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Billionaire founder of Canada drug firm in 'suspicious' death

Ottawa - Canada's global pharmaceutical giant Apotex has confirmed the death of its billionaire founder Barry Sherman, after police reported two "suspicious" deaths at the couple's upscale Toronto home.

Canadian insurtech joins U.S. accelerator program

Quebec - Canadian Insurtech company Ubios has been selected to join an accelerator program in the U.S., established to assist startups attempting to disrupt the insurance sector.

Canada authorizes export of automatic weapons to Ukraine

Ottawa - Canada on Wednesday authorized the export of automatic weapons to Ukraine, citing its "steadfast" support for the security and sovereignty of a country engaged in a conflict with pro-Russian separatists.

Internet giant eBay buys Canadian data analysis firm Terapeak

San Jose - The on line giant eBay announced that it will acquire Terapeak based in Toronto, Canada. Terapeak uses supply, demand, and pricing data to aid sellers to know what to sell, when to sell it and at what price in different marketplaces such as eBay.

Southern California dry spell makes for worsening fire conditions

Los Angeles - Southern California is experiencing the worst fire season on record with a warm dry fall and very strong offshore winds. The situation may get worse as a dome of high-pressure air is forming above the West Coast that could keep the area dry for weeks.

Canada central bank keeps key lending rate at 1 pct

Ottawa - Canada's central bank on Wednesday maintained its key lending rate at one percent, saying it expects an uptick in the economy to moderate as the year comes to an end.

Canada boosts funding to dig up landmines, including in Syria

Ottawa - Canada announced more funding Monday to rid the world of landmines, including clearing explosives left by the Islamic State group in Raqqa and southern Syria.

Automaker executives meet with VP on Trump's NAFTA demands

Top executives from Detroit automakers met recently with Vice President Mike Pence as well as other administration officials. They voiced their concerns about Trumps' demands about changes to NAFTA involving the auto industry.

Review: ‘Heisenberg’ keeps the uncertainty going in romantic two-hander Special

Toronto - For a light romantic comedy, Simon Stephens’ “Heisenberg” is surprisingly compelling. This may be because of the way the acclaimed British playwright plays with – and overcomes – many of the familiar conventions of the genre.

Arctic, major fishing nations agree no fishing in Arctic, for now

Ottawa - Arctic and major fishing nations, including China, announced Friday that they have agreed to a moratorium on commercial fishing in Arctic waters before a fishery in the icy region is even feasible.

Trudeau urges international community to fight Libyan slavery

Ottawa - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday urged the international community to "do more" following reports of the "abhorrent and despicable" enslavement of vulnerable African refugees arriving in Libya.

Blockchain for Canadian cannabis industry

Toronto - IBM have made a suggestion to officials in Canada that they evaluate the advantages of using blockchain to control the supply and management for the soon-to-be legalized cannabis industry.

Review: Second City holiday revue satirizes Christmas traditions Special

Toronto - Christmas is usually depicted as a happy season of good cheer, but in reality, it can be a time of stress, disappointment or loneliness for some. Leave it to Second City to roast the truths behind the myths in its new Toronto holiday revue.

Canadians to increase holiday spending despite OECD debt warnings

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD warns in a recent report that rising private debt loads in Canada as well as the UK and South Korea pose a risk to further growth. The three lead the world in household debt.

Canada accepts most US border jumpers' refugee claims

Ottawa - Canadian officials held crisis talks Thursday as new figures showed that most border jumpers who flooded into the country from the United States this year were granted asylum.

5th round of NAFTA talks end in Mexico with big issues unresolved

Mexico - The 5th round of NAFTA talks ended on Tuesday that had started on Friday in Mexico City. Even after three months of talks, the parties remain far apart on major issues.

Op-Ed: Canada to look at economic and social effects of legal grass

Ottawa - Statistics Canada is to hold a study of the potentials of legal grass. The big questions are what’s an “economic effect”, other than sales, for example. What’s a “social effect”?

Op-Ed: Internet disaster in progress — FCC to repeal net neutrality

Washington - The repeal is going ahead. Use every swear word in every language on Earth, and you won’t even begin to describe the effect of repealing net neutrality. This move is an open license to turn the net in to a form of Big Pharma money grab.

Calgary Winter Olympics bid needs more work: committee

Montr - Calgary's bid for the 2026 Winter Olympic Games needs further evaluation by the local authority to the tune of CAN$2 million ($1.6 million), according to recommendations presented to the city council Monday.

Canada's Loblaws to close 22 stores, will start home delivery

Brampton - Loblaws is planning to close 22 stores which are unprofitable. At the same time it will begin an Internet-based home delivery service which will start in December.
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