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Internet of Things grows, as does cycbersecurity risks

The latest Verizon's State of the Market: Internet of Things report highlights a series of cybersecurity concerns as more and more devices become connected.

Adam Lambert to perform at Point Honors Los Angeles

Los Angeles - On October 7, Grammy-nominated pop singer Adam Lambert will perform at Points Honors Los Angeles at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Microsoft Teams to completely replace Skype for Business

Microsoft has announced it's going all in on its new Teams enterprise chat app. The company will phase out Skype for Business as it steps up its promotion of Teams. The two apps have long overlapped each other and the gap will soon narrow further.

Bing for Business helps companies make sense of their data

Microsoft has announced Bing for Business, a new intelligent search service aimed at enterprise users. It expands the company's consumer-facing Bing search engine with Microsoft Graph integration, letting it deliver organisational results.

Essential Science: World Wide Web reveals protein secrets

What can the structure of the World Wide Web tell scientists about protein structures? Quite a bit according to Ohio State University researchers. The scientists have discovered molecular 'add-ons' that customize key protein interfaces.

Top 10 trends at Milan Fashion Week

Milan - Milan Fashion Week closed on Monday after six marathon days of powerful women, flashy sequins and frequent nods to the past, but near total avoidance of the world's current messy state.

Obama personally warned Zuckberberg over fake news: report

Washington - Former US President Barack Obama personally urged Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to counter the rise of fake news on the social network during a meeting held shortly after last year's election, the Washington Post reported Sunday.

Germany's Free Democrats could be brake on euro reform

Frankfurt - Germany's general election brought the pro-business Free Democratic Party a triumphant return to parliament, but memories of its near-death experience last time will make for tough coalition talks with consequences beyond Germany's borders.

US calls N. Korea nuclear bomb test threat 'shocking'

New Delhi - US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Monday it would be "shocking" irresponsibility for North Korea to carry out its threat to test a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific.

Startup LPP Fusion's device exploits instabilities to fuse atoms

Middlesex - The sun is the closest continuously functioning large-scale fusion reactor, prompting a number of facilities to focus on creating high-pressure and high-temperature plasmas that behave like microcosms of the sun’s core.

Polish president scraps court reform bid as EU issues warning

Brussels - Poland's president on Monday scrapped his bid to give himself more power over the judiciary, as the EU warned that Warsaw still risked unprecedented sanctions over what it calls a threat to the rule of law.

New Microsoft patent hints at a future without the keyboard

Microsoft has been granted a patent for an input device that could offer a future alternative to the keyboard. The company has envisioned a future where gestures and tracking could be used to create a keyboard in any environment.

'Ball in EU's court' as Boris Johnson gets ping-pong present

Prague - Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Monday received a toy table-tennis set from his Czech counterpart, a gift intended as a reflection of his country's back-and-forth talks with the EU.

High hopes for Australian bid to breed panda cubs

Sydney - A giant panda couple struggling to produce cubs in an Australian zoo have been given a helping hand by vets who hope to overcome the bears' notorious breeding difficulties with three artificial inseminations.

Catalonia's frustrated dream: to tax and spend like Basques

Madrid - Spain's refusal to extend the tax-and-spend privileges enjoyed by the wealthy Basque region, which collects its own taxes and spends the money as it pleases, has fuelled the rise of separatism in Catalonia, experts and commentators say.

EU to turn screw on Poland over rule of law

Brussels - The EU will assess on Monday whether there is backing for unprecedented sanctions against Poland's rightwing government over fears its court reforms threaten the rule of law.

Is it far-right? Germany's AfD sparks debate

Berlin - The Alternative for Germany, which sparked a political earthquake after becoming the first openly anti-immigration and Islamophobic party to win dozens of seats in parliament, has unleashed a debate on whether it can be called "far-right".

Macron's EU reforms could be tough sell for Merkel

Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron's grand Europe plan could be stymied by Angela Merkel's disappointing election score, with the liberal party tipped to join her coalition rejecting his proposals for radical eurozone reform.

Hurricane Maria tested the mettle of NOAA's GOES-16 satellite

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has proven to be active and deadly. Powerful hurricanes, like Harvey, Irma and Maria are also providing a testing ground for new tools that scientists hope will save lives by improving forecasting.

Deloitte admits to data breach caused by unsecured email account

Deloitte has confirmed a data breach allowed attackers to steal confidential client emails. The incident went unnoticed for months and only became public knowledge after a Guardian report today. It was caused by a basic email security lapse.
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