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Shots fired by angry troops in I. Coast army barracks town

Abidjan - Fresh protests by angry soldiers erupted in the Ivorian barracks town of Adiake, east of the commercial capital Abidjan on Tuesday, weeks after troops and security forces mutinied in the west African nation.

Ivory Coast hit by fresh protests in wake of mutiny

Abidjan - Angry protests erupted in several Ivory Coast cities on Monday, including in the economic capital Abidjan where retired soldiers barricaded a major highway as a teachers' strike kept schools closed.

Ivory Coast soldier killed as mutiny protests return

Bouak - A mutinous soldier was killed in Ivory Coast's administrative capital Tuesday, as fresh trouble erupted in several cities after troops took to the streets, firing shots in the air and terrifying residents.

Ivory Coast government and rebel troops reach deal

Abidjan - Ivory Coast's government and rebel troops have reached a final deal at talks in Bouake, government sources said late Friday at the close of a tense day which saw outbreaks of gunfire at barracks across the country.

Population of chimpanzees fashion drinking sticks

A population of chimpanzees in the Ivory Coast have been observed fashioning tools to use as drinking sticks. The findings provide further evidence about different subcultures within chimpanzee populations.

I.Coast's Ouattara names ex-PM as new vice president

Abidjan - Ivory Coast's President Alassane Ouattara on Tuesday named outgoing prime minister Daniel Kablan Duncan as the country's first vice-president and chose a key aide, Amadou Gon Coulibaly, as the new premier.

I. Coast soldiers end mutiny after deal

Bouak - Ivory Coast soldiers on Sunday ended a two-day mutiny in the second city Bouake and other key areas after reaching a deal on their demands for pay rises, housing and faster promotion.

Gunfire in Abidjan as Ivory Coast mutiny spreads

Abidjan - Shots rang out at a military base in Abidjan on Saturday as a mutiny by disgruntled troops appeared to spread to Ivory Coast's economic capital despite government efforts to defuse the crisis.

I. Coast seeks to defuse troops' mutiny as unrest spreads

Bouak - Ivory Coast's defence minister on Saturday headed to the northern city of Bouake where troops have seized control, firing rocket launchers in the streets in an angry protest over pay.

I. Coast troops seize arms, streets in pay protest

Bouak - Soldiers demanding more pay and housing protested in several cities around Ivory Coast on Friday, raiding arms depots and taking control of streets, residents and officials said.

I.Coast votes as president seeks strong majority

Abidjan - Ivory Coast voted Sunday in elections that President Alassane Ouattara hopes will strengthen his hold in parliament and keep the world's top cocoa producer in the economic fast lane.

I. Coast leader seeks bigger majority to keep economy strong

Abidjan - Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara is hoping voters will shore up his parliamentary majority Sunday to help keep the world's top cocoa producer in the fast economic lane.

Family planning for 'healthier, wealthier' Africa: Melinda Gates

Abidjan - Family planning helps people in Africa to be healthier and wealthier, as women without contraceptives become locked in "a cycle of poverty," Melinda Gates told AFP as a conference on the topic was held in Ivory Coast.

Massage gives infants breath of life in Ivory Coast

Abidjan - A mother from a working-class district of Abidjan watches fearfully while the physiotherapist presses down on the thorax and abdomen of her crying, struggling baby to help him breathe.

Ivory Coast's penniless children try golf, game of the rich

Yamoussoukro - Plucked out of poverty, 1,000 children in Ivory Coast are being given a unique chance to learn golf, and 10-year-old Jessica likes the idea.

Ivory Coast's divisive new constitution sworn into law

Abidjan - Ivory Coast's Third Republic came into being Tuesday with the signing into law of a new constitution overwhelmingly adopted last month in a referendum boycotted by opposition parties.

I.Coast constitutional referendum passes, opponents cry foul

Abidjan - An opposition-boycotted referendum to change Ivory Coast's constitution has easily passed, electoral officials said, but opponents swiftly dismissed the vote as fraudulent.

Scuffles as I.Coast votes on divisive constitution

Abidjan - Ivorians voted Sunday to determine the fate of constitutional changes the president says will help end years of unrest but which have alarmed the opposition, with scuffles erupting at dozens of polling stations.The package put to the country's 6.

Ivory Coast votes on divisive new constitution

Abidjan - Ivory Coast goes to the polls on Sunday to vote on constitutional changes that President Alassane Ouattara says will help to end years of instability and unrest linked to the vexed issue of "Ivorian-ness".

Campaigning begins ahead of I.Coast referendum on new constitution

Abidjan - The president of Ivory Coast insists it will heal a nation beset by violent turmoil, but as a referendum campaign for the nation's new draft constitution began Saturday, his opponents decried the text as dangerously anti-democratic.
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