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North Korea nuclear test site part-collapsed: Chinese experts

Bejing - North Korea's underground nuclear test site has partially collapsed following a massive bomb blast last year, making it unusable, Chinese seismologists have concluded.

New 3-D map of Milky Way will 'revolutionise astronomy'

Paris - Europe's Gaia satellite has produced a 3-D map, hailed as revolutionary, of more than a billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy -- complete with their distance from Earth, colour, and motion through space.

Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds to host 2018 LoveLoud Festival

On July 28, 2018, Dan Reynolds, the front-man of the Grammy-winning rock group Imagine Dragons, will be hosting the second annual LoveLoud Festival.

Companies must rethink their recruitment strategy: Interview Special

Millennials have become the largest part of the U.S. workforce, and by 2025 will make up three-fourths of a workplace that will be over 40 percent mobile. This means Companies have to rethink their assumptions about what matters most to employees.

How A.I. could increase the risk of nuclear war by 2040

Artificial intelligence (AI) could potentially result in a nuclear war by 2040, according to a research paper by a U.S. think tank, Rand Corporation.

US Supreme Court leans toward backing Trump travel ban

Washington - The US Supreme Court appeared closely divided Wednesday over whether President Donald Trump had the power to block travelers from six mostly Muslim countries, in the biggest legal test of the administration's contentious travel ban.

Interview: How health tech is being healed through collaboration Special

Healthcare technology has a general problem with a lack of interoperability. As a result, patients and their caregivers face expensive consequences, such as hospital readmissions. The Chicago-based healthcare incubator MATTER Health is challenging this.

As tellurium demands rises, so do contamination concerns

Demands for tellurium, a rare element, are on the rise. Some forms of tellurium are toxic, so as the element finds applications in solar panels, rubber production, electronics and more, there are rising concerns over contamination of the environment.

Are you willing to be fitted with an alcohol monitor?

For people on alcohol reduction programs and for those wishing to monitor alcohol levels, a new type of biosensor has been developed: in essence, it's an alcohol monitoring chip.

France's Macron pushes back at 'America First' agenda

Washington - France's President Emmanuel Macron urged the United States to embrace multilateralism and warned of the perils of trade war, in an address to Congress pushing back against Donald Trump's "America First" agenda.

James Wesley to perform at 2018 Mound Valley Flagpole Festival

Mound Valley - Country music fans and listeners of singer-songwriter James Wesley are in for a treat. On June 30, he will be performing at the 150th anniversary of the Flagpole Festival in Kansas.

Parents of terminally ill UK toddler launch new legal bid

London - The parents of terminally ill British boy Alfie Evans were to appeal Wednesday a decision preventing them from going to Rome for treatment following high-profile interventions in the case from Pope Francis and the Italian government.

Nicaragua protest death toll jumps to 34: rights group

Managua - A week of brutally repressed anti-government protests in Nicaragua has killed at least 34 people, a leading rights group in the country said Wednesday.

Biggest fire-fueled thunderstorm event on record occurred in B.C.

Vienna - Large wildfires can fuel "dirty" thunderstorms that fill the stratosphere with as much smoke as a volcanic eruption. We know this because of a study on the biggest fire-fueled thunderstorm event on record that occurred in British Columbia last year.

Nobel Literature Prize for 2018 in doubt after crisis

Stockholm - The Swedish Academy, plunged into crisis over allegations of rape and sexual assault by the husband of one its members, may postpone the 2018 Nobel Literature Prize, Swedish Radio reported on Wednesday."We're thinking about it.

Macedonia, Greece 'dedicated' to resolving name spat: UN

Vienna - Macedonia and Greece are "very dedicated" to resolving their long-running name spat, the UN mediator said Wednesday following talks between the two countries' foreign ministers in Vienna.

Syria rebels dig in for Daraa fight

Ramtha - On a tense urban frontline in Syria's Daraa, rebel Atallah Qutayfan has been steadily reinforcing his defensive post for weeks in anticipation of a looming assault by government troops.

Review: Casey Moss should win Emmy for acting work on 'Days of Our Lives' Special

Actor Casey Moss should win the 2018 Emmy award for "Outstanding Younger Actor in A Drama Series" for his work on "Days of Our Lives."

Twitter momentum grows with second straight profit quarter

Washington - Twitter reported its second consecutive quarterly profit Wednesday in a positive sign for the short messaging service after years in the red.

Chernobyl disaster zone lures tourists as visitor numbers boom

Chernobyl - Camera? Check. Sunglasses? Check. And a Geiger counter? Check. For a growing number of thrill-seekers visiting Chernobyl's radiation-contaminated lands the device is used to help navigate the site of what remains the world's worst nuclear accident.
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