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Bangladesh passes controversial digital security law despite protests

Dhaka - Bangladesh's parliament on Wednesday passed a controversial digital security act despite protests by journalists who say the law will severely curb media freedom in the country.

Bangladesh to move Rohingya to island from next month: officials

Dhaka - Bangladesh will next month start moving 100,000 Rohingya refugees to a remote island, officials said Tuesday, despite warnings the silty strip is prone to violent weather.

Bangladesh photographer denied bail again

Dhaka - A Bangladesh court refused bail for award-winning photographer and rights activist Shahidul Alam, whose month-long detention has triggered an international outcry, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Thousands demand Bangladesh opposition leader's release

Dhaka - Thousands of opposition supporters staged protests across Bangladesh on Monday demanding immediate release of their leader and three-time former premier Khaleda Zia, jailed early this year for graft.

Bangladesh court refuses to hear photographer's case

Dhaka - Award-winning photographer and rights activist Shahidul Alam, whose month-long detention has triggered an international outcry, failed to win bail on Tuesday after Bangladesh's high court refused to consider the request, his lawyer told AFP.

Rohingya demand justice after UN probe calls for genocide prosecution

Dhaka - Rohingya leaders in Bangladesh on Tuesday challenged the United Nations to ensure Myanmar's generals stand trial after investigators called for top military commanders to be prosecuted for genocide against the minority.

Rohingya protest for 'justice' on crackdown anniversary

Cox's Bazar - Tens of thousands of Rohingya refugees staged angry protests for "justice" Saturday on the first anniversary of a Myanmar military crackdown that sparked a mass exodus to camps in Bangladesh.

Rohingya's protest for 'justice' on crackdown anniversary

Cox's Bazar - Thousands of Rohingya refugees staged protests for "justice" Saturday on the first anniversary of a Myanmar military crackdown that forced them to flee to camps in Bangladesh.

One year on: Daily struggle makes Rohingya forget wounds and worries

Cox's Bazar - Rohingya labourer Jamal struggles to carry bricks in the Bangladesh camp that is now home, having lost an arm after being shot and left for dead fleeing an attack in Myanmar one year ago.

Rohingya mark 'black day' one year after Myanmar violence

Cox's Bazar - Rohingya refugees Saturday marked the anniversary of a deadly military crackdown in their Myanmar homeland that drove 700,000 of the persecuted minority into Bangladesh, stateless and confronting a grim future.

Rohingya crisis a year on: refugees going nowhere as cash crunch looms

Cox's Bazar - With a repatriation plan in tatters and funding evaporating for a million refugees with ever-growing needs, Rohingya Muslims who fled Myanmar to Bangladesh face a grim future one year after the latest eruption of a decades-old conflict.

Half 'lost' Rohingya children orphaned by violence: study

Cox's Bazar - Half the Rohingya children who crossed into Bangladesh without their parents were actually orphaned by violence in Myanmar and not separated from them during the refugee exodus as previously thought, new research showed Thursday.

Body of evidence: Rohingya scars testify to Myanmar crackdown

Cox's Bazar - Rohingya refugee Mohammad Sikander felt a flash of pain as a bullet -- fired by a Myanmar soldier -- tore into his shoulder.

Rohingya mark Eid, one year after Myanmar crisis began

Cox's Bazar - Nearly one million Rohingya Muslims marked Eid al-Adha on Wednesday in the world's largest refugee camp, almost a year to the day since a brutal military crackdown drove the persecuted minority from Myanmar in huge numbers.

Births, marriages and deaths: Rohingya lives playing out as refugees

Cox's Bazar - A newborn yet be named squirms in a mother's arms; a marriage party lights up a fetid lane; a dead man's face makes a soft impression on the blanket covering him -- with no route home Rohingya lives are playing out in the refugee camps of Bangladesh.

'Everything's business': Rohingya crisis offers earning opportunity

Cox's Bazar - Captain Min Min, a Buddhist from Myanmar, looks on as a stream of Muslim Rohingya labourers zig-zag up narrow gangplanks hauling sacks of ginger from his boat onto Bangladeshi soil -- one of many seizing the economic opportunities presented by a refuge...

Murders leave Rohingya camps gripped by fear

Cox's Bazar - A spate of bloody killings is fuelling unease in the Rohingya camps on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, where overstretched police are struggling to protect nearly a million traumatised refugees from violent gangs.

Belongings and belonging: the precious objects gathered by fleeing Rohingya

Cox's Bazar - The Rohingya had no time to consider what to take as Myanmar forces drove the Muslim minority into Bangladesh in a crackdown a year ago likened by the UN to ethnic cleansing.

Catalogue of abuse: seeking justice for the Rohingya

Cox's Bazar - Cross-legged in a windowless, almost pitch-black bamboo shack, the investigator pressed record on a video camera and asked the young Rohingya woman to describe the night the Myanmar soldiers came."They broke down our door.

Briton freed after Bangladesh drops charges over militant attack

Dhaka - A British man was freed from prison in Bangladesh on Thursday after his name was dropped from charges over a deadly 2016 attack by Islamist extremists on a Dhaka cafe popular with Westerners.
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