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Thousands protest in Argentina ahead of general strike

Buenos Aires - Tens of thousands of people marched in Buenos Aires Monday ahead of a general strike called to reject an austerity budget that Argentine President Mauricio Macri says is needed to secure IMF funds.

Bulk buying to bartering, shopping Argentines get creative

Buenos Aires - As the prices of basic foodstuffs such as flour, eggs and oil have increased by anything from 40 percent to over 100 percent since the start of the year, Argentines are having to get creative when they go shopping.

Venezuela murder toll worse than some war zones: Amnesty

Buenos Aires - Amnesty International hit out on Thursday at the repression by Nicolas Maduro's government in Venezuela, saying that more people were murdered in the South American country than in some war zones.

Argentina's ex-president Kirchner in court over another corruption case

Buenos Aires - Beleaguered ex-president Cristina Kirchner appeared in court on Tuesday to answer questions relating to a money laundering case, a day after an Argentine judge asked that her legislative immunity be lifted.

Argentina presents austere budget for 2019

Buenos Aires - Despite anti-austerity street protests, Argentina's government presented a tight budget on Monday under pressure from the International monetary Fund to achieve fiscal balance.

Ex-president Kirchner charged in Argentina corruption scandal

Buenos Aires - Argentina's ex-president Cristina Kirchner was charged with corruption on Monday as a judge asked that her legislative immunity be lifted so she can be detained.

Ex-president Kirchner charged in Argentina corruption scandal

Buenos Aires - Ex-Argentina president Cristina Kirchner was charged with corruption as a judge asked that her parliamentary immunity be lifted so she can be detained, reports said Monday.

Argentina's currency crisis a boon for foreign tourists

Buenos Aires - Argentines may be feeling the pinch of their country's economic woes, but for tourists, the troubled peso is proving a holiday boon.

Three men released over Argentine football child sex abuse

Buenos Aires - Three men held for five months over a shocking underage sex abuse scandal in Argentine football have been released, one of the defendants said on Friday.

Battered Argentine peso hit by new fall

Buenos Aires - Argentina's beleaguered currency passed a symbolic barrier on Thursday, reaching a mark of more than 40 to the dollar amid a crisis in investor confidence.The peso lost 2.88 percent to close at 40.24 -- down 6.

New mission to find Argentine sub that sank with 44 crew on board

Buenos Aires - A US vessel will begin a new search for the missing Argentine submarine that disappeared last year with 44 crew members on board, the ministry of defense said Thursday.

Analysts doubt Argentina on verge of 2001-style default

Buenos Aires - With Argentina's currency tumbling as interest rates and inflation soar, fears are growing that the country could be on the verge of default, but analysts say that remains unlikely despite economic fragility.

Inflation and economic crisis: Argentines have had enough

Buenos Aires - Every morning, Ezequiel Gonzalez takes a two-hour bus ride from his Buenos Aires suburb to the city hospital where he's in charge of maintenance. And like many Argentines he is feeling first-hand the pinch of government austerity measures.

Macri accused of 'abuse of power' over IMF loan

Buenos Aires - Argentina's attorney general is looking into an accusation of "abuse of power" against President Mauricio Macri after he agreed to a $50 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund, his office said Wednesday.

Argentine football passion, a criminal's poisoned chalice

Buenos Aires - Argentines are well known the world over for their passion for football. What's not such common knowledge is how that very fervor is helping police catch criminals.

Former president Kirchner appears in Argentine court over corruption

Buenos Aires - Former president Cristina Kirchner appeared in court on Monday for the second time in relation to a corruption case that has rocked Argentina's political and business elites.

Argentina's president announces new austerity measures

Buenos Aires - Argentina's president Mauricio Macri on Monday announced he was slashing his government's bureaucracy in half and restoring taxes on grain exporters as part of sweeping new austerity measures to stabilize the economy.

Fragile Argentina placing faith in IMF meeting

Buenos Aires - Argentina's Economy Minister Nicolas Dujovne heads to Washington on Monday to thrash out a hastily revised loan deal with the International Monetary Fund to help revive South America's second-largest economy.

Argentine peso starts to recover after two days of crashes

Buenos Aires - Argentina's peso began to recover on Friday as markets opened, making a tiny 0.68 percent gain after losing 20 percent of its value against the dollar over the previous two days.

Argentina's interest rate hiked to 60% to counter currency woes

Buenos Aires - Argentina's Central Bank announced Thursday it has raised its benchmark interest rate from 45 to 60 percent in a bid to arrest a slide in the value of its currency.
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