's a bitter pill to swallow.

Chileans begin work on roadmap to new constitution

Santiago - Chile pressed ahead with the task of creating a roadmap to a new constitution Tuesday as Congress debated rules for choosing the body tasked with drafting the new charter.

Chileans look to future after referendum result

Santiago - Chileans gleefully ripped up their Pinochet-era constitution in a weekend referendum, but the focus turned Monday to the next chapter, as the country begins the tricky task of forging its replacement.

Sniffing the winds of change in Chile referendum

Santiago - Dashing around downtown Santiago, taxi driver Jose Gallardo had never seen so many people out voting, and he felt he could sniff change in the southern spring air. "For Chile, it's now or never," he said.

Chileans vote overwhelmingly for new constitution

Santiago - Chileans voted overwhelmingly in a landmark referendum Sunday to replace their dictatorship-era constitution, long seen as underpinning the nation's glaring economic and social inequalities.

Referendum choice not black and white, Chileans say

Santiago - One hopes for a "legitimate" constitution, the other believes Chile's problems can be resolved without a new one -- two voters on opposite sides lay out their arguments ahead of Sunday's referendum, and say the choice facing the country is a tricky one...

Chile surpasses 500,000 Covid-19 cases on eve of referendum

Santiago - Chile's coronavirus case total has now surpassed half a million, authorities said Saturday, as the country prepares to go to the polls for a referendum on whether to replace the Pinochet-era constitution.

How a dictatorship-era constitution endured in Chile

Santiago - Replacing Chile's dictatorship-era constitution was a pressing demand from the streets during months of social protests in Chile in 2019.

Mapuche people divided over benefits of Chile referendum

Santiago - As millions of Chileans have rallied over the last year against the government and for greater equality, the flag of the Mapuche indigenous people has often fluttered overhead.

Chileans set to call time on Pinochet-era constitution

Santiago - A year after the start of a mass wave of social unrest, Chileans vote Sunday in a referendum to change a dictatorship-era constitution seen as the bedrock of the nation's glaring inequalities.

Chileans set to call time on Pinochet-era constitution

Santiago - A year after the start of months of social unrest, Chileans vote Sunday in a referendum to change a dictatorship-era constitution seen as the bedrock of the nation's glaring inequalities.

Chile celebrates successful breeding of endangered frog

Santiago - A critically endangered species of frog seems to have a bright future after conservationists in Chile launched a rescue campaign that has produced 200 offspring.

Chile police arrest 600 after protests as referendum looms

Santiago - Police arrested nearly 600 people after demonstrations to mark the anniversary of Chile's social protests turned violent as rioters torched two Catholic churches, the government said Monday.
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