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Tensions mount over death of Brazil indigenous leader

Bras - Tensions over land ownership are soaring between Brazil's indigenous Guarani people and ranchers after the shooting of a Guarani leader, activists said Wednesday.

Rio organizers promise to include viral testing of dirty waters

Rio De Janeiro - Olympic organizers promised on Tuesday to start testing Rio de Janeiro's polluted waters for viruses, leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games. Over 1.400 top athletes from around the world are expected to compete.

Lula dives into Brazil's political 'perfect storm'

S - When an assault on a huge blow-up doll makes front page news, you know Brazil's already surreal political crisis is heading into ever wilder territory.

Brazil ex-president Lula makes political comeback

S - Brazil's popular ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva declared that he is returning to the bruising political frontlines to defend his successor, the embattled Dilma Rousseff. "Our opponents talk about me from morning until night...

Brazil speaker in corruption scandal won't resign

S - The speaker of Brazil's lower house of congress defiantly vowed not to resign Friday, a day after being charged in a massive corruption scandal."Resignation is not a word that is part of my vocabulary and it won't be, you can be sure of that.

Brazil massacre blamed on police leaves anger, questions

Osasco - A mother who lost her only son and a young man who narrowly escaped death are among the residents of Sao Paulo picking up the pieces after a massacre of 18 people that many blame on the police.

Pregnant MMA fighter wins title

A Brazilian MMA fighter by the name of Kinberly Novaes ended up winning her latest bout, and then she found out she was 12 weeks pregnant.

Brazil speaker, ex-president charged in Petrobras corruption

Bras - Brazilian prosecutors on Thursday lodged corruption charges against the speaker of the lower house -- a key figure in the country's current political crisis -- and also against a former president.

Brazil's embattled left strikes back

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's embattled left staged a string of protests in a show of support for President Dilma Rousseff, although turnout was markedly lower than at massive anti-government rallies over the weekend.

Merkel urges Brazil to protect Amazon rainforest

Matupa - Brazil and Germany threw their weight Thursday behind the push for a global climate agreement later this year and stressed the vital importance of defending the Amazon jungle from deforestation.

Who's lead suspect in Brazil mass killings? The police

Rio De Janeiro - The men wearing black ski masks look almost relaxed as they stroll around the Sao Paulo bar, gently arranging patrons against a wall -- then shooting them.

Impeaching Rousseff could imperil Brazilian democracy

Rio De Janeiro - Brazilians clamoring for President Dilma Rousseff's overthrow should think twice, analysts say, warning that the trauma of impeachment could undermine 20 years of building democracy in the Latin American giant.

Brazilians rage against president, corruption

S - Hundreds of thousands of protesters demanded Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff's resignation Sunday, blaming her and the leftist Workers' Party for runaway corruption and looming recession in Latin America's biggest country.

Rio airport agents bribed in Chinese immigrant scandal

Rio De Janeiro - Immigration agents at Rio de Janeiro's airport are under investigation for allegedly accepting bribes to allow Chinese immigrants into the country illegally, Brazilian newspaper O Globo reported Saturday.

Brazil court orders suspension of activity at Amazonian mine

Rio De Janeiro - A court has ordered Brazilian mining giant Vale to suspend activities at an Amazonian nickel mine and compensate indigenous people who say they are adversely affected by its operations.

'Tropical disease' doctor to monitor Rio Olympic sailors

Rio De Janeiro - A tropical disease specialist will monitor sailors competing in Rio's polluted waters ahead of the 2016 Olympics, a top official said Friday, adding he was also worried about boats hitting garbage.

Protests to raise ante in bitter Brazilian power struggle

Rio De Janeiro - Huge crowds on Sunday are expected to demand Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff's impeachment, injecting more volatility into an increasingly toxic political struggle in Latin America's biggest country.

Eighteen killed in Sao Paulo shootings

S - Eighteen people were killed and seven injured in a wave of overnight shootings in Brazil's biggest city, Sao Paulo, some of them gunned down in cold blood as they sat in a bar.

Thousands of women march in support of Brazil's Rousseff

Bras - Thousands of women rallied in support of President Dilma Rousseff, whose poll numbers have plummeted amid a national scandal involving state oil company Petrobras.

Stomach illness plagues 13 U.S. rowers at Rio Olympics test event

Rio De Janeiro - Thirteen athletes and four staff members of the U.S. rowing team came down with stomach illnesses in the World Junior Rowing Championships, a trial run to the 2016 Olympics. The team doctor suspects pollution in the lake where the competition took place.
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