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Big pharma company makes major purchase

Major pharmaceutical company Novartis has announced that it will take over the privately held Australian and U.S. company Spinifex Pharmaceuticals. This represents further diversification of Novartis’ portfolio.

US seeks extradition of FIFA 7 in Switzerland

Ginebra - The United States has demanded the extradition of seven FIFA officials detained in May setting off what could become a prolonged legal battle over the handling of the major corruption case.

Record 137,000 refugees, migrants crossed Mediterranean in 2015

Ginebra - A record 137,000 people made the perilous journey across the Mediterranean to Europe in the first half of 2015, most of them fleeing war, conflict and persecution, the United Nations said Wednesday"Europe is living through a maritime refugee crisis of ...

Swiss extradite war crimes suspect to Bosnia

Ginebra - A former Bosnian Muslim commander has been extradited to Bosnia for suspected war crimes, the Swiss justice ministry said Friday, amid outrage in Serbia which wants him on similar charges.

127,000 Burundians flee amid unrest: UN

Ginebra - Nearly 127,000 Burundians have registered as refugees in neighbouring countries and many more have likely fled under the radar from the troubled central African nation, the United Nations said Friday.

Switzerland to extradite Bosnian Muslim war crimes suspect

Ginebra - Switzerland on Thursday authorised the extradition of former Bosnian Muslim commander Naser Oric to Bosnia rather than Serbia, which had issued the war crimes warrant for his arrest.

Solar Impulse could be stuck in Japan for a year: Pilot

Ginebra - A solar-powered plane attempting to fly around the world must cross the Pacific within a few weeks or it could remain stuck in Japan for a year, its pilot said in an interview published Thursday.

Nestle tries to win Indian hearts after Maggi noodle ban

Ginebra - Nestle chief Paul Bulcke says he has drawn the lessons from India's shock ban on its Maggi instant noodles over a health scare and is now trying to salvage the image of the world's top food company.

Burundi 'faces catastrophe unless world acts': Exiled journalist

Ginebra - The international community should prepare for a possible military intervention in Burundi, one of the country's top journalists said.

Pertussis — New findings lead to new approaches in treatment

Basel - Since 2010, the incidence of Pertussis, or Whooping Cough, around the world has seen a dramatic increase. Researchers at the Biozentrum, University of Basel, have been investigating the protein membrane of the bacterium that causes Pertussis.

War crimes likely by both sides in 2014 Gaza war: UN

Ginebra - Both Israel and Palestinian militants may have committed war crimes during last year's Gaza war, a widely anticipated United Nations report said Monday, decrying "unprecedented" devastation and human suffering.

Just how ethical are biofuels?

Geneva - One subject sure to divide opinion is biofuel. Are they a a sustainable energy supply or a product harmful to the environment? Swiss Federal Laboratories have developed a new way to answer this question.

Body cameras lead to dramatic fall in police brutality: UN expert

Ginebra - Growing use of body cameras by police has led to a dramatic fall in brutality, a top UN rights expert said Friday, but warned the technology could be a double-edged sword.

Tracey Emin, bad girl of UK art, 'slowly' catching up to her age

Basel - British artist Tracey Emin seems stressed and ruffled as she weaves through crowds of deep-pocketed collectors to reach three of her pieces on prominent display at Art Basel."It's a trade fair, isn't it?

Record 60 million forced to flee war, violence: UN

Ginebra - The number of people forced to flee war, violence and persecution has soared to a record 60 million, half of them children, the United Nations said Thursday, warning that the situation was raging out of control.

Swiss prosecutors probe 53 'suspicious' FIFA cases

Bern - Swiss prosecutors are investigating 53 cases of possible money laundering as they look into FIFA's handling of bids for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, officials said Wednesday.

MERS a 'wake-up call' says WHO as S. Korea reports 20th death

Ginebra - The MERS outbreak in South Korea is a "wake-up call", the World Health Organization warned Wednesday, saying that a lack of knowledge and substandard controls in hospitals had contributed to the spread of the disease.

UN says 23,000 refugees fled to Turkey from Syria this month

Ginebra - Some 23,000 people have fled from Syria to Turkey between June 3 and 15, the UN refugee agency said Tuesday."This is according to the figures we received from Turkish authorities this morning," spokesman William Spindler said.

Yemen rebels snub government and demand talks with Saudis

Ginebra - Iran-backed Yemeni rebels on Tuesday accused Saudi Arabia of trying to sabotage UN peace talks in Geneva and ruled out negotiations with the exiled government saying it lacked legitimacy.

US 'verifying' if top Yemen Qaeda leader killed in CIA drone strike

Ginebra - US officials are reportedly working to confirm claims that Al-Qaeda's top leader in Yemen was killed in a CIA drone strike last week, as the country's warring factions prepare for a second day of peace talks in Geneva Tuesday.
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