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Chinese firms cash in on Xinjiang's growing police state

- China's construction of a vast, all-seeing police state in its fractious far west has triggered a government spending spree worth billions to firms providing a hi-tech network of cameras and "re-education centres".

China's celebrity earthquake pig exposes sensitivities

- This was supposed to be a feel-good story about a pig that became a national icon after surviving a devastating earthquake 10 years ago in China's southwestern province of Sichuan.

Life among the ruins: Chinese village 10 years after quake

- For some residents of southwestern China's Radish Village, very little has changed in the decade since a devastating earthquake nearly levelled their ancient homes.

Tibetans greet new year with giant Buddhas, dancing and lamb carcasses

- Despite a few elbows to the face, Tsering pushed through the broil of Tibetan worshippers and lifted her bawling two-year-old over the mad crush, briefly pressing the girl's forehead to a passing sacred scroll.

In Chinese community, one-night stands are getting old

- Nimble after years of practice, Trinley Norbu is used to hoisting himself three stories up the side of a stone house and through the window for a one-night stand in his southwest China community.

With demolitions, China squeezes Buddhist academy

- The hills around revered Tibetan Buddhist academy Larung Gar were once a seamless carpet of vibrant red, dominated by the homes of thousands of monks, nuns and devotees who crowded the remote valley in southwest China to explore their faith.

In China, maggots finish plates, and food waste

- Thousands of voracious white maggots wiggle frenetically while tearing through trayfuls of leftover meat, vegetables and fruits in an unusual farm in southwestern China.

Opera troupe tours rural China defending a dying art

- For the 50-year-old Chinese opera performer, every aspect of the dimly-lit backstage room was a reminder that things had changed.

China pushes Tibetan tourism while critics fear impact

- China has unveiled a sparkling new hotel as part of its drive to get tens of millions more tourists to visit Tibet, even as critics say the push is slowly eroding the local culture.

China opens world's longest glass-bottomed bridge

- The world's highest and longest glass-bottomed bridge opened in China's spectacular Zhangjiajie mountains -- the inspiration for American blockbuster Avatar.

Church and China Communists vie over French missionary

- To the Catholic Church, French missionary Auguste Chapdelaine is a saint, martyred for his faith 160 years ago in China. To Communist Party officials, he is a devilish rapist, bandit and spy.

Equal rites: Tibetan nuns seek matching status

- With a shaved head, flowing burgundy robes and religious devotion, Xinde Shijiamouni has all the trappings of a Tibetan Buddhist monk. But her serenity is troubled -- because as a nun, she cannot reach the same clerical status as a man.

Activists targeted as workers of China unite

- Around a dozen police barged into Wu Rongpu's apartment in the early hours and dragged away his labour activist wife, leaving their one-year-old daughter screaming.

Dark lives of China's 'black children'

- She was born in Beijing and has lived there all her life. But like millions of others conceived in violation of China's one-child policy, as far as the state is concerned Li Xue does not exist.She has no right to schooling, health care or a formal job....

China village defenceless against North Korean intruders

- A three-metre barbed wire fence and the winding Tumen River are all that separate Nanping in China from North Korea, and after a spate of murders - allegedly by frontier-crossing intruders - frightened villagers are increasingly keen to leave, fearing ...

Hard lives of China's 'left behind' children

- Deep in the Chinese countryside, the lives of Liang Yuxiu and her brother Zhaolu epitomise the cost of decades of breakneck economic growth.

China forces shot protesters: Xinjiang residents

- Something hideously violent happened in Elishku. Whether it was a separatist attack or a civilian massacre is shrouded in the mists of conflict, control, claim and counter-claim that plague China's mainly Muslim region of Xinjiang.

Top Chinese official gets life for $6m bribery: court

- A former top Chinese economic planning official was convicted of bribery Wednesday and sentenced to life in prison after a former lover went public with a litany of accusations against him.

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