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Op-Ed: Scientist who is the darling of climate change deniers feels heat

A scientist who is the darling of climate change deniers is feeling the heat after it was discovered that he has accepted $1.3 million in funding from private interest groups, including Exxon Mobil and Koch Industries.

Weasel hitching a ride on back of a woodpecker goes viral [Photo]

London - A photograph that has been described as a "one-in-a-million" snap, shows a weasel hitching a ride on the back of a woodpecker. The photo has gone viral online with the hashtag #weaselpecker trending as thousands shared the photo posted to Twitter Monday.

Photo of weasel riding upon back of flying woodpecker goes viral

An amateur photographer in the U.K. managed make himself and his photo go viral today. Spreading across the Internet is this shot of a weasel riding atop a woodpecker.

Mayweather training for Pacquiao, hires lefty sparring partner

Floyd Mayweather has hired a former southpaw world welterweight champion to be his sparring partner as he begins training for his May 2 fight with Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao is a lefty so Mayweather sparring with a lefty was a given.

Paul Grignon responds to John Oliver on infrastructure Special

On Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight, popular comedian John Oliver looked at the crumbling infrastructure in the U.S. and asked how the government might raise funds for repairs when the people adamantly reject the idea of raising taxes.

Militarization and alternative biofuel drives Ethiopian land-grab

Ethiopia buys military weapons and claims advance on Millennium Goal objectives while India and others gain large scale alternative biofuel crops and claim advance on reduction of fossil fuel dependency.

Air pollution damages cognition, memory, in brains of children

The Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology in Spain published results from their new study Tuesday and they are disturbing. They found that the brains of kids who go to school in heavy-traffic areas are being damaged.

Putin says Nemtsov assassination a 'disgrace'

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday described the killing of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov as a tragedy that had brought disgrace on Russia, and warned against a rise in "extremist crime".

E. coli outbreak sickens six children in Lodi, California

Lodi - An E. coli outbreak in Lodi, California has sickened six elementary school children, requiring one to be hospitalized. The children all attend the same elementary school, but the school has been ruled out as a source of the outbreak.

U.S. billionaire says WWII Japanese ship found in Philippines

Manila - Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen says he has found the Japanese Navy's biggest warship at the bottom of the sea in the Philippines, 70 years after U.S. forces sank it.

'The elderly are not aliens': Pope

- Pope Francis urged his followers at his weekly prayer on Wednesday to show affection and respect for the elderly, saying they must not be treated as "aliens".

China's pollution video, 'Under the Dome' goes viral

Beijing - Most documentaries focusing on air pollution don't make the top-10 list anywhere. But surprisingly, the documentary entitled “Under the Dome,” a film about energy and environmental issues in China has become an online hit.

Ukraine mine blast 'kills 32'

Donetsk - Thirty-two miners in eastern Ukraine were missing and feared dead Wednesday following an explosion at a coal mine in the rebel-held city of Donetsk.

LAPD shooting on LA skid row captures nation's attention (Video)

Los Angeles - Another officer-involved shooting has captivated the attention of the nation. This time on Los Angeles's famous skid row.

Op-Ed: Trashy Instagram account humiliates Sydney homeless

Sydney - An Instagram account called “Murder Mall” has decided to go Nazi by picking on homeless people as targets in Sydney. Social workers are furious, and local media is less than impressed.

2015 NFL Mock Draft: Latest first round projections for each team

The beginning of March is the calm before the storm as teams prepare for the start of free agency next week, followed by the NFL Draft next month. Depending on how franchises go about adding talent, big roster changes are on the horizon for several teams.

French police report 'dozen' drone sightings over Paris

Paris - Paris police on Wednesday said the public had reported around a dozen drone sightings over sensitive areas of the French capital -- the latest in a baffling series of overflights.

When an iron rain fell on Earth

Not much is known about Earth’s “inner space” —its core — although scientists agree on one thing, much of the core consists of iron. But just how much iron is there remains the subject of debate.

Strong cannabis users 5 times more likely to develop psychosis

A British study has found that people who consume the new stronger forms of cannabis are 5 times more likely to develop psychotic disorders than non-users are.

Obama administration to ban green tip 5.56 ammunition?

The ATF is proposing a ban on certain armor piercing 5.56 ammunition, citing the increased availability of 5.56 caliber pistols.
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