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NBA Trade Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins to LA Lakers still possible?

Los Angeles - The LA Lakers are set to begin the preseason on Sunday and the return of Kobe Bryant to their lineup, but despite the good news of their star veterans return, rumors of a possible trade before the start of the regular season has fans of the team excited.

Powder to stop bleeding, save lives in development at UBC

A product that could save lives daily all over the world is being developed by researchers at UBC in Vancouver. The remarkable powder is being designed to travel through the flow of blood and stop bleeding at its source.

iPhone 6S found to take 'much better' video than $3000 Nikon DSLR

A professional photographer has concluded that 4K video from the iPhone 6S significantly outperforms a DSLR setup from Nikon worth over $3000, highlighting how far smartphone optics have come over the past few years.

Op-Ed: Kurds welcome Russian air strikes against Islamic State in Syria

Damascus - Russia in its latest strikes in Syria has targeted several Islamic State positions after earlier being accused of hitting other targets including rebels supported by the United States.

Russia's Orthodox church backs 'holy war' against ISIS

Russia's Orthodox Church voiced support for Putin's decision to carry out air strikes in Syria against ISIS, calling it a "holy battle" for protecting the Christians in the region.

Apple mocks Microsoft by 'redesigning' Windows logo

The appearance of a rather customised Windows logo on one of Apple's official support pages has suggested the company is looking for some humour at the expense of Microsoft. It could also be mocking one of the software giant's most successful products.

Microsoft: No Cortana on Xbox One until next year

Microsoft this week rolled out new features to Xbox owners running the preview release of the upcoming Windows 10 Experience. It also confirmed the company's Cortana digital assistant won't be available on the Xbox One console until 2016.

Assad: Russian failure in Syria would 'destroy' Mideast

Damascus - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad warned the success of Russia's military intervention in his war-torn country was vital for the entire Middle East, as Moscow ramped up its bombing campaign Sunday.

'Miracle down-under' — Toddler has head reattached to neck

Brisbane - In a surgical procedure that is being hailed as "miraculous," a 16-month-old child had his head reattached to his neck after suffering an internal decapitation as the result of an automobile accident.

2016 NFL Mock Draft: Updated first round projections

New Orleans - While the football season is still young, general managers and their staff have a good idea of what a team needs to improve. With trades a rarity in the league, most front offices will use next springs NFL Draft to add more talent to a roster.

Op-Ed: UN special envoy to Libya Bernardino Leon to be replaced

New York - The Libya Herald reports that Bernardino Leon the UN Special Envoy to Libya will be replaced by Martin Kobler, a German diplomat, in the coming weeks.

25 injured in North Iredell High School roof collapse in N.C.

Olin - Almost two dozen students and adults were injured Saturday afternoon at North Iredale High School in North Carolina after concrete from an overhang fell on them following a truck accident. Three people suffered life-threatening injuries.

Assad says Russian failure in Syria would 'destroy' Mideast

Damascus - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in comments broadcast on Sunday that the success of Russia's military intervention in his country's civil war was vital for the whole Middle East.

France's Fabius urges stragglers to publish emissions data

Paris - French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who will chair December's UN-led climate talks in Paris, on Sunday urged countries which have yet to publish greenhouse gas emissions data to do so as soon as possible.

74 overdoses in 72 hours — Another abysmal record for Chicago

Chicago - If it's not bad enough that people are shooting each other in record numbers in Chicago, now they are trying to kill each other with bad narcotics. Over 70 people overdosed on a heroin-fentanyl mix this past week.

Erdogan's 'anti-terrorism' rally in France draws thousands

Strasbourg - Around 12,000 people flocked to hear the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan address an anti-terrorism rally in the French city of Strasbourg Sunday, one a number of his supporters have organised in the run-up to a snap election in Turkey next month...

Record-setting rains submerge parts of US southeast

Charleston - Record rainfall left large areas of the US southeast under water Sunday as roads were closed and residents were warned to stay indoors.

Skirts versus cassocks as Catholic women bid for rights

Rome - It will be a landmark review of Church teachings and women want their say: as bishops gather in Rome to review attitudes to modern family life, the "Catholic Women Speak" network is primed for a fierce but uphill struggle.

Extreme poverty to fall below 10 percent: World Bank

Washington - Extreme poverty will this year fall to less than 10 percent of the global population for the first time, although there is still "great concern" for millions in Africa, a World Bank report said Sunday.

Canadian events for World Habitat Day

Toronto - World Habitat Day is an annual United Nations event, which takes place on October 5. To mark the event, this year Habitat for Humanity Canada is calling on Canadians of all ages to be part of Canada’s affordable housing solution.
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