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Number of women lawmakers doubles in 20 years, but stagnating

Ginebra - The share of women in the world's parliaments has almost doubled in the last two decades but progress seems to be stagnating, the International Parliamentary Union said Thursday.

US says 'tough challenges' remain in Iran nuclear talks

Montreux - The United States said Wednesday tough challenges remained to seal a nuclear deal with Iran, vowing not to be distracted by external politics in its quest to stop Tehran acquiring the atomic bomb.

Kerry begins new nuclear talks with Iran FM

Montreux - Iran and the United States Tuesday returned to the negotiating table for a second day of talks, as a political storm over the issue unfolded thousands of miles away in Washington.

More than 6,000 killed in 'merciless devastation' in Ukraine

Geneva - The UN reported Monday over 6,000 people have perished in the "merciless devastation of civilian lives and infrastructure" in Ukraine, and warned the targeting of civilian areas could be a "crime against humanity.

Kerry meets Lavrov as Ukraine death toll soars past 6,000

Geneva - US Secretary of State John Kerry held tense talks with his Russian counterpart in Geneva Monday to end fighting in Ukraine, where the UN says more than 6,000 have died in less than a year.

U.S., Iran see progress in nuclear talks, but ways to go

Geneva - The United States and Iran said Monday they had made progress in the latest round of talks on Tehran's nuclear programme, but warned there was still a long way to go to seal a final deal.

US, Iran see progress in nuclear talks, but ways to go

Geneva - The United States and Iran said Monday they had made progress in the latest round of talks on Tehran's nuclear programme, but warned there was still a long way to go to seal a final deal.

Kerry, Zarif meet for nuclear talks as deadline looms

Geneva - US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Geneva Sunday for fresh talks with his Iranian counterpart on Tehran's nuclear programme, after warning "significant gaps" remain ahead of a key deadline.

'Significant gaps' remain in Iran nuclear talks: Kerry

Geneva - There are still "significant gaps" in negotiations over Iran's nuclear programme, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Saturday, warning that President Barack Obama was not prepared to extend them further.

Three Italians killed, two hurt in Swiss Alps avalanche: police

Geneva - Three Italians were killed and two were injured when they were hit by an avalanche while skiing in an area known as "Death Valley" in the Swiss Alps on Saturday, police said.

WHO gives green light to 15-minute Ebola test

Geneva - The World Health Organization (WHO) announced Friday it had approved a 15-minute test for Ebola that should prove a fast and rugged tool in countries hit by the disease.

UN probe ready to release Syria 'war criminals' list

Geneva - UN investigators said Friday they were prepared to publish secret lists of alleged war criminals in Syria to help stem an "exponential rise" in atrocities from nearly four years of war.

Six hurt as trains collide in Switzerland

Geneve - Two trains slammed into each other near the Swiss city of Zurich early Friday, tipping over carriages and injuring at least six people, police said.

Using bacteria to battle malaria as possible drug treatment

Uppsala - A newly discovered family of bacteria, found in malaria-carrying mosquitoes, could hold the key to fighting the parasitic disease.

WHO urges billions to fight neglected tropical diseases

Geneva - The World Health Organization on Thursday urged countries to invest billions of dollars to tackle 17 neglected tropical diseases -- including dengue fever, leprosy and sleeping sickness -- which kill 500,000 people globally each year. WHO said some 1.

Swiss raid HSBC in money laundering probe

Geneva - Swiss authorities on Wednesday raided the offices of British banking giant HSBC's Swiss unit as part of a money laundering probe into the bank that has been accused of helping clients to dodge millions of dollars in taxes.

ISIS vows to take down Rome

In the most recent propaganda video released by the militant group ISIS, the terroristic group vows to conquer Rome. Some say it is a blatant attack on Christians.

Ghost super moon on February 18th will not be visible

The first "Super" moon of 2015 will rise on Feb. 18th. As the moon rises it will be a rare "Super New Moon" which means the moon will not be visible.

Gunfire at Copenhagen free speech talk, 1 dead, 3 police wounded

Shots were fired through windows of a Copenhagen cafe hosting an event on free speech on Saturday, killing a civilian and wounding three police officers. Speakers included cartoonist Lars Vilks, who has offended Islamist with cartoons in the past.

Rare ray of hope in UN climate talks

Geneva - The detente achieved at UN talks that concluded with a framework for a world climate pact is only temporary, achieved by kicking the difficult decisions down the road, parties and observers say.
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