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Op-Ed: Afghanistan pullout - Reassessing how America fights wars

New York City - The pullout from Afghanistan has required some soul-searching of a rather unambiguous kind. America’s record in guerrilla wars is abysmal. Despite military “success” in some ways, strategic aims are routinely not met.

Top US envoy Blinken vows 'enduring' Afghan ties despite troop pullout

Kabul - US Secretary of State Antony Blinken vowed Thursday that the United States will have a lasting partnership with Afghanistan even after it withdraws all forces from the country before this year's 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

Afghan president to unveil new peace proposal: officials

Kabul - Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has drawn up a new proposal for peace with the Taliban ahead of an international conference aimed at jump-starting faltering talks between the two warring sides, official sources said.

Taliban slam Afghan president's proposal for new election

Kabul - The Taliban on Wednesday rejected a proposal by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to hold elections later this year, after months of peace talks between the two warring sides have made little progress.

Afghan sewing factory offers lifeline to war widows

Kabul - Dozens of women widowed by the Afghan war have been given a lifeline by the army, stitching military uniforms indistinguishable from the ones their husbands died in.

Afghan officials reverse ban on girls singing after social media backlash

Kabul - A ban on girls singing in public imposed by education officials in the Afghan capital last week has been overturned after a social media campaign that included local women uploading videos of themselves belting out their favourite songs.

Car bomb kills eight, wounds 47, in western Afghanistan

Herat - A powerful car bomb in western Afghanistan killed at least eight people and wounded dozens more, authorities said Saturday, as the United Nations condemned attacks on civilians in the country.

Afghan Buddha in virtual return on anniversary of destruction by Taliban

Bamyan - Twenty years after being blasted out of Afghanistan's rugged central highlands, one of the country's famed Buddha statues made a brief virtual return Tuesday night as a three-dimensional projection filled the alcove that hosted the statue for centuries...

Afghan women leave journalism in droves as violence soars

Kabul - Nearly 20 percent of Afghan women journalists have quit or lost their jobs in the past six months, a media watchdog group said Monday, as a wave of murders targeting the press has intensified in the war-torn country.

Female doctor killed in eastern Afghanistan after murder of media workers

Jalalabad - A female doctor was killed in a bomb blast in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad in what appeared to be another targeted hit, officials said Thursday, just days after three women media workers were gunned down in the area.

Taliban aid crackdown spreads fear over treatment of women

Kabul - Afghan women are being cut off from crucial aid because of a growing Taliban crackdown in areas controlled by the insurgents, more than a dozen relief workers have told AFP.

'Nobody is safe anymore': Afghans in shock after three female media workers killed

Jalalabad - Outrage rippled through Afghanistan Wednesday as funerals were held for three female media workers gunned down in the eastern city of Jalalabad, with insurgent violence increasing as peace talks stall.

'Nobody is safe anymore': Afghans in shock after three female media workers killed

Jalalabad - Outrage rippled through Afghanistan Wednesday as funerals were held for three female media workers gunned down in the eastern city of Jalalabad, the latest assassinations to rack the war-weary country.

Rug hunters risk death in search for Afghanistan's last antique carpets

Kabul - In his quest to track down the last of Afghanistan's antique rugs, Chari Allahqul has weathered high-country blizzards, suffered beatings from armed robbers, and skirted fighting with insurgents.

US envoy in Kabul as questions over troop withdrawal swirl

Kabul - The US special envoy to Afghanistan touched down in Kabul on Monday for meetings with Afghan leaders, in a bid to revive a flagging peace process as violence soars in the war-weary country and a deadline for US troop withdrawal draws closer.

Five killed in multiple Kabul morning bomb attacks

Kabul - Three explosions rocked Kabul Saturday morning, killing at least five people and injuring two others, authorities said, the latest in a series of similar recent attacks in the Afghan capital.

Taliban warn NATO to push ahead with troop withdrawal in Afghanistan

Kabul - The Taliban on Saturday warned NATO against seeking a "continuation of war," as the alliance weighs a planned withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden facing 'serious dilemmas' on Afghan troop withdrawal: US official

Kabul - US President Joe Biden faces "serious dilemmas" in Afghanistan as a deadline to withdraw troops nears and the Taliban show no sign of ending their bloodshed, a top US official warned.

Two killed as multiple bombs rock Afghan capital

Kabul - At least two people, including a local police chief, were killed after multiple bomb blasts rocked the Afghan capital early Wednesday, officials said.

Ads by Veteran's group urge US Afghan troop withdrawal

Concerned Veterans for America are launching an ad campaign costing in the seven-figure range, that urges US President Biden to withdraw all remaining troops from Afghanistan by this May.
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