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Austria's far-right presidential candidate seeks to soften image

Vienna - The man most likely to be Austria's next president, Norbert Hofer from the far-right Freedom Party, said Thursday he believed the integration of migrants was "possible", in an apparent bid to woo more mainstream voters.

May Day boos for Austrian leader after far-right poll shock

Vienna - Austria's embattled chancellor was greeted Sunday with loud boos as he addressed around 80,000 people in Vienna on May Day, a week after the government's disastrous defeat at the hands of the far-right in a presidential ballot.

Austria, Germany press EU to prolong border controls

Vienna - Austria and Germany said on Saturday they were in talks with the European Union's executive body to extend temporary border controls brought in last year to help stem the migrant flow.

Austrian far-right head donates money to refugees

Vienna - The head of Austria's anti-immigration far-right apologised Friday for claiming a newspaper faked a photo of an anti-refugee protest by his party, donating 9,000 euros ($10,300) to a migrants charity.

Ukraine ceasefire violations 'highest in months': OSCE

Vienna - Ceasefire violations in eastern Ukraine have reached their highest level in months, with violence again reaching "worrying levels," the chief OSCE monitor said Thursday.

Demographics: Millennials in front, now outnumber Baby Boomers

The U.S. Census Bureau has released new statistics that show Baby Boomers have at last been supplanted as kings and queens of the U.S. demographic hill. That is because there are now more millennials in America than Boomers.

Austria adopts tough new asylum laws amid far-right surge

Vienna - The Austrian parliament on Wednesday adopted one of Europe's toughest asylum laws, as the country's political leaders struggle to halt the surging far-right which is leading in presidential polls.

UN chief urges end to 'madness' of nuclear weapons testing

Vienna - UN chief Ban Ki-moon called Wednesday for the US, China and other nuclear-armed states to end the "madness" of atomic testing by finally ratifying the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, which turns 20 this year.

Austria's Norbert Hofer: The far-right's 'soft' face

Vienna - Austria's far-right has a new golden boy in the shape of Norbert Hofer, a smooth-talking gun enthusiast who sent shock waves through the political establishment by defying polls and shooting to the top in Sunday's first round of a presidential ballot.

Austrian 'end of an era' after far-right election triumph

Vienna - Austrian commentators declared the end of an era Monday after the anti-immigration far-right triumphed in presidential elections, ending 70 years of domination by a political elite criticised as out of touch and ineffectual.

Austrian government in shock as far-right triumps

Vienna - Austria's government was licking its wounds Monday after a historic debacle that saw the opposition anti-immigrant far-right triumph in a presidential ballot two years before the next scheduled general election.

Austrian far-right triumphs in presidential vote

Vienna - Austria's anti-immigration far-right triumphed Sunday in the first round of a presidential poll, in a historic defeat for the traditionally powerful governing coalition parties two years before the next scheduled general election.

Austrian ruling parties set for bloody nose

Vienna - Austrians voted Sunday in the first round of a presidential election expected to mark a historic break with the cosy post-war political establishment at the hands of the anti-immigration far-right and the Greens.

Did volcano eruptions tip Europe into Dark Ages?

Vienna - Back-to-back volcanic eruptions in the mid-6th century darkened Europe's skies for more than a year and may have ushered in the Dark Ages, according to finding to be presented Friday at a science conference in Vienna.

Lessons of Chernobyl disaster, 30 years on

Vienna - Ukraine next week marks the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, when human error and flawed Soviet reactor technology led to the world's worst nuclear accident.

Lessons of Chernobyl disaster, 30 years on

Vienna - Ukraine will next week mark the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, when human error and flawed Soviet reactor technology led to the world's worst nuclear accident.

Introducing carbyne — A material stronger than graphene

A form of carbon, called carbyne, has successfully been stabilized in the laboratory. The research team behind the feat have declared the material to be stronger than graphene.

Austria to stay tough on migrants: New interior minister

Vienna - Austria's new Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka said on Sunday he would stick to the hardline stance on migrants pushed by his predecessor, Johanna Mikl-Leitner.

Austria minister, migrant hardliner, to step down: Reports

Vienna - Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner, the driving force behind the country's hardline stance on migrants, is to step down as part of a party reshuffle, Austrian media reported Saturday.

Austria wants to seize Hitler's birth house

Vienna - Austria said Saturday it wants to seize Adolf Hitler's birthplace from its private owner in a bid to end a bitter legal battle and stop the house from becoming a neo-Nazi shrine.
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