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Diseased discards from fishermen harming turtle population

A new report warns that fishermen discards are increasing the prevalence of turtle disease in Turks and Caicos. This is due to the practice that concentrates up the numbers of infected animals.

Caribbean air sparks early spring blast of warm air in U.K. Special

The United Kingdom is readying for a fresh breath of warm spring sunshine this weekend, as temperatures head towards the mid-60s Fahrenheit.

Op-Ed: Note to Megyn Kelly of Fox News: Jesus Christ was not white

Fox News host Megyn Kelly told her viewers Thursday that Santa Claus is white and later added that Jesus Christ was white, too. Well Santa, fictional, can be white if she likes, as others can consider him another color. But Jesus? Not white.

Canadian men building pipe bomb hurt when it explodes, one badly

Police in Saskatoon, Sask., say they don't know why a man there was building a pipe-bomb. It exploded prematurely and it badly hurt the 20-year-old bomb builder, also injuring another 20-year-old man nearby. The two are thought to be accomplices.

Homeless man's reward for good deed grows — $141,172 and counting

The return for a Boston homeless man, Glen James on his act of honesty keeps growing. James turned in a backpack he found with $42,000 in it and another man, impressed by the deed, set up a donation website for him.

Cricket: Caribbean Premier League 2013 live

The first edition of the Caribbean Premier League kick-started July 30 seeing six franchises start 21 matches leading to a knockout stage featuring two semi-finals and a final.

Juror B29 talks: George Zimmerman 'can't get away from God'

One of six jurors in the George Zimmerman trial spoke today for the first time since the verdict and said that Zimmerman got away with murder. She considered making it a hung jury but in the end she decided the evidence for a conviction wasn't there.

Review: History and maritime exploration at the Bygdøy Peninsula museums Special

Oslo - For a traveler interested in history and discovery, a visit to Oslo’s Bygdøy Peninsula is a must. Located in close proximity of each other there are several interesting museums with a view of Norway’s past, adventure and ocean-going exploration.

Op-Ed: Rihanna turns to Beyonce after meltdown ahead of show in Dublin

Dublin - While we all tend to see the glamorous side of Barbadian beauty Rihanna, we are rarely exposed to the stresses and strains of life on the road. This weekend, Rihanna turned to her mentor, Beyonce, after suffering a meltdown ahead of her show in Dublin.

Semi-clad Rihanna ordered to cover up by farmer in his field

A farmer who allowed pop star Rihanna to use his barley field to record a pop video has told the Rude Boy star to cover up after she strolled through the wheat field exposing her bra and some of her underwear.

Anal & oral sex soon to be decriminalized in southern state

In Louisiana it is illegal to have oral or anal sex . The original law went into the books in 1805 before the southern state made it into the union. Before the law changes it is a felony to have "unnatural carnal copulation."

ICC World Cup cricket quarter-final: West Indies v Pakistan

Mirpur - The West Indies are out of the ICC Cricket World Cup after suffering a one-sided demolition by Pakistan. Managing just 112 runs, the West Indies had a mountain to climb if they were to prevent Pakistan from reaching their easy target.

ICC Cricket World Cup Report: England v West Indies

Chennai - Put rather bluntly, this is a must win game for England. Failure to beat Ireland and Bangladesh in their Group B table has left Andrew Strauss' team a mountain to climb if they are to qualify for for the quarter-finals.

Barbados PM David Thompson dies at age 48

The Prime Minister of Barbados, David John Howard Thompson, died of cancer early in the morning of October 23, at the age of 48.

Caribbean Games kick off in Puerto Rico after storm delay

Mayaguez - A storm driven twister slammed into the stadium in the western town of Mayaguez hours before the CACSO games were due to begin. It tore down a lighting tower, smashing cars and injuring five people delaying the opening ceremonies of the games by a day.

New top-10 list ranks countries on extent of ecological damage

Adelaide - The USA, China and Australia all share one thing in common today -- they have been found to be three of the top-ten most environmentally destructive countries in the world.

Nations Around the World Observe World Water Day

The United Nations observe World Water Day March 22 with many countries participating in its campaign to create awareness among the people on the importance of water conservation and its impact on our environment.

Mike Tyson's ex-Wife Speaks about Rihanna and Domestic Violence

The ex-wife of former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson advised Actress-Singer Rihanna to 'get out now' amid reports that the popular singer and Chris Brown are back in each other's arms after the two figured in a domestic violence controversy

Rihanna Seeks the Sun, Chris Brown May Get an Extension

Rihanna and Chris Brown, the famous singing couple, are keeping their distance from each other these days, as the police continue to sort out exactly what happened to leave her battered, during their nasty altercation on February 9th.

UNICEF Brings Relief to Hurricane-ravaged Caribbean

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) staff in Cuba are rushing to provide clean water and sanitation to the areas hardest hit this week by Hurricane Ike.
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