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Syria attack deals fresh blow to faltering peace talks

Geneva - A suicide assault which killed dozens in Syria Saturday dealt a further blow to already sputtering UN efforts to launch a new round of talks to end the six-year conflict.

Syria peace talks struggle as bomb kills dozens

Geneva - The UN struggled on Friday to get a new round of Syrian peace talks off the ground, but with few signs of progress as dozens more civilian deaths underlined the scale of the challenge.

Syria peace talks stumble over meeting format

Geneva - The UN's Syria envoy met rival negotiators gathered for peace talks in Geneva on Thursday, but even getting them into the same room appeared uncertain as hopes remained slim for a breakthrough.

Russia asks Syria to halt bombing during UN peace talks

Geneva - Russia has called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to stop his bombing campaign while peace talks take place this week, but a political breakthrough on the six-year war remains unlikely, the UN's envoy said Wednesday.

New witness is key to Duterte death squad probe: Philippine rights chief

Geneva - A probe into whether Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ran a death squad is making progress following crucial whistleblower testimony this week, the head of the country's rights watchdog said Tuesday.

Syria talks remain focussed on 'political transition': UN

Geneva - Upcoming Syria peace talks remain focused on negotiating a "political transition" in the war-ravaged country, the UN mediator's office said Tuesday, following concern the UN was backing away from that aim.

Swiss back new citizenship rules in defeat for rightwing

Geneva - Swiss voters on Sunday approved a measure to make it easier for third-generation immigrants to become citizens, crushing rightwing nationalists who had stoked fears about granting nationality to more Muslims.

Anti-Muslim poster clouds Swiss citizenship vote

Geneva - The woman's shadowed eyes stare out from a black niqab with the poster's tagline urging Swiss voters to reject "uncontrolled naturalisation.

Hundreds likely killed in Myanmar's Rohingya crackdown: UN

Geneva - Myanmar's military crackdown on Rohingya Muslims has likely killed hundreds of people, with children slaughtered and women gang-raped in a campaign that may amount to ethnic cleansing, the UN said Friday.

Swiss court tightens asylum criteria for Eritreans

Geneva - A Swiss court has slammed shut the Alpine country's open-door policy toward Eritreans which had automatically granted them refugee status.In announcing its decision Thursday, the court said the lax policy was unjustified.

Switzerland to lift ban on gay, bisexual men giving blood

Geneva - Switzerland on Tuesday said it would lift its 40-year ban on gay and bisexual men giving blood but will still prohibit donations from those who have had sex in the last year.

Trump travel ban leaves refugees 'heartbroken': UN

Geneva - The UN refugee agency said Monday it was "alarmed" by the consequences of US President Donald Trump's order barring refugee arrivals, describing those targeted as "anxious, confused and heartbroken.

Airlines urge US to clarify Trump's travel ban

Geneva - The aviation industry's trade association on Monday criticised US President Donald Trump's travel bans for "causing confusion" and called on Washington to clarify the new rules.

US return to torture would be 'catastrophic': UN expert

Geneva - The United Nations' top torture expert warned US President Donald Trump on Monday that endorsing waterboarding and other abuse as an interrogation technique would be illegal and have disastrous global consequences.

Date for next Syria talks thrown into question

Geneva - The timing of the next Syria talks in Geneva was thrown into doubt on Friday after the UN said it could not confirm a Russian announcement that they had been postponed.

WHO finalists vow reform amid Trump funding cut fears

Geneva - The three finalists in the running to take the helm of the World Health Organization vowed Thursday to reform the UN agency, as fears grew of deep funding cuts by Washington.

Other democracies must defend rights in Trump era: HRW

Geneva - The United States under President Donald Trump appears set to renounce its role as an international human rights defender, Human Rights Watch said Wednesday, urging other democracies to step up.

Usain Bolt loses gold as IOC strip Jamaica of 2008 relay win

Lausanne - Usain Bolt lost one of his nine Olympic gold medals Wednesday when the International Olympic Committee stripped Jamaica of their 4x100m relay win at the 2008 Beijing Games after a teammate was caught doping.

Campaign heats up to lead under-fire WHO

Geneva - The World Health Organization was set Wednesday to pick three finalists for the role of its next director-general, a high-stakes choice for the powerful agency described as facing an "existential crisis".

Watch made from Swiss cheese is selling for $1 million

The company M. Hoser & Cie launched a brand new watch. The watch is called the Swiss Mad Watch, and it was made with cheese.
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