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Easter Island — Has mystery of statue's red hats been solved?

Easter Island's wonderful and mysterious stone statues, or Moai have gazed inland across the island for hundreds of years. Some of the Moai wear red stone hats, called pukao. How did the Easter Islanders get the pukaos on top of the Moai?

Novelists withdraw from New York gala in Charlie Hebdo protest

New York - Six prominent novelists have withdrawn from a New York literary gala to protest against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo being honored with a freedom of expression award.

Op-Ed: Is Jade Helm a training operation to impose U.S. martial law?

In video footage recently released American military is seen training to escort civilians to FEMA camps and initiate martial law. Is there more to the Jade Helm training operation than authorities are telling us?

Study: Millions are dying due to lack of access to surgery

An eye-opening study has found that approximately two-thirds of the world's population lacks access to safe and affordable surgery, double what previous studies had estimated.

'Hundreds' found dead as fresh Boko Haram violence hits Nigeria

Maiduguri - Hundreds of people have been found dead in the northeast Nigerian town of Damasak, apparently victims of the Boko Haram insurgency, as details emerged on Monday of fresh attacks by the militants.

Prospects for Australia's biggest coal mine in doubt

India-based Adani Mining still wants to build the largest coal-mining operation ever seen in Australia. But the latest to come out of the proceedings going on in the Land Court of Queensland are telling another story.

Millions of WordPress sites are at risk of hijacking

A major vulnerability has been discovered in the WordPress content management system that makes it possible for hackers to gain complete control of the administration area and even the web server that WordPress is running on.

London Metropolitan Police still uses 35,000 Windows XP computers

A freedom of information request has revealed how prevalent the 14-year old Windows XP still is at key public businesses. The London Metropolitan Police force announced today that officers still use 35,000 XP machines, despite support ending a year ago.

Everest avalanche triggered by Nepal earthquake caught on video

Kathmandu - A German climber, Jost Kobusch , posted to YouTube Sunday footage showing a deadly avalanche sweeping through the base camp at Mt. Everest. The avalanche was triggered by Saturday's magnitude 7.8 earthquake, the worst to hit Nepal in decades.

US farms hit by bird flu – but a vaccine might make things worse

Eight million chickens and turkeys have been destroyed at 70 farms in 13 states due to the spreading H5N2 bird flu virus. Health officials are cautiously optimistic the virus will not affect humans, but are offering antiviral drugs to farm workers.

Anguished families say goodbye before Indonesia executions

Cilacap - The families of two Australian convicts facing execution in Indonesia paid an anguished final visit to their loved ones Tuesday, wailing in grief as ambulances carrying empty white coffins arrived at their prison.

Op-Ed: Why Floyd Maywearher would be Manny Pacquiao's last opponent

After the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight at the MGM Grand on Saturday, there is no one else in the pool of aspiring challengers who is worthy of facing Manny Pacquiao in the ring.

Baltimore protests turn violent following Freddie Gray funeral

Baltimore - Violence erupted in Baltimore on Monday afternoon following the funeral of Freddie Gray, who suffered a broken spine and later died after being arrested by police on April 12.

Baltimore deploys Guard troops as riots erupt

Baltimore - Thousands of police and National Guard troopers were ordered to back up beleaguered officers in Baltimore on Tuesday after riots triggered by anger over the death of a black man in police custody.

Op-Ed: A word about war and 'heinous' crimes, a letter to Roxanne James

Dear Canadian MP Roxanne James, I have something to say about your comments about former Guantanamo Bay inmate Omar Khadr.

Op-Ed: Is the Apple Watch a necessity or luxurious accessory?

Is Apple Watch really the next big thing set for ubiquity and will it revolutionise wearable technology? Or is it just an expensive luxury?

Monster mile-wide tornado, softball-sized hail pummels Texas

Rio Vista - A monster tornado touched down in north-central Texas as part of a storm system that brought hail as big as softballs and dangerous winds. The tornado, described as a mile long knocked out power to more than 30,000 people.

Baltimore riot: Seven officers hurt, one 'unresponsive'

Baltimore - At least seven US police officers were wounded Monday and one of them was "unresponsive" after clashes erupted in the city of Baltimore, Captain Eric Kowalczyk told reporters.

Reddit sees dramatic reduction in revenge porn victim reports

Reddit's community leader has updated the world on the website's continuing efforts to eradicate revenge porn. The popular discussion board known as the "front page of the Internet" has promised that revenge porn will not be tolerated.

Dozens of soldiers, civilians killed in fresh Boko Haram violence

Kano - Boko Haram gunmen killed dozens of soldiers and massacred civilians in a weekend attack on an island on Lake Chad, after 21 people were shot dead in northeastern Nigeria.
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