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Freeing Africans from tyranny one phone at a time Special

In Africa, where roads are often impassible and conflict has put whole swaths of territory off-limits, the Internet is playing a pivotal role in bringing people together.

Landmark Burkina election campaign kicks off

Ouagadougou - Campaigning kicked off Sunday in Burkina Faso ahead of a crucial November 29 national vote, which interim leader Michel Kafando said will be key to "consolidating democracy" weeks after a foiled coup hit the west African country.

Burkina coup leader charged with 'crime against humanity'

Ouagadougou - A month after a bloody attempted coup, Burkina Faso said Friday a general loyal to ousted ex-president Blaise Compaore accused of leading the putsch would be prosecuted on a range of charges, including "crime against humanity".

First civilians arrested in Burkina over September coup

Ouagadougou - Two political supporters of former Burkina Faso's ousted president have been arrested for their alleged involvement in a failed coup last month, police and other sources said.

Burkina Faso coup leader in custody

Ouagadougou - The leader of Burkina Faso's short-lived coup was in police custody after handing himself in as authorities ramped up a probe into last month's putsch.

Burkina army says most of coup regiment have rejoined its ranks

Ouagadougou - A majority of troops from the elite Burkina Faso army regiment behind a failed coup have joined loyalist units after it was disbanded, a senior army source told AFP Thursday.

Burkina 'turns page' after coup bid: interim leader

Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso's interim leader on Wednesday declared that the country was turning the page after a coup attempt, a day after troops stormed the putschists' barracks.

Burkina coup leader fears 'many dead' after barracks assault

Ouagadougou - The leader of Burkina Faso's short-lived coup said Tuesday he feared there had been "many deaths" after an army assault on the barracks of the failed putschists.

Burkina coup plotters abandon barracks after army assault

Ouagadougou - Soldiers who staged a short-lived coup in Burkina Faso abandoned their barracks in the capital late Tuesday after a tense standoff with loyalist troops, the military said, as authorities battled to regain control of the crisis-hit country.

Heavy weapons fire heard at Burkina coup plotters' barracks: AFP

Ouagadougou - Heavy weapons fire was heard on Tuesday afternoon at the barracks of an elite army unit that staged a short-lived coup in Burkina Faso, an AFP journalist said.

Burkina airport shut as troops surround coup plotters' barracks

Ouagadougou - Ougadougou airport was shut down Tuesday as Burkina troops locked down the area around the barracks of an elite unit behind a short-lived coup after they failed to disarm, raising fears of a new confrontation.

Burkina unrest lingers, putschists accused of seizing troops

Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso's government on Monday accused an elite presidential guard behind this month's week-long coup of refusing to disarm, of seizing loyalist troops, and of planning yet more trouble.

Burkina Faso freezes assets of failed coup leader

Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso authorities froze the assets of General Gilbert Diendere, the leader of last week's failed coup in the impoverished west African country.

Burkina president resumes power after week-long coup

Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso's interim President Michel Kafando officially resumed power Wednesday after a week-long coup by renegade troops, whose leader conceded the enterprise had been a "mistake" lacking popular support.

Burkina coup leaders sign deal with army to stand down

Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso coup leaders agreed to return to their barracks and said they would restore the deposed president to power, signing a deal with the army that apparently defuses a tense standoff sparked by last week's putsch.

Deposed Burkina president to be returned to office Wednesday: Coup leader to AFP

Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso's interim president Michel Kafando, who was deposed last week during a coup, will be returned to office on Wednesday, putsch leader General Gilbert Diendere told AFP on Tuesday. The return of "Kafando is already a done deal.

New peace mission for coup-hit Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou - West African heads of state on Tuesday sought to end a tense stand-off between coup leaders and the army in Burkina Faso, announcing a new peace mission to the troubled nation and a call for non-violence.

Burkina army warns coup leaders it has the 'means to attack'

Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso's army on Tuesday warned the elite troops behind last week's coup that it had "the means to attack" them, further ramping up pressure on the putschists to surrender.

Burkina coup leaders warn they will hit back if attacked

Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso's coup leader said Tuesday he would abide by a deal reached with top African mediators, but warned his men would defend themselves if attacked after the army entered the capital.

Burkina Faso army chiefs, France order coup leaders to disarm

Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso's army chiefs and French President Francois Hollande on Monday ordered coup leaders to lay down their arms as troops headed from the provinces towards the capital Ouagadougou.
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