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Court order shuts down WhatsApp in Brazil, again

S - Irate Brazilians found themselves without the popular WhatsApp smartphone messaging application for the second time in six months Monday, after a court blocked the service for 72 hours.

NBA Trade Rumors: Blake Griffin to Boston Celtics?

Boston - Injuries have cost the LA Clippers any chance they had of winning an NBA Championship this season and, with the off-court issues this franchise has suffered through over the last couple of years, big changes could take place this summer.

2016 NHL Mock Draft: Toronto Maple Leafs officially on the clock

Toronto - The NHL Draft lottery is over and Toronto has won the rights to the first overall selection in June. The Maple Leafs haven't had a true number one center since Mats Sundin left the team a few years back.

'Dark Souls' comes to an end: 3rd installment is its last

FromSoftware's director Miyazaki recently announced that the third installment in the Dark Souls popular franchise will be the last one, at least for now. The release of two additional DLC packs has been confirmed in late 2016 and early 2017.

Nearly 2 million sign on for Maduro recall: opposition

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition presented reams of signatures to election authorities Monday calling for a referendum to remove President Nicolas Maduro, whom it blames for the country's crushing economic crisis.

Alberta volunteer firefighter facing 18 counts of arson

Mayerthorpe - The town of Mayerthorpe is reeling after a 19-year-old firefighter and son of a former mayor was charged with 18 counts of arson including one for the CN trestle bridge fire.

Where they are now? Key players in the bin Laden raid

Islamabad - Five years ago, United States special forces shot and killed Osama bin Laden, ending a manhunt that began in earnest after his Al-Qaeda operatives hijacked planes and flew them into buildings in New York and Washington in September 2001.

Toddlers in U.S. have shot at least 23 people since January 1

The number of shooting incidents in which toddlers have shot themselves or others has increased by 30 percent since the first of the year, a disturbing trend that has sadly, become commonplace in our society.

Trump looks to smother Cruz as Indiana votes Tuesday

Washington - Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz made last-minute appeals to Indiana voters Monday, as the billionaire looks to crush his rival for the White House nomination and pivot towards presumptive Democratic standard-bearer Hillary Clinton.

Scientists discover three 'potentially habitable' planets

Paris - An international team of scientists said Monday they had discovered a trio of Earth-like planets that are the best bet so far for finding life outside our solar system.

Review: Cheerleading is pain and personal struggle in 'Cheer Up' Special

Finland's worst cheerleading team, located in the Arctic circle, try really hard but never win competitions. Years of inspirational sports films seem to dictate where this documentary should end, but that's not the story at all.

EU set to extend Schengen border controls

Brussels - The EU is set this week to allow countries to extend border controls in the passport-free Schengen area as a result of the migrant crisis and recent terror attacks following a request by five countries, European sources said Monday.

Australian Craig Wright says he created Bitcoin

London - Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright on Monday identified himself as the creator of Bitcoin following years of speculation about who invented the pioneering digital currency.

Op-Ed: Boycotting member of Libyan PC demands Tobruk govt vote on GNA

Tobruk - Omar Aswad, a boycotting member of the Presidency Council, is demanding that president and speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) arrange a "transparent" session of the HOR to debate the issue of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

Norway to send 60 soldiers to train Syrians fighting IS

Oslo - Norway announced Monday that it would deploy 60 soldiers to train Syrians fighting the Islamic State (IS) group, boosting its involvement in the international coalition against the jihadists.

World Jewish Congress slams YouTube over neo-Nazi videos

Berlin - The World Jewish Congress on Monday accused the German unit of YouTube of failing to stop neo-Nazis from using the online video channel to distribute thousands of anti-Semitic tracks.

Venezuela opposition presents signatures for Maduro recall

Caracas - Venezuela's opposition presented 1.85 million signatures to election authorities Monday calling for a referendum to remove President Nicolas Maduro, a spokesman said.

Ukraine's tense Odessa marks two years since clashes killed 48

Odessa - Ukrainian police in the tense southern city of Odessa on Monday discovered grenades near the site of commemorations marking two years since clashes between Moscow and Kiev supporters killed 48.

Archaeologists may have solved mystery of Peru's 'band of holes'

A strange-looking construction in the Pisco Valley on the Nazca Plateau in Peru was documented by aerial photography in 1933. No one has ever been able to figure out what the 5,000 or so strange looking holes could possibly be, until now.

LG unveils a fingerprint sensor that hides beneath a glass screen

LG subsidiary LG Innotek has developed a new fingerprint sensor that doesn’t need its own button to be operated. The sensor can be placed directly under a sheet of glass, opening the door to smartphones that unlock when you touch the display.
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