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Country singer and actress Lari White dead at 52

Country singer-songwriter Lari White has passed away at the age of 52. The cause of her death was complications from cancer.

Google demonstrates how augmented reality could enhance the web

Google's published an experimental web app that uses augmented reality to enhance the user experience. Images can be loaded in an AR headset to see them "come alive" at their true size and scale. Google said its an early exploration of web-based AR.

Turkish attack highlights Syrian Kurds' isolation

Washington - After Turkey assaulted a relatively peaceful Kurdish enclave of northern Syria, regional leaders fear the world will abandon them even though they provided the ground troops who beat the Islamic State group.

New evidence suggests Australia was once part of Canada

Georgetown - Geologists believe Columbia, also known as Nuna and Hudsonland, was one of Earth's ancient supercontinents, 2.5 to 1.5 billion years ago. Researchers now believe a remote part of Australia was once part of Canada, based on an interesting discovery.

'Gia' is an Alexa rival for the finance industry

Emagia, a provider of digital finance solutions, has launched an assistance platform to help finance executives and operations teams. Gia combines AI and analytics to provide business leaders with predictive reports and automated task completion.

Jason Morton and the Chesapeake Sons talk new album, music career Special

Jason Morton and the Chesapeake Sons chatted with Digital Journal about their debut studio album, and the digital transformation of the music business.

Op-Ed: Musk Tesla CEO deal — $70 billion over 10 years breaks the mould

Palo Alto - Not a bad bit of pocket money for a decade, you say? Elon Musk is perhaps the easiest target on Earth for critics, and this pay deal is likely fodder for more criticism, but – What if he’s worth it?

Philadelphia Energy Solutions files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Philadelphia - The owner of Philadelphia Energy Solutions, the East Coast's largest oil-refining complex, is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and blaming an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) biofuel mandate.

Pulses of light to protect cryptocurrencies

Technologists have successfully used pulses of light to encrypt data. This technology could be used to protect the security of cryptocurrencies.

More than a thousand protest against Trump in Switzerland

Zurich - More than a thousand people protested in central Zurich on Tuesday against the planned arrival of US President Donald Trump in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum (WEF).

NASA begins tests of solar probe before launch to 'touch the sun'

NASA has begun testing its Parker Solar Probe that will 'touch the sun' when it launches into space this summer. The probe's journey will be humanity’s first visit to a star and will come as close as 3.9 million miles (6.3 million km) to the sun.

Turkey in deadly Kurdish militia clashes as US sounds alarm

Hassa - The Turkish army on Tuesday clashed with Kurdish militia in Syria in an operation that has already left three of its soldiers dead, as the United States voiced alarm that the offensive could endanger attempts to end the Syrian civil war.

Sacked Catalan leader asks to return to Spain 'risk-free'

Copenhagen - Catalonia's ousted leader Carles Puigdemont asked Tuesday to return to Spain "without any risk" of being detained for his role in the independence drive despite Madrid warning he would not be let in "even in the boot of a car.

Deal breaker: Could AI compromise better than humans?

Can artificial intelligence work in a more harmonious way than people, given that the act of compromise is just as important within businesses as competition is between businesses?

Despite #MeToo, Davos still a man's world

Davos - Seven high-powered women dominate one stage while panellists elsewhere agonise over sexual harassment and pay inequality -- but despite efforts to redress the gender imbalance, Davos still remains a man's world.

Trudeau takes shot at Trump protectionism at Davos forum

Davos - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticised the protectionist policies of US President Donald Trump at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday while fervently defending the virtues of free trade.

Canada looks to Pacific as NAFTA under threat

Montr - Canada announced Tuesday it will sign on the Trans Pacific Partnership, moving to diversify its trade relationships as Canadian, US and Mexican negotiators kicked off a sixth round of talks on a 1994 free trade pact that Washington has threatened to d...

Netflix nears 118 million streaming subscribers worldwide

Netflix has a major reason to be proud. It hit a major milestone with its number of subscribers! The entertainment company has almost 118 million streaming subscribers worldwide.

Trump will be 'best salesperson' for US economy at Davos: WH

Washington - US President Donald Trump is aiming to be the "best salesperson" for American economic interests when he goes to Davos later this week, the White House said Tuesday.

Duke Energy proposes solar rebate program for N.C. customers

Charlotte - Charlotte, North Carolina-based Duke Energy is making news again, this time with a proposal for $62 million in rebates for residential and commercial solar projects in North Carolina over the next five years.
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