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Erdogan seeks to send Trump stern message on Syrian Kurds

Istanbul - By launching air strikes against Syrian Kurdish fighters and threatening more action, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is seeking to send a tough message to Donald Trump in the hope of bringing about a major U-turn in US Syria policy.

Madeleine McCann's disappearance haunts Portuguese resort

Vila De Rei - Scarred by Madeleine McCann's disappearance 10 years ago, the seaside resort town of Praia da Luz in southern Portugal is struggling to shake off the mystery surrounding the British toddler."The residents are all fed up...

The world marched for climate change as millions face starvation

While the world marched to bring attention to the impacts of climate change on Saturday, in Africa, over 20 million people are starving because of a prolonged and devastating drought brought on by the very thing we want the world to acknowledge.

A Spanish quest to hand down prehistoric secrets

C - It's dark and surprisingly warm in a cave in western Spain that hides our most intimate connection to the prehistoric past -- hand silhouettes painted tens of thousands of years ago.

Lithium-air batteries could power electric cars

One thing holding back progress with electric cars are the batteries needed to power such vehicles. Considerable promise comes from lithium-air batteries, which enable electric cars to drive farther on a single charge.

Shane Owens makes Grand Ole Opry debut in Nashville

Up-and-coming country artist Shane Owens made his debut on the hallowed Grand Ole Opry stage on April 29 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Op-Ed: Trump wants South Korea to pay $1 billion for missile system

Trump is now showing not how the US can make friends and influence people but how to alienate its South Korean friends. Trump is asking South Korea to pay the $1 billion cost of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system.

Interview: Dalton Domino talks new country album 'Corners' Special

Country artist Dalton Domino chatted with Digital Journal about his new studio album "Corners," which was released independently via Lightning Rod Records.

Winter fighting took heavy toll on Afghan forces: report

Washington - Afghan security forces were killed at a "shockingly high" rate during what historically has been a winter lull in fighting against the Taliban, a US watchdog said in a report Monday.

Erdogan says 'saddened' by US flags with Syrian YPG

Istanbul - President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday said Ankara was "seriously saddened" by footage showing American military vehicles operating close to the border with Syrian Kurdish fighters Turkey sees as a terror group.

Review: Jamie Raven phenomenal on 'Magic of the Mind' magic kit Special

Acclaimed British magician Jamie Raven has released four new brand magic kits. Digital Journal has the scoop on "Magic of the Mind."

Rapper Eminem takes New Zealand political party to court

Wellington - Rapper Eminem launched court action against New Zealand's ruling political party on Monday, accusing it of using an unlicensed version of his hit "Lose Yourself" in a campaign advert.

S. Korea media warn of 'Trump risk' to alliance

Seoul - South Korean media on Monday warned of a "Trump risk" threatening the alliance between Washington and Seoul amid high tensions over the North's weapons ambitions.

Brexit puts tiny German village at centre of Euroverse

A European Union flag snapping in the wind in the tiny German village of Gadheim is the only hint at why the world's media are beating a path to this out-of-the-way spot.

Nanoparticles in air pollution lead to heart disease

Edinburgh - A new study shows how tiny particles associated with air pollution are linked with cardiovascular disease. These particles, which enter the lungs, can lead to premature death.

Deal reached on US spending, shutdown likely averted

Washington - US congressional leaders have reached a deal on a federal spending bill which if passed by lawmakers this week will avert a government shutdown, a top lawmaker and congressional aides said.

Scandal widens over far-right German soldier in 'attack plot'

Berlin - Germany's defence minister on Sunday vowed zero tolerance for far-right extremists in the military amid a widening scandal over a soldier who allegedly plotted an attack which he planned to blame on refugees.

Joshua knocks out Klitschko to unify heavyweight title

Heavyweight rising star Anthony Joshua remains unbeaten in 19 pro fights after knocking out heavyweight king Wladimir Klitschko in the penultimate round of their title fight Saturday at the Wembley Stadium in London, United Kingdom.

Mothers in Argentina march to remember, four decades on

Buenos Aires - The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo marked four decades Sunday of marching for accountability in the abductions of their kin by Argentina's last dictatorship."Stay alert, Stay alert; they're alive ...

Op-Ed: China’s carriers: A catalyst for trouble?

Sydney - China’s first domestically built carrier is believed to be the beginning of a major drive by the Chinese navy to deliver a major global presence and projection of power. The problems could start a lot closer to home.
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