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2016 NBA Draft: Aussie playmaker joins Sixers as top pick

A six-foot-nine, 19-year-old Australian playing for the Louisiana State University Tigers has topped this year’s National Basketball Association draft.

Jury rules Led Zeppelin did not steal riff for Stairway to Heaven

After deliberating into a second day a jury in Los Angeles has ruled that Led Zeppelin did not steal a riff to help write their rock classic 'Stairway to Heaven.' The trial featured testimony — often humorous — from Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.

German police kill gunman but hostages survive, motive unknown

A gunman is dead but no one inside the German movie complex in which he fired his weapon Thursday was killed. There are reports of two dozen or more injuries but those injuries are related to police-fired tear gas, officials said.

Australian dad who raped and pimped daughter jailed

Sydney - An Australian who repeatedly raped his daughter and organised for strangers to abuse her while he watched was jailed Thursday for 22-and-a-half years, telling police "it was fun while it lasted".

Debris found in Australia 'not from missing flight MH370'

Sydney - A piece of debris that washed up on an island off Australia's south coast was not from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, officials said Wednesday as they confirmed there are no plans to extend the underwater search for the plane.

Lower fat chocolate? Now possible thanks to U.S. researchers

Anybody out there like chocolate at all? Anybody maybe LOVE chocolate? In case anybody does and worries its fat content is a trifle high, some physicists have come to the rescue by inventing a way to make chocolate with a lower-fat content.

X-Files' Gillian Anderson asks SeaWorld to release orca whales

Gillian Anderson, who rose to fame in the 90s TV series 'The X-Files,' has again spoken out in defence of the orca whales, also known as killer whales, that remain in captivity at SeaWorld. She wants them released to a coastal sanctuary.

Australian defence recruits forced to rape each other: Inquiry

Sydney - Teenage recruits into the Australian military were forced to rape each other, often as part of brutal initiation practices, a public inquiry into child sex abuse heard Tuesday.

Great Barrier Reef bleaching could cost a million tourists

Sydney - Severe coral bleaching on Australia's Great Barrier Reef could cost it more than a million visitors a year and huge sums in lost tourism revenue, a survey said Tuesday.

Australia urges Rio security boost after Paralympian robbed

Sydney - Australian Olympic chiefs Tuesday demanded Rio Games organisers immediately improve security after a decorated Paralympian and her physiotherapist were robbed at gunpoint, underlining a crime wave sweeping the city.

Op-Ed: Bob Arum compares Lomachenko to Manny Pacquiao - and Muhammad Ali

Bob Arum is getting close to his 85th birthday so perhaps we should excuse him if he embraces hyperbole a little more than even boxing promoters normally do. But comparing a rising fighter, relatively untested professionally, to Muhammad Ali?

Proposed Montreal pit bull ban would not have saved woman's life

The mayor of Montreal told media today his city is working toward having a ban of pit bulls in place by September. However, the proposed ban is not an outright ban and would not have saved the life of a woman recently killed by a pit bull.

Bob Arum says Lomachenko comparable, maybe better, than Pacquiao

When boxing promoter Bob Arum talks about the sport he loves people tend to listen. The Top Rank promoter continues to represent fighters that win and he thinks a newly crowned champion he has ranks up there with perhaps his greatest boxer.

The Times in U.K. supports decriminalizing illegal drugs

The U.K's Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) recently published a paper advocating the decriminalization of all illegal drugs in Britain and the society has an influential backer. The Times newspaper agrees and has published a piece saying as much.

Man who shot British MP Jo Cox a neo-Nazi, shouts 'Britain First'

The man who shot British MP Jo Cox at least three times before stabbing her shouted "Britain First" during his vicious assault. It is also being reported the alleged killer is a long-time member of an American neo-Nazi group.

Magnets could pull oil from water to protect wildlife

Scientists are examining a novel way to address oil spills, and to protect marine wildlife, through the use of magnets. The idea is to use magnets to draw the oil away from key zones.

Australian cattle 'sledgehammered' in Vietnam abattoirs

Sydney - Vietnamese abattoir workers have been filmed using sledgehammers to bludgeon Australian cattle, activists said Thursday, prompting some exporters to stop supplying livestock to some slaughterhouses in the southeast Asian nation.

Apple CEO gives shout-out to 9-year-old Aussie girl at WWDC show

Melbourne - Tech geniuses from around the world have descended on San Francisco, Calif. for Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The youngest attendee is a nine-year-old Australian girl, Anvitha Vijay.

Anthropogenic global warming causes first mammal extinction

Human-caused global warming appears to have caused the only mammal species endemic to the Great Barrier Reef to become extinct. We can say goodbye to the Bramble Cay melomys.

Australian vigils for gay community after U.S. massacre

Sydney - The Sydney Harbour Bridge was lit with the colours of the rainbow on Monday as hundreds of Australians gathered to stand in solidarity with the global gay community after the worst mass shooting in modern US history.
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