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US scientists: Ban live salamander imports to stop deadly fungus

Scientists in the U.S. are calling for a ban on the import of live salamanders to save their wild brethren from a deadly fungus that has wiped out their populations in the Netherlands and caused a rapid decline in salamander populations across Europe.

Review: Infectious pop reverbs through Lola Dutronic's new album Special

Toronto - Canadian pop group Lola Dutronic have served up another pop gem with their new album "lost In Translation" and the rhythmic single "I believe." The new album features 14 infectious, toe tapping tracks and wonderful, captivating dream-like vocals.

David Price heading to the Toronto Blue Jays

Ace pitcher David Price will be heading to the Toronto Blue Jays in a trade that involved three Jays pitching prospects, including Daniel Norris.

Canadian actor Donald Sutherland wants vote in his own country

Actor Donald Sutherland, the father of Kiefer Sutherland — has written an opinion piece in a national Canadian newspaper about his lack of voting rights in his own country. As he lives abroad, and has for over five years, he can't vote in Canada.

Cincinnati police officer charged for shooting, killing black man

A white police officer with the University of Cincinnati has been charged with murder for shooting an unarmed black male in the head on July 19. The man was shot during a routine traffic stop.

Canadians living abroad 5 years or more ineligible to vote

Toronto - The ruling by the Ontario Court of Appeal will mean that more than a million expats who have been non-residents for five years or more will lose the right to vote in federal elections, including the upcoming election this fall.

New study says bullies have lowest rates of depression

Vancouver - A new study out of Simon Fraser University not only suggests bullying is a genetic trait — it also says bullies have high self-esteem and social status, with low rates of depression.

Fourth Interstellar Rodeo music festival a summer musical journey Special

Edmonton - The fourth annual Interstellar Rodeo in Edmonton took place July 24-26 at Hawrelak Park and presented a unique and eclectic musical line up.

Scientists seek reason for mass whale die-off in Alaska, 18 dead

In mid-June and beyond, whale carcasses started to show up floating off of Kodiak Island in Alaska and scientists were called in to try and find out why. However, it appears they may never know the reason for the mass of deaths.

Canadian wins gold at International Mathematical Olympiad

A Canadian has won gold at the 2015 International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Alex Song pulled off the feat and solidified his IMO ranking as the top math student in the world. His score? Perfect.

Boating tragedy: North Vancouver dentist missing, daughter dead

There has been a boating tragedy in Howe Sound waters off of North Vancouver this weekend. A 60-year-old man is missing and his seven-year-old daughter was found dead in the water, apparently drowned.

Horrible Cruelty: Video of man kicking kitten in air, killing it

A shocking video of a man kicking a kitten like it is a soccer ball, lining up to do so and kicking it into the air, killing it, has emerged. The graphic footage is not pretty and not everyone will be able to stomach it.

What you need to know about Drowning Prevention Week in Canada

Drowning Prevention Week in Canada has highlighted the importance of keeping children safe by the poolside and by the sea during the summer holidays.

Shipwreck over a century old discovered in Nova Scotia harbour

A team of seven divers were the first to visit a shipwreck over a century old in Pictou Harbour, N.S. on Friday. The divers came back with photos and the news that considering how long it has been down there. the ship is in remarkably good condition .

Toronto sets up anonymous website to track food-borne illness

In an effort to track food-borne illnesses that might go undetected, Toronto Public Health (TPH) has set up an anonymous, confidential and voluntary website called GastroBusters.

Canada unveils Franklin expedition commemorative stamp and coin

Halifax - A special ceremony took place on July 22 at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There, Sir John Franklin's search for the Northwest Passage in 1845 was commemorated with the issuing of two stamps and a $20 commemorative coin.

Cross-provincial booze the subject of constitutional challenge

Campbellton - In 2012, a New Brunswick man was arrested for bringing too much alcohol from Quebec back into his home province. Now he has launched a constitutional challenge, which pits a New Brunswick Prohibition-era law against the constitution's section 121.

Op-Ed: Latest news on The X-Files return

News is slowly trickling through about the highly anticipated return of The X-Files to TV screens in 2016. The latest information suggests that beloved The Lone Gunmen characters are to join Mulder and Scully on further adventures.

Iran executes hundreds, country 'out of step' with world

Amnesty International is monitoring Iran and keeping track of executions and say the data so far this year is startling. The human rights group says Iran has executed an incredible 694 people already in 2015. And the killing continues.

Study: Exercise reduces Alzheimer's Disease symptoms

There has been a lot of hopeful news at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Washington, and on Thursday came news of the benefits of exercise for patients. A study found exercise makes patients feel better and improves memory.
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