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Op-Ed: Trump team — Canada would face border taxes just like Mexico

Canada has so far avoided Trump's Twitter tirades, but the Trump transition team, courtesy of Sean Spicer, said on Friday that Canada could also incur added border tariffs because of the auto industry's cross-border business interests.

Protecting people from viruses by adding salt to facemasks

Alberta - To protect medical staff, the vulnerable or simply concerned members of the public from viruses, researchers have discovered that adding a small amount of salt to facemasks helps to eliminate viral threats.

Op-Ed: New Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister banned from Russia

Ottawa - In a surprise move, Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister, replaced prominent Liberal Stephan Dion by Chrystia Freeland who had been serving as international trade minister.

E. coli outbreak in Canada under investigation — Warning issued

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), in collaboration with federal and provincial public health partners, is investigating an outbreak of Escherichia coli, called E. coli O121. The source of the outbreak has not been identified.

Delta police become first Canadian department to employ GPS darts

Delta - The Delta, B.C. police department became the first in Canada to deploy technology allowing officers to fire GPS darts into fleeing vehicles. This allows police to track wanted drivers rather than requiring officers to engage in high-speed pursuits.

U.S. report reviews health impact of marijuana use

A United States report on marijuana, by the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, concludes marijuana use can ease chronic pain and help some sleep but it also could raise the risk of becoming schizophrenic.

Calgary police release video showing dangers of vehicle thefts

Calgary - The Calgary Police Service released a video showing the public the dangers of vehicles being driven by car thieves. As the number of car thefts is increasing, police are also advising people how to prevent their vehicles from being stolen.

Op-Ed: Federal Liberals renege on closing tax loophole for the wealthy

Ottawa - The loophole involves executives taking remuneration in stock options rather than cash. If the price of the stock is lower than the market the difference is taken as remuneration. An executive can claim a 50 percent tax deduction. when selling the stock.

Ontario judge who wore Trump hat in court no longer hearing cases

Hamilton - An Ontario judge caused an uproar when he walked into court wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap. As a result of his actions, Judge Bernd Zabel is no longer being assigned cases and may be disciplined by the Ontario Judicial Council.

Many Canadians believe their provinces will fare badly in 2017

A new Angus Reid poll shows that for most Canadians 2016 was a bad year. The survey of 5,128 Canadians found that those surveyed from Newfoundland and Labrador were most pessimistic with 57 percent predicting more bad than good in the province in 2017.

Town sees no drunk driving arrests after social media campaign

Kensington - The small town of Kensington, Prince Edward Island recorded no incidents of arrests for drinking and driving over the holiday period. Police credit this to an effective social media campaign against drinking and driving.

Senior Vancouver detective charged with sexual exploitation

Vancouver - Charges brought against a senior officer with Vancouver PD's Counter Exploitation Unit may result in charges being dropped against people he investigated and might make abused women less likely to go to police for help

Winnipeg sees snow clearing surplus blown away by storm

Winnipeg - Winnipeg, the capital city of the province of Manitoba, was hoping for a year-end surplus in its snow-clearing budget. But it was not to be. Over the Xmas holiday Winnipeg and other parts of Manitoba experienced the second December storm.

Divisive debate over pipelines Canada's business story for 2016

In an annual survey of newsrooms across the country, the divisive debate over pipelines edged out another hot politically charged topic, real estate, by only one vote, to become Canada's top business story of 2016.

Dentists offer top hygiene tips for 2017

As 2017 moves ever closer many news sites are providing weight-loss tips and healthy diets. One neglected area is good oral hygiene, and Digital Journal provides hot tips from The Canadian Dental Hygiene Association.

Consumer-facing medical app for monitoring of personal health

A new consumer-facing medical app, called Ada, enables people to assess and monitor their personal health through sophisticated artificial intelligence technology.

Canada has a way for you to report bad drone drivers

The Canadian government wants bad drone drivers reported and they have come up with a way for the public to help them. They created a hotline.

Researcher created the world's smallest snowman

London - Of course it is not really a man. And it is not even made of snow. But what is being referred to as the “world’s smallest snowman” is so tiny it can only been seen through an electron microscope.

Kinder-Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline faces new court challenge

Conservation groups filed a new court challenge to the government's approval of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Monday evening, becoming at least the eighth legal test of the controversial pipeline project.

Canadian provinces reject proposed government health care funding

Ottawa - The federal government and the provinces have failed to reach an agreement on health-care funding. The Liberal government had offered $11.5 billion to increase targeted spending on home care and mental health.
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