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Cut! Coronavirus pegs back RamadanĀ soaps

Dubai - Missing scenes, unfinished episodes and sets sanitised against coronavirus -- much-loved Ramadan television soaps are struggling to keep the cameras rolling just weeks before the Islamic holy month.

Mideast airlines must tap handouts to survive virus crisis

Dubai - As coronavirus grounds airlines, plunging the industry into unprecedented crisis, Middle East carriers that have been in the red for years must urgently tap assistance from governments facing their own revenue slump.

Yemen war: Five years on, rebels stronger than ever

Dubai - Five years after Saudi Arabia intervened in Yemen's civil war, leading a military coalition to prop up the government which had been driven out of its capital, the Huthi rebels are only stronger, more resilient and gaining ground.

Op-Ed: US & UAE held wargames against Iran in Abu Dhabi despite pandemic

A number of planned wargames have been delayed because of fears they would help spread the coronavirus. However, the US and United Arab Emirates (UAE) carried on the biennial Native Fury to send a message to Iran.

Yemen war's 'devastating impact' on child mental health: charity

Dubai - The long war in Yemen has had a "devastating impact" on the mental health of children, with more than half saying they feel sad and depressed, Save the Children said.

Yemen cafes shut, women harassed as Huthis impose harsh morals campaign

Dubai - The Huthi rebels arrived without warning, heavily armed and in a furious mood, as they barged into Ophelia, the only cafe for women in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, and demanded it be shut down immediately.

UAE loads fuel rods at Arab world's first nuclear plant

Abu Dhabi - The United Arab Emirates has started loading fuel rods into the first reactor at its Barakah nuclear plant, operators said Wednesday, two days after regulators gave the green light.

'Jetman' stuns with Iron Man-style flight over Dubai

Dubai - Daredevil Vince Reffet has soared into the skies above Dubai in the latest "Jetman" stunt, taking off from the ground and climbing to 1,800metres (nearly 6,000 feet) in a feat reminiscent of Marvel's "Iron Man" and hailed as a world first.

31 civilians killed in strikes on Yemen after Saudi jet crash

Dubai - At least 31 civilians were killed in strikes on Yemen on Saturday, the United Nations said, following a Saudi-led operation in response to one of its fighter jet crashing, with Iran-backed Huthi rebels claiming to have shot it down.

Yemen's Huthis drop 'tax' threat that jeopardised aid: UN official

Dubai - Yemen's Huthi rebels have dropped a threat to impose a tax on aid, a UN official told AFP Friday, in a significant step towards resolving a crisis that has jeopardised the world's biggest humanitarian operation.

Yemen's Huthis drop 'tax' threat that jeopardised aid: UN official

Dubai - Yemen's Huthi rebels have dropped a threat to tax aid, a UN official told AFP Friday, in a significant step towards resolving a crisis that has jeopardised the world's biggest humanitarian operation.

After US killing of chief, what's next for AQAP?

Dubai - The US killing of the leader of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in war-torn Yemen raises questions about the jihadist group's operations and its future.

New 'mercy flight' due to leave rebel-held Yemen capital: WHO source

Dubai - A plane is due to evacuate 24 critically ill Yemenis from the rebel-held capital on Friday, a World Heath Organization source said, as the UN seeks to consolidate a medical air bridge.

Muppets help conflict kids in new Arabic 'Sesame Street'

Dubai - A band of Muppets, both old favourites and new friends, will star in an Arabic retooling of "Sesame Street" with a regional twist.In its Western iterations, the long-running franchise addresses issues including family breakdown.

UAE reports Middle East's first cases of new coronavirus

Dubai - The United Arab Emirates said Wednesday that a Chinese family of four who arrived from Wuhan were infected with the new coronavirus, in the first confirmed cases in the Middle East.

UAE tech ambitions tarnished by internet restrictions

Dubai - With its ultra-modern infrastructure and hyper-connected services, the United Arab Emirates is an emerging technology power, but a scandal surrounding a popular messaging application has highlighted tight controls on the internet.

Op-Ed: Agreement between Saudis and Yemen separatists breaks down

The ongoing Saudi-led operation in Yemen is intended to defeat the Iran-backed Houthi rebels who control much of the north including the capital Sanaa. The Saudis are supported in the battle against the Houthis by the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Peace deal for Yemen's south stumbles as deadline expires

Dubai - The Yemeni government and southern separatists have failed to meet a deadline to establish a power-sharing government, an ominous sign for hopes of a wider deal to end years of war.

UAE mines history to assert legitimacy in major documentary

Dubai - The United Arab Emirates is renowned for skyscrapers and mega-projects, but as the emerging regional power seeks to build legitimacy, it is campaigning to glorify its past as well.

US flexes muscles in Gulf to reassure allies

Dubai - A US aircraft carrier's passage through the Gulf is the latest demonstration of the superpower's enduring military presence in the Middle East aimed at reassuring allies, experts and officials say.
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