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Belarus police detain protesters, prevent opposition rally

Minsk - Police in Belarus on Saturday detained more than 100 people, including five journalists, a rights group said, as the opposition resumed rallies against strongman Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarus opposition to restart protests as crackdown widens

Minsk - Opposition activists in Belarus were preparing for fresh protests on Thursday to breathe life into a movement against President Alexander Lukashenko that fizzled out in the face of a severe crackdown.

Belarus has convicted more than 400 in protest crackdown

Minsk - More than 400 people have so far been convicted in a sweeping crackdown in Belarus following mass protests against President Alexander Lukashenko's regime last year, prosecutors said on Wednesday.

Belarus demands extradition of opposition leader Tikhanovskaya

Minsk - Belarus said on Friday it had requested the extradition of exiled opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, who was forced from the country during a crackdown on critics of leader Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarus reporter, doctor on trial after protester's death

Minsk - A journalist and a doctor went on trial in Belarus Friday, accused of disclosing the medical records of a protester who died after being detained by police during unprecedented anti-government protests.

Belarus jails journalists for two years over protest coverage

Minsk - A court in Belarus on Thursday sentenced a pair of television journalists to two years in prison for covering a protest last year, the first lengthy jail term in a legal crackdown on independent news media.

Lukashenko rival in court as Belarus sees new crackdown

Minsk - A leading opposition figure went on trial on Wednesday in Belarus, where authorities are pursuing criminal cases against activists and journalists following months of anti-government protests last year.

Belarusian police mount raids on journalists, activists

Minsk - Police in Belarus raided the homes and offices of 25 journalists, rights defenders and trade union members on Tuesday, investigators and activists said, as part of a probe into mass protests.

Lukashenko: Belarus autocrat surviving protests with Soviet tactics

Minsk - Emboldened after surviving months of historic demonstrations against his rule, the authoritarian leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is drawing on Soviet-style political theatre to cement his grip on power.

Strongman tells loyalists Belarus beat foreign 'blitzkrieg'

Minsk - Belarus strongman Alexander Lukashenko said Thursday his country had defeated foreign attempts to overthrow his government and showed no signs of heeding the embattled opposition's calls for him to resign.

Belarus reporters deny charges in 'absurd' protest trial

Minsk - Two Belarusian journalists denied on Tuesday organising protests against strongman leader Alexander Lukashenko on the opening day of their trial in Minsk.

Belarus leader to unveil reforms at assembly of loyalists

Minsk - Belarusian strongman Alexander Lukashenko is convening hundreds of loyal delegates at a people's assembly this week to unveil promised reforms, in a display the embattled opposition has dismissed as political theatre.

Belarus opposition rallies in scattered protests

Minsk - Opposition protesters in Belarus rallied Sunday in the latest of nearly four months of demonstrations against the re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarus protesters take to the streets with new tactic

Minsk - Opposition protesters in Belarus took to the streets of the capital Minsk on Sunday in the latest of three months of demonstrations against the re-election of strongman president Alexander Lukashenko.

Russia accuses West of meddling in Belarus

Minsk - Russia's foreign minister on Thursday accused the West of interfering in Belarus as he met strongman leader Alexander Lukashenko who has faced months of protests over his disputed re-election.

Thousands march in Belarus opposition rally in Minsk

Minsk - Tens of thousands of Belarus opposition protesters took to the streets on Sunday, the latest large-scale rally against President Alexandre Lukashenko's contested re-election.

Protesters in Belarus dispersed with stun grenades

Minsk - Belarusians took to the streets of the capital Minsk on Sunday in a fresh demonstration against strongman leader Alexander Lukashenko as anger mounted over the recent death of an opposition activist.

Belarus opposition protester dies after arrest

Minsk - A Belarusian artist has died in Minsk after police arrested him in a city square that has become a symbol of opposition to strongman leader Alexander Lukashenko, investigators said on Friday.

Belarus opposition leader decries mass protest arrests

Minsk - Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya on Monday denounced a crackdown on peaceful demonstrators after more than one thousand people were detained at a rally against strongman Alexander Lukashenko.

More than 800 held in Belarus as opposition reaches out to Biden

Minsk - Police in Belarus on Sunday detained more than 800 people during the latest in weeks of unprecedented demonstrations against strongman Alexander Lukashenko, as the opposition reached out to US President-elect Joe Biden.
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