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Taliban propose brief Afghan ceasefire, say insurgent sources

Kabul - The Taliban have offered a brief ceasefire to the US, two insurgent sources said Thursday, a move which could allow for the resumption of talks seeking a deal for Washington to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

Op-Ed: Misreading Iran — Trump’s hubris could be big trouble for himself

Washington - Iran has prestige and credibility on the line after the killing of one of its top generals. President Trump has taken personal credit for this attack, and publicized his role personally. This can backfire for him and United States interests.

Taliban kill 23 in attacks on Afghan checkpoints

Mazar-e Sharif - At least 23 Afghan security forces were killed in a series of Taliban attacks across the country, officials said Wednesday, despite winter snowfall that usually leads to a lull in violence.

Taliban say have 'no ceasefire plans' in Afghanistan

Kabul - The Taliban Monday denied agreeing to any ceasefire in Afghanistan after rumours swirled of a potential deal that would see a reduction in fighting after more than 18 years of war.

Taliban support a week-long ceasefire in Afghanistan

The Taliban has announced that they are in favor of a week-long ceasefire in Afghanistan. The group hopes that this will help seal a deal with the US and lead to the US withdrawing eventually after being in the country for 18 years.

Taliban kill 10 Afghan soldiers in attack on base

Kandahar - Ten Afghan soldiers were killed in a Taliban attack on a military base in the southern province of Helmand on Saturday, officials said.

Taliban attack kills at least 15 at Afghan checkpoint

In the northern Balkh Province in Afghanistan on Tuesday Taliban forces attacked an Afghan government checkpoint. The attack killed at least 15 security forces according to Afghan government officials.

Over 16,000 complaints filed in Afghan presidential polls

Kabul - More than 16,000 complaints have been filed to Afghan election authorities over the handling of this year's presidential polls, officials said Thursday, days after preliminary results put President Ashraf Ghani in place to secure a second term.

Afghan war caused 100,000 civilian casualties in last decade: UN

Kabul - More than 100,000 Afghan civilians have been killed or injured over the past decade, the United Nations reported Thursday, as it renewed calls to end the bloody 18-year conflict.

Violence flares in north Afghanistan as forces ready for deadly winter

Mazar-e Sharif - At least seven Afghan soldiers were killed when the Taliban attacked their base Tuesday, the latest brazen assault in Afghanistan's north, where local and international forces are bracing for violent months ahead.

Taliban claim attack that killed US soldier in Afghanistan

Kabul - The Taliban claimed responsibility for an attack Monday on American troops that killed one US soldier and, according to the insurgents, wounded several more.The killing is likely to have consequences for ongoing talks between the US and the Taliban.

40 years on, veterans still grapple with Soviet-Afghan war

Kabul - At his home in the mountains north of Kabul, former mujahideen fighter Shah Sulaiman closed his damaged eyes, took a sip of green tea and thought bitterly of Afghanistan's war against the Soviet Union that started four decades ago.

Afghanistan's Ghani headed for second term: initial results

Kabul - Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani appeared to have secured a second term, preliminary polling results showed on Sunday, but his main rival immediately vowed to challenge the tally.

Afghan election results to be announced Sunday: official

Kabul - Nearly three months after Afghans voted in presidential polls that were marred by low turnout and fraud claims, the election commission was finally due to announce preliminary results Sunday, an official said.

Afghanistan poll results expected in coming days: official

Kabul - Preliminary results from Afghanistan's delayed presidential polls will be announced in the coming days, an election official said Thursday, after a main candidate ended his boycott of a recount.

Meth boom adds to Afghanistan's opium and heroin woes

Kabul - At a sprawling rehabilitation centre on the outskirts of Kabul, dozens of dazed-looking drug addicts clamber out of police buses and shuffle toward the facility.

10 killed from Afghan family heading to funeral: officials

Khost - Ten members of the same family were killed Tuesday when their car detonated a roadside bomb as they were travelling to a funeral in eastern Afghanistan, officials said.

Trump to announce withdrawal of 4,000 troops from Afghanistan

White House officials claim that President Trump is set to announce that 4,000 US troops will leave Afghanistan over the next few months. The Afghan government in turn has confirmed this to be the case,

US airstrikes badly damage hospital at Afghan air base

US military officials are attempting to explain an air attack on a hospital at Bagram base in Afghanistan which did extensive damage to the facility as necessary in order to dislodge Taliban fighters who had taken up positions in the facility.

Downsized US force in Afghanistan would still pack 'lethal punch': Trump ally

Kabul - The US military can slash its troop presence in Afghanistan and still pack a "lethal punch," an influential American lawmaker and close confidant to President Donald Trump said Monday.
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