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Review: 'Guardians Team-Up #3' confusing unless you read X-Men crossover

Ronan the Accuser pays the price for disobeying the Kree's Supreme Intelligence to save Hala in the latest issue of "Guardians Team-Up."

Indian mission digitizes 3 million ancient manuscripts

India's National Mission for Manuscripts (NMM) has digitized over 3 million ancient manuscripts and 18.5 million pages in the 12 years since its inception.

Review: 'Star Wars — Princess Leia #2' shows that Leia has the 'chops'

Princess Leia shows that she is not a pushover in the Marvel Comics' "Star Wars: Princess Leia #2." The journey slowly gets interesting as Leia is in a race against time.

Statue of Buddha's death discovered in Pakistan

Peshawar - Archaeologists in Pakistan have unearthed the largest statue ever found at the site of Takshashila, the ancient university, depicting the the death of Buddha.

The enduring literary legacy of 'Don Quixote' writer Cervantes

Madrid - Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes, who died in 1616 and whose apparent remains were identified Tuesday, is considered the father of the modern novel, with his "Don Quixote" often listed as one of the world's greatest works of fiction.

Swedish cartoonist draws Prophet Muhammad as a dog, wins award

Cartoonist, Lars Vilks, drew Prophet Muhammad as a dog in 2007, causing Denmark to become the terrorists' map of "preferred targets." Becoming fearful for his life, he lives under heavy guard in Sweden. For this, he has won a prize for courage.

Review: 'Ms. Marvel #13' is loaded with many interesting surprises

Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel, struggles with juggling her superhero and personal lives. She ultimately learns that there are powerful malignant Inhumans waiting to strike.

Author Terry Pratchett dead at 66

British fantasy author Terry Pratchett, famed for his Discworld novels, has died aged 66, following a long battle with Alzheimer's disease.

Dreaming big for little people Special

Shona Hammond Boys has been instrumental in popularising the concept of children’s Art Houses across the globe. Now a “viral movement on a roll," the official website has received over 4,000,000 visits.

Review: 'Star Wars — Princess Leia #1' is all about the 'girl power'

Leia learns how to be more than just a mere "symbol" for the Rebellion when she joins a new heroine, Evaan, on a journey to locate the surviving citizens of Alderaan. Her story takes place after "Star Wars: A New Hope."

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Top News: Arts
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