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UAE rejects support claims for separatist seizure of Yemen's Aden

Abu Dhabi - The UAE on Wednesday rejected accusations it supported Yemeni separatists in their seizure of interim capital Aden, as the government refused talks with secessionists until they fully withdraw.

Op-Ed: Yemen summit to create a new government postponed indefinitely

A summit that was intended to form a new Yemeni government and was slated to take place in Saudi Arabia has not started and was postponed indefinitely.

Bahrain to join US-led efforts to protect Gulf navigation

Dubai - Bahrain said Monday it would join US-led efforts to protect shipping in the Gulf amid tensions between Washington and Tehran after a series of attacks on tankers.

Op-Ed: Yemen's Southern Separatists aim to occupy all of South Yemen

Aden - The Southern Transitional Council (STC), a large separatist movement that wants an independent Southern Yemen has rejected demands to give up Aden that it has seized from the Saudi-supported internationally recognized government

Yemen govt rules out talks until separatists withdraw from Aden

Dubai - Yemen's government on Wednesday ruled out talks with southern separatists until they withdraw from positions they seized last week in second city Aden.

Separatists' seizure of Aden makes Yemen govt weaker than ever

Dubai - Yemen's internationally-recognised government is weaker than ever following Aden's seizure by southern separatists, who are likely to opt for negotiations to resolve the crisis rather than declare independence, analysts say.

Jailed Saudi activist told to deny torture in release 'deal'

Dubai - Saudi authorities have offered to release jailed activist Loujain al-Hathloul in exchange for her video testimony denying that she had been tortured and sexually harassed in prison, her family claimed Tuesday.

Op-Ed: Southern separatists take control of Aden in Yemen

Aden - Aden was declared the interim capital of Yemen by the Saudi-backed government of Mansour Hadi. However, Hadi is in Saudi Arabia because of the security situation. Now Aden has been taken over by southern separatists backed by the UAE.

UAE prince visits Saudi, urges dialogue to solve Yemen tensions

Dubai - Abu Dhabi's powerful crown prince visited Saudi Arabia on Monday and called for dialogue to resolve tensions in Yemen, after deadly clashes there between government loyalists and UAE-backed forces.

UN accuses Yemeni forces of attacks against northerners

Dubai - The UN's human rights office on Tuesday accused southern Yemeni security forces of perpetrating "retaliatory attacks" against citizens from the country's north.

Bahrain hosts military conference amid Iran tensions

Dubai - Bahrain hosted a conference on Gulf maritime security on Wednesday, after multiple attacks on shipping in the strategic Strait of Hormuz sent tensions soaring between Iran and the US.

UAE not leaving war-torn Yemen despite drawdown: minister

Dubai - The United Arab Emirates has said it is not leaving Yemen despite a redeployment of its forces in the war-torn country, as Huthi rebels said they were ready to stop attacks on Saudi Arabia.

Saudis and Houthis reach a deal on the port of Hodeidah in Yemen

Hodeida - Houthi and Saudi representatives have within the last 48 hours reached an agreement on board a UN ship in the Red Sea, according to UN officials. The deal would see the ceasefire at the port of Hodeidah enforced.

US banks on Libya strongman Haftar, experts say

Dubai - Washington's refusal to condemn an airstrike on a detention centre that killed dozens of migrants blamed on Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar by his rivals shows tacit US support, experts say.

Sharjah ruler's son buried after death in London

Dubai - A son of the ruler of Sharjah was buried in the emirate Wednesday, as a three-day mourning period began after his unexpected death in London.Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan al-Qasimi was reported to be 39.

UN chief urges action to avert climate change 'catastrophe'

Abu Dhabi - UN chief Antonio Guterres said climate-related devastation was striking the planet on a weekly basis and warned Sunday that urgent action must be taken to avoid a catastrophe.

Bahrain court overturns stripping of 92 Shiites' citizenship: judicial source

Dubai - A Bahraini appeals court overturned a decision to strip the citizenship of 92 Shiites jailed for plotting to form an Iran-linked "terror" group, a judicial source said Sunday.

UN chief urges action to avert climate change 'catastrophe'

Abu Dhabi - UN chief Antonio Guterres said climate-related devastation was striking the planet on a weekly basis and warned Sunday that urgent action must be taken to avoid a catastrophe.

UAE claims it does not have evidence Iran attacked tankers

Abu Dhabi - Somewhat surprisingly the United Arab Emirates a US ally says it would like concrete proof that Iran was behind the attacks whereas the Trump administration has already claimed that Iran or Iran-backed forces carried out the attacks.

US cyber attack on Iran shrouded in digital 'fog of war'

Dubai - A claim by US officials that a retaliatory cyber attack ordered by the White House crippled Iranian missile launching systems will remain almost impossible to substantiate, experts say.
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