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Armenia lawmakers elect president as leader eyes 'super' powers

Yerevan - Armenian lawmakers elected Friday a largely figurehead president to succeed Serzh Sarkisian as he seeks to extend his grip on power under a new parliamentary system of government.

Armenia lawmakers elect president as leader eyes 'super' powers

Yerevan - Armenian lawmakers on Friday will elect a largely ceremonial president to succeed Serzh Sarkisian as he seeks to extend his grip on power under a new parliamentary system of government.

Armenia ditches normalisation deal with Turkey

Yerevan - The President of Armenia on Thursday ditched agreements that would have normalised relations with Turkey, in the latest blow to efforts to end decades-long enmity between the neighbours.

Armenia recognises genocide of Yazidis in Iraq

Yerevan - Armenia's parliament on Tuesday passed a resolution recognising the 2014 genocide of Yazidis by the Islamic State group in Iraq and called for an international probe into the crimes.Jihadists murdered thousands in massacres four years ago.

Armenia looks to solar energy to move out of Russia's shadow

Yerevan - Landlocked and poor, Armenia has long relied on Russia for its energy needs, but the government is hoping to reduce that dependence by tapping a resource that is plentiful in the region: the sun.

Armenia's plans on teaching Russian raise fears of Moscow influence

Yerevan - Armenia plans to increase teaching Russian in schools in a move that has sparked widespread concerns that Moscow's influence is growing in the ex-Soviet state.

Armenia vote 'tainted' by claims of 'vote-buying': Western observers

Yerevan - European observers said Monday there was "credible information" that Armenia's parliamentary elections at the weekend were marred by "vote-buying" and pressure on voters.

Armenia's ruling party set to win 'milestone' vote

Yerevan - Armenia's ruling party was set to win the first parliamentary elections since the adoption of constitutional reforms transforming the country into a parliamentary republic, according to official results released on Monday.With votes tallied from 50.

Exit poll projects ruling party win in Armenia 'milestone' vote

Yerevan - The ruling Republican Party led parliamentary elections in Armenia on Sunday, held for the first time since constitutional reforms transformed the ex-Soviet country into a parliamentary republic, an exit poll said.

Polls open in Armenia parliamentary elections

Yerevan - Armenians on Sunday started voting in landmark legislative elections for the first time since the adoption of constitutional reforms aimed at transforming the ex-Soviet country into a parliamentary republic.

Armenia president urges pressure on Azerbaijan to avert war

Yerevan - Armenia's President Serzh Sarkisian has urged international powers to step up pressure on Azerbaijan to avoid all-out war over the disputed Nagorny Karabakh region, accusing his nation's arch-foe of military "blackmail".

Nagorny Karabakh votes in 'illegal' referendum

Yerevan - Azerbaijan's separatist Nagorny Karabakh region voted Monday in a referendum on presidential powers that international observers warned was illegal and obstructed efforts to end the festering territorial feud.

Armenia raises alarm as abortions of girls skew population

Yerevan - Ani Kirakosyan says she is afraid of getting pregnant because if the ultrasound shows the foetus is a girl she will have to consider having an abortion.

Pro-Russian technocrat appointed Armenia's new PM

Yerevan - Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian on Tuesday appointed a Kremlin-friendly technocrat as the ex-Soviet nation's new prime minister, after the last premier quit following anger over a hostage crisis.

Burkina Faso bans big butt contest, brands it as sexist

Women parading around a stage in a competition in which the one with the largest derriere wins is not something the government of Burkina Faso wants to see. So they banned an annual contest of big female bums, an action few are calling a bummer.

Armenian president calls for 'radical changes'

Yerevan - Armenian president Serzh Sarkisian on Monday called for "radical changes" in the country after a tense stand-off with 20 anti-government gunmen holed up in a police station left two officers dead and triggered mass protests.

Armenia police station siege ends as 20 gunmen surrender

Yerevan - Twenty anti-government gunmen who were holed up in an Armenian police station for two weeks surrendered on Sunday, security services said, ending a tense stand-off that left two police officers dead and triggered mass protests.

Armenian gunmen 'freed all hostages' in lengthy stand-off

Yerevan - Gunmen locked in a lengthy stand-off with police in Armenia have released their last two hostages, an official said Sunday, after a fresh night of protests shook the capital Yerevan.

Police officer shot dead in lengthy Armenia stand-off

Yerevan - A group of hostage-takers locked in a protracted siege with police in Armenia shot dead an officer Saturday, as thousands of protesters took to the streets to call on President Serzh Sarkisian to step down.

Police, protestors clash as Armenia standoff continues

Yerevan - Armenian police exchanged gunfire Friday with an armed pro-opposition group holding hostages for a twelfth day and clashed with thousands of protesters supporting the gunmen, said an AFP photographer at the scene.
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