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Litecoin reaches record highs up over 4,000 percent for the year

Not only bitcoin has been soaring to new heights lately but Litecoin a competitive coin released by Charlie Lee on October 13th 2013 based on the bitcoin core but having several differences.

Major airlines set to ban ‘smart luggage’

The growing array for ‘smart luggage’, popular with business travelers, could be set for a ban for carriage by major airlines over safety fears. This relates to the embedded batteries found inside many smart cases.

US Army deserter who spent decades in N.Korea dies at 77

Toukyo - Charles Jenkins, a US Army deserter who spent four decades in communist North Korea and married a Japanese woman abducted by Pyongyang, has died at the age of 77, officials said on Tuesday.

Low-power radio module for Internet of Things

Oslo - Ultra-low power radio can overcome the power drain from smart meters and IoT devices, according to Norwegian technologists. Meanwhile U.S. scientists have designed a zero-power stand-by sensor.

Firefighters lose control as Thomas fire grows larger

Carpinteria - The Thomas fire in Southern California has now become the fifth-largest wildfire on record in the state. Containment of the massive blaze slipped from 15 to 10 percent as high winds spread the fire from Ventura County into Santa Barbara County.

EU's big five criticise US tax plans, seek 'compromise'

Paris - The finance ministers of the European Union's five biggest economies wrote to their American counterpart Monday to voice concerns over a US tax overhaul, saying Washington should adhere to "international obligations to which it has signed up".

Eric Braeden talks new memoir 'I'll Be Damned,' acting career Special

Emmy-winning actor Eric Braeden ("The Young and The Restless") chatted with Digital Journal about his memoir "I'll Be Damned." In the daytime soap world, Braeden has portrayed Victor Newman on "The Young and The Restless" since 1980.

New target in search for missing Argentine sub

Buenos Aires - Workers used sonar equipment Monday to get the facts on objects found 26 days after an Argentine sub went missing with 44 crew members aboard. President Mauricio Macri and the navy consider the crew to have been tragically lost.

Microsoft adds another $50m to AI for Earth at One Planet Summit

Microsoft's announced it's investing another $50m in its "AI for Earth" initiative to help organisations use AI to protect the environment. The company committed the additional funding on the eve of the One Planet Summit in Paris tomorrow.

Drones being used in fight against California wildfires, reports Ken Hanly.

The horrible fires over Los Angeles, San Diego, and Ventura counties that have destroyed over 500 structures and forced over 200,000 to flee is now being surveyed by drones which can track the path of the fire and survey damaged property.

HP admits to installing keylogger on hundreds of laptops

HP has admitted to installing a keylogger on hundreds of its laptops. Some of the company's most popular models are among those affected. The code was discovered inside HP's keyboard driver software by a security researcher investigating laptop keyboards.

Lost Frequencies talks 'Crazy,' electronic music, plans for 2018 Special

Electronic producer and DJ Lost Frequencies chatted with Digital Journal about his track "Crazy," plans for 2018, as well as the digital transformation of the electronic dance music (EDM) industry.

Leaders join France's Macron to discuss climate cash crunch

Paris - French President Emmanuel Macron will meet with other leaders on Tuesday, two years to the day since 195 nations adopted the climate-rescue Paris Agreement -- this time to talk about money.

British double murderer appeals Hong Kong conviction

Hong Kong - A British banker jailed for life for the horrifying murder of two Indonesian women at his upscale Hong Kong apartment in a cocaine-fuelled rampage appealed against his conviction Tuesday.

Kids going bananas for Canadian company's Fingerlings

Montreal - One of the hottest toys this holiday season is only five inches tall, but it has turned out to be a "must have" for children, and some adults. Called a Fingerling, it is a little robotic monkey that clings to your finger, passes gas, and sings a tune.

Heavy snow, high winds wreak havoc across Europe

Brussels - High winds and heavy snow in Europe on Monday stranded thousands of travellers, kept schoolchildren at home and even played havoc with international diplomacy.

Op-Ed: No Net Neutrality = Slowing down the future with politics

Washington - The Trump administration’s decision to end Net Neutrality will be a disaster for business, for consumers, and for trade. This decision can turn the internet into Big Pharma v.2. Is that bad enough? How much worse does it need to be?

Anger brewing in German SPD against Merkel power pact

Berlin - To many German Social Democrats it sounds like a monster that will destroy their party if not democracy itself: the GroKo.

Smart luggage innovations for business travelers

Smart luggage is the next big thing for business travelers: from robot cases that follow the owner around to bags fitted with GPS devices, the age of smart technology is set to aid those who clock up a high number of air-miles.

Iran protesters say Trump speeding up the end of Israel

Tehran - A few hundred diehard Iranian conservatives rallied on Monday against Israel and said US President Donald Trump had hastened its demise with his decision to recognise Jerusalem as its capital.
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