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'Arson' destroys four UNICEF schools in Rohingya camps

Cox's Bazar - Four UNICEF schools for Rohingya children in refugee camps in Bangladesh have been destroyed in a fire, officials said Tuesday, with the UN children's agency calling it arson.

Bangladesh zoo seeks mate for lonely Kanchi the Rhino

Dhaka - A lonely rhinoceros at a Bangladesh zoo is looking for new love after losing her partner seven years ago, but pandemic travel restrictions are hampering her keeper's attempts to play matchmaker.

Giant blaze leaves thousands homeless in Bangladesh Rohingya camp

Cox's Bazar - A huge fire tore through a Rohingya refugee camp on Thursday destroying more than 550 shanty homes, but while 3,500 people were left homeless no serious casualties were reported, aid agencies said.

Bangladesh moves biggest group of Rohingya to isolated island

Chhota Angutia - Four Bangladesh navy ships on Tuesday took the second and biggest group of Rohingya Muslims yet from crowded refugee camps to an uncertain future on a bleak island three hours from the mainland.

Bangladesh moves more Rohingya to controversial island

Cox's Bazar - Bangladesh on Monday started moving a second group of Rohingya refugees to a controversial flood-prone island in the Bay of Bengal despite opposition from rights activists.

Bangladesh director charged after film depiction of police angers force

Dhaka - A Bangladeshi film director has been arrested and charged after a scene depicting police harshly interrogating a rape victim and highlighting attitudes towards violence against women in the conservative nation sparked the ire of the force.

'What choice do we have?': Rohingya women face odyssey of misery

Cox's Bazar - Stay in a squalid refugee camp -- hopeless, starving, and made to feel a burden -- or leave, risking death, rape, human trafficking and months at sea to reach a husband you've never met.

Exclusive video: Smugglers beat Rohingya on trafficking boat

Cox's Bazar - Smugglers mercilessly beat rake-thin refugees crowded onto a fishing boat, in a video obtained by AFP that shows rarely seen images from the frontlines of the Rohingya trafficking network.

Video chat only hope for divided Rohingya couple

Cox's Bazar - The human traffickers told Julekha Begum it would take less than a week to smuggle her to Malaysia to meet the husband she barely knows.Instead she spent two months marooned at sea in the hold of a fishing boat with 500 others.

Rohingya trafficking network sells dreams, delivers violence and extortion

Cox's Bazar - Auto rickshaws slip easily past barbed-wire checkpoints at the world's biggest refugee camp, their drivers among the smallest players in a complex human trafficking network involving high-seas extortion gangs, corrupt police and drug lords.

Bangladesh ships 1,600 Rohingya to controversial island

Chittagong - Bangladesh transported more than 1,600 Rohingya refugees to a low-lying island on Friday in the first phase of a controversial planned relocation of 100,000 people.

Bangladesh begins controversial transfer of Rohingya to island

Cox's Bazar - Bangladesh began transferring hundreds of Rohingya refugees on Thursday to a low-lying island in an area prone to cyclones and floods, with rights groups alleging people were being coerced into leaving.

Bangladeshi star's comeback after Islamist death threats

Dohar - For years Sufi singer Rita Dewan captivated millions of followers in Bangladesh with her haunting ballads. Today, she lives in fear each performance will be her last.

Bangladesh opens first Islamic school for transgender Muslims

Dhaka - Bangladesh opened its first Islamic school for transgender Muslims on Friday with clerics calling it a first step towards integrating the discriminated minority into society.

Tens of thousands take part in Bangladesh anti-France rally

Dhaka - Tens of thousands of Bangladeshis took to the streets of the capital Monday to call for action against France, the latest protest by Muslims opposed to French President Emmanuel Macron's defence of the right to publish cartoons depicting the Prophet Mo...

Anti-France protests draw thousands in Asia, Middle East

Dhaka - Muslims in South Asia vented their fury at France on Friday and torched an effigy of President Emmanuel Macron over his recent remarks on Islam, with tens of thousands flooding the streets.

Thousands stage anti-France protests in Bangladesh, Pakistan

Dhaka - Tens of thousands of protesters across South Asia vented their fury at France on Friday, with a crowd in Bangladesh burning an effigy of President Emmanuel Macron as anger flared over his tough stance on Islamic extremism.

Tens of thousands stage anti-France rally in Bangladesh

Dhaka - Tens of thousands of protesters marched through the Bangladesh capital on Tuesday calling for a boycott of French products and burning an effigy of President Emmanuel Macron after he defended cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Huge anti-France rally in Bangladesh as Macron backlash widens

Dhaka - Tens of thousands of protesters marched through the Bangladesh capital on Tuesday in the biggest anti-France rally since President Emmanuel Macron defended cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Bangladesh sends troops to halt Rohingya refugee drug fighting

Cox's Bazar - Bangladesh has sent more troops into the world's largest refugee camp, police said Wednesday, after days of fighting between rival Rohingya drug gangs left seven people dead.
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