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BHP, Vale agree to settle Samarco mine disaster claim by June 30

Sydney - Mining giants BHP Billiton and Vale said Thursday they have struck a deal with Brazilian prosecutors to negotiate by June 30 the settlement of a 155 billion reals ($47.5 billion) claim over the fatal Samarco mine collapse.

Mystery remains as MH370 search called off

Sydney - The massive underwater search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was called off Tuesday, leaving unsolved one of the most enduring mysteries of the aviation age.

Op-Ed: Trump major gaffe with China gets ominous response

Sydney - If there is one thing China will never negotiate, it’s the One China policy, which says that Taiwan and China will reunify. Donald Trump’s suggestion that the policy is negotiable has caused an extraordinarily angry reaction in Beijing.

Feral cats now found in all parts of Australia

Feral cats now cover over 99.8 percent of Australia's land areas. New research has examined the numbers of feral cats and considered the ecological impact and the relationship with human society.

Sea Shepherd finds Japanese ship 'with slaughtered whale'

Sydney - A Japanese ship has been caught with a slaughtered whale in the Antarctic in defiance of an international court decision against Tokyo's hunts, activist group Sea Shepherd said Sunday.

Japan's Abe pushes Pacific trade deal in Australia

Sydney - Japan and Australia will work together to ensure the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal comes into force, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Saturday, making no mention of strong US opposition.

PNG failing to fight graft, police abuse: rights group

Sydney - Corruption and police abuse will only end in Papua New Guinea when officials are held accountable for their actions, Human Rights Watch said Friday, accusing the government of failing to protect victims.

Op-Ed: Paris to ‘pedestrianize’ the city centre permanently

Paris - Parisian traffic is famous for its eclectic, almost incomprehensible, irregularities. In a new move Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo is to permanently remove traffic from the city centre.

East Timor and Australia to tear up sea border treaty

Sydney - A contentious maritime border treaty between East Timor and Australia which cuts through lucrative oil and gas fields in the Timor Sea is to be torn up, the two sides said Monday.

Op-Ed: China blasts Trump’s Twitter obsession

Sydney - Seems that while DT’s tweets generate a lot of business for America’s “news media”, China is already tired of it. Official Chinese news outlet Xinhua has a lengthy list of complaints and commentary.

Australia kicks off global New Year party defying terror threat

Sydney - Australia rang in the new year Sunday with a spectacular fireworks display in Sydney, sending rainbow-coloured showers into the night sky and defying the global terror attacks that cast a pall over 2016.Around 1.

Family passion sparks Sydney's spectacular New Year fireworks

Sydney - When Fortunato Foti dreams up his designs for Sydney's dazzling New Year's Eve fireworks display, he's drawing on more than 200 years of pyrotechnics expertise.

Australia nets biggest cocaine bust on record

Sydney - A major cocaine ring has been dismantled in joint operations with Tahiti, Australian police said Thursday, with a record 1.1 tonnes of cocaine worth hundreds of millions of dollars seized.

Orcas found killing and eating beaked whales and sevengill sharks

Killer whales do not tend to trouble humans much but they are ferocious hunter-killers of marine life. Even so, the discovery that orcas kill beaked whales and sevengill sharks has surprised marine biologists.

Muslims in Australian city challenge hateful stereotypes

Hobart - Members of an Islamic group in the Australian city of Hobart, Tasmania, have delivered pamphlets to counter hateful stereotypes.

Christmas Day terror plot foiled in Australia: police

Sydney - A "significant" Islamic State-inspired Christmas Day terror plot targeting central Melbourne with explosives has been foiled after a series of arrests in raids across the city, police said Friday.

Robot gives rare glimpse under Antarctic sea ice

Sydney - An underwater robot has captured a rare glimpse beneath the Antarctic sea ice, revealing a colourful world filled with coconut-shaped sponges, dandelion-like worms, pink algae and spidery starfish.

Exotic to mainstream: Australians wild about unusual pets

Sydney - The proud owner of dingo 'Kimba', James Bornstein, is part of the new wave of Australian exotic pet lovers whose unconventional companions are growing in popularity.

Experts 'highly confident' MH370 not in search zone

Sydney - Missing flight MH370 is almost certainly not in the current search zone in the remote Indian Ocean and may be further north, new analysis showed Tuesday, but authorities indicated the hunt may not be expanded.

Snake disguises itself as tinsel on Australia Christmas tree

Melbourne - It may be trying to disguise itself as tinsel, but look more closely and this is a deadly tiger snake which climbed up a Christmas tree in Australia.
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