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Israeli clowns try to ease Nepal quake trauma

Kathmandu - Israeli "medical clowns" are trying to help ease the trauma of children caught up in Nepal's devastating earthquake by healing psychological scars with laughter.

French court approves use of Sarkozy recordings in corruption probe

Paris - A French court ruled Thursday that secret wiretap recordings of former president Nicolas Sarkozy talking with his lawyer could be used as evidence in an ongoing corruption probe, one of his legal team confirmed.

Tornadoes tear through central US, 13 reported injured

Washington - Multiple tornadoes injured at least 13 as they tore through the central United States on Wednesday destroying homes and felling trees amid heavy rains that triggered local flooding, US media reported.

One dead, three hurt in renewed Burundi clashes

Bujumbura - At least one person was killed and three wounded in Burundi on Thursday in a fresh outbreak of clashes between demonstrators and police, witnesses said.

Libya port coastguard battle to save migrants with single boat

Zuwarah - In their struggle to cope with the surge in illegal migrants bound for Europe, the coastguard in the Libyan port of Zuwarah have just one boat, and even that often breaks down.

Netanyahu government 'against peace': Palestinians

Ramallah - The new rightwing religious coalition government formed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be belligerent and work against peace, a senior Palestinian official said on Thursday.

Water on white dwarf raises prospects of H2O-rich planets

Paris - Large amounts of water may exist on numerous deep space bodies, said a study Thursday that raises the theoretical odds of another planet like Earth sporting the life-giving resource.

Big Numbers: In U.K. 74% of men, 64% of women overweight by 2030

Time to jettison the bangers and mash? Researchers from the World Health Organization (WHO) made a rather large claim this week: the number of overweight and obese people in the U.K. is growing. So much, they warn, it could be out of control by 2030.

Indonesian court postpones death row Frenchman's appeal

Jakarta - An Indonesian court on Thursday postponed the start of an appeal by a Frenchman on death row to next week, indicating the country's slow-moving justice system could delay his execution for some time yet.

Beyond repair, Nepal's quake-hit homes await bulldozers

Kathmandu - As she stares forlornly at the teetering wreck she still calls home, Sobha Shakya knows it will soon be reduced to rubble by bulldozers poised to obliterate thousands more buildings in Nepal's devastated capital.

Polls open in Britain's knife-edge election

London - Polls opened Thursday in Britain's closest general election for decades with voters set to decide between the Conservatives of Prime Minister David Cameron, Ed Miliband's Labour and a host of smaller parties.

All eyes on Scotland in Britain's knife-edge vote

Glasgow - All eyes will be on Scotland on Thursday as the Scottish National Party looks set for a landslide victory in Britain's general election, a result that could hand it the role of kingmaker.

Underdog Miliband confident as Britain votes

London - Written off as a political insider lacking charisma, the leader of the Labour party Ed Miliband has confounded expectations to put up a tough fight to become the next prime minister.

Britain's Prince Harry unwitting focus of hit French comedy

Paris - A French actress climbed the gates of Kensington Palace in high heels, interrupted the changing of the guard and spent two nights in a British jail as she secretly filmed a comedy about a Parisian desperate to marry Britain's Prince Harry.

Exile or repression — Russian opposition faces tough choice

Moscow - The slogans on the placards ranged from the innocuous to the obscure but the response from the Russian authorities was swift and harsh.

Deal to curb U.S. intelligence elusive as June deadline nears

Washington - Many U.S. lawmakers and an array of interest groups want to rein in the government's surveillance programs, aware of public backlash that began with bombshell leaks two years ago.

Op-Ed: Evolving Reddit — New video division will create unique content

New York City - Reddit is THE site everyone has an opinion about, for, or against. Some love it, some loathe it. It’s the internet’s answer to getting your face sandblasted every day, or a really fascinating roam around the world. Buzzfeed with soul, perhaps.

Review: A double edition of New on DVD for May 5 Special

This week’s releases include the original ‘Mad Max’; his bear-y adorable antithesis; complete sets of some of TV’s best; and a couple of Oscar nominees showcasing their merit.

Op-Ed: Woman who damaged Satanic Temple seeks funds for war on Satan Special

Tallahassee - Last December, Susan Hemeryck created a stir when she allegedly vandalized a holiday display put up by The Satanic Temple. She was arrested for her trouble, on a charge of criminal mischief. However, the charge was dropped in March.

Britain votes in suspense-filled general election

London - Britons voted on Thursday in a knife-edge general election that could put their country's membership of the European Union in question and raise the likelihood of independence for Scotland.
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