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World's steepest funicular railway opens in Switzerland

Stoos - Swiss President Doris Leuthard inaugurated the Stoos funicular railway line on Friday evening, cutting the ribbon and taking a ride on the world's steepest funicular railway line to the Alpine village of Stoos.

Chinese convicts executed after stadium trial

Bejing - Thousands of spectators filled a stadium in China to watch 10 suspects be sentenced to death for crimes ranging from drug-dealing to homicide before they were taken away to be executed at the weekend.

Smart parking solution based on cryptocurrency payment

To make the process of parking easier for businesses and for consumers a blockchain company has come up with a smart solution, based on a decentralized network and the use of a cryptocurrency.

Cybersecurity trends for 2018

The main technology headlines in the media during this year have been about cybersecurity and the range of businesses that have been affected by cyberattacks. To help protect businesses in 2018, cybersecurity service firm Zenedge provides answers.

Bitcoin breaks through $19,000 setting new high

As investors prepare for a second bitcoin futures launch by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) its price reached a new high of $19,783.06 at 12:14 UTC today , December 17th.

Kremlin's new cyber weapons spark fears and fantasies

Moscow - From Donald Trump's election to Brexit and the Catalan crisis, accusations that the Kremlin is meddling in Western domestic affairs have heightened fears over Russian hackers, trolls and state-controlled media.

Once taboo, China listens to US contingencies on N.Korea

Bejing - It was the kind of sitdown that China had long resisted: Top US officials telling Chinese counterparts how American troops would enter North Korea if the hermit regime collapsed.

The far-right in Europe

Paris - Austria's far-right Freedom Party has returned to power in a coalition government, capping a year of successes for Europe's nationalist movements.

Demos, heavy police presence for new Austrian government

Vienna - More than 2,000 demonstrators took to the streets in Vienna on Monday ahead of the inauguration of Austria's new coalition government of the conservatives and the far right, an AFP reporter at the scene said.

Bitcoin's dirty little secret has real-world consequences

Bitcoin is basically a cryptocurrency, secret computer money without any physical form. Today, one bitcoin is worth nearly $19,000, but to get one, you either buy from an online exchange or use special computer hardware to mine it, and that is a problem.

Lebanon arrests taxi driver over murder of British woman

Beirut - Lebanese police on Monday arrested a taxi driver suspected of killing British embassy worker Rebecca Dykes after attempting to rape her, according to officials and the national news agency.

Review: Gary Oldman gives Oscar worthy performance in 'Darkest Hour' Special

British actor Gary Oldman has given the best acting performance of his career as Winston Churchill in the film "Darkest Hour."

Essential Science: Delivering drugs via nanoscale emulsion

Researchers have used nanotechnology to improve drug delivery. This is in the form of tailorable nanoscale emulsions which effectively interact with their intended targets.

Deep in the mountains, Aran Valley resists Catalan independence

Viella - "This isn't Catalonia": Tucked deep in the snowy Pyrenees mountains, the Aran Valley appears far removed from the secession crisis rocking the rest of the region.

Russia trolls try to sow UK discord amid attacks: report

London - Russian-linked fake social media accounts have systematically attempted to amplify social division in Britain around the terror attacks of the past year, according to a new study released Monday.

The year the 'caliphate' collapsed

Beirut - 2017 will be remembered as the year the Islamic State group's ultra-violent statehood experiment was terminated, but Iraq and Syria are now left staring at ruined cities and daunting challenges.

Debt bear stalks Goldilocks economy

Paris - The global economy is enjoying a Goldilocks moment, with growth and inflation neither too hot nor too cold.

Artificial intelligence is the key to unlocking fusion reactions

Princeton - One barrier to developing nuclear fusion to generate energy is the complexity of predicting the major disruptions that can halt fusion reactions and damage the walls of future reactors. Physicists think artificial intellignece holds the answers.

Kremlin praises US-Russia 'exemplary cooperation' on terror fight

Moscow - The Kremlin on Monday praised the "exemplary cooperation" between US and Russian security services after the CIA helped thwart a terror attack on a landmark Orthodox cathedral in Saint Petersburg.

Nagasaki A-bomb survivors lose suit seeking official recognition

Toukyo - Survivors of the Nagasaki atomic bomb in 1945 who were close to ground zero but outside the government's officially designated zone on Monday lost their battle with Japan's top court for official recognition as victims.
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