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Flooding in Chilean desert region kills seven

Copiap - Flash floods in a normally bone-dry region of northern Chile killed seven people and left 19 missing, officials said Thursday, prompting the government to declare a state of emergency and send in the army.

Chile sends army to flood-hit region

Copiap - Chile rushed in the army and urged people to flee Wednesday after heavy rains flooded towns across the northern region of Atacama, prompting the government to declare a state of emergency.

Chile wildfires damage unique flora, fauna

Santiago - Massive wildfires raging in drought-stricken southern Chile have wiped out hundreds of plant species, and are now threatening animal life as well, officials warned.

Canada reaches final by defeating Chile in women’s field hockey

Dublin - In a tough game defined in a shootout, the Canadian women's field hockey team defeated the hard-fighting Chilean squad. With this victory Canada advances to the final of the Second Round of the Women's FIH Field Hockey World League tournament in Ireland.

Chile, Canada clash in women’s field hockey qualifier in Dublin

Dublin - The Chilean women’s national field hockey team continued its remarkable participation in the second round of the Women's FIH World Hockey League tournament in Ireland. The South Americans will face the Canadian team seeking to advance to the semifinals.

Chile contains huge blaze threatening UNESCO city

Santiago - Firefighters have contained a huge forest blaze that had threatened the picturesque Chilean port city of Valparaiso, officials said Sunday, adding the government plans to charge those responsible for the fire.

Twenty-five years on, Pinochet's legacy still haunts Chile

Santiago - Twenty-five years after Chile's return to democracy, glorifying Augusto Pinochet has finally become taboo, but the country is still fighting to erase the social and political legacy of his dictatorship.

Chile's Copa America stadiums haunted by dark past

Santiago - Chile will be in party mode when it hosts the South American football championships, but a dark past lurks in several stadiums used as torture chambers during Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship.

Red alert lifted for Chilean volcano

Santiago - Authorities Friday lifted a red alert for the area surrounding a southern Chile volcano, whose brief but fiery eruption forced the evacuation of thousands of people amid a shower of fire and ash earlier in the week.

Chilean leader's popularity hit by son's scandal

Santiago - Chilean President Michelle Bachelet's popularity has plunged to the lowest level of her current administration, a poll found Tuesday after a scandal erupted over a loan to her son's family.

Thousands evacuated as Chile volcano erupts

Metropolitana - A volcano in southern Chile erupted early Tuesday, spewing fiery plumes of lava into the night sky and forcing the evacuation of some 3,600 people from nearby towns.

Chile leader, UN call on gender inequality by 2030

Santiago - Chilean leader Michelle Bachelet led calls to eliminate gender inequality by 2030 on Saturday as a two-day meeting of the United Nations Women organization wrapped up in Santiago.

Alien star passed through our solar system just recently

NASA publications have confirmed that an alien star passed through our own solar system just 70,000 years ago. This is recent in astronomical terms and the star was not alone.

6.7 magnitude quake strikes Chile-Argentina border: USGS

Santiago - A 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck a region along the border of Chile and Argentina on Wednesday, the US Geological Survey said.The USGS initially reported the quake, which hit at 1857 GMT, as having a magnitude of 6.9 but later revised the reading.

Chile plane wreck find revives 53-year-old memories

Santiago - Chileans who lost teammates and friends when a plane carrying a professional football team crashed 53 years ago said Monday the surprise find of the wreckage had revived painful memories.

Plane carrying Chile soccer stars found, 50 years on

Santiago - Climbers in Chile's Andes say they have found the wreckage of a missing plane that disappeared more than half a century ago with a team of soccer stars on board.

Four Chilean ex-military arrested for Pinochet-era murders

Santiago - A Chilean judge ordered the arrest of a retired general and three other ex-military officers for alleged roles in the murders of 12 people under former dictator Augusto Pinochet, authorities said Friday.

Chile's Bachelet sends abortion bill to Congress 

Santiago - Chile's President Michelle Bachelet on Saturday pressed ahead with plans to decriminalize abortion in certain cases, a decades-old taboo in one of Latin America's most socially conservative countries.

Op-Ed: McCain backs mass-murderer Kissinger, calls protesters 'scum'

Washington - Who is a "low-life scum," a man who green-lighted a genocide in which a third of a nation's population was slaughtered, or protesters who get in his face for that, and other crimes against humanity?

Chile approves same-sex civil unions

Santiago - Chile's Congress on Wednesday approved the country's first law authorizing civil unions of gay and lesbian couples.
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