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At least five dead in Pennsylvania shooting spree

Five confirmed dead in a shooting spree that took place in four separate locations. Reports coming in say at least five have been confirmed dead. Authorities say death toll is likely to rise.

Ukrainian ambassador to Canada asks country to help fight Russia

Ukraine's ambassador to Canada, Vadym Prystaiko, asked Canada and her allies on Thursday to help his country fight Russia, even including troops as a part of the aid. Mr. Prystaiko made the remarks to the Canadian newspaper, 'The Ottawa Citizen.'

Studies find that empowering locals helps save the environment

Multiple studies have covered what happens when locals support their own environment instead of the government. According to these reports efficient, stable communities can protect the environment better than the big agencies.

Divers take a plunge with an ocean giant: the Goliath grouper

Miami - At first glance, an adult goliath grouper can appear intimidating. Equipped with a capacious Edward G. Robinson-esque lower jaw and weighing as much as 360 kg, or 793 pounds, encountering one while you're diving or snorkeling can give you pause.

Luis Suarez kicked out of World Cup, banned 4 months for bite

FIFA has kicked Luis Suarez out of the World Cup, banning him 4 months from soccer/football related activity for his bite on Italian Giorgio Chiellini. FIFA also said Suarez was fined $100,000 Swiss francs (U.S.$120,000).

Op-Ed: The Monaco Grand Prix's big appeal

Monaco-ville - Every year, the world's fastest drivers gather for the most luxurious fixture in the Formula One calendar beneath the Rock of Monaco: the Monaco Grand Prix. Spectators have fun in the French Riviera at one of the most historic automobile races.

Family's pet cat rescues 4-year-old boy from vicious dog attack

A family in Bakersfield, Calif. is pretty darn happy they decided to get a pet cat. Tara the Cat came in handy recently when she rushed to the rescue of their 4-year-old son, who was being attacked, viciously, by a dog passing their home.

Deep-sea sub 'Nereus' implodes 10 km underwater, lost forever

One of the world's most useful, and most advanced technologically, deep-sea unmanned submersibles, the Nereus, is lost. Built in 2008, the $8 million U.S. sub had been a well-used and valuable addition to underwater exploration.

Chikungunya virus gallops across Caribbean; may hit United States

Oranjestad - Chikungunya virus is spread by mosquitoes and has been galloping across the Caribbean. Experts say that it's likely to hit the U.S.

U.S. Supreme Court case expands political clout of wealthy elite

On April 2, 2014 the U.S. Supreme Court overruled a 40-year-old decision upholding the legality of limits to the overall amount a single person can donate to candidates, political parties, and committees.

Op-Ed: Why Manny Pacquiao will dethrone Timothy Bradley on April 12

Manny Pacquiao will try make history in Timothy Bradley's storybook when they face each other in the ring in a rematch at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada if he can dethrone Bradley on April 12.

Op-Ed: ‘Mrs Clegg’ in the news

Basildon - The wife of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was in the news yesterday on her own account as the Lord Rennard fiasco continues.

Review: Stefan Molyneux on Martin Luther King

Last week, the Canadian Libertarian gave us his thoughts on Karl Marx. This week he turns to Martin Luther King, and shatters a few images in the process.

Man goes to bed after fight, sleeps, unaware he has knife in back

A man in Trenton, New Jersey got into a fight with a stranger on his own porch last night and then went inside to bed. He woke-up 10 hours later feeling odd. Turns out he'd been knifed in the fight and the 5-inch knife was still stuck in his back.

Former staff of Toronto mayor spoken to by cops re: crack video

Toronto - Five former members of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's staff have been questioned by police about Ford's attempts to obtain a video in which he allegedly smokes crack cocaine. Patrick White of the Globe said the information comes from connected "sources."

Zimmerman juror tells Anderson Cooper jury's first vote was split

A member of the six-woman jury in George Zimmerman's trial, juror B-37, told CNN's Anderson Cooper Monday that the decision to acquit Zimmerman almost didn't happen. She said that when they first voted they were split.

The Komera Project's run for girls in Rwanda now a global affair Special

An annual run in Rwanda to benefit young girls and women is expanding to a global affair this year. The run is part of The Komera Project, a movement that awards scholarships to young women in that country.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield sings 'Space Oddity' in space

After 5 months commanding the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has proven three things: 1) he's a good scientist and spaceman; 2) he's got character and 3) he's also a pretty darn good singer and musician.

Canadian study finds Tylenol reduces fear and anxiety in brain

A study from the UBC in Vancouver has found there may be another use for the common headache and pain tablet Tylenol - reducing existential pain, or fear and loathing. The study found those who took it over a placebo coped better in the face of anxiety.

Review: OZ, the movie, is great and powerful but what's with that makeup?

Oz The Great and Powerful has taken over box offices around the globe by storm. But after the transformations am I the only one thinking what's with Mila Kunis's makeup?
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