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Trump sharpens attacks on Russia probe

Washington - President Donald Trump Sunday intensified his attacks on Robert Mueller's Russia investigation as biased against him, but stopped just short of targeting the special counsel -- whose ouster lawmakers warned would cross a "massive red line.

What does Turkey's seizure of Afrin mean for Syria war?

Beirut - The capture of Afrin from the Kurds by Turkish-led fighters on Sunday could have major repercussions for Syria's protracted war.

Latin America's 'magic tree' slowly coming back to life

Arroyo Arena - The guaimaro, a highly prized tree bearing nutritious fruit, once abundant throughout South America, is slowly being coaxed back from near extinction in Colombia.Widely adaptable, the tree is resistant to drought -- though not, sadly, to man.

S.Sudanese flee only to find unrest across the border​

Obo - Refugees seeking safety from the atrocities of South Sudan's unending conflict cross the border only to find themselves in one of Africa's most war-torn and poorest countries.

Three talking points from Russia's poll

Moscow - With little doubt that Vladimir Putin would win with a landslide in Russia's presidential poll on Sunday, attention turned to whether the Kremlin could rally a large turnout for the strongman.

Were Blackberry's modified to help drug cartels?

Toronto - It appears that some Blackberry devices were modified to 'help drug cartels', according to U.S. authorities. The allegation is that Canadian company Phantom Secure sold modified Blackberry devices for illicit reasons.

AI is superior to humans in Moon mapping challenge

There is much about the Moon’s topography that remains unknown and scientists continue to develop detailed maps of the lunar surface. When it comes to this task, a new study shows artificial intelligence bests humans each time.

Living across the front lines in South Sudan

Thar Jath - Nyakol was 15, healthy and strong when South Sudanese soldiers attacked her hometown of Leer, forcing her to flee with her mother into the surrounding swamps.

Tennis great Navratilova slams BBC over Wimbledon pay

London - Tennis great Martina Navratilova accused the BBC Monday of a "shocking" pay gap which saw her fellow Wimbledon pundit John McEnroe paid at least 10 times more than her.

Autonomous vehicles could be bad for the environment

Detroit - There are many advantages that can be delivered by autonomous cars but environmental impact might not be one of them unless modifications are undertaken to the size and weight of the technology, according to a new research study.

Drought-stricken Cape Town counts the cost

Cape Town - South African winemaker Marlize Jacobs looks out across the parched brown earth that sustains her award-winning vines, surveying the effects of the water crisis ravaging Cape Town and surrounding areas.

Study shows geographical trends in drug-related deaths in U.S.

Deaths from drug-use disorders in the U.S. have risen dramatically in the past several decades, hitting West Virginia and Kentucky especially hard, even as mortality rates blamed on other causes, from substance abuse or intentional injury have dropped.

Ex-Samsung maverick becomes S. Korea's #MeToo champion

Seoul - The ground for the wave of #MeToo accusations sweeping socially conservative South Korea was laid by a defiant saleswoman who took on the corporate might of Samsung, won a harassment case against her boss and changed career to become a lawyer.

In Greece's Thessaloniki, club owner who invaded pitch is king

Thessalon - A Greek-Russian businessman of humble origins, PAOK FC owner Ivan Savvidis has put Greek football once again under the spotlight after storming onto the pitch with a holstered gun at his belt.

Carmaker XEV's new EV has many parts created by 3D printing

The LSEV as it is called took only 3 days to make and was produced by Italian car maker XEV and Polymaker a developer of 3D printing.

Nicaraguans appeal to St Lazarus to cure pet dogs

Masaya - Forget the vet -- worshippers in Nicaragua appealed to a higher power to cure their beloved canine friends Sunday, during an annual festival in honor of Saint Lazarus.

Blackberry CEO John Chen to stay on after company turnaround

Waterloo - John Chen can keep his job of chief executive officer(CEO) of Blackberry until at least November 2023. Chen is given the credit for rescuing the company when Blackberry appeared to be doomed when he came on as CEO in 2013.

World needs 'greener' water policies as demand rises: UN

Paris - Governments should focus on "greener" policies to improve the supply and quality of water as climate change and a growing global population threaten the water security of billions, the United Nations said on Monday.

Putin wins another term but what happens in 2024?

Moscow - In power for almost two decades, Vladimir Putin predictably won a fourth Kremlin term in Russia's presidential election on Sunday, extending his long rule for another six years.

Norway govt may fall on minister's no-confidence vote

Oslo - Norway's right-wing government could resign this week if the justice minister loses a no-confidence vote after she triggered outrage among survivors of a 2011 gun massacre, media reported Sunday.
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