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EU to discuss Rohingya crisis with Myanmar's Suu Kyi

Cox's Bazar - The EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said Sunday she would discuss ways to end the Rohingya crisis with Aung San Suu Kyi when she meets the Myanmar leader in Yangon.

Human trafficking 'rife' in Rohingya camps: aid agencies

Cox's Bazar - Widowed and alone 21-year-old Umme Kulthum had hoped for a fresh start in Bangladesh, but was forced into prostitution instead, falling victim to what aid groups and officials say is a growing trafficking scourge targeting refugees.

Myanmar troops systematically gang-raped Rohingya women: UN envoy

Dhaka - Myanmar soldiers "systematically targeted" Rohingya women for gang-rape during violence against the minority Muslim community which triggered an exodus to Bangladesh, an UN special envoy said Sunday.

Safe in a camp, Rohingya children face death by malnutrition

Cox's Bazar - Tiny Mohammad Sohail cries uncontrollably as he waits to see a doctor -- one of the thousands of Rohingya children at risk of an agonising death from malnutrition even after reaching the safety of refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi academic missing amid spike in disappearances

Dhaka - A Bangladeshi professor internationally respected for his work on Islamic extremism has gone missing, police said Thursday, with activists fearing the worst amid a spate of disappearances in recent months.

Desperate Rohingya use plastic rafts to flee Myanmar

Cox's Bazar - Dozens of Rohingya refugees floated into Bangladesh on Wednesday on a raft fashioned from plastic jerrycans, as the persecuted Muslim minority continue to flee violence in Myanmar in droves, officials said.

Childhoods lost as Rohingya kids fill parents' shoes

Cox's Bazar - Tahera Begum walks a mile alone at dawn to collect firewood for her ill parents and four siblings, an enormous burden for a 10-year-old thrust to the head of her family in the world's largest refugee settlement.

US wants talks on Rohingya crisis but sanctions possible

Dhaka - The US wants a diplomatic solution to the Rohingya crisis but is not ruling out sanctions to pressure Myanmar if needed, a senior State Department official said Sunday in Bangladesh.

Myanmar must resettle Rohingya in their villages: US official

Dhaka - The US wants Myanmar to repatriate hundreds of thousands of Rohingya in their own villages following their exodus from the country's violence-wracked Rakhine state for Bangladesh, a senior State Department official said Saturday in Dhaka.

40,000 lone Rohingya children in refugee camps: EU Commissioner

Cox's Bazar - More than 40,000 unaccompanied Rohingya children are in refugee camps in Bangladesh after fleeing Mynamar, European Union Commissioner Christos Stylianides said Wednesday.

Bangladeshi auto driver sues over movie mobile mix-up

Dhaka - A Bangladeshi auto-rickshaw driver is suing for damages after his phone number was used in a movie, leading to a barrage of calls from female fans of the film's star that he says nearly destroyed his marriage.

Ball game brings rare joy to Rohingya refugee boys

Cox's Bazar - In a refugee camp in Bangladesh crammed with makeshift bamboo shelters, Rohingya boys gather on one of the few remaining clear areas of ground for an energetic bout of chinlone -- a version of keepie-uppie that is one of the few pleasures they can stil...

Seven Rohingya drown trying to reach Bangladesh

Cox's Bazar - At least four Rohingya were killed Tuesday when their boat sank off the coast of Bangladesh, police said, just hours after three babies drowned as they reached shore in a separate incident.

Clowns bring laughter to traumatised Rohingya children

Cox's Bazar - The Rohingya boys and girls shrieked with delight as the clowns juggled hoops and somersaulted, their red-nosed antics provoking a sound rarely heard in the world's largest refugee camp -- children's laughter.

Rohingya hacks to death Bangladeshi amid rising tensions

Cox's Bazar - A young Rohingya man hacked to death a Bangladeshi man on Saturday, police said, amid growing tensions in southeastern Bangladesh which has seen a massive influx of refugees from neighbouring Myanmar.

Bangladesh eyes sterilisation to curb Rohingya population

Chhota Angutia - Bangladesh is planning to introduce voluntary sterilisation in its overcrowded Rohingya camps, where nearly a million refugees are fighting for space, after efforts to encourage birth control failed.

Rohingya faces tell the agony of Myanmar exodus

Cox's Bazar - The lines on their foreheads tell more than the forced smiles on the faces of the Rohingya refugees photographed by AFP for a special series.

New field hospital treats hundreds of Rohingya refugees

Cox's Bazar - The eight-month-old Rohingya boy was close to death when he arrived at the field hospital in a Bangladesh refugee camp, his tiny lungs racked by pneumonia as he struggled to draw breath.

Over 600,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh, UN says

Cox's Bazar - More than 600,000 Rohingya refugees have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh since violence erupted in northern Rakhine in August, a UN report said Sunday.

Bangladesh lets stranded Rohingya into camps after screening

Cox's Bazar - Thousands of Rohingya Muslims stranded near Bangladesh's border this week after fleeing violence in Myanmar have finally been permitted to enter refugee camps after "strict screening", officials said Thursday.
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