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Who is lying about border wall, Trump or Mexican president?

Donald Trump gave a speech on immigration Wednesday in Phoenix and while he's flip-flopped of late, there were no surprises. However, he starkly contradicted something the president of Mexico said earlier in the day.

Canadian economy declines by 1.6 percent in second quarter

Ottawa - In contrast to the first quarter when the Canadian economy grew by an annual rate of 2.5 percent the second quarter turned in a dismal performance with a decline of 1.6 percent at an annualized rate.

Men more likely to develop cancer, far more likely to die from it

A study just released in the U.K. confirms what's long been known, that men are more likely to develop cancer than are women. The study also shows men are far more likely to die of cancer, in large part because they delay seeking treatment.

Police in Toronto release video of men who shot grandmother

The Toronto police released a security camera video today of two suspects wanted in the murder of an innocent bystander. They seek two young males in the death of Peggy Ann Smith, 61; she was not the intended target but was the only one hit.

Ontario: Distracted driving twice as deadly as driving drunk

Orillia - According to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), twice as many people will die on the province's roads as a result of distracted driving than will lose their lives because of someone driving while impaired.

Juno flyby: NASA flies spacecraft closest ever to Jupiter

NASA has just flown a spacecraft closer to the windswept, gaseous planet of Jupiter than one has ever gone before. The Juno spacecraft is already sending back images from its successful flyby.

Thieves in truck drag ATM machine right out of Saskatchewan town

Thieves dragged an ATM machine right of a small Saskatchewan town in the early hours of Sunday morning, pulling it out the main drag and onto the highway. It's the latest in a string of ATM thefts in the province.

Aussie police say shark found in puddle in landlocked town

Police in a small landlocked town in South Australia have a mystery on their hands after the discovery of a shark in a freshwater puddle. They do not know how the shark got to be there but are trying to find out. It did not survive.

Tearful woman pleas for public help to find man who killed sister

The pain of loss was evident at a press conference held by Toronto Police Friday as a young woman pleaded with the public to help find the murderer who shot her sister. Jelena Loncar was senselessly killed two years ago outside a Toronto nightclub.

Burkina Faso bans big butt contest, brands it as sexist

Women parading around a stage in a competition in which the one with the largest derriere wins is not something the government of Burkina Faso wants to see. So they banned an annual contest of big female bums, an action few are calling a bummer.

Op-Ed: Former Canadian PM Harper's foreign policy and Trudeau

Ottawa - Stephen Harper the 22nd Canadian prime minister of Canada and long time leader of the federal Conservative Party has announced that he is retiring from politics after a nearly 18-year political career.

Canada, hoping to boost profile, pledges peacekeepers to UN

Ottawa - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government on Friday committed 600 troops and Can$450 million (US$350 million) over three years to United Nations peacekeeping operations around the world.

Brett Ryan charged with three crossbow murders in Scarborough

Police have arrested and charged a man in the crossbow murder of three people in Scarborough yesterday. The arrested man is believed to be related to all of his alleged victims, who police say were 2 men and one woman.

Review: '8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS' book launched Special

Toronto - A new book has been launched which covers the neglected subject of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a condition that affects a large proportion of women. The book has been written by a Canadian specialist.

Trump supporters out of step with America on immigration: Poll

While Donald Trump appears to be flip-flopping on his immigration stance, going places he told supporters during primaries he would not go, those supporters don't appear to be changing. But they differ from the rest of America on the subject.

90-year-old woman harassed, attacked in her home near Ottawa

Harassed and attacked in her own home, 90-year-old Laura David could do nothing but endure it, she says for an hour. In a bizarre case of elder abuse one or more persons broke into her home and threw as many as 100 rotten apples at her.

Norway politician plays 'Pokemon Go' during Parliamentary hearing

The' Pokemon Go' craze is getting a little out of hand, no? In Norway some are answering yes to that question after the leader of a major political party was caught playing it during a parliamentary hearing.

Op-Ed: Donald Trump hits new low with phantom Clinton health scare

Donald Trump and the Republicans have abandoned all pretense of conducting an honorable campaign based upon the offering up of policy and ideas. Dropping badly in the polls, they've sunk to telling voters that Hillary Clinton has an undisclosed illness.

Canada, Australia privacy watchdogs find Ashley Madison lacked security

Ottawa - The website for cheaters, Ashley Madison, that was hit by a massive hack that exposed millions last year has agreed to bolster its data security after Australian and Canadian investigations found it to be "insufficient or absent," officials said Tuesda...

Florida man finds a wallet with $3,400 inside and decides to....

Would you or would you not? That is the question. Whether to suffer the slings and arrows of being a wallet thief or to rise up — and return it. For some it's a question not so easily answered but earlier this month a Florida man got it right.
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