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China’s Great Green Wall combats pollution, global tree loss

Beijing - China is managing its pollution problem with planting massive numbers of new trees. The Great Wall of Trees includes real, measurable achievements in terms of carbon uptake.

Celebrities urge Australia PM to do more to save execution pair

Sydney - Celebrities including Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush released a video Tuesday urging Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to fly to Indonesia to help save two citizens facing execution, forcing the government to defend its tactics.

Prospects for Australia's biggest coal mine in doubt

India-based Adani Mining still wants to build the largest coal-mining operation ever seen in Australia. But the latest to come out of the proceedings going on in the Land Court of Queensland are telling another story.

Op-Ed: Is Jade Helm a training operation to impose U.S. martial law?

In video footage recently released American military is seen training to escort civilians to FEMA camps and initiate martial law. Is there more to the Jade Helm training operation than authorities are telling us?

Manatee attack! Girl's great reaction when sea cow swims near her

A manatee is a big sea cow, a slow to move, harmless fish. There are lots in Florida waters in the spring as they move from freshwater into the warming ocean. A young girl in Florida meet one and had quite a time. Screaming.

Teen becomes sensation after carrying home elderly man's shopping

Horwich - A teenage worker at the Aldi supermarket has become a worldwide Internet sensation after walking an elderly man and his shopping home.

Thousands beg Australia not to deport autistic Filipino boy

Sydney - A 10-year-old autistic Filipino boy made an emotional plea Monday for permission to stay in Australia, as tens of thousands called for him not to be deported despite the potential cost of his condition.

Australia concern over doctor in IS video

Sydney - Australia Monday said it was deeply concerned about an Australian-trained doctor who appears in an Islamic State propaganda video which urges other medical professionals to join the jihadists.

Halt Indonesia drug executions until graft claims probed: Australia

Sydney - Australia urged Indonesia Monday to delay the execution of two men for drug offences until a corruption probe into their case is complete, after a report that judges sought tens of thousands of dollars in bribes.

World Naked Bike Ride grows as riders bare down on convention

The World Naked Bike ride just keeps getting more cheeky. The world-wide event, held at different times of the year depending on a city's weather zone - naturally, warmth is welcome - has added more cites this year, with the promise of more on the way.

Asian countries search for citizens stranded by Nepal quake

Sydney - Asian countries were scrambling on Sunday to locate thousands of their nationals stranded in Nepal after a huge earthquake devastated the Himalayan nation, severing communications and transport links.

Abandoned puppies found in sealed box, 100 degree Tennessee heat

A woman found a sealed cardboard box outside a Tennessee Goodwill donation site in Chattanooga and when she opened it was shocked to find 3 malnourished puppies, covered in urine with no food or water. The temperature? Over 100 degrees.

Australian man's leg bitten off in shark attack, fights for life

A 26-year-old Australian man who was surfing in Port Lincoln national park is now fighting for his life after a shark attack. His injuries, including having a leg bitten off, are life-threatening and he's been airlifted to a hospital in Adelaide.

Australia says executions of two nationals in Indonesia 'imminent'

Sydney - The Australian government on Saturday said it has been told by Indonesia that the execution of "Bali Nine" drug traffickers Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan was "imminent".

3700 dead: Death toll rising in massive 7.9 Nepal earthquake

A massive earthquake that hit 50 miles from Kathmandu, Nepal just before noon on Saturday has the country in chaos. As of now the death toll is now more than 3700, and counting.

Justin Bieber lawsuit with Miami paparazzi settled, more on way

A lawyer for Canadian singer Justin Bieber has confirmed the embattled, misbehaving pop star has come to a settlement with a Florida photographer who filed a lawsuit against him. Bieber's lawyer, Jeremiah Reynolds, did not release the details.

Some German theaters are boycotting Avengers: Age of Ultron

Theaters have pulled the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, before its release. It is said the boycott is to send a message to Disney regarding oppressive business practices.

Woolly Bully: Scientists can now de-extinct the woolly mammoth

The entire genome of the extinct woolly mammoth has now been sequenced and for the first time science has a blueprint, a step-by-step guide or manual, on how to assemble one. There are no plans to do so — yet.

Japan ousted by world body over bloody Taiji dolphin hunt

Taiji - Responding to pressure from conservationists, the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) has suspended its Japanese member because it is involved in the controversial dolphin hunts that take place each year in Taiji.

Police out in force for Anzac ceremonies in Australia

Sydney - Police Friday vowed a heavy security presence as Australia prepares to honour its war dead at Anzac Day commemorations a week after an alleged terror plot was foiled.
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