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What next in the Catalan crisis?

Madrid - Separatists in Catalonia want to declare independence, Spain's central government wants to stop them at all costs. So what happens next? Will the Spanish region descend into a spiral of unrest?

Shopify to expand in Waterloo, hiring up to 500 new employees

E-commerce company Shopify announced today that it will expand its Waterloo operations, adding 300-500 additional employees over the next two to three years.

Mark Schultz talks digital transformation of wrestling, future Special

Olympic gold medalist wrestler Mark Schultz chatted with Digital Journal about his latest endeavors, and the digital transformation of the wrestling industry.

EU swings behind Madrid in escalating Catalan crisis

Brussels - The EU closed ranks behind Spain in the Catalan crisis Thursday, saying there was "no space" for outside intervention by the bloc as France and Germany voiced strong support for Madrid.

Credit unions engaging with digital transformation

It’s not only large banks and finance house that are engaging with digital transformation, the processes of automation and moving services online pays benefits for credit unions as well.

Relativity Space aims to make a fully 3D printed rocket by 2021

Los Angeles - Startup Relativity Space plans on using huge 3D printers to manufacture all the parts of a rocket without human intervention. The company aims to reduce the number of parts as well as the cost of producing a rocket.

'Bigotry seems emboldened': George W. Bush slams Trump-era politics

New York - George W. Bush issued a sharp denunciation of bigotry, white supremacy and falsehoods on Thursday, in what was seen as a clear rebuke of politics in the age of President Donald Trump.

Banks 'two APIs away' from losing customers to mobile apps

Consumers are increasingly interested in mobile payments technology and are attracted to the idea of a centralised digital wallet. A new study by Accenture found smartphone users are "desperate" for a modern approach to banking that works around them.

Pole attempts self-immolation in likely anti-govt protest

Varsovia - A man set himself on fire in the heart of Warsaw Thursday in what appeared to be a protest against Poland's rightwing government, according to leaflets found at the site. "I was leaving a city council meeting and saw a man burning.

Vulnerabilities of smart home products demonstrated

Many smart home products are vulnerable to cyberattack, according to new research. Businesses involved in manufacturing devices for the connected home need to invest more in preventing malicious hacking and data theft.

Ransomware-spreading botnet takes desktop screenshots

The Necurs botnet has been inactive for much of the first half of 2017, but it is now back, with a vengeance. Recently, Millions of malicious emails have been distributed, with most of them spreading Locky ransomware.

White House chief cites son's loss in emotive Trump defense

Washington - White House chief of staff John Kelly -- a former general whose son died in Afghanistan -- made an emotive defense of Donald Trump Thursday, amid a scandal over the president's phone call with a military widow.

Balance of power shifts in Iraq's multi-ethnic Kirkuk

Kirkuk - With the return of Kirkuk to Iraqi control, the balance of power appears to have shifted between the ethnic communities in the Kurdish-majority city, to the delight of its Turkmen residents.

Meet Ricky Berens: 2-time Olympic gold medalist, world champion Special

Austin - Olympic gold medalist and world champion swimmer Ricky Berens chatted with Digital Journal about his respected career in the sport, and he opened up about two charitable foundations that he supports.

CIA chief: North Korea close to nuke that could hit US

Washington - The United States should assume Kim Jong-Un's regime is "on the cusp" of getting a nuclear missile capable of striking US targets and work to prevent this, the head of the CIA said Thursday.

Dan Tyminski talks new studio album 'Southern Gothic' Special

Multi-Grammy winner Dan Tyminski chatted with Digital Journal about his new musical project Tyminski and his new studio album, "Southern Gothic."

New laptop to be equipped with Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 835

San Diego - Microsoft revealed new details about its ARM-powered Windows 10 laptops. The laptops will be powered by a Qualcomm chip rather than by Intel or AMD. The new laptops should be on the market by this December.

Merkel calls for cut to Turkey EU funding

Brussels - German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday led calls for a cut to EU funding linked to Turkey's membership talks, to signal the bloc's unhappiness at Ankara's crackdown in the wake of a failed coup.

Pentagon opens Niger ambush probe as new details emerge

Washington - US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis revealed new details of a Niger ambush that left four US servicemen dead, including that the body of one slain soldier was not immediately evacuated.

US lawmakers move to regulate online political ads

Washington - US lawmakers Thursday unveiled legislation to require disclosure of the source of many online political ads, a move aimed at preventing a recurrence of Russian social media manipulation in the 2016 election.
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