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Iran opposes extending troubled nuclear talks

Vienna - Iran said Thursday it is against extending a November 24 deadline for troubled nuclear talks, even though major stumbling blocks remain in the way of a deal."We only have 40 days left to the deadline and...

Kerry's plane grounded again

Vienna - Globe-trotting top US diplomat John Kerry was left hoofing it back on a commercial flight from Vienna Thursday, after his ageing Air Force plane broke down for the fourth time this year.

Iran opposes extending troubled nuclear talks

Vienna - Iran's foreign minister said Thursday that Tehran opposes extending troubled nuclear talks beyond a November 24 deadline, even though major stumbling blocks remain in the way of a deal."We only have 40 days left to the deadline and...

Europeans schedule unprecedented soft landing on comet

Trying to unlock part of the mystery of life on Earth, the European Space Agency revealed Wednesday where it will attempt an unprecedented soft landing on a comet.

US not discussing extending Iran nuclear talks deadline

Vienna - The US is not discussing extending the deadline to strike a nuclear deal with Iran beyond November 24, a senior US official said Wednesday following comments from other figures suggesting such a move.

Kerry, Zarif, Ashton to hold nuclear talks in Vienna Oct 15

Vienna - US Secretary of State John Kerry, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton will hold nuclear talks in Vienna next week, Ashton's spokesman said Wednesday.

MERS virus detected in Austria

Vienna - The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported on the first case of the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in Austria. At the same time, more cases continue to be reported in Saudi Arabia.

Missing Mozart sonata discovered by accident

Budapest - A Hungarian scholar has accidentally come across an original score by Mozart which had been thought lost since the maestro wrote it in the 18th Century.

Review: Breaking molds of conventional musicians — Karen Stever inspires Special

Take a moment to step into the enchanting world of Stever, an independent musician who walks to her own beat while inspiring her growing fan base. Her groundbreaking style is unconventional and unique in her own right.

Retired Austrian journalist missing after Nigerian money scam

Vienna - Peter Pirker, a retired Austrian journalist went missing at the end of May this year and is presumed dead. Police think he may have committed suicide after being hit hard by a Nigerian scam. Relatives think he may be trying to track down the cash.

Austrian woman has 18-pound tumor removed from stomach

Graz - An Austrian woman is recovering in hospital after having a tumor, weighing as much as a seven-month-old baby, removed from her stomach. The tumor had been growing inside the 75-year-old for several years before she realized it was there.

Scientists: Cockatoos learn to use tools by watching fellow birds

Vienna - If someone calls you a bird-brain, you may wish to consider that a compliment. Many birds, especially parrots, are very intelligent. One cockatoo in particular — the Goffin's cockatoo — has shown scientists that it can use tools to obtain food.

N. Korea nuclear reactor 'may be operating again'

Vienna - North Korea's reactor at its main nuclear site, capable of giving the isolated regime plutonium for nuclear weapons, may be operational again, the UN atomic watchdog said in a report seen by AFP Friday.

Yellowstone earthquake threat much larger than estimated

The threat of Yellowstone's earthquake is much larger than previously estimated. Recent seismic activity helped the U.S. Geological Survey Team reach this alarming discovery.

'Sex drive-in' hailed as a success in Switzerland

Zurich - A government-backed experiment in legal prostitution may forever change the sex industry in Switzerland, if not greater Europe.

Hover bikes soon to be a reality

In the future flying machines would replace the automobile our teachers once told us. That prediction has just become a reality. The first hover bike is now making headlines for being the first of many hover machines being produced for the mass market.

IAEA chief to visit Iran for nuclear talks Sunday

Vienna - The head of the UN atomic watchdog will visit Iran on Sunday, the organisation said, ahead of an August 25 deadline for Tehran to answer long-held allegations of efforts to develop nuclear weapons.

Lady Gaga loses fight in 'GaGa' energy drink patent case

Mauthausen - That famous pop diva Lady Gaga is rather upset as an Austrian entrepreneur, who named his energy drink "GaGa," has just won a battle in the patent office allowing him to use the name. Apparently she went a little gaga over the whole thing.

Woman shoots porn in church and gets arrested

A woman in Austria has been arrested after she was accused of filming porn inside a church. A male told police that he recognized the woman by her breasts.

Vienna chosen to host 60th Eurovision Song Contest

Vienna - The Austrian capital city of Vienna has been chosen to host 2015's 60th Eurovision Song Contest, it has finally been announced.
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