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Maduro opponents report torture, abuse in Venezuela: HRW

Buenos Aires - Opponents of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro say they have been arrested for their political activities and subjected to torture including brutal beatings and electric shocks, Human Rights Watch said Wednesday.

Argentine mothers hold mass breastfeeding protest

Buenos Aires - Hundreds of women turned out in Argentina to breastfeed in public, in protest at the removal of a mother for nursing publicly in a Buenos Aires square last week.

Scientists find new stubby-armed dinosaur in Argentina

Buenos Aires - Researchers announced they have discovered a ferocious meat-eating dinosaur in Argentina, notable for having short arms like the T-rex but hailing from a different branch of the family tree.

Judge freezes Argentine ex-president's assets

Buenos Aires - A judge Thursday ordered Argentine ex-president Cristina Kirchner's bank accounts frozen while he probes allegations that she ordered dodgy currency transactions while in government.

Argentina ex-president Kirchner defiant as fraud cases heard

Buenos Aires - Argentina's ex-president Cristina Kirchner went before a judge Wednesday to hear charges in a fraud case over alleged dodgy dollar transactions when she was leader last year.

Argentine court probes president's tax returns

Buenos Aires - An Argentine judge Thursday ordered a probe into suspected irregularities in President Mauricio Macri's tax returns after the leader was named in the Panama Papers offshore accounts scandal, a source said.

Tough love: Psychology of Argentina's Messi relationship

Buenos Aires - Like neurotic parents, Argentines swung from criticism to unconditional love for their star footballer Lionel Messi this week, providing the soccer-mad nation's many therapists with rich material for psychoanalysis.

Argentine football head, three ex-cabinet chiefs indicted

Buenos Aires - The president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and three former presidential cabinet chiefs were indicted Thursday in a probe of the country's football broadcasting rights distribution system.

'Crazy' ex-minister's bags of cash scandalize Argentina

Buenos Aires - It's been a heck of a week for Jose Lopez, an Argentine ex-cabinet minister who was arrested trying to hide bags stuffed with cash and jewels at a monastery.

'Crazy' Argentine ex-minister demands cocaine in court

Buenos Aires - An Argentine former cabinet minister arrested while trying to hide suitcases of cash and jewels at a monastery shouted and asked for cocaine during his first court appearance Thursday, media reports said.

Argentina ex-minister caught hiding cash in monastery

Buenos Aires - Argentine police arrested a former government minister when they caught him trying to hide millions of dollars in cash and jewels at a monastery, officials said.

Argentine president resting after cardiac arrhythmia

Buenos Aires - Argentine President Mauricio Macri canceled his official activities Saturday, a day after being hospitalized for several hours with cardiac arrhythmia, a government source said.

15 jailed for S.American dictatorships' atrocities

Buenos Aires - An Argentine court jailed 15 South American ex-military officers for conspiring to torture and kill leftist dissidents during a US-backed crackdown by the region's dictatorships in the 1970s and '80s.

Argentine president proposes amnesty for tax dodgers

Buenos Aires - Argentine President Mauricio Macri, who has been swept up in the Panama Papers controversy over offshore assets, announced plans Friday to grant amnesty to those who repatriate undeclared funds from overseas.

Judgment day for historic South America repression

Buenos Aires - South American ex-military leaders faced judgment Friday for their alleged role in the torture and assassination of leftist dissidents during a US-backed crackdown by the region's dictatorships during the 1970s and 1980s.

Judgment day for historic South America repression

Buenos Aires - South American ex-military leaders face judgment Friday accused of collaborating to torture and assassinate leftist dissidents in a US-backed crackdown during the region's dictatorships in the 1970s and 1980s.

Argentine ex-security chiefs jailed for protest deaths

Buenos Aires - An Argentine court jailed two former top security officials for the deaths of five demonstrators in a 2001 crackdown on protests that brought down then president Fernando de la Rua.

Argentina president vetoes anti-layoff law

Buenos Aires - Argentina's President Mauricio Macri fought back against his opponents on Friday in his quest to reform Latin America's third-biggest economy, vetoing their bid to curb his unpopular job cuts.

Colombia druglord Lopez Londono to be extradited to U.S.: Judge

Buenos Aires - A judge in Argentina on Friday granted a US extradition request for Colombian drug kingpin Henry de Jesus Lopez Londono, reputedly one of the most notorious cocaine traffickers in the Americas.

Argentine president suffers first setback in congress

Buenos Aires - Argentine lawmakers handed conservative President Mauricio Macri his first legislative setback Thursday by passing a law aiming to curb job cuts that he says are needed to strengthen the economy.
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