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First Covid vaccine shot alone not protective: Chile study

Santiago - A study in Chile, which has one of the furthest-advanced vaccination campaigns in South America -- mainly with China's Coronavac, has found that a first dose alone does not protect against coronavirus infection.

Chile president enacts election postponement

Santiago - Chile's President Sebastian Pinera enacted a law Tuesday to postpone by five weeks an election to choose a commission to rewrite the country's dictatorship-era constitution, amid a surge in coronavirus infections.

Chile, Bolivia, close borders, Peru locks down in Covid battle

Santiago - Chile closed all its borders for the month of April, Bolivia shuttered its frontier with Brazil and Peru went into Easter lockdown Thursday as South America moved to brake a quickening coronavirus pandemic.

Vaccine leader Chile wrestles with rising Covid infection rate

Santiago - Chile is a world leader in its coronavirus vaccination program and has already given at least one dose to almost a third of its population.

Targeted in protests, Chile removes general's statue

Santiago - The statue of a 19th-century Chilean general was temporarily removed from a Santiago square Friday after being repeatedly vandalized during protests.

Slow justice for women abused by Chile's dictatorship

Santiago - It has been almost 50 years but Beatriz Bataszew vividly remembers the abuse she suffered under Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet's regime.

Pandemic pushed LatAm extreme poverty to 20-year high, says UN

Santiago - Extreme poverty in Latin America has reached its worst level in 20 years due to the coronavirus pandemic, a report by the UN said on Thursday.

Complex culture clash as Venezuelan migrants flood into Chile

Tarapac - Anyier sits at the side of the road gasping for breath as the beating sun and 3,700-meter (12,000-foot) altitude take their toll.

Pandemic has hit LatAm women's employment hard: report

Santiago - The coronavirus pandemic will set back the participation of Latin American women in the labor market by a decade, according to a United Nations report published on Wednesday.

Easter Island begins vaccinating residents against Covid-19

Santiago - Authorities on Easter Island began vaccinating residents against Covid-19 on Monday, distributing 120 doses on the first day.

Mourners demand justice as shot street artist buried in Chile

Santiago - Around 100 mourners demanded justice on Monday at the funeral of a street artist killed by Chilean police during a search.

Chile court overturns murder verdict in ex-president Frei's death

Santiago - Appeals judges in Chile said Monday ex-president Eduardo Frei's death four decades ago was not murder, overruling a 15-year investigation which concluded he was poisoned in hospital by agents of dictator Augusto Pinochet.

Covid shrinks Latin American trade for 2020: UN

Santiago - The coronavirus epidemic has triggered the steepest drop in Latin American foreign trade in 2020 since the global financial crisis more than a decade ago, a UN body said Friday.

More than 3,300 apply to rewrite Chile's constitution

Santiago - More than 3,300 hopefuls have applied for selection to the commission that will rewrite Chile's dictatorship-era constitution, the top electoral body said Monday.

Chilean judge dismisses police case against feminist singers

Santiago - A Chilean court on Monday dismissed a case brought by the military police against a group of feminist singers over a performance of a song that has become a global anthem against sexual violence.

Op-Ed: Antarctica hit by 30,000 tremors since August

Sydney - Atypical tremors have been happening fast and furious in Antarctica. A group of islands is moving away from the continent at double its previous rate. Nobody’s too sure what it means.

Chile Congress reserves indigenous seats in constitution commission

Santiago - Chile's indigenous community will have 17 seats reserved for it in the commission charged with rewriting the South American country's constitution following a vote in parliament.

Solar eclipse plunges southern Chile, Argentina into darkness

Pucon - Thousands of people turned their heads to the sky to watch a solar eclipse that lasted around two minutes on Monday as southern Chile and Argentina were plunged into darkness.

Chile police chief resigns after officers shoot adolescents

Santiago - Chile's police chief resigned Thursday after officers shot two minors in an incident that sparked outrage across a country already alarmed at heavy handed security force tactics during months of social protests.
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