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Op-Ed: Chinese fusion reactor hits 100 million degrees

Beijing - China has achieved a true milestone by attaining a temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius. This is an unparalleled temperature, and over seven times the estimated temperature of the sun’s core. This is a game breaker, not just a game changer.

'Super-Earth' discovered orbiting Sun's nearest star

Paris - A "super-Earth" has been discovered orbiting the closest single star to our Sun, scientists said Wednesday in a breakthrough that could shine a light on Earth's nearest planetary neighbours.

Marijuana stocks plunge after Canopy Growth, Tilray report losses

Shares of two of Canada's top cannabis producers, Canopy Growth and Tilray, took a hit in early market trading on Wednesday after posting quarterly net losses.

Review: Actress and singer Jill Hennessy soars on 'I Do' album Special

Digital Journal reviewed "I Do," the album from actress and singer-songwriter Jill Hennessy ("Crossing Jordan" and "Law & Order").

Pro-govt forces halt Yemen port offensive as UAE backs talks

Hodeida - Forces loyal to Yemen's government on Wednesday halted an offensive on the lifeline port of Hodeida as the United Arab Emirates, a key member of the pro-government coalition, threw its weight behind "early" UN peace talks.

Bitcoin suffers big drop of more than $800 dollars over today

The long expected big move in the Bitcoin(BTC) price came today as over the day the price dropped by over $800 dollars from over $6,200 to as low as $5,390 on CoinDesk. Bitcoin had been trading in a narrow range without any large moves for some time.

Alberta's carbon tax and higher solar rebates under attack

Solar power in Alberta has grown by 500 percent since 2015, and the province has announced it is increasing rebates for both homeowners and non-profits, as well as putting more money towards solar energy programs. But will this last?

Chatting with Allison Schmitt: Eight-time Olympic medalist Special

Eight-time Olympic medalist and American swimmer Allison Schmitt chatted with Digital Journal about her swimming career, the impact of technology on the sport, and her plans for the future.

Texas prepares to execute Mexican man despite protests

Washington - The state of Texas was preparing Wednesday to execute a Mexican man sentenced to death in 1993, despite objections from human rights groups.

US could lose in war with China or Russia, panel warns

Washington - The United States is facing a national security and military crisis and could lose in a war against Russia or China, a bipartisan congressional panel warned in a report Wednesday.

Dutch activists lose bid to ban blackface Christmas character

Den Haag - A Dutch court Wednesday slapped down a bid by an anti-discrimination group to ban the "racist characteristics" of a traditional Christmas-time blackface character, whose appearance sparks a yearly controversy.

Brief absence from social media leads to withdrawal symptoms

Psychologists have been examining patterns of social media use and the effects on people who suddenly stop using on-line platforms. The research has revealed addiction-like behavior after time away from social media.

C.American caravan gains speed, first migrants cross border

Tijuana - Hundreds of Central Americans arrived at the United States's southern border Wednesday, defying visiting US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, as the rest of a migrant caravan dramatically accelerated its pace to join them.

Costa Rica's Alvarado urges global push to end Nicaragua crisis

Paris - Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado called Wednesday for a multinational effort to help end the political crisis gripping neighbouring Nicaragua, a conflict which risks destabilising other Latin American nations.

Aidan Park talks about comedy show, technology and Margaret Cho Special

Comedian Aidan Park chatted with Digital Journal about his comedy show, his plans for the future, and the digital transformation of the entertainment industry.

Good oral health can prevent diabetes

A new campaign has been launched to assist with World Diabetes Day, focused on dental health. The campaign is being run by Sunstar and the European Federation of Periodontology, and it is called the 'Perio & Diabetes' Campaign.

Main points of the draft Brexit agreement

Fpo - The European Union has published the 585-page draft Brexit deal aimed at ensuring a smooth divorce next March and outlining a transition period for both sides to adjust to the break.

'The people have spoken,' Calgary will not host 2026 Olympics

Calgary - Calgary’s bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympics was rebuffed on Tuesday when 56.4 percent of local voters said “no” in a nonbinding referendum.

Israeli defence minister quits: What you need to know

Jerusalem - Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman announced his resignation on Wednesday, leaving the future of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government uncertain. Here is where the situation stands:Why did Lieberman resign?

Ukraine separatist leader vows closer Russia ties after polls

Donezk - The newly elected leader of a self-proclaimed republic in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday promised closer ties to Moscow following polls denounced by Kiev and the West as a sham.
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