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In war on Zika mosquito, Brazil vows worry-free Olympics

Rio De Janeiro - Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Saturday launched a door-to-door "war" on mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus, vowing they will not jeopardize the Rio Olympics in August.

Zika likely to spread to large Brazilian cities: Expert

Bras - The Zika virus, linked to a surge in infants born with abnormally small heads, is likely to spread this year to Brazil's densely populated cities where it has barely surfaced, a top health official told AFP.

Brazil confirms third Zika-linked death

Bras - Health authorities said Thursday they have identified a third death in Brazil linked to the Zika virus, but it is not clear if the disease was the sole cause.

Brazil's Catholic Church rejects Zika abortion argument

Bras - The Catholic Church in Brazil on Wednesday rejected calls supported by the United Nations to allow abortion in cases of the birth defect microcephaly.

Syrian refugee children to join Rio carnival parade

Rio De Janeiro - Refugee children from Syria and other conflict-torn countries will be treated to a place in Rio de Janeiro's exuberant carnival parade on Tuesday, UN officials said.

Dazzling Rio carnival climax gives Brazilians reason to smile

Rio De Janeiro - Dancers -- some nearly naked, others in elaborate costumes -- strutted into the final round of the Rio Carnival's samba championship Monday, capping a wild party that has helped Brazilians forget about Zika and other worries.

Rio carnival goers tell Zika mosquito to buzz off

Rio De Janeiro - A massive, fleshy crowd of semi-naked people might seem like the Zika-transmitting mosquito's paradise, but Rio Carnival goers Saturday said nothing -- not even an international health emergency -- can stop the party.

Brazil's anti-Zika war goes house to house

S - Sao Paulo resident Juliana Matuoka always thought her stunning tropical flowers were something to appreciate from afar. Now, however, they are enemy territory."Here, I got one!

Carnival opens in Rio, defying growing Zika fears

Rio De Janeiro - Rio's Carnival -- a five day festival of dancing, bared flesh and wild costumes -- got underway in the face of warnings that the Zika virus might make even kissing dangerous.

Anti-terrorism chiefs ready for 'worst' at Rio Olympics

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil may have so far escaped the radar of radical Islamist groups, but the Rio Olympics is taking no chances on terrorism when the Games start in six months."We are on permanent alert.

Zika detected in urine, saliva: top Brazilian researchers

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's top research institute said Friday that Zika has been detected in urine and saliva, but added that there is no proof the virus can be transmitted through those fluids.

Rare find: Only known U.S. jaguar caught on video in AZ mountains

Tucson - He's the only known wild jaguar in the U.S., and he's finally been caught — on video. The big cat, known as "El Jefe," (the boss), is seen prowling around a creek in the Santa Rita mountains of southern Arizona.

Can Olympics make Rio the new Barcelona?

Rio De Janeiro - Olympic construction projects have turned Rio upside down, but a harsh economy and some major failures are overshadowing organizers' hopes of emulating Barcelona's Olympian transformation back in 1992.

Zika fear reignites Brazil's abortion debate

Bras - The Zika virus scare is reopening debate over abortion in Brazil, where some are asking the painful question: is it right to risk having a baby with microcephaly?

Brazil airports strike grounds Carnival travelers

S - A two-hour strike Wednesday by airline staff across Brazil grounded hundreds of flights, paralyzing travel in Latin America's biggest country ahead of Carnival season's biggest parties.

Op-Ed: Gene technology, the possible solution to the Zika virus

The Zika virus has become a World Health Organization (WHO)-declared ‘global health emergency.’ Among the different treatment options, gene technology is being mooted as a solution. Not all scientists are in support, though.

Olympic organizers say Zika problem to decline in time

Rio De Janeiro - Rio Olympics organizers said Tuesday they are concerned by the outbreak of the Zika virus in Brazil but confident the problem will have cleared up in time for the Games.More than 1.

World health officials mobilize on Zika threat

Rio De Janeiro - World health officials mobilized with emergency response plans and funding pleas Tuesday as fears grow that the Zika virus, blamed for a surge in the number of brain-damaged babies, could spread globally and threaten the Summer Olympics.

Health experts say Zika virus outbreak could be worse than Ebola

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil’s Health Minister Marcelo Castro said on Monday the country's Zika virus epidemic is worse than believed because 80 percent of those infected show no symptoms.

A plea for help in Brazil city where Zika first confirmed

Camassary - Camacari was in chaos, its hospitals overflowing with sick people desperate to know what was happening to them, never suspecting theirs would be the first confirmed cases of Zika in Brazil.
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