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Taliban ambush kills at least 25 Afghan security personnel

Kunduz - At least 25 Afghan security force personnel were killed in an ambush blamed on the Taliban, officials said Wednesday, as spiralling violence imperils ongoing peace talks.

At least 11 Afghan women killed in stampede near Pakistan consulate

Jalalabad - At least 11 women were killed Wednesday in a stampede at an Afghan football stadium where thousands of people had gathered to apply for Pakistani visas, authorities said.

At least 11 Afghan women killed in stampede near Pakistan consulate

Jalalabad - At least 11 women were killed Wednesday in a stampede in an Afghan football stadium where thousands had gathered to apply for visas at a nearby Pakistan consulate, officials said.

US and Taliban agree to cease fighting in Afghanistan

US negotiator Zalmay Khalizad along with General Austin Miller had a meeting with the Taliban and reached an agreement that the Taliban would cease their Helmand offensive and the US would halt airstrikes.

US envoy slams Afghan bloodshed as car bomb toll rises

Kabul - A top US envoy slammed Afghanistan's "distressingly high" levels of bloodshed Monday after a car bombing at a police headquarters killed at least 16 people and wounded scores more.

US troops in Afghanistan down to just 2,500 by early in 2021

US National Security Advisor, Robert O'Brien said this Friday that the Trump administration had plans to bring US troop numbers in Afghanistan to just 2,500 confirming comments he had made the previous week.

Nine dead after helicopters collide in Afghanistan

Iran - Two military helicopters evacuating wounded soldiers from fighting in southern Afghanistan collided on Wednesday killing nine people on board, the government said.

Afghan villagers fear militants' return outside shadow of US forces

Jelalabad - Living in the shadow of a US military base had provided protection to villagers in eastern Afghanistan, but locals now say the recent withdrawal of foreign troops has left them exposed to militant attacks.

Op-Ed: US Afghanistan pullout- Asking for trouble

Washington - The baffling ability of the United States to politically lose wars which it has won militarily apparently continues. The troop pullout from Afghanistan is looking like a serious mistake.

Trump to bring all US troops in Afghanistan home by year's end

US President Trump repeated on Thursday a surprise declaration he had made via Twitter on Wednesday night. In his Wednesday tweet Trump said that all US troops in Afghanistan would be back home by the end of 2020.

Nearly two decades after US invasion, Afghans fear Taliban return

Kabul - Almost two decades after the United States launched air strikes against Afghanistan's ruling Taliban regime and started what would become America's longest-ever war, the hardline group are in a stronger position than ever.

Eight killed in attack targeting Afghan governor

Jalalabad - A suicide attack targeting an Afghan provincial governor killed at least eight people Monday, officials said, as the president visited Qatar where slow-moving peace talks with the Taliban are taking place.

Roadside bomb kills 14 civilians in Afghanistan

Kabul - At least 14 civilians, including women and children, were killed Tuesday by a roadside bomb in central Afghanistan, officials said, as violence continues despite peace talks between the Taliban and Afghan government.

'Pen guns' the latest threat in Afghan capital

Kabul - Police in Kabul have seized a stash of "pen guns" they say criminals and insurgents are using in a wave of targeted assassinations that has gripped the Afghan capital in recent months.

Dozens killed in fighting as Afghan peace talks continue

Jalalabad - Fierce fighting between Afghan forces and the Taliban killed dozens in a restive eastern province, officials said Thursday, as negotiators from both sides pushed ahead with peace talks in Qatar.

No confirmation yet of Russia paying bounties to kill US troops

No links have been found that would verify the claim that Russia offered the Taliban bounties to kill US troops in Afghanistan.

Afghan women negotiators face hardline Taliban in peace talks

Kabul - Four Afghan women who endured the Taliban's oppressive rule and have fought for fragile gains since the militants were ousted are facing the hardline group in peace talks.

Afghanistan talks: bitter foes with incompatible goals

Kabul - Peace talks between the Taliban and Afghan government negotiators offer no easy route to bridging deep ideological divides and resolving the bitter legacy of two decades of war.AFP takes a look at the main issues:- Why now?

Afghan govt negotiators leave for peace talks with Taliban

Kabul - Afghan government negotiators left for Doha on Friday to hold landmark peace talks with the Taliban aimed at ending the country's long running conflict that has killed tens of thousands of people.

Doha talks could reshape Afghanistan, but peace not assured

Kabul - The Afghan government and the Taliban will this weekend begin talks to end nearly two decades of war, though few expect a peace deal any time soon.
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