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Op-Ed: Antarctica hit by 30,000 tremors since August

Sydney - Atypical tremors have been happening fast and furious in Antarctica. A group of islands is moving away from the continent at double its previous rate. Nobody’s too sure what it means.

Op-Ed: Like living? Fix the water crisis before it fixes you

Sydney - This mismanaged world now has a water crisis to deal with, as well as everything else. As usual, the problem was predicted, and as usual, nobody did anything about it. Crunch time is expected to be around 2050.

Op-Ed: Australia’s Big Drought hits lethal levels, not much being done

Sydney - If there is one single Australian climate condition which is utterly predictable, it’s drought. A drought per decade is pretty normal. The massive lack of effort by government to manage water needs, however, is getting on people’s nerves.

New ice crack forces Halley VI Research Station to close again

The "Halloween" crack that popped up last year around the end of October is not about to give the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) a break. BAS has been forced to abandon its Halley VI research station for a second winter due to a new crack.

Multiple icebergs ready to break off Larsen C Ice Shelf

As of Friday, July 7, the Larsen C Ice Shelf is showing very clear signs is it about to calve, according to the latest report from Project Midas scientists. Just three miles stand between the fast-growing crack and the open water.

Crack in Larsen C Ice Shelf grows 11 miles in six days

In the largest growth rate to date, the crack in the Larsen C Ice Shelf grew an astounding 17 kilometers (11 miles) between May 25 and May 31, 2017, leaving only 13 kilometers (eight miles) left before it breaks off.

Antarctica not only getting warmer, it's also getting greener

Our perception of Antarctica is beginning to change, especially as the climate continues to warm. The Antarctica we have always seen as a snowy, frigid, and inhospitable place is being transformed dramatically.

Satellite images shows Larsen C ice shelf crack spreading rapidly

The latest images from NASA's Terra Satellite shows the crack in the Larsen C ice shelf is spreading rapidly, raising the possibility that an iceberg may soon be calved.

New tool designed to track the birth of the universe

A special detector is being developed under ultra-clean conditions (within a cleanroom). The detector will be sufficiently sensitive to detect the light from the beginning of the universe. This will inform cosmologists about time dating to the ‘Big Bang

Op-Ed: Snow in Australia's hottest ever summer? It’s happening

Sydney - Typical. Last week New South Wales was the hottest place on Earth. We had the usual heat, floods, fire and more. Now, we have snow. Australian weather doesn’t like to be boring, or predictable.

NASA's stunning photo shows widening rift in Antarctic ice shelf

Photos released on Friday from NASA's Operation Icebridge show with a stunning clarity that the huge rift in the Larsen C ice shelf is getting closer to causing a section of ice the size of Delaware to break off.

Huge chasm in East Antarctic ice shelf threatens research station

The British Antarctic Survey is getting ready to move its Halley VI research station because a giant chasm in the ice shelf is threatening to break off, leaving the portion of the ice shelf the station is sitting on floating in the sea.

Donald Trump company reported to have done business in Cuba

According to a report in Newsweek, a major company controlled by Donald Trump did business in Cuba over 15 years ago in spite of the U.S. trade embargo. Trump denied the allegations but his campaign manager seemed to admit them.

Combating global warming through increasing vegetation

Climate change is exerting an effect on the composition of Artic soil. Oddly, this change in composition could slow down the rate of global warming. Swedish scientists have been investigating.

NASA scientists: Climate change is moving the North Pole

Beginning around the year 2000, the North Pole abruptly changed its direction and started drifting east, and its all thanks to us, scientists have discovered. The geographic North Pole is located smack in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.

Icebreaker runs aground in Antarctica leaving 68 stranded

At the bottom of the world, it's supposed to be summer, but a blizzard with winds of 105 mph caused Australia's flagship icebreaker Aurora Australis to break its moorings and run aground, stranding 68 expeditioners and crew.

Where on Earth is the purest fresh water found?

Puerto Williams - American and Chilean scientists examined the chemical properties of freshwater in rivers and lagoons in the Puerto Williams area (Chilean Patagonia) and concluded that this region has "the purest water on the planet.”

Changing temperatures could lead to awakening permafrost

Scientists are worried that as the Arctic warms through global warming, then the considerable quantity of carbon locked away in Arctic tundra will be transformed into greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and methane).

Antarctica's ice melt could redraw map of world's coastlines

NASA satellite studies show that in the past decade Antarctic ice melt has been adding about 118 billion metric tons per year to the oceans. This has raised concerns about a drastic reshaping of the world's major coastlines with heavy human population.

Oceans are warming so rapidly they are breaking scientific charts

Earlier this month the NOAA and NASA announced that 2014 was the hottest year ever recorded, shattering the previous records in 2005 and 2010. Now comes the news that global warming is heating the world's oceans at an unprecedented pace.
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