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DR Congo's mining industry hobbled by poor infrastructure, tax hike

Lubumbashi - Feasting on a global demand for cobalt and copper, the mining industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo is flourishing -- but two clouds are spoiling its sunlit future.

Catholic priest 'infected with Ebola' in DR Congo

Mbandaka - A Catholic priest has been quarantined after being infected with the Ebola virus in the town of Mbandaka in the Democratic Republic of Congo, medical sources said Thursday.

New death in DR Congo Ebola outbreak -- toll at 26

Mbandaka - The death toll from the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has risen to 26 after a person died in the northwest city of Mbandaka, Health Minister Oly Ilunga said on Monday.

In DR Congo city, worry and anger over Ebola scare

Mbandaka - People in Mbandaka in northwest Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were fearful and angry Friday after an Ebola outbreak spread from remote villages to their densely-populated city.

DR Congo reports four more Ebola cases

Mbandaka - Four more cases of Ebola have been detected in northwest Democratic Republic of Congo, doctors said Thursday, two days after DRC reported a fresh outbreak of the disease.

Dozens drown fleeing violence in northwest DR Congo

Mbandaka - Forty civilians drowned when their boats capsized on a storm-swollen river as they fled fighting in northwest Democratic Republic of Congo, a senior local official said Friday.

Rapes, ethnic attacks rising in DR Congo's lawless east

Goma - Sexual and ethnic violence are alarmingly on the rise in Democratic Republic of Congo's lawless east, spawning a humanitarian catastrophe with millions forced to flee their homes.At least 13.1 million Congolese need humanitarian aid, including 7.

Troubled region of Kasai provides key test for DR Congo

Tshikapa - Of the many headaches facing the UN mission in DR Congo as its mandate comes up for renewal, few are greater than the ethnic bloodshed and brewing humanitarian crisis in the Kasai region.

EU 'extremely concerned' after DR Congo shuns aid talks

Goma - The EU said on Sunday it was "extremely concerned" about DR Congo after the country announced it would decline a $1.7 billion international aid package.

War of words over DR Congo's humanitarian crisis as children die

Kananga - A war of words has broken out between the United Nations and the DR Congo government which is shunning a donor conference in Geneva to raise $1.7 billion to tackle a humanitarian crisis that Kinshasa says has been vastly exaggerated by aid workers.

Dozens killed in troubled eastern DR Congo province

Bunia - Dozens of people were killed overnight in fresh clashes in DR Congo's volatile northeastern Ituri province, sharpening an ethnic conflict that has already forced tens of thousands to flee, officials said Tuesday.

DR Congo survivors recount nightmare of ethnic massacre

Bunia - The assailants were methodical. They came in waves. First came the ones who killed. Then came the ones who torched homes. And finally, the ones who looted anything of value.

49 dead in new flare-up of ethnic unrest in DR Congo's Ituri

Bunia - At least 49 people were killed in a fresh outbreak of ethnic violence overnight in the Democratic Republic of Congo's troubled Ituri province, a senior charity official said on Friday.

33 dead in new flareup of ethnic unrest in DR Congo's Ituri

Bunia - Thirty-three people were killed in a new outbreak of ethnic violence overnight in the Democratic Republic of Congo's troubled Ituri province, the interior minister said Friday.

Congolese cross a lake to escape an inferno

Ndaro - A daily flotilla of wooden canoes makes the 10-hour eastward crossing of Lake Albert ferrying hundreds of refugees from DR Congo's latest spasm of violence to the safety of Uganda.

Two killed during weekend protests in DR Congo

Kinshasa - Two people were killed during weekend marches in the Democratic Republic of Congo calling for President Joseph Kabila to step down, the latest of several demonstrations forcefully put down by authorities.

One killed as DR Congo police fire on banned protests

Kinshasa - One person was killed and over 20 were injured Sunday as police fired live bullets and tear gas to disperse banned protests calling on DR Congo President Joseph Kabila to stand down.

Tensions high as DR Congo ruling party supporters storm cathedral

Kinshasa - Tensions soared in Democratic Republic of Congo on Saturday as hundreds of ruling party supporters stormed Kinshasa cathedral after authorities banned a planned church-backed rally against President Joseph Kabila.

DR Congo Catholics pray ahead of new protest march

Kinshasa - Roman Catholics in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Friday heeded a call by Pope Francis to pray for peace, two days ahead of a planned protest against the regime.

No politics, please: DR Congo tycoon Forrest shares secret of success

Lubumbashi - Rebels have wanted to kill him, NGOs accuse him of exploitation and Chinese newcomers have rattled his Congo mining empire, but George Forrest, one of Africa's biggest businessmen, remains unbowed.
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