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Grief, anger as relatives learn of Argentine sub blast

Mar Del Plata - Relatives of the 44 crewmembers aboard Argentina's missing submarine erupted in a welter of anger and grief Thursday after the navy released news of an explosion onboard, effectively ending hopes of survival.

Osaka to drop SF sister city over comfort woman statue

Toukyo - The mayor of Japan's second city of Osaka said Friday he would end sister-city relations with San Francisco after the US city decided to accept a donated memorial to wartime sex slaves.

US trial of gold trader sparks concern, anger in Turkey

Ankara - A court case in the United States against a leading gold trader and a top Turkish banking executive has sparked anger and anxiety in Ankara, with both US-Turkey ties and the economy at risk of damage.

Some regular Tesla Model 3 reservation holders in luck for Xmas?

At long last Tesla is inviting non-employee reservation holders to design their Model 3s, perhaps a sign that the cars could be close to entering full production, a giant leap forward for the company.

Oscar Pistorius: The 'broke and broken' Olympian

Johanesburg - At the 2012 London Olympics, before 80,000 roaring fans and a constellation of camera flashes, it took Oscar Pistorius 45.44 seconds to become a global icon.

Adam Lambert expresses thankfulness this Thanksgiving holiday

Grammy-nominated pop music star Adam Lambert has expressed his gratitude during this Thanksgiving holiday. Digital Journal has the scoop.

David Cook to release new 'Chromance' EP in 2018

American Idol Season 7 winner and rock singer-songwriter David Cook will be releasing his new EP, "Chromance," independently.

EU, ex-Soviet states push ties in face of 'hostile' Russia

Brussels - Leaders from the EU and six former Soviet states gathered in Brussels on Friday to discuss deepening ties, with worries about Russian influence looming and thorny subjects like the war in Ukraine off the official agenda.

Canadians to increase holiday spending despite OECD debt warnings

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD warns in a recent report that rising private debt loads in Canada as well as the UK and South Korea pose a risk to further growth. The three lead the world in household debt.

Blockchain technologies could return control of data to patients

The focus of blockchain technology has been with supply chains and finance, but the applications are far wider including life science research, like new drug development and the control of patient data.

Mugabe's successor and the 'poisoned ice cream' plot

Harare - On August 17, the Zimbabwean government issued an official denial that Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was vice president at the time, had eaten ice cream at a political rally.

Deutsche Bank warns investors not to consider Bitcoin

Deutsche Bank has become the latest institution to warn investors about the risks of Bitcoin investment. The bank's chief strategist said Bitcoin cannot be recommended to "the everyday investor" because of the lack of market regulation.

Cuba honors Fidel on anniversary, eyes post-Castro era

Havana - Cuba commemorates the first anniversary of the death of revolutionary father Fidel Castro on Saturday as it looks ahead to the post-Castro era.Ceremonies marking the anniversary are scheduled across the Caribbean island.

Canada accepts most US border jumpers' refugee claims

Ottawa - Canadian officials held crisis talks Thursday as new figures showed that most border jumpers who flooded into the country from the United States this year were granted asylum.

Argentine sub disaster stirs bitter memories in Russia

Moscow - President Vladimir Putin has offered his Argentine counterpart Mauricio Macri help in trying to find a submarine that disappeared in the South Atlantic a week ago, and dispatched a Russian military vessel to the scene.

Review: Dustin Lynch incredible at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Special

New York - On November 23, country star Dustin Lynch performed at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (that took place at 34th Street) in New York City.

Samsung to build new lab for machine learning research

Samsung's announced a new research centre to focus on developing artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company's current AI capabilities are perceived to be behind its rivals, a weakness Samsung is working hard to address.

British PM in crunch Brexit deal talks with EU chief

Brussels - British Prime Minister Theresa May holds a crunch meeting with European Union President Donald Tusk on Friday as hopes mount that she will offer compromises to secure a Brexit deal in December.

Review: Second City holiday revue satirizes Christmas traditions Special

Toronto - Christmas is usually depicted as a happy season of good cheer, but in reality, it can be a time of stress, disappointment or loneliness for some. Leave it to Second City to roast the truths behind the myths in its new Toronto holiday revue.

Mladic falls, but Milosevic loyalists on the rise in Serbia

Belgrade - The last Serb to stand trial over the conflicts that ripped apart Yugoslavia will finish his days in prison, but in Belgrade, men closely linked to wartime strongman Slobodan Milosevic are returning to high-profile jobs.
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