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Dubai breaks world record for largest fountain

Dubai - The glitzy emirate of Dubai broke the record for the world's largest fountain on Thursday, as the Gulf city seeks to boost its hard-hit tourism sector amid the coronavirus pandemic.

UAE delegation heads to Israel on first official visit

Dubai - A United Arab Emirates delegation left on the country's first official visit to Israel on Tuesday after the two countries agreed to normalise ties last month.

As US vote looms, Gulf powers count Trump blessings

Dubai - Brandishing a sword and dancing to traditional music on his first visit to Saudi Arabia soon after taking office, Donald Trump launched a dramatic relationship revamp that freed the hands of the Gulf monarchies.

Dubai gets ready to go kosher after Israel peace deal

Dubai - At the plush Armani hotel in the shadow of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower, a rabbi switches on the stoves at what is billed as Dubai's first kosher restaurant.

New US bill gives Israel influence over US arms sales

A new US bill would require the US President to consult with Israel before approving any weapons sales in the Middle East area.

Emirates airline to produce kosher meals as Israel beckons

Dubai - The Emirates airline group unveiled plans Thursday to produce kosher meals in keeping with Jewish dietary rules, two days after the UAE and Israel signed a deal to normalise ties.

'Deadly consequences' of Yemen aid obstruction, HRW warns

Dubai - Human Rights Watch warned Monday of "deadly consequences" as a result of the obstruction of aid in war-torn Yemen, where the humanitarian effort has already been badly hit by the coronavirus crisis.

Israel, Gulf states accord charts new era for Middle East

Dubai - A new era for the Middle East will be charted Tuesday when the UAE and Bahrain sign agreements to recognise Israel, in a move that shatters the Arab world's consensus on the Palestinian cause.

US-Israel delegation leaves UAE after ground-breaking visit

Abu Dhabi - A US-Israeli delegation left Abu Dhabi on Tuesday after a visit aimed at charting the relationship between the UAE and the Jewish state after their landmark deal to establish diplomatic ties.

US-Israeli delegation leaves UAE after 'historic' visit

Abu Dhabi - A US-Israeli delegation left Abu Dhabi Tuesday after a historic visit to discuss future ties between the UAE and the Jewish state following their landmark American-brokered deal to establish relations.

Kushner visits UAE base where coveted F-35 jets deployed

Abu Dhabi - White House advisor Jared Kushner visited a UAE air base Tuesday where the US operates F-35 fighter jets coveted by Abu Dhabi -- the thorniest issue in the Emirates' newly established ties with Israel.

What they said: 'historic' Israel to UAE flight

Abu Dhabi - Israel and the UAE made history on Monday when an El Al jet flew from the Jewish state to Abu Dhabi, the first time an Israeli commercial flight made the journey.

US-Israeli delegation lands in Abu Dhabi on historic flight

Abu Dhabi - A US-Israeli delegation led by White House advisor Jared Kushner arrived Monday in Abu Dhabi, on the historic first commercial flight from Tel Aviv to mark the normalisation of ties between the Jewish state and the UAE.

UAE deal puts Israel's economic reach on Iran's doorstep

Dubai - Israel's landmark deal with the UAE to normalise ties could see businesses from the Jewish state operating on arch-rival Iran's doorstep, but are unlikely to disturb Emirati economic ties to Iran.

Israel's Mossad spy chief visits UAE for security talks

Dubai - Israel's Mossad spy agency chief Yossi Cohen visited the United Arab Emirates for security talks, Emirati state media reported Tuesday, only days after the countries agreed to establish diplomatic ties.

Kushner urges Saudi to normalise ties with Israel

Dubai - US President Donald Trump's son-in-law and White House advisor Jared Kushner said Monday it would be in Saudi Arabia's interest to normalise ties with Israel as the United Arab Emirates has agreed to do.

After UAE deal with Israel US arms sales to UAE will surge

With the US praising recent complete normalization of relations between the United Arab Emirates(UAE) and Israel this could easily lead to increased US arms sales to the UAE as the US will be more willing to sign off on such deals.

In the Gulf, normalisation with Israel feels anything but normal

Dubai - The shock announcement that the UAE and Israel are normalising relations has been applauded by allies and booed by rivals, but for many Gulf citizens there is deep unease over the embrace of a longtime enemy.

Israel agrees to full normalization of relations with the UAE

On Thursday, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) made a surprise announcement of a deal with Israel, which includes full normalization of ties. This is the first such agreement that Israel has made since a deal in 1994 with Jordan.

Mohamed bin Zayed: UAE strongman who normalised ties with Israel

Abu Dhabi - Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, the first Gulf leader to strike a deal normalising relations with Israel, has long been seen as a strongman who has driven the UAE's rise to diplomatic prominence.
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