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Op-Ed: France takes European lead in fight against Boko Haram

Paris - France’s current regional deployments and long history with West Africa makes it the European nation best enabled to help its African allies in their fight against Boko Haram.

Op-Ed: America should intervene to save Boko Haram's female bombers

African citizens face a new wave of terrorist bombings perpetrated by women. No simple solution will fix this problem but there is one alternative which not everyone will like.

African frog uses chemicals to hide from killer ants

The West African savanna frog avoids being eaten by African stink ants by exuding a chemical that conceals the frog from the maundering ants.

Pirates free French tanker seized off Ivory Coast

Abidjan - A French-owned tanker seized by pirates off the Ivorian coast earlier this week has been released and its crew is safe, the vessel’s owner said Wednesday.

French oil tanker reported hijacked off West African coast

A French oil tanker sailing off the coast of Côte d'Ivoire is suspected of having been hijacked by pirates. The tanker had a crew of 17 on board an there has been no contact with the ship since yesterday.

John McAfee seeks asylum in Guatemala

Guatemala City - Internet software entrepreneur John McAfee, appeared in public in Guatemala Tuesday for the first time since he went into hiding from the Belizean authorities, saying he is seeking asylum in Guatemala because of fears for his safety in Belize.

100s of graves raided for body parts for voodoo ritual fetishes

Tomb raiders have been busy digging up over 100 graves in the last week in the West African state of Benin - the world capital of voodoo - looking for body parts for voodoo rituals.

Pirates attack tanker off West Africa coast, 23 sailors kidnapped

Cotonou - Armed pirates raided an idling tanker on Wednesday as it was attempting to transfer its crude oil cargo, about 62 nautical miles from the Benin capital of Cotonou, and hijacked 23 sailors in waters seeing a marked increase in piracy.

FIFA's coronation goes ahead as England and FA come under attack

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has taken charge of football's governing body for a fourth term. The vote to formally re-elect Blatter took place on Wednesday afternoon.

Op-Ed: The Ivory Coast and the end of French colonialist connivance

France’s reputation for influence-peddling and widespread corruption in Africa is nobody’s secret, but Nicolas Sarkozy's reactions to the current electoral deadlock in the Ivory Coast indicate that France's shadowy African era may be coming to an end.

'People first' stressed on 20th Anniversary edition of HDR

New York - People are the real wealth, reiterates the 20th anniversary edition of Human Development Report (HDR) 2010. It also comes up with three new measures for discussing poverty and inequality.

Ceuta, the border-fence of Europe Special

Ceuta - What are 54 Indians doing on the woody hill between the Mount Hacho and Mount Jebel Musa, the African side of the Strait of Gibraltar?

Police alerted to scam after receiving $4,000 check

Think police are immune from scam artists? They’re not. "Free money" in the form of a $4,000 was the clue that all was not right.

Pirate Attacks Spread To West Africa: Tanker Crewman Killed

Pirates have struck in the waters of the West African nation of Benin, killing a sailor. Reports say it is the first attack off Benin and experts warn of more attacks to come in West African waters.

No Halloween Celebrations For Sex Offenders in Maryland

Officials are trying to protect children this Halloween by asking sex offenders to display a poster saying, "no candy at this residence", a warning sign that tells children and parents that there is a sex offender living at that address.

African Sickle-Cell Anemia Deaths Heighten By Vaccine Shortage

Despite readily available vaccines, death rate of sickle-cell anemia in African children remains to be a growing concern, researchers said Thursday.

South African Company MTN Launches Phone Banking Service

MTN is a South African mobile operator and has announced the launch of a banking service on mobile phones in 21 African and Middle East countries.

Polio Campaign Kicks off in West Africa

Fifty-three million children under five are expected to be reached across eight West African countries in a coordinated polio immunization campaign.

Op-Ed: The Rising Sun in the Coming APEC Summit in Lima, Peru

The timing of the summit offers Peru the ideal silver lining to exhibit its economic resilience. Merrill Lynch ranks Peru among the 10 countries with the lowest country risk. Peru also shows the lowest financial risk in Latin America .

Google launches special sites and services for the Olympics

Google has added multiple sites and services to its various properties for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The company gives the latest updates and information that can be accessed worldwide.

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