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Hundreds protest over Michael Vick at Steelers home game Special

Pittsburgh - Over three hundred animal rights protesters turned out Thursday before the start of the Pittsburgh Steelers last preseason game calling for Michael Vick's removal from the team.

Op-Ed: Bradley-Rios fight could be this year's 'Fight of the Year'

If it is true that the Bradley-Rios fight is now a done deal after contract negotiations failed to gain traction due to reported disagreement on how much each fighter will receive, the match could be a candidate for this year's "Fight of the Year." award

EdgeHTML — Microsoft releases a new open source browser

Microsoft is struggling to keep pace with competition in mobile and they are finally looking to go open source, at least with the new EdgeHTML browser.

Skeletons found in mass graves are Scottish prisoners of war

Archaeologists at Durham University on Wednesday published the results of over 18 months of research into the mystery of a mass grave with a jumbled mix of from 17 to 28 skeletons that have lain untouched for over 350 years.

KY clerk who refuses to marry gays found in contempt, jailed

Ashland - A county clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her religious beliefs was found in contempt by a federal judge on Thursday and sent to jail.

Analysis finds lakes, rivers lost key protections in Harper govt.

Ottawa - Recent statistical analysis of changes made to environmental laws and procedures by Canada's conservative government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper show that protections for lakes and rivers have been "all but abandoned," The Canadian Press reports.

'My children slipped through my hands': father of drowned Syrian boy

Bodrum - The father of a three-year-old Syrian boy, whose body was washed up on a Turkish beach in an image that shocked the world, said Thursday his children "slipped through my hands" as their boat was taking in water on its way to Greece.

Policeman fired for shooting his vehicle and sparking manhunt

Millis - Authorities in Massachusetts announced on Thursday they have fired a police officer after he fabricated a story about someone in a pickup truck firing on his patrol car, causing it to crash and catch fire.

Op-Ed: Senior official in Yemeni exile government hard at work in Aden

Aden - Mohammed Ali Marem may be the only senior official of the internationally-recognized government of President Mansour Hadi, who is working inside Yemen. Most officials are located in the safety of Ryadh, Saudi Arabia.

Armin van Buuren to release new studio album 'Embrace'

World renowned producer and DJ Armin van Buuren will be releasing his sixth studio album, "Embrace," on Armada Music on October 29.

Doubts cast over e-cigarette research

London - Public Health England recently stated that e-cigarettes are safe. However, according to The Lancet, the report relied on evidence provided by scientists funded by the vaping industry.

4 Americans among 6 peacekeepers wounded in Egypt bombings

Cairo - Six international peacekeepers, including four Americans, were wounded in two roadside bombings in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula where Islamic State group militants are active, Egyptian and US security officials said.

Trump makes Republican loyalty pledge

New York - Republican frontrunner for president and brash billionaire Donald Trump pledged loyalty to the Republican Party and ruled out a third-party tilt for the 2016 election.

Robbers arrested for using 'Devil's Breath' to rob Parisians

Paris - Columbia might be most well-known for its cocaine, but there's an even more potent and lesser known drug, “Devil's Breath”, that three Chinese individuals in Paris have been using to rob people, potentially of millions of dollars.

Op-Ed: Syria's dead Aylan — A powerful image jolts humanity

Ankara - Some images inspire while others horrify. The image of a three-year-old boy lying dead on a Turkish shore is terribly haunting.

Pakistan's fading Parsi community looks abroad

Karachi - For more than 1,000 years, Parsis have thrived in South Asia but an ageing population and emigration to the West driven by instability in Pakistan means the tiny community of "fire worshippers" could soon be consigned to the country's history books.

Grieving Biden: 'Emotional energy' will guide decision on 2016 run

Washington - US Vice President Joe Biden said he is still uncertain about whether he can endure the rigors of a White House run so soon after the death of his son.

Once the 2016 standout, Bush now playing catch-up

Washington - Republican frontrunner Donald Trump's taunt of "sad" rival Jeb Bush -- "he was supposed to win, and he just doesn't have the energy" -- speaks volumes about the billionaire's propensity to go for the jugular.

U.S. public servant becomes face of anti-gay marriage fight

Washington - By refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Kim Davis -- taken into federal custody Thursday -- has gone from being a simple US public servant to a heroine for millions of Americans opposed to the new law of the land.

Epileptic girl challenges Mexico medical marijuana ban

- Just eight years old, Graciela could become Mexico's first authorized consumer of medical marijuana to alleviate the hundreds of epileptic seizures that strike her small frame every day.
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