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Trump suggests if you don't like your government, don't pay taxes

In Monday night's presidential debate Donald Trump seemed to admit that he does not pay federal income tax and stated the reason he doesn't is because he does not like how the U.S. government spends tax dollars. It's not the first time he's said that.

Op-Ed: Donald Trump loses debate, beaten badly by Clinton and himself

There's no standard that exists upon our beloved planet, or none that contains the notion of reason, to apply by which Donald Trump won the first presidential debate. But does poor debating skills mean he can't win the presidency?

Houston shooting not terror related, gunman 'disgruntled' lawyer

Houston - A gunman at a strip mall in Houston wounded nine, one critically, and was shot dead by police early this morning. The city's mayor said the shooting was the work of 'disgruntled' lawyer and officials said it was not connected to terrorism.

Chinese baby is born with 15 fingers, 16 toes — but no thumbs

It's a condition that is rare but there is surgery to solve the problem of having extra digits. A baby in China has a lot of extra digits, 11 of them in fact, and yet neither of the infant's palms has a thumb.

Op-Ed: Donald Trump says he's still a birther but focusing on campaign

Remember that song by The Clash about indecision: 'Should I stay or should I go'? That seems to be the issue for Donald Trump when it comes to that whacky birther movement. Stay or go? In or out? Well, it seems the Donald remains all in.

Men pulled from crevasse on Australia's Uluru

Sydney - Three young men stuck in a crevasse on Australian tourist attraction Uluru, the world's largest monolith, have been rescued after a challenging hours-long operation that stretched late into the night, authorities said Tuesday.

New York bombing suspect in custody, 2 police hurt in gun fight

New York - An immigrant man wanted in connection to a series of bomb explosions over the weekend in New Jersey and New York was taken into custody Monday after a gun-battle with police. The man and two officers were injured.

Handcuffed Indiana suspect manages to steal police car and escape

You can't keep a good man down, or in this case you can't keep a handcuffed robbery suspect in the back seat of your police car unattended. Why? Well, .he just might find a way to steal the cruiser and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Australian in 'burkini' made to leave French beach: media

Sydney - An Australian Muslim woman who wore a burkini to a French beach said she was asked to leave despite a ban on the controversial full-bodied swimsuit recently being overturned.

Orphaned baby koala finds fluffy toy friend

Sydney - An orphaned baby koala in Australia has found solace cuddling a fluffy toy marsupial in the absence of his mother as he recovers from the trauma of her death.

Desperate writer runs in burning house, saves unpublished novels

Writing a novel is a labor of love that takes a huge commitment so anyone who's ever tried knows why Gideon Hodge did what he did. Hodge's house caught fire and was ablaze, but after rushing to the scene he did the unthinkable — he ran inside.

Trump attacks press again: Threatens to sue NY Times, name-calls

It happens that politicians do not like the coverage they get but they do not often call respected publications scum or disgusting. And they don't often sue or threaten to sue them. But Donald Trump often does and he's at it again.

In effort to fight public 'pee-ers' new coating sprays urine back

People urinating on public buildings - let's be honest, it's almost always men — are leaving behind more than their urine. That's unpleasant enough but there's also the issue of smell. Well, there may be something to be done about it.

Op-Ed: The Clinton Foundation and the lies the right tells about it

There is a lot of misinformation coming from the right on the Clinton Foundation. They wrongly claim that only a small percentage of its funds get to charities. Their mistake is not knowing what a public charity is, either that or they're simply lying.

Former secretary of state Powell, not Clinton, in real email flap

While much of the brouhaha in the U.S. has been about Hillary Clinton using her own private email server while secretary of state, it's another former secretary of state, Colin Powell, having problems with compromised email. And he's having them now.

At last Trump admits Obama born in U.S. — then starts Clinton lie

There has been some bizarre turns of events in the U.S. election. Like Donald Trump mocking a disabled reporter and boasting about the size of his penis. Or a sick Hillary Clinton stumbling into the back seat of a van. There's plenty more.

Battling superbugs with star-shaped polymers

Small polymers, of star-shape formation, have been proven to be effective at killing a range of bacteria. This includes bacteria that are antibiotic resistant. These polymers are formed from proteins.

Colin Powell email calls Donald Trump 'national disgrace,' racist

A series of emails from the former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell have been leaked and some include the Republican calling Donald Trump some rather nasty names. In one email Powell calls Trump a "national disgrace."

8th Annual World Naked Bike Ride takes off in Philadelphia

The weather is starting to turn but it was a warm day in Philadelphia on Sunday, September 10 for the city's 8th Annual Philly Naked Bike Ride (PNBR). More than 3,000 riders exposed themselves to the 'bare as you dare' event.

US 'surprised' at Chinese influence-buying in Australia

Sydney - The US envoy to Canberra has raised concerns about China buying political influence in Australia, after a raft of revelations over Beijing's financial support for influential figures.
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