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Rare white whale 'Migaloo' sighted off Australia

Sydney - An extremely rare white humpback whale was Tuesday spotted off the Australian coast as he migrates towards warmer tropical waters to mate.

Laughing gas mix-up kills baby in Australia

Sydney - A newborn baby has died after being given "laughing gas" instead of oxygen in a tragic mix-up at an Australian hospital which left another infant severely disabled, authorities said Tuesday.

Australia probes 'shocking' youth detention abuse

Sydney - The Australian government ordered an inquiry Tuesday after graphic evidence emerged of prison guards assaulting teenage boys, with one shown hooded and shackled in scenes likened to Guantanamo Bay.

Body unnoticed in Australian fast-food outlet 'for three days'

Sydney - Police are investigating how a man's body lay undiscovered for up to three days in the toilet of an Australian fast-food restaurant, according to media reports.

Searchers see end to two-year hunt for Malaysia Airlines MH370

Putrajaya - Countries still looking for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 with little success may be getting ready to call off the search.

Russian breaks round-the-world hot air balloon record

Sydney - Russian adventurer Fedor Konyukhov on Saturday broke the record for the fastest round-the-world flight in a hot air balloon, his crew said.

'No terror link' in Australia police station scare

Sydney - Terror links were Friday ruled out after a man set his car alight and rammed it into a police station in Australia, as officials vowed to review security after the scare.

United States, Australia a 'united front' in Pacific: Biden

Sydney - US and Australian troops plan to step up training so they are "fully prepared" to answer challenges in the Pacific, US Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday amid rising tensions over Beijing's claims in the South China Sea.

Turnbull sworn in as Australia's PM

Canberra - Malcolm Turnbull was sworn in for another term as Australia's prime minister Tuesday after a narrow election victory with budget repair and a public vote on same sex marriage among his top priorities.

Large wing piece in Australia to be tested for MH370 link

Sydney - A large piece of aircraft debris, believed to be a wing flap, has arrived in Australia for testing as part of the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, officials said Monday.

Biden condemns 'despicable' Baton Rouge killings

Melbourne - US Vice President Joe Biden on Monday described the shooting deaths of three police officers in the Louisiana capital Baton Rouge as a "despicable act" that was an attack on the American way of life.

Ex-Australia PM Rudd wants top UN job

Sydney - Former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd Monday revealed he wants to succeed Ban Ki-moon as the next UN secretary general, asking Canberra to endorse his nomination.

Son calls police because dad destroys his cannabis plants

Darwin - A man contacted the police in Australia because his father had destroyed the son's small set of cannabis plants. The son was complaining about the destruction of his illicit cultivars.

China must abide by same rules as everyone else: Biden

Sydney - China must abide by the same international rules as everyone else, US Vice President Joe Biden warned after a UN-backed tribunal ruled against Beijing's claims in the South China Sea.

Australia PM 'donated $1 mn' to party's election bid

Sydney - Australia's wealthy Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull reportedly made a large personal donation to the conservative Liberal Party during the recent fiercely fought election in a move ridiculed by the Labor opposition.

Pokemon Go players held at gunpoint in Australia park

Sydney - A couple playing Pokemon Go were threatened at gunpoint in a town park south of Sydney, Australian police said Friday, as they blamed the game for a wave of crimes, traffic violations and complaints.

AIDS epidemic is no longer a public health issue in Australia

Australia's top scientists have declared the end of AIDS as a public health issue. The country now joins a few other countries that have beaten the AIDS epidemic.

Australia govt finally wins majority after fierce election fight

Sydney - Australia's ruling conservatives finally secured a parliamentary majority following a protracted election vote count, projections showed Monday.

Interview: Australian singer/songwriter Kanishk releases debut EP Special

The Indie-folk musician, 22, put out his first solo offering, 'In the Water,' on June 10 after three years spent honing his skills as a songwriter and posting tracks online. He talks to Digital Journal.

Australian mangrove die-off blamed on climate change

Sydney - Thousands of hectares of mangroves in Australia's remote north have died, scientists said Monday, with climate change the likely cause.
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