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TransCanada's Energy East Pipeline unlikely to be approved

Interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose is not optimistic the proposed Energy East pipeline from Alberta to New Brunswick will ever be built, citing strong opposition from the mayor of Montreal and anti-pipeline groups.

Saskatchewan's provincial bus line service to be ended

Regina - Employees cried and passengers were angry when they learned last Wednesday that the provincial government of Brad Wall had decided to shut down the 70-year-old bus service.

Canada to legalize recreational marijuana by mid-2018: report

Ottawa - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party will introduce legislation in the coming weeks that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Canada by mid-2018, reports said Monday.

Trudeau government will legalize marijuana by July 2018

Canada's Liberal government has announced that next month they will be introducing legislation that will legalize marijuana by Canada Day, July 1, 2018.

Canada launches multi-million Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Toronto - The Canadian government is to pump in $125 million into a Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy. The funding will go into research, with the aim of Canada becoming the world leader in artificial intelligence.

City of Toronto school board ends all new U.S. trips for students

Toronto - The Toronto District School Board is canceling all new planned school trips to the United States until further notice due to the uncertainty with respect to whom could be affected by Trump's latest travel restrictions.

Review: Trumpism not the only target in ʻEverything Is Great Again’ Special

Toronto - Given a title like “Everything Is Great Again”, you know Donald Trump’s presidency is taking some shots in the new Toronto Second City show, which opened last night. But as easy a target as he is, the Orange One is surprisingly absent.

Pilot passed out drunk before takeoff faces jail

Calgary - A former Sunwing pilot pleaded guilty in a Calgary courtroom to having care and control of an aircraft while impaired. Unlike other pilots who have been discovered a little tipsy, Miroslav Gronych had passed out in the pilot’s seat prior to takeoff.

North American ice sheet disappearing due to global warming

Rising temperatures in the Canadian Arctic are causing the last remnants of the ice sheet that once covered much of North America to disappear. According to a new study, the Barnes Ice Cap will be gone in 300 years.

Op-Ed: Using quantum theory to explain humor? It’s dumber than it looks

Vancouver - For many years, people have been saying that analyzing humor is pointless. That hasn’t stopped people trying, and failing, regularly. You also have to wonder why humor, of all things, needs an explanation.

Mexicans trying to enter Canada detained in record numbers

Canada has detained more Mexicans trying to enter the country so far in 2017 than have been taken into custody in each of the past three years. The increase is believed to result from Canada no longer requiring visas for Mexicans and Trump's policies.

Subway plans to sue CBC over claim its chicken is 50 percent soy

The sandwich franchise has announced its intention to sue the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation alleging the network aired a program falsely claiming the company’s chicken contains around 50 percent soy. The CBC refuses to retract its claim or apologize

Typical urine level in swimming pools revealed

Toronto - Many professional swimmers say they do it, but what about the rest of us? A new survey reveals the typical levels of urine in swimming pools, arising from swimmers going to lavatorial excesses.

Siri to blame for Toronto sports bar getting calls for escorts

Toronto - Users of Siri looking for escorts in Toronto are being directed to a downtown sports bar. One of the bar’s co-owners says the bar has nothing to do with prostitution and wondered why he was getting so many calls. Now he knows.

Expert travel advice for entering Zika areas

Parts of the southern U.S. (as well as Central and South America) have mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus. With Zika there are a mix of myths and facts to be taken account of. To help readers decipher these, we’ve heard from a top medical professional.

Canadian Girl Guides cancel U.S. trips due to travel ban

The Girl Guides of Canada announced no future trips to the United States are being planned and current plans to visit the United States are being reviewed. The organization is concerned about the uncertainty over who may be denied entry into the U.S.

Trump-Trudeau: an unlikely alliance

Ottawa - While other world leaders have been disparaged by Donald Trump or faced ire at home for trying to woo his White House, Canada's progressive Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has struck up an unlikely alliance with the US president.

Canada, US to probe uptick in migrant flow

Ottawa - Canada and the United States pledged to cooperate to determine why migrants are increasingly attempting to cross the border illegally into America's northern neighbor.

Review: Dearly Beloved, 'Admission'

The Canadian garage-punk outfit recorded their latest album, 'Admission', in only 14 days at Dave Grohl’s studio on the '70s-era analogue console which Nirvana used to record 'Nevermind'. Digital Journal listened in.

Judge Robin Camp, the 'knees together judge,' resigns from bench

Ottawa - Justice Robin Camp, known as the “knees together judge,” announced his resignation from the Federal Court of Canada. The resignation came after the Canadian Judicial Council recommended to Parliament he be removed from the bench.
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