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Taliban had agreed to a ceasefire with the US in peace deal

Chief Taliban negotiator Sher Abbas Stanekzai said yesterday that the Taliban agreed to a complete ceasefire that was contingent on the US accepting the recently negotiated Afghan peace deal.

Op-Ed: US increased attacks during peace talks imitating Taliban tactics

In rejecting a recent peace agreement with the Taliban Trump concentrated on the fact that the Taliban escalated attacks during the talks to gain leverage and were not willing to grant a cease fire.

Op-Ed: After rejecting peace agreement Trump vows to hit Taliban harder

In a speech at the Pentagon on the anniversary of 9/11 US President Donald Trump focused on the Afghan war against the Taliban. He said that the US has hit them harder than they have ever been hit before.

Taliban vows to fight on after Trump says talks are 'dead'

Kabul - The Taliban on Tuesday vowed to continue fighting against US forces in Afghanistan after President Donald Trump said talks with the insurgents were "dead", saying Washington would regret abandoning negotiations.

On again, off again: Erratic history of talks with the Taliban

Kabul - A secret US summit with the Taliban and Afghanistan's leader, abruptly cancelled by President Donald Trump on Saturday, was not the first time Washington has sought a deal with the Islamists.

In bombshell, Trump calls off secret summit, talks with Taliban

Kabul - US President Donald Trump said he had called off a secret summit with the Taliban and Afghanistan's leader, abruptly slamming the door on a year of diplomacy to end America's longest war.

Sidelined young Afghans pen 'letters of pain' as war rages

Kabul - Omaid Sharifi, who heads a Kabul-based art collective, sits in his studio and leafs through a stack of dozens of hand-written letters, reading out sentences at random.

Op-Ed: Secretary of State Pompeo says the US has won the Afghan war

Even though the Trump administration has not yet signed the peace deal with the Taliban on Afghanistan, there are signs that he will do so the most recent being a new interview with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Taliban assault provincial capital in west Afghanistan

Herat - The Taliban launched an offensive Friday against a key city in western Afghanistan, officials said, the latest in a surge of attacks as the US pushes for a deal that would allow it to begin withdrawing troops.

Taliban supporters cheer US withdrawal plans

Kandahar - Taliban loyalists are cheering the prospect of a deal with the US that after 18 years of gruelling conflict will see "defeated" American "invaders" finally go home.

Afghan intelligence director quits after deadly raid

Kabul - The head of Afghanistan's intelligence service resigned Thursday following a deadly raid by security forces in eastern Afghanistan that an official said left four brothers dead.

Nato troops among 10 dead in Taliban Kabul blast

Kabul - The Taliban killed at least 10 people including two NATO troops in a Kabul bombing on Thursday, another attack on the Afghan capital just as a US envoy returned to talks with the insurgents on a troop withdrawal.

Taliban attack on Kabul kills at least 16 and wounds 119

Kabul - Even as a peace deal between the Taliban and the US seems near, the Taliban are keeping up their attacks on the Afghan government. Violence in the country shows no sign of abating as each side tries to strengthen their position before any deal.

Kabul 'concerned' about US-Taliban deal, seeks clarification

Kabul - The Afghan government expressed doubts Wednesday about a prospective deal between the US and the Taliban, saying officials need more information about the risks it poses.

Op-Ed: US envoy says Afghan peace deal with Taliban agreed in principle

US negotiator, special envoy to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad reports that the US and Taliban have agreed to a peace deal in principle and is pending approval by US President Trump. The Afghan government has been given a copy of the deal.

Kabul blast toll rises as US tries to finalise Taliban deal

Kabul - A massive blast in a Kabul residential neighbourhood killed at least 16 people, officials said Tuesday, following yet another Taliban attack that came as the insurgents and Washington try to finalise a withdrawal deal.

Op-Ed: US to withdraw troops, close bases, but the future is unclear

Washington - The long, tough negotiations between the Afghan government, Taliban and the US are now a done deal, at least in theory. Negotiators say the deal simply needs Presidential approval. Meanwhile, the violence has continued unabated.

Amid reports of imminent Afghan peace deal fighting intensifies

While officials on both sides insist that a US Taliban peace deal is imminent fighting is actually intensifying. The Taliban has started battles in two cities and the Afghan forces launched airstrikes in the northern province of Faryab.

US-Taliban deal would see US pull troops from five bases: US envoy

Kabul - The US military is set to pull troops from five Afghan bases under a proposed deal with the Taliban, the US envoy leading talks with the insurgents said Monday, in some of the first confirmed details of a much-anticipated accord.

US envoy meets with Afghan president in Kabul

Kabul - The US envoy leading efforts to forge a deal with the Taliban has met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in Kabul, officials said Monday, as a historic agreement with the insurgents appeared close.
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