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Telemedicine is helping doctors to address the COVID-19 crisis

Telemedicine is one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the number of Americans participating in at least one telemedicine visit has increased from 14 percent to 57 percent.

France closes Paris mosque in clampdown over teacher's beheading

Paris - French authorities said Tuesday they would close a Paris mosque as part of a clampdown on radical Islam that has yielded over a dozen arrests following the beheading of a teacher who had shown his pupils a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed.

UAE eyes deals on first official visit to Israel

Dubai - A United Arab Emirates delegation left on the country's first official visit to Israel on Tuesday, with a string of deals set to be signed after the two countries signed a deal to normalise ties last month.

UAE delegation heads to Israel on first official visit

Dubai - A United Arab Emirates delegation left on the country's first official visit to Israel on Tuesday after the two countries agreed to normalise ties last month.

Why Beijing may want to keep Trump in the White House

Bejing - Donald Trump has frustrated and enraged China during a tumultuous first term, but Beijing may welcome his re-election as it scans the horizon for the decline of its superpower rival.

China's super rich got $1.5 trillion richer during pandemic: report

Bejing - China's super wealthy have earned a record $1.5 trillion in 2020, more than the past five years combined, as e-commerce and gaming boomed during pandemic lockdowns, an annual rich list said Tuesday.

Arrest warrants issued for founders of Panama Papers firm: report

Berlin - Germany has issued international arrest warrants for the two founders of the firm at the centre of the tax haven scandal exposed by the Panama Papers data leak, German media reported.

Indigenous Colombians protest violence with mock trial for president

Apo - Thousands of indigenous Colombians staged a symbolic trial of President Ivan Duque in the country's capital on Monday to demand an end to growing violence on their land.

'A moving current': Thai protesters adopt Hong Kong tactics

Bangkok - Umbrellas as shields, secure chat groups and hand signals as warnings of a pending police crackdown -- Thailand's pro-democracy protesters have taken inspiration and lessons from their counterparts in Hong Kong.

Virus, what virus? India gets back to work

Sinnar - India is on course to top the world in coronavirus cases, but from Maharashtra's whirring factories to Kolkata's thronging markets, people are back at work -- and eager to forget the pandemic for festival season.

'Trump Heights' a symbol of US shift on Mideast policy

Katzrin - On a dusty plain in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, a golden-lettered sign with Israeli and American flags stands before a rusty wire fence as the gateway to "Trump Heights".

As US vote looms, Gulf powers count Trump blessings

Dubai - Brandishing a sword and dancing to traditional music on his first visit to Saudi Arabia soon after taking office, Donald Trump launched a dramatic relationship revamp that freed the hands of the Gulf monarchies.

In new German save-the-forest fight, migrant captain centre stage

Deutschland - Eighteen months ago, German ship captain Carola Rackete was hailed a hero by refugee campaigners after she defied the authorities by steering a migrant rescue vessel into the port of Lampedusa.

'Like the speed of the wind': Kenya's lakes rise to destructive highs

Kabarnet - Peering into the lake, the village elder struggled to pinpoint where beneath the hyacinth and mesquite weeds lay the farm he lived in his entire life until the water rose like never before and swallowed everything.

SK Hynix in $9 bn deal for Intel's flash memory chip business

Seoul - The world's second-largest chipmaker, South Korea's SK Hynix, announced a record $9 billion deal Tuesday to buy Intel's flash memory chip operation as it seeks to bolster its position against rival behemoth Samsung Electronics.

Madrid hospital struggles with surge in virus cases

Legan - At Severo Ochoa hospital in a Madrid suburb badly-hit during the pandemic's first wave, the intensive care unit is once again full and exhausted medics dread a repeat of the same "horror".

UN arms embargo on weapons sales to Iran expires

The UN arms embargo on Iran has expired. Despite months of opposition from the US UN officials are unanimous in believing that the ban has actually expired.

Op-Ed: The very ugly world of modern seafaring unveiled – It’s hideous

Sydney - I’ve worked doing writing jobs for seafarer’s missions. I gained some truly repulsive insights into the realities of working at sea in the process. Things are getting worse, and it’s now a subject of serious inquiry for governments.

SK Hynix to buy Intel's NAND memory chip business in $9bn deal

Seoul - The world's second-largest chipmaker, South Korea's SK Hynix, is to buy Intel's flash memory chip operation in a deal worth $9 billion, it said Tuesday, as it seeks to bolster its position against Samsung.

Major quake off Alaska triggers small tsunami waves

Los Angeles - A major 7.5-magnitude quake off the coast of Alaska triggered small tsunami waves Monday, US agencies said, but there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.
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