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Rise in number of suspected jihadists blocked from leaving Australia

Sydney - The rate at which suspected jihadists are being blocked from departing Australia has doubled in the past year, a report said Sunday, amid a government crackdown of its nationals travelling to Iraq or Syria to fight.

Australia churches to offer sanctuary to asylum-seekers

Sydney - Australian church leaders Thursday said they would offer sanctuary to asylum-seekers facing removal to a remote Pacific camp, vowing to defy the government's harsh immigration rules.

Australian court dismisses challenge to offshore refugee detention

Sydney - Australia's highest court Wednesday opened the way for hundreds of asylum-seekers to be transferred to a remote Pacific outpost, including women allegedly sexually assaulted there, when it dismissed a challenge to a hardline immigration policy.

Australian IS recruiter reported dead

Sydney - Australia's most senior recruiter for the Islamic State group in Syria, who was reportedly linked to an alleged plot to attack Anzac Day commemorations, has been killed, local media said Sunday.

Australian schools evacuated, in lockdown after 'threats'

Sydney - Thousands of students were evacuated from schools in two Australian states Friday following hoax bomb threats, with local media saying they could be linked to similar scares in Europe.

Australia PM sets elections for second half

Melbourne - A confident Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Friday said elections would be held between August and October but, after a period of political turmoil, warned he would not hand out sweeteners for voters.

Chinese ship to join Australia-led search for MH370

Sydney - A Chinese ship is set to join the search for Malaysia Airlines MH370, Australia's deputy prime minister said Friday, as the jet's fate remains a mystery almost two years after it vanished.

Australia raids homes of 'doctor in Islamic State video': reports

Sydney - Police have raided two Melbourne homes in counter-terrorism operations, with reports Friday linking them to an Australian man who appeared in a slick Islamic State propaganda video last year.

Tasmania's world heritage forests in crisis from bushfires

A tragedy of unprecedented magnitude is taking place in Tasmania, Australia as over 80 bush fires, fanned by winds of up to 60 kilometers an hour eat away at world heritage forests, reducing 1,000 year old trees to charred wood.

Canadian sentenced to life for marijuana smuggling in U.S.

Running a marijuana-smuggling operation into the U.S. has left two Canadian men facing a lifetime behind bars. The first was sentenced to life-in-prison earlier this month and now the second will join him.

Toxin found in sea slugs proves to be toxic to cancer cell lines

Sea slugs are small and colorful sea creatures, well-known for containing deadly chemicals that they use on their enemies. Scientists know they slurp up toxins from what they are eating, but a new study found out that sea slugs are selective.

U.S. photographer captures naked women in decaying locations

In a project amied at showing beauty alongside decaying human-made structures, an American photographer filmed naked models in every state of the Union. What is most unusual about the project is the odd locations.

Ninth orca whale calf born to local pods, but another whale dies

There's a stampede of orca whales being born into the 3 southern resident pods of B.C. and Washington State with the latest birth confirmed this week. But the news isn't all good as a distressed mother was seen with her deceased calf.

The Onion sells 40% stake to Univision — Really, it did

The largest Spanish language broadcaster in the United States, Univision, has bought a 40 percent controlling interest in the Onion, the satirical online news magazine. No joke and all kidding aside, it's true, the deal was announced today.

Oldest man in the world no longer — Japanese man dies at 112

A Japanese man believed to have been the oldest man on Earth has died. Yasutaro Koide inherited the title just last July upon the death of a fellow countryman and hands the title to a man from China. Koide died at 112 years, 311 days old.

David Haye scores first round knockout win against Mark de Mori

Former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye made an impressive ring return after close to four years of injury timeout with a stunning knockout win over challenger Mark de Mori of Australia on Saturday at the O2 Arena in London, England.

Heart-warming kangaroo picture wasn't what is seemed

Sydney - This week a photograph of a male kangaroo cradling its dying mate in apparent mourning went viral. Was this simply anthropomorphism? Yes, says a leading biologist and it's just about sex.

Self-harm at Australia detention centres once every two days: Report

Sydney - Self-harm by asylum-seekers being held at Australia's offshore detention centres takes place on average once every two days, a report said Saturday, with some prospective refugees swallowing poison, cutting themselves and attempting suicide.

'Racist' video game pulled after uproar over killing Australia Aborigines

Sydney - A video game allowing players to kill Australian Aboriginals has been removed from mobile stores after more than 50,000 people signed an online petition against the "racist" app.

Fossilized and intact baby Chasmosaurus dinosaur a missing piece

The reason fossilized baby dinosaurs are very rarely found is their size and youth. Naturally the bones of the dino young are smaller and far less sturdy and so preservation is far less likely. But while rare, such findings do occur.
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