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Bangladesh hands list to Myanmar for Rohingya repatriation

Dhaka - Bangladesh Friday handed over a list of more than 8,000 Rohingya to Myanmar as it moves to kick-start their repatriation weeks after the process was halted due to lack of preparation.

UN to take part in Rohingya repatriation: Bangladesh

Cox's Bazar - Bangladesh has signed a deal to involve the United Nations in the controversial process of returning Rohingya refugees to Myanmar, a minister said Monday.

Bangladesh opposition names Zia's son acting head

Dhaka - Bangladesh's main opposition party named the exiled eldest son of Khaleda Zia as its acting head on Friday, a day after a court jailed its leader for corruption.

Clashes as Bangladesh court jails opposition leader Zia

Dhaka - A Bangladesh judge convicted opposition leader Khaleda Zia of corruption and sentenced her to five years in jail on Thursday as police clashed with thousands of her supporters outside the court.

Bangladesh deploys heavy security for key Zia verdict

Dhaka - Thousands of police and paramilitary guards patrolled the Bangladesh capital Thursday ahead of a key corruption verdict that could see opposition leader Khaleda Zia jailed for life.

Bangladesh to file US suit over central bank heist

Dhaka - Bangladesh's central bank will file a lawsuit in New York against a Philippine bank over the world's largest cyber heist, the finance minister said Wednesday.

Rohingya women find peace in 'widows' camp' barred to men

Cox's Bazar - It is known as "widows' camp" -- a sanctuary off limits to men inside Bangladesh's congested refugee settlements, where Rohingya women and children traumatised by violence find rare moments of peace.

Bangladeshi loses legs as mine explodes on Myanmar border

Dhaka - A Bangladeshi farmer lost both legs when he stepped on a landmine reportedly planted by Myanmar security forces in a buffer zone between the two countries, officials said Sunday.

After 24 surgeries, Bangladesh 'tree man' relapses

Dhaka - A year ago Abul Bajandar, a Bangladeshi rickshaw-puller dubbed "tree-man" for the bark-like growths that once covered his body, appeared to have made a full recovery from the rare condition that has afflicted him for a decade.

Traumatised Rohingya children fear return to Myanmar

Cox's Bazar - The disturbing drawings of homes engulfed in flames, and stickmen hanging from trees that are produced by Rohingya children in Bangladesh's overcrowded refugee camps are slowly giving way to the flowers and sunny days that psychologists expect from hea...

Village burns in Myanmar's Rakhine state: Bangladesh official

Cox's Bazar - Bangladesh officials said Tuesday a huge fire burned and gunshots were heard in a village across the border in Myanmar's conflict-scarred Rakhine state, where authorities want to return Rohingya refugees.

Second Rohingya 'leader' killed in Bangladesh refugee camp

Cox's Bazar - Attackers on Monday killed a Rohingya representative in a Bangladesh refugee camp, the second such death in three days as tensions mount over the planned repatriation of some 750,000 refugees to Myanmar.

Bangladesh delays Rohingya refugee return

Cox's Bazar - The repatriation of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who fled violence in Myanmar will not begin as planned, Bangladesh said Monday, with authorities admitting "a lot of preparation" was still needed.

Rohingya repatriation won't begin Tuesday as planned: Bangladesh

Cox's Bazar - The repatriation of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees to Myanmar due to begin Tuesday will be delayed, a Bangladesh official said, citing the huge task of preparing transit centres and approving lists of returnees.

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh protest repatriation move

Dhaka - Hundreds of Rohingya refugees staged protests in Bangladesh Friday against plans to send them back to Myanmar, where a military crackdown last year sparked a mass exodus.

Bangladesh says it's hosting over a million Rohingya

Cox's Bazar - Bangladesh has counted more than a million Rohingya refugees living in camps near the border with Myanmar, higher than previous estimates, the head of its registration project said Wednesday as preparations for their return got under way.

Deadly 'long-lost disease' rages through Rohingya camps

Cox's Bazar - In a makeshift bamboo clinic, small children struggle to draw breath through surgical masks, victims of a forgotten but deadly disease that has torn through the teeming Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Survivors say victims of Rohingya killings civilians, not fighters

Cox's Bazar - Rohingya Muslims who fled a village where Myanmar has admitted its forces helped massacre 10 people said Thursday the victims were all civilians, not fighters as asserted by the army.

Bangladesh court upholds ban on Rohingya marriage

Dhaka - A Bangladesh court on Monday upheld a government ruling banning marriage between its citizens and refugees from Myanmar's persecuted Rohingya minority, who have fled ethnic violence in the neighbouring country.

Hindu refugees eagerly await return to Myanmar

Cox's Bazar - Hindu farmer Surodhon Pal has packed his bags, eager to return to Myanmar after fleeing for Bangladesh during a wave of violence last year, but he is in a tiny minority -- most of the refugees are terrified of going home.
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