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Scream for ice-cream: South Korea invents ice-cream hangover cure

Thanks to a South Korean company it looks as if drinkers may be able to go from consuming their favorite beverage at night to their favorite food in the morning. A company there says it has invented an ice-cream bar that will cure your hangover.

Neil Young supports Sanders but fine if Trump uses his music

Canadian rocker Neil Young, who lives on a ranch in California, doesn't have a vote in the country he lives in but does have a candidate. That would be Democrat Bernie Sanders, who in Young's opinion is the only one who'll re-democratize the system.

Texas man gets 38 years for shooting dead Iraqi man new to U.S.

A young man has been found guilty in Dallas, Texas of shooting to death a man newly arrived to the U.S. The Iraqi victim was taking photos of the first snowfall he had ever seen when he was shot dead.

Tragically Hip singer Gord Downie has incurable brain cancer

Gord Downie, the singer of The Tragically Hip, has been stricken with an incurable form of brain cancer, it was announced today. Despite his illness, however, Downie and the band intend to tour this summer.

Op-Ed: China sets world record for most choreographed dancers

Okay so it's not the kind of record most of us would aspire to holding, or be a part of holding, and it doesn't have the sex appeal of, oh, say, most goals at the World Cup of Soccer. But it is a world record and it took a lot of effort to achieve it.

Justin Bieber calls Billboard Music Awards 'fake' and 'hollow'

While Justin Bieber won two awards at this weekend's Billboard Music Awards (BBMA) he apparently did not have such a good time there. The Biebs posted a mini-diatribe against the show on social media today.

Baltimore police officer Nero acquitted in death of Freddie Gray

Baltimore police officer Edward Nero avoided a lengthy prison sentence Monday when a judge acquitted him on numerous charges in the death of a black man, Freddie Gray. Nero, who is white, hugged his lawyer when the verdict was read.

Former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque helps thwart abduction

Montreal - Several people came to the rescue as a 24-year-old man attempted to kidnap a seven-year-old girl in a crowded Montreal park during the afternoon. The man was detained by the girl's family and others until police arrived.

Study finds low-sodium diets increase heart disease risk

A new study on sodium out of Canada has found a diet of low-salt may not be beneficial. The study found that reducing sodium by too great an amount could lead to an increase in the likelihood of heart disease and death.

Evacuation lifted for oil sites threatened by Canada fires

Montr - Officials have lifted the evacuation order for several oil production sites north of Fort McMurray, the city threatened by massive Canadian wildfires, but stopped short of allowing production to resume.

Op-Ed: Obama should not apologize for atomic bombing of Hiroshima

Many in Japan, and the world, believe U.S. President Barack Obama should apologize for the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end WW2. The U.S., however, has said that when Obama visits Hiroshima next week there will be no apology.

Dying with Dignity urges MPs to vote against assisted dying bill

Ottawa - Dying With Dignity Canada (DWDC) is asking its supporters to contact their MPs and ask them to vote against Bill C-14 in the House of Commons this week.

Canada may play a role in any foreign intervention in Libya

Ottawa - In the 2011 overthrow of Libyan ruler Moammar Gadaffi, the Canadian government joined with an international coalition and provided support for the operation.

Deadly salmon disease found in some B.C. fish farms

Vancouver - A deadly viral disease that proved to be devastating to Norwegian salmon farmers in the 1990s has been found by federal scientists in farmed salmon in British Columbia.

Texas woman in Chewbacca mask laughs madly, sets Facebook record

Much like the movie Star Wars set box office records a woman from Texas has set a Facebook record - for views. How? Simply by donning a Chewbacca mask, laughing hysterically, and we really mean hysterically, and then posting it on to Facebook.

One man's battle against Quebec Premier 70 years ago

Montreal - This year will mark the 70th anniversary of Frank Roncarelli's loss of his liquor license at his Montreal restaurant prompting a landmark legal battle that would last over a decade and redefine the Canadian constitution.

U.S. malls bordering Canada offer specials to counter low loonie

The low loonie or Canadian dollar began to fall against the U.S. dollar last fall. Before its fall Canadians often went on shopping trips across the border to buy many items at lower prices.

Fort McMurray fire contained, but smoke delays oil production restart

Ottawa - Firefighters have contained a massive wildfire in Canada's oil sands region, but thick smoke Friday continued to prevent a resumption of most oil production.

Health Canada says GM salmon are 'safe and nutritious'

Ottawa - Health authorities in Canada announced Thursday that they have approved the sale of genetically modified salmon in Canada, making salmon the first genetically altered animal approved for consumption in the country.

Review: Big Little Lions primed to burst out of their cage Special

Overcoming huge gaps in height and geography, two singer-songwriters in different countries are making infectious music on the verge of a breakout to a wider audience.
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