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Brazil tries to rescue meat industry from scandal

Bras - Brazil's government fought Wednesday to save the country's meat industry from getting burned in a corruption scandal that has prompted several countries to pull Brazilian beef and chicken from the menu.

Trade fallout from Brazil's meat scandal: what we know

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil sells more than $10 billion of chicken and beef a year but a scandal over rotten produce and faked inspections has prompted import bans, threatening the world's biggest meat producer.

Brazilian meat health inspector: 'I'm a carnivore'

Rio De Janeiro - In the midst of a rotten meat scandal threatening one of Brazil's biggest industries, the three government scientists showed little concern at a pile of minced beef on a lab tray.

Hong Kong import ban deals Brazil meat industry big blow

Bras - Brazil's giant meat industry suffered a heavy blow Tuesday when Hong Kong banned imports in response to allegations that inspectors in Brazil were faking certificates for rotten produce.

Export bans hit Brazil's meat industry after scandal

Bras - The fallout from Brazil's rotten meat scandal accelerated on Monday when China, a huge client, suspended imports and the European Union demanded a partial ban.

Brazil president calls emergency meeting over tainted meat scandal

Bras - Brazilian President Michel Temer called an emergency ministerial meeting for Sunday to deal with a growing scandal over the safety of meat and poultry sold at home and abroad by the world's leading supplier.

Brazil graft probe has more than 100 politicians in crosshairs

Bras - Brazil's prosecutor general wants to investigate more than 100 politicians as part of the massive Petrobras corruption probe, a source close to the case said.The latest list of suspects in the highly explosive case remains secret.

Anti-austerity protests break out across Brazil

S - Demonstrators occupied Brazil's finance ministry, flooded the center of Sao Paulo and went on strike in a string of cities on Wednesday to protest reforms to the cash-strapped country's pension system.

Anti-austerity protests break out across Brazil

Bras - Demonstrators occupied Brazil's finance ministry, flooded the center of Sao Paulo and went on strike in a string of cities on Wednesday to protest reforms to the cash-strapped country's pension system.

Temer's government accused of shielding 'slavery'

Rio De Janeiro - Brazilian President Michel Temer's center-right government is facing accusations of trying to cover up exploitation of workers in conditions likened to modern-day slavery.

Brazil's graft scandal heats up with 83 new probes sought

Bras - Brazil's prosecutor general sought to open probes against scores of politicians in a dramatic widening of an already vast graft scandal shaking Latin America's biggest country.

Brazil's Lula denies obstructing corruption probe

Bras - Brazil's leftist former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva denied in court Tuesday that he tried to obstruct a giant corruption probe shaking Brazilian politics.

Brazil's capital on edge ahead of corruption probes

Bras - Brazil's capital is on edge ahead of the expected opening of scores of corruption cases this week against sitting and former politicians in a crisis that could threaten President Michel Temer's rule.

Viral torture video of murdered transgender woman shocks Brazil

Fortaleza - Smartphone video footage of a transgender woman being brutally assaulted before being carted off in a wheelbarrow and murdered has shocked Brazilians and drawn international attention to the dangers faced by trans people even in more permissive societies.

Rio de Janeiro announces mass yellow fever vaccination

Rio De Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro said Saturday it plans to vaccinate the state's entire population against yellow fever in response to an outbreak that has killed at least 113 people around Brazil.

'Ghosts' drive Brazil's president from residence: report

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's President Michel Temer blames bad vibes and even ghosts for driving him from his sumptuous official residence in the capital Brasilia, a Brazilian news weekly reported Saturday.

Brazil's Temer tries calming row over housewife comments

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's President Michel Temer tried Thursday to quiet criticism over remarks on International Women's Day, when he praised women's skillfulness at shopping and raising children.

Rio renames airport after women's rights activist

Rio De Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro's main airport said Tuesday it will mark International Women's Day by temporarily changing its name in honor of a prominent activist against domestic violence, Maria da Penha.

Brazil's Odebrecht paid Colombian rebels protection money: report

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil's scandal-ridden construction giant Odebrecht paid FARC guerrillas hundreds of thousands of dollars to refrain from attacking their Colombian construction sites, the weekly Veja reported Saturday.

Brazilian crash survivor goalie takes first new steps

S - When Brazilian goalkeeper Jakson Follmann took his first steps since surviving a plane crash that wiped out his football club, he called it a win -- with his hardest ever season just starting.
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