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French editor 'convinced' video shows the end of Flight 9525

The editor of a French news magazine said he is "convinced" a cellphone video purported to be of the final moments of Germanwings Flight 9525 the paper was shown is the real thing. He said their source was solid and the chaos it showed is real.

Scientists baffled by radio signals from outer space

Bizarre radio waves pulsating from outer space have left astronomers stumped. Standard physics is neither capable of explaining the signals' patterns, nor giving the precise origin of their synchronized bursts.

Misao Okawa, the oldest person in the world, dies at 117

Tokyo - Misao Okawa, the world's oldest person, died in Tokyo on April 1, 2015, a month after celebrating her 117th birthday. She died of natural causes.

Lyme Disease: Avril Lavigne reveals illness and recovery story

When Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne tweeted in December that she had "health issues" and asked fans to keep her in their prayers, those fans didn't know what to think. Today Lavigne revealed the source of her illness was a bite from a tick.

Op-Ed: IS leader in Libya may be hero of campaign against Gaddafi

Tripoli - As the Islamic State expands its operations in Libya western media are paying more attention to this issue rather than the conflicts between military forces of the two rival governments, one in Tripoli and the internationally-recognized regime in Tobruk.

Deadly Ukraine rocket strike another shot in propaganda war

Ukraine - On a deserted road in east Ukraine, a missile strike briefly became the focus of the propaganda war that rages unabated despite the lull in fighting between pro-Russian rebels and the government.

Budget cuts increasing risks to food safety in Canada

Edmonton - At a news conference on Tuesday in Edmonton, the national president of Canada's Agricultural Union said the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) cutbacks in the number of inspections of processing plants is putting people at risk of foodborne illnesses.

Review: Heffron Drive amazes on new 'Happy Mistakes: Unplugged' album Special

Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt from Heffron Drive will be releasing their new album, "Happy Mistakes: Unplugged," which is a stunning collection of acoustic work.

First Church of Cannabis approved, tests IN religious freedom law

Indianapolis - The First Church of Cannabis Inc., has been approved by the Indiana secretary of state after the passage of the religious freedom act last week. This begs the question: Will the church's motto be "Praise the Lord and pass the pot?"

The USA meets Chile today in World Polo Championship final

Santiago - The USA and Chile advanced Tuesday to the World Polo Championship final to be played at Santiago de Chile. The Chilean and American teams will meet today (Wednesday) for the gold medal while England and Brazil will contest third place.

Microsoft's 'Project Spartan' web browser is here

Microsoft released a new build of Windows 10 to Windows Insiders yesterday that includes the company's new web browser to replace Internet Explorer, Project Spartan. The new browser promises to be much faster than IE and built for the modern web.

UK Election: UKIP candidate makes 'Kidnap Obama' outburst

Hendon - Just 24 hours after the UK general election officially started, UKIP — the UK Independence Party — again found itself the centre of media focus for all the wrong reasons as one of its candidates called on Israel to “kidnap” President Obama.

Japanese girls flaunt street fashion in Tokyo's Harajuku Special

Tokyo - In a city renowned for its cutting-edge fashion scene, one neighborhood is known the world over for the imaginatively-dressed teenage girls who congregate there each weekend to flaunt their latest meticulously prepared looks—Harajuku.

Edmonton spring comes in like a lion Special

Edmonton - In Edmonton, there is a joke that there are only two seasons: snow and rain. Spring encompasses both forms of precipitation.

Unpowered exoskeleton can improve human walking efficiency

Improving the muscle efficiency of walking is a problem scientists have been tackling for some time, but a new exoskeleton is the first to do so with no battery power.

No deal in Greece reform list talks: source

Brussels - Fresh talks between Greece and its creditors on a list of reforms ended without a deal Wednesday, with a widely anticipated meeting of eurozone finance ministers now unlikely to happen in the near future, sources said.

John Lennon's first wife Cynthia dead at 75

Before John Lennon's abstract and controversial marriage to artist Yoko Ono, he tied the knot with fellow Liverputian Cynthia Powell, who passed away Wednesday after a long battle with cancer.

Google disables ad-injecting Chrome extensions; many are malware

Google has removed nearly 200 extensions for its Chrome browser from the store after finding that they inject adverts into webpages and in many cases expose users to malicious software. In any case, the extensions ruined the experience of web browsing.

Coke Life contains high sugar content

Coke Life is a relatively new addition to the Coca-Cola range of beverages. It is targeted at those who want less sugar in their diet; however, health campaigners claim it is sugar-laden.

Bodies of Japan WWII soldiers found in Palau cave

Sydney - The bodies of six soldiers, believed to be Japanese troops who fought in World War II, have been found in a reopened cave in the Pacific nation of Palau, a report said Wednesday.
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