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Gay pride events in Latin America seek more rights

Santiago - Marchers in several Latin American nations including Chile and Mexico pressed for more gay rights, with many celebrating the US Supreme Court's historic decision allowing same-sex couples to wed.

Chilean capital in first pollution emergency in 16 years

Santiago - Dangerously high pollution levels have Chile's capital on the brink of issuing an environmental emergency, the first such time the measure is to be implemented in 16 years.

Chilean police, students clash on eve of football fest

Santiago - Chilean police fired tear gas and water cannon Wednesday to break up a large student protest that turned violent on the eve of the Copa America, the South American football championship.

Chile students, police clash at new protest over reforms

Santiago - Chilean police fired tear gas and used water cannons to disperse stone-throwing students protesting against what they call inadequate education reforms and heavy-handed crackdowns on recent demonstrations.

Chile students, police clash at new protest over reforms

Santiago - Chilean police fired tear gas and used water cannons Thursday to disperse stone-throwing students protesting what they call inadequate education reforms and heavy-handed crackdowns on recent demonstrations.

Clashes as Chile's Bachelet seeks to shift focus to reforms

Playa Ancha - Chile's embattled President Michelle Bachelet sought to get her reform agenda back on track in her annual address to Congress Thursday, as anti-government protests outside descended into clashes with police.

Thousands in Chile's 'March for Equality' to support gay rights

Santiago - Thousands of people, many waving rainbow-colored flags, gathered in Santiago for a "March for Equality," pushing for Chile to acknowledge more gay rights.

Op-Ed: Survivors commemorate 45 victims of Andean tragedy

Los Angeles - Various activities will commemorate the tenth anniversary of the so-called "Tragedy of Antuco" in which 45 soldiers of the Chilean Army died in a blizzard in the Andes Mountains during a training march which should have never taken place.

Ailing teen who championed euthanasia dies in Chile

Santiago - A 14-year-old cystic fibrosis patient who made international news by pleading with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet to be allowed to end her own life, has succumbed to her illness, her family announced Thursday.

Two students shot dead at Chile protest: Police

Santiago - Two students were shot dead Thursday in the Chilean port city of Valparaiso when protests against President Michelle Bachelet's education reform efforts turned violent, police said.

Chile's Bachelet names new cabinet amid scandal

Santiago - Chilean President Michelle Bachelet named a new cabinet Monday, seeking to turn the page on a corruption scandal involving her son that risks derailing her ambitious reform agenda.

Decay of 7000-year-old mummies attributed to climate change

Arica - The mummies of the Chinchorro culture, deemed the world’s oldest, are being threatened by environmental and biological issues that experts link to climate change. The Chinchorro Indians lived about 9,000 years ago in the coast of the Atacama Desert.

Endangered sei whales found beached on Chilean coast

A group of foreign scientists made a gruesome discovery along Chile's southern coast on the Gulf of Penas on April 21. Over two dozen dead sei whales, averaging 33 feet in length, had washed up along the beach.

Chile's Bachelet tries to turn page on scandal with shake-up

Santiago - Chilean President Michelle Bachelet began naming a new cabinet Thursday after sacking all her ministers, trying to get to grips with a corruption scandal that has upended both her political and personal life.

Pope Francis to visit Chile in 2016

Santiago - Pope Francis will visit Chile in 2016, the South American country confirmed, after a meeting in Rome between its foreign minister and his Vatican counterpart.

Chile's Calbuco volcano erupts for third time

Santiago - Southern Chile's Calbuco volcano erupted again Thursday, releasing a large column of smoke in a towering arc, just over a week after it spectacularly roared to life following half a century of inactivity.

'Platypus' dinosaur vegetarian T. rex cousin puzzles scientists

A recently discovered dinosaur is apparently a kinder, gentler relative of Tyrannosaurus rex. Unlike its larger, carnivorous relative, this dinosaur is an herbivore, but that's not the only unusual thing about this critter.

Chile volcano eruption costs region $600 mn: Official

Puerto Varas - Last week's spectacular twin eruptions of the Calbuco volcano will cost southern Chile's Los Lagos region, a tourism and agriculture hub, up to $600 million, a local business leader said Monday.

Chile begins volcano clean-up under eruption threat

Ensenada - Residents whose homes were buried under mounds of stinking volcanic ash in southern Chile began the painstaking clean-up Sunday, under the threat of more eruptions from the volatile Calbuco volcano.

Report: 8% of Chile's salmon stocks in volcano danger zone

Puerto Montt - Chile's salmon industry operates numerous freshwater facilities in the area directly affected by the eruption of the Calbuco volcano. The Association of Salmon producers (SalmonChile) reported destruction of hatcheries and heavy losses in production.
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