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Thousands of people displaced as wildfires rage in western Canada

Regina - Wildfires burning in Saskatchewan on Saturday crossed fail-safe lines, prompting the evacuation of thousands of residents of a community that includes the province's largest First Nation. Almost 5,000 evacuees are being taken to Alberta.

Microchips designed to slow-release drugs over years

Medical technologists have developed an implantable device that can be placed at a specific body site to allow for the slow release of targeted medications.

People with blue color eyes are more likely to be alcoholics

Brown and hazel eyed people breath a sigh of relief. It seems that people with blue eyes are more likely to have an alcohol least according to one strand of research.

Wildfires in Canada prompt evacuations and air quality advisories

Canada's fire season broke out early this year, with wildfires popping up in the Northwest Territories, British Columbia, and Alberta in late May. As the season continues, large swaths of western Canada and the U.S. have been blanketed with hazy smoke.

Op-Ed: Translink referendum no vote consigns Vancouver area to chaos

The one million more humans expected to become part of the Greater Vancouver metro area in the next 25 to 30 years have been consigned to transit chaos by those living there now. That is, in effect, the result we learned of in the transit vote.

Canadian dollar drops below 80 cents U.S.

Ottawa - A Reuters poll predicted that the loonie, or Canadian dollar, is likely to decline even further in the coming months. The weakness of the dollar is tied to low oil prices and weak economic outlook for the near future.

Canadian airline target of repeated threats, three diversions

A rash of bomb threats targeting Canadian airline WestJet happened in the past week. Three planes were diverted due to these threats. A fourth threat to Air Canada resulted in the temporary evacuation of a Canadian airport.

Dear Rouge plays Athabasca for Canada Day celebrations Special

Athabasca - The future of Canadian music is a bright one, which was clear when Dear Rouge played the Athabasca River Rats festival on June 30.

Prank video as terrified Paris Hilton told plane is crashing

It's not certain where an Egyptian TV show thought the humor was but they went ahead with a prank on Paris Hilton, convincing her the small plane she was in was about to crash. They even had an actor in on it thrown off the plane as it neared water.

Op-Ed: On Donald Trump having no chance, zero, of being U.S. president

Let's start here: It is likely virtually all of you would agree that Donald Trump has the proverbial snowball's chance in hell of becoming the next president of the United States. As much chance as Kanye West has of winning the Most Humble Rapper Award.

Seniors going bankrupt in soaring numbers in Canada

Judy Southon, from Toronto, said she had her husband had great jobs and raised a son, and they owned a home, but she never thought she would have to declare bankruptcy.

Canadians warned of possible Salmonella risk from breaded chicken

Canadian consumers are being warned of a possible risk of Salmonella infection from handling, cooking or eating frozen, raw, breaded poultry parts. The warning comes after tracking 44 cases of Salmonellosis across the country.

Reward raised to $500,000 in P.E.I. potato tampering case

An award for information in the Prince Edward Island potato tampering investigation has been increased to $500,000, but it is a short-term reward offer. The province's potato industry and the federal government originally posted a $100,000 reward.

Air quality advisory: Fraser Valley, Langley warned of bad ozone

Metro Vancouver Regional District issued an air quality advisory Saturday for areas of Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. The warning is for high levels of ground-level ozone.

Second escaped New York prisoner shot twice, captured near border

The second of two prisoners who escaped earlier this month from a maximum security jail in New York state has been recaptured. David Sweat was shot and wounded, and taken into custody, near the Canadian border.

Op-Ed: HarperPAC euthanized after short life span

Ottawa - There are many ways in which political parties and governments can promote their agendas through the media and other activities. PACs or Political Action Committees are a common vehicle for doing this in the US.

Early morning shooting in Toronto's Queen St. West area, 2 dead

On the heels of a shooting last week, Toronto is again the victim of gun violence this morning. Two people were shot dead in one shooting while in another area of the city another shooting saw a young male wounded.

Concern continues over the health of Joni Mitchell

David Crosby has said that singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell is still unable to speak following a brain aneurysm in March 2015.

Giant goldfish 'size of dinner plates' are becoming huge problem

You may not think a tiny goldfish could grow into a massive problem in Canadian, American and world waterways, but it can. It seems that when families no longer want Goldie they often dump the little guy into a lake, stream or other waterway.

Barack Obama sings 'Amazing Grace' at funeral of slain reverend

U.S. President Barack Obama did something no other sitting president of his country has likely done before when he sang "Amazing Grace" at the eulogy for a friend murdered last week by a racist young white man. Obama led thousands of mourners in song.
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