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Surviving bleached Barrier Reef coral 'more resilient to heat'

Sydney - Corals on Australia's Great Barrier Reef that survived bleaching from rising sea temperatures were more resistant to another bout of hot conditions the following year, scientists said Tuesday, a "silver lining" for the embattled ecosystem.

Gamer charged by Australia police after 'livestreaming assault'

Sydney - A Sydney gamer heard on a livestream allegedly hitting a woman was charged with assault by Australian police Monday, after the incident went viral on social media.

Op-Ed: Chinese asylum claims in Australia up 311% this year

Sydney - Australia’s position on refuges arriving by boat is well known. The position on claiming political asylum is a lot less clear. 27,931 Chinese citizens claimed asylum last year, and things are getting tricky.

Australia passes cyber snooping laws with global implications

Sydney - Australia Thursday passed controversial laws allowing spies and police to snoop on the encrypted communications of suspected terrorists and criminals, as experts warned the "unprecedented powers" had far-reaching implications for global cybersecurity.

Arrest in Australian cold case made famous by podcast

Sydney - An Australian man whose life was laid bare in a popular crime mystery podcast about the disappearance of his wife nearly 40 years ago was arrested on Wednesday.

Op-Ed: Australia's new anti-encryption laws a world first, but…?

Sydney - New encryption laws in Australia are likely to be a major litmus test for encryption legislation around the world. The initial proposal was ultimately modified in a bipartisan approach, but there are many questions to be asked yet, let alone answered.

Test cricketer Khawaja's brother arrested over fake terror 'hit list'

Sydney - The brother of Australia Test cricketer Usman Khawaja was charged by police Tuesday with framing a love rival for a "hit list" that sparked a major counterterrorism investigation.

Australia set to pass sweeping cyber laws despite tech giant fears

Sydney - Australia's two main parties struck a deal Tuesday to pass sweeping cyber laws requiring tech giants to help government agencies get around encrypted communications used by suspected criminals and terrorists.

Australia conservatives move to stop revolving door of PMs

Sydney - Australia's prime minister on Monday moved to end a series of rolling leadership coups that have battered his party's reputation and left it hobbled ahead of next year's election.

Essential Science: Halting neuronal loss in Parkinson’s disease

A new drug aims to freeze Parkinson's disease in its tracks. The drug targets neuroinflammation, and researchers think this could halt further neuronal loss in Parkinson’s disease.

'Hundreds' of Aussie convictions in doubt after mob lawyer named as informant

Sydney - Hundreds of criminal convictions -- including those meted out to some of Australia's most notorious gangland figures -- hang in the balance, after their defence lawyer was revealed as a police informant Monday.

UN, doctors hammer Australia over refugee camps

Sydney - Australia's under-pressure government received a double blow Monday from the United Nations and a leading doctors' group over harsh treatment of refugees on off-shore island camps.

Op-Ed: Analyzing the Facebook memes — As dumb as it looks

Sydney - The emotional and psychological manipulation on Facebook through posts and likes have been analysed, and the results aren’t pretty, or impressive. The findings also question the value of neuro marketing data, an ironic twist.

Aussie kids skip school for mass climate protest

Sydney - Thousands of Australian students skipped school Friday to join nationwide protests demanding government action on climate change.

Future uncertain for Australia's unique platypus: researchers

Sydney - Australia's unique platypus population is shrinking under pressure from agriculture and pollution, putting the egg-laying mammals' future in doubt, researchers said in a report published Thursday.

Sydney deluge stuns the city

Sydney - When you see a picture of Sydney Harbour Bridge and it takes you a minute to realise it's not a black and white picture, you know that’s heavy rain. Some stunning pictures are emerging from the big deluge.

Separated Bhutanese twins leave Australia hospital

Melbourne - "Cheeky" Bhutanese conjoined twins who were successfully separated after a marathon operation in Australia left hospital Monday, with doctors saying they had made an excellent recovery and were starting to act independently.

Op-Ed: U.S. vs Huawei, facts, fiction, and more

Washington - The U.S. trade war with China includes a background narrative of espionage, intellectual property theft, and, of course, communications. That’s why Huawei, China’s huge communications company, is front and center of a huge global security debate.

Released Bali Nine drug-smuggler returns home to more legal woes

Sydney - An Australian woman held in Indonesian prisons for 13 years for being part of the "Bali Nine" drug-smuggling gang returned home Thursday, facing more possible jail time for alleged crimes committed before her overseas ordeal.

Australia formalises ban on Hong Kong bid for gas pipeline

Sydney - Australia has officially rejected a bid of more than US$9 billion from Hong Kong giant CK Group for the country's biggest gas pipeline company, saying it would be against its "national interest".
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