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Karl Rove tells Fox News that Donald Trump has lost election

Republican heavyweight Karl Rove made an appearance on Fox News Sunday this morning and told the show that Donald Trump is done. Rove said that Democrat Hillary Clinton now has a clear path to the White House.

Actor Ricky Gervais says Trump candidacy a joke gone bad

Actor and writer, and 'Golden Globe Awards' host Ricky Gervais commented on Donald Trump this week and his remarks suggest the funnyman finds the Donald a less than credible politician. Gervais doesn't think Trump's candidacy began seriously.

Arrowroot biscuits recalled across Canada due to illnesses

Mr. Christie’s Arrowroot biscuits have been recalled nationwide in Canada after consumers reported becoming ill after eating the biscuits, with some people describing they had an "off taste."

Canadian man over 85 breaks marathon record

Toronto - An 85 year-old man called Ed Whitlock has smashed the record time for people aged 85 to 89 during the Toronto Marathon. Whitlock's time beat the previous time by a whopping 30 minutes.

Fossils of new dinosaur have been found in outback of Australia

A species of dinosaur has been found in the outback of Australia, a giant creature that lived almost a hundred million years ago. It's already been given a name, one derived from the couple who discovered it and the land it was found upon.

Donald Grump: Trump ends interview, huffs off in anger

Donald Trump bolted from an interview with a local NBC affiliate in Ohio Thursday after being asked a question he did not like. It was a question about how he felt about some people labeling him as both racist and sexist.

Review: Leonard Cohen returns with a masterful new album Special

Leonard Cohen may have turned 82 but he shows little sign of slowing down, releasing his third album in five years. The new disc contains nine new tracks peppered with lyrical brilliance.

Ontario plans to outlaw computer 'scalper bots'

Toronto - Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi announced his government will introduce legislation in the spring that will outlaw computer scalper bots that are able to buy up a large number of tickets to concerts and sporting events as soon as they go on sale.

Yet another woman accuses Donald Trump of sexual misconduct

Yet another woman, the 10th for those keeping score, has come forward to accuse Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. The woman said Mr. Trump grabbed her breast during a chance encounter.

62-year-old Spanish woman gives birth to her third child

A 62-year-old woman in Northern Spain has given birth to her third child and is encouraging other older women with a desire to give birth to go ahead and do it. She gave birth to the baby girl last week.

Watch woman slap police horse, then get kicked

Kingston - Last weekend, in the university town of Kingston, Ontario, two men and a woman were charged after it was alleged they slapped a police horse in three separate incidents. The incident involving the woman was caught on video and went viral.

Op-Ed: Obama to Donald Trump: Stop whining of rigged election and work

When trying to achieve a goal we often turn to someone who has been there, done that for advice. Donald Trump hasn't sought advice from former U.S. presidents but the current one is giving him some anyhow. Barack Obama's advice? Stop whining!

RCMP uses social media in unusual way to solve 30-year-old murder

Thompson - Yesterday, on the 30th anniversary of the rape and murder of 15-year-old Kerrie Ann Brown, the Manitoba RCMP devoted their social media accounts in an attempt to find the teen's killer. Many of the post were done in Kellie's voice.

Rare orca sighting in Hawaii caught on video by fisherman

The power of dreams may be a lesson learned in the story of a fisherman in Hawaii who caught two orcas on video while out with his daughters last week. He wasn't expecting to see such a majestic sight but he got one — and a great video to commemorate i

France PM vows stronger security cooperation with Canada

Ottawa - France's Prime Minister Manuel Valls during a visit to Canada on Thursday said both nations are "committed" to strengthening their efforts against terrorism.

Big debut: Auston Matthews scores four goals — Leafs still lose

Are you kidding? Auston Matthews did what? Four goals? In his NHL debut? Wow! Un-be-Leaf-able!!! On the opening night of the NHL's 100th season in Ottawa the Maple Leafs shiny new toy scored four times in his first game.

French critic of CETA trade agreement allowed to stay in Canada

Jose Bove a French farmer, member of European Parliament, and anti-globalization activist has been allowed to stay in Canada for seven days after being told yesterday he would have to leave the country today.

Toronto police release video of man punching woman in face

Police in Richmond Hill have released a disturbing video of a man punching a woman. Another man joined in the attack and the woman had to be taken to hospital.

Clinton takes high road, doesn't bring up Trump rape allegations

In Sunday's debate Donald Trump took the ball and ran it into the political gutter with allegations of sexual assault and rape against Hillary Clinton's husband. But here's this: she could have pointed out the same allegations have been made against him.

Thanksgiving Monday washed out in Maritime provinces

What's left of Hurricane Matthew is wrecking havoc along the Canadian Maritimes, washing out roads and bridges, flooding neighborhoods and leaving thousands of families without power.
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