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Nigeria's Buhari misses second cabinet meeting in a row

Abuja - Nigeria's president has missed the last two meetings of his cabinet, a senior minister said on Wednesday, in comments likely to fuel fresh speculation about the head of state's health.

South Sudan forces launch new offensive: UN

New York - South Sudanese government forces on Wednesday launched an offensive on a town in the north, displacing civilians who may be headed toward the border with Sudan, the UN envoy said.

Dead woman's Fitbit data leads to murder charge against husband

Ellington - While a Connecticut man’s explanation for the death of his wife at first seemed plausible, an analysis of data from her Fitbit contradicted his timeline, leading to the husband's arrest on murder and other charges.

Turks, Kurds clash along northeast Syria border: monitor

Birut - Fighting broke out on Wednesday along the northeast Syria border between Turkish forces and Kurdish militiamen, a monitor said, a day after deadly Turkish air strikes on the area.

Iraqi forces seize ancient site of Hatra from IS

- Iraqi pro-government forces said Wednesday they had seized the UNESCO-listed ancient site of Hatra from the Islamic State group, the latest archaeological jewel to be wrested from the jihadists' grip.

Afghanistan arrests 35 soldiers after attack on base

Kabul - Authorities have arrested 35 soldiers who served on an army base in northern Afghanistan where the Taliban staged a deadly attack last week, officials said Wednesday, as fears grew they had inside help.

Frozen hash browns recalled — They may have a side of golf balls

McCain Foods USA is recalling frozen hash browns in nine states because pieces of golf balls may be mixed in with the potatoes. The pieces of golf balls could present a choking hazard.

Chemicals in marijuana and chili peppers can calm inflammation

Farmington - You might not think that chili peppers and marijuana have anything in common, but researchers at the University of Connecticut have discovered a new function for the chemicals found in hot peppers and pot that calm inflammation in the digestive tract.

Air pollution in Toronto subways same as in Beijing: study

Toronto - A study of air pollution in three Canadian subway systems showed the air quality in Toronto’s subway system is the worst. An author of the report compared the pollution in the subway system in Canada’s largest city to a day in Beijing.

Adding cinnamon to the diet lowers body temperature

Melbourne - A surprising fact has emerged from a food technology project. Researchers have discovered that adding cinnamon to the diet can cool the body by a temperature of up to two degrees. This adds to research about other health benefits from the spice.

'All on me:' US admiral takes blame in carrier to N.Korea fiasco

Washington - The US admiral who ordered an aircraft carrier and other warships toward the Korean Peninsula in a much-hyped deployment took responsibility Wednesday for any "confusion" after the ships sailed in the opposite direction.

Britain fears Brexit impact of Macron win in France

London - Marine Le Pen's performance in France's presidential race cheered Brexit supporters, but many fear the likely winner Emmanuel Macron will play hardball in Britain's negotiations on leaving the European Union.

Jeannie Seely honored by Pennsylvania House of Representatives

"Miss Country Soul" Jeannie Seely has a major reason to be proud. She was honored by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Twitter returns to growth, surprising its investors

Twitter has unexpectedly returned to growth, causing its stock price to rise significantly. Although the company is still losing money, it has made large gains in user activity. Its losses have consequently been reduced even though ad revenue has fallen.

Op-Ed: Top 5 songs by country recording artist Jessie Chris

Digital Journal ranks the Top 5 country songs by rising singer-songwriter Jessie Chris, who has taken the contemporary music scene by storm.

Mondo Duplantis talks pole vault, World Championships in London Special

17-year-old world record holder Armand "Mondo" Duplantis chatted with Digital Journal about his distinguished career in pole vault, as well as his plans for the future.

Ivanka Trump draws line with father on Syrian refugees

Washington - First Daughter Ivanka Trump is contradicting her father, the US president, insisting that allowing Syrian refugees to immigrate to the United States "has to be part of the discussion" over ending Syria's years old civil war.

US vows to force N.Korea back to nuclear talks

Washington - The United States pledged Wednesday to step up sanctions to force North Korea to resume dialogue over its nuclear program but said it was not looking to bring Kim Jong-Un's regime to its knees.

Siri creator thinks you'll soon upload your memories to AI

One of the creators of the Siri digital assistant owned by Apple has said he believes AI will one day be used to upload and replay personal memories. An artificial intelligence could index and store all of our experiences, extending and enhancing memory.

Pacquiao promises exciting fight for the fans on July 2

WBO Welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao looks forward to a very exciting fight when he squares off with unbeaten Australian challenger Jeff Horn on July 2, at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia.
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