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India's tiger census success story may be inaccurate, study says

New Delhi - The accuracy of India's recent tiger census that suggested tiger numbers have increased is now being called into question by a new study. The Indian government had celebrated the rise in tiger numbers from 1706 in 2011 to 2,226 in 2014.

Experts see potential growth in South Asian tourism sector

Experts are expecting a significant boost for South Asian tourism in the next few years, with India serving as a basis upon which the region can reach its full tourism potential.

Review: Globetrotting at Hot Docs to overlooked places

Toronto - Perhaps the greatest value of documentaries is their ability to help us bring empathy to the lives and the values of people who are different than we are. "Virunga" and "Happiness" are two shining examples, screening at the Hot Docs Film Festival.

Cell phones catapult 'Shangri-La' Bhutan into modern age

Thimphu - Sitting in his office in Bhutan's sleepy capital, newspaper editor Tenzing Lamsang muses on the dramatic impact of cell phone technology on a remote Himalayan kingdom known as the "last Shangri-La"."Bhutan is jumping from the feudal age to the modern a...

Nissan-Renault boss upbeat about green car future

Thimphu - Nissan-Renault chief executive Carlos Ghosn insists the future is still bright for electric cars despite pushing a global sales target back by four years, he told AFP in an interview on Friday.Speaking in the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan where he s...

Bhutan to become green car showcase in deal with Nissan

Thimphu - The remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan signed a deal with Japanese auto giant Nissan Friday to become the ultimate showcase for electric cars, taking advantage of its abundance of hydropower.The announcement was made during a visit by Nissan chief exec...

Justin Bieber's paternal grandfather complains about the Biebs

Justin Bieber's 61-year-old paternal grandpa is not doing well and is upset that his famous grandson isn't helping out. On the other hand, a Bieber source said that George Bieber has no one to blame but himself.

Op-Ed: Millions of Indians plunge into darkness a second time

An intense summer 2012, followed by nearly failed monsoon and an economy on its downslide, further compounded by an utterly powerless India for two days, defines a nearly economically crippled India.

Rare snow leopards caught on camera

Kashmir - Conservationists with the World Wildlife Fund and the government of Bhutan recently captured a rare pair of snow leopards on video camera wandering through a remote mountainous region between India and Pakistan.

Snow leopards thrive in Bhutan

Snow leopards, which are among the world's most endangered species, have been caught on camera in the remote country of Bhutan as part of a survey by the government of Bhutan and the WWF.

Caterpillar mushroom under climate threat Special

Of late, all is not well with the world’s most wanted caterpillars: the Cordyceps mushrooms, grown exclusively in the Himalayan region.

Op-Ed: The staunch refusal of His Holiness the Dalai Lama

New York - The pursuit of liberation and democracy in our present time is seen most intensely throughout the Middle East and North Africa. But this is not the only place where such radical acts for democracy are happening.

Op-Ed: Nature Conservation, Social Media and the Internet

There are few things as powerful as the written word. Once a subject has been printed, black on white, it is magically transformed to the accepted authoritative truth, regardless of whether it is plausible or truthful.

'People first' stressed on 20th Anniversary edition of HDR

New York - People are the real wealth, reiterates the 20th anniversary edition of Human Development Report (HDR) 2010. It also comes up with three new measures for discussing poverty and inequality.

World's highest living tigers discovered in Bhutan mountains

The BBC's Natural History Unit has discovered the world's highest living tigers during an expedition to the remote Himalayas in Bhutan. With only about 3,000 tigers left in the wild, the discovery is a breakthrough for tiger survival.

Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square welcomes desiFEST 2010 Special

Toronto - Throughout the world, Canada is known to have a multicultural society, which some feel is a positive thing while others view the negative aspects. Nevertheless, desiFEST brings Torontonians a glimpse of the South Asian culture.

New top-10 list ranks countries on extent of ecological damage

Adelaide - The USA, China and Australia all share one thing in common today -- they have been found to be three of the top-ten most environmentally destructive countries in the world.

Indian diplomat arrested for allegedly spying for Pakistan

Islamabad - A diplomat for the Indian embassy Pakistan has been arrested for allegedly spying for Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Op-Ed: Flight 253 and The Systematic Cover-Up of Fabricated Terrorism

The systematic cover-up of the failed Flight 253 'Underwear Bomber' plot has become glaringly obvious as mounting evidence makes it appear that the 'terrorist' attack was yet another false flag attack that failed

New giant rat species discovered

In Papua New Guinea, scientists have discovered a new species of giant rats in a giant remote rainforest in the country and labelled as the Bosavi Woolly Rat
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