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German woman, 65, gives birth to 4 babies, premature but alive

A 65-year-old German woman gave birth to four babies on Tuesday in Berlin but it didn't go as hoped. The quadruplets all survived but were born premature at 26 weeks. The newborns now make Annegret Raunigk a mother of 17.

Woman runs over husband because he didn't vote, gets 3.5 years

An angry Arizona woman was sentenced Thursday for a crime committed in the days following the 2012 U.S. presidential election. What did she do? She ran her husband over in an SUV because he hadn't bothered to vote.

Vatican high-flyer denies trying to bribe abuse victim

Sydney - Australia's former top Catholic cleric, now Pope Francis' finance chief, on Thursday denied trying to bribe a victim of a paedophile priest to keep quiet as an inquiry heard of horrifying abuse.

Tools 3.3. million years old found in Kenya, oldest on record

A discovery of 3.3-million-year-old crude stone tools in Kenya has archeologists rethinking humankind's past. Hominids (that would be us) were thought to have invented tools 2.6 million years ago so the find raises the stature of an earlier relative.

Australia child sex abuse inquiry told cardinal tried to bribe victim

Sydney - An Australian inquiry into child sex abuse heard Wednesday that the nation's former top Catholic cleric, now Pope Francis' finance chief, tried to bribe a victim of a paedophile priest to keep him quiet.

Cute, colorful jumping spiders can see more colors than humans do

Sometimes surprises come in tiny packages. That's the case with jumping spiders, scientists have found. Scientists know that jumpers have excellent vision. What they didn't know until now is that these little creatures can see more colors than we do.

Kittens used as live bait to train greyhounds: Australian police

Sydney - Two men have been charged in Australia with using kittens as live bait to train greyhounds, following allegations that piglets, rabbits and possums were also used in the sport.

Online gambling site 888 poker looking to grow even larger

Reports have it that the popular online gambling site, 888 Poker, may soon be connected to the Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment gambling site. That's because the parent company of 888 Poker is taking a run at buying up Bwin.Party.

Church says it won't use 'Ellis defense' in sex abuse cases

Ballarat - After conferring with the archbishops of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Francis Sullivan, head of the Catholic Church's Truth, Justice and Healing Council, reiterated their pledge to keep the Ellis defense in the past and not the present or future.

Flu-related deaths in Alberta for 2014-15 season a record 103

The 2014-15 flu season took a terrible toll in Alberta as the number of deaths reached over 100 for the first time in the province's history. Overall Canada had more flu deaths than it has had in several flu seasons.

Ireland may become first to legalize gay marriage by popular vote

Ireland surely is not the country many, if any, would have picked to become the first to legalize gay marriage by a popular vote. Catholic and conservative Ireland? But that is the way things could shake down as the Irish vote on Friday to do just that.

Australian town caught up in curious 'spider rain' phenomenon

Goulburn - Millions of tiny spiders began raining down on a town in New South Wales, Australia a few days ago, almost blotting out the sun and covering everything with their mounds of silken parachutes. Residents didn't know what to think of the "spider rain."

Endangered rhinos in Nepal making comeback, army fights poachers

The last decade has been a good one for the one-horned rhinoceros in Nepal. Down to just 375 in the entire country by 2005, their numbers have been steadily climbing thanks to anti-poaching measures that involve soldiers.

Judge's son to avoid jail time despite child porn conviction

Sydney - A man convicted of collecting a cache of child abuse, and the son of a prominent Australian legal family is likely to avoid jail time following a guilty plea to possessing child pornography.

Monkey believed extinct alive; first photo of red colobus monkey

An African monkey that has been extinct — or thought to be extinct — since the 1970s has been found to still exist. Not only that but two explorers have taken the very first pictures of it.

Op-Ed: U.S., China, Japan and the island dispute — U.S. deploys B1s

Sydney - The continuing escalation of the issues raised by China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea has increased the likelihood of some sort of conflict in future. China’s construction of artificial islands in the area has infuriated neighbors.

Johnny Depp's dogs fly out of Australia after quarantine wrangle

Sydney - Johnny Depp's pet dogs Pistol and Boo flew out of Australia late Friday to escape threats to put them down, after a complex and often comical quarantine wrangle.

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler releases his first country song

There is mellowing as you get older and then there is Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler. Tyler, formerly of the bad lifestyle and the very epitome of rock-and-roll singers, has released a country song. A country song?

Study says Canadians have a shorter attention span than goldfish

I am Canadian so take umbrage at the newly-released Microsoft study that found us Canucks have a shorter attention span than...hi. Um. Yes. Shorter attention span than goldfish. Goldfish can focus for nine seconds, one full second more than Canadians.

Op-Ed: Depp in doghouse over smuggled terriers in Australia

Sydney - Johnny Depp allegedly breached Australian quarantine laws by bringing in two terriers, his dogs Pistol and Boo. So far, in a reign of terror, (terrier?) they’ve attacked a tennis ball and got about as much coverage as the Federal budget.
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