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South Korean woman reveals the power of makeup

There have been countless videos of makeup transformations that reveal people's natural beauty. Recently, a video was posted by a South Korean woman, who was showing people how to remove makeup.

Review: ‘Survivor’ doesn’t show much fight Special

‘Survivor’ is a middling action thriller that squanders its opportunity to be better by failing to showcase the talents of its leading actress.

CBC comedy writer and Canadian humorist Mike O'Brien dies at 51

One of Canada's most joyful and impish writers and actors has died at age 51. Mike O'Brien, who wrote comedy for the CBC and acted on shows like 'Less Than Kind' and 'Corner Gas' died last Sunday of cancer. He left behind lessons for us all to learn.

Florida man threatens suicide, cops shoot him dead

Justin Way was a recovering alcoholic who'd been on the wagon for five weeks. Then he lost his job. He became suicidal and had a setback. Way's girlfriend Kaitlyn Christine Lyons found him drinking a bottle of vodka and lying in bed with a large knife.

Syrian army in retreat as rebels tighten grip on Idlib

Damascus - Syrian troops retreated as regime warplanes bombarded Al-Qaeda-led rebel fighters on Friday, a day after the insurgents overran the last government-held city in the key northwestern province of Idlib.

Android M is all about better batteries, payment and privacy

As expected, Google revealed a new version of its Android mobile operating system at its IO developers conference yesterday. A very early preview, some of Android M's features include a new app launcher, built-in fingerprint support and more battery life.

Op-Ed: Soccer — Is Ali Bin Al Hussein the fairy-tale prince FIFA needs?

Zurich - Amid a slew of corruption allegations FIFA is due to elect its President today. Incumbent Sepp Blatter, whose position seemed impregnable just days ago, is challenged by Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, vice-president of the Asian soccer confederation.

Silk Road website mastermind faces lengthy jail term

New York - The American convicted of masterminding criminal website Silk Road, which sold $200 million worth of drugs to customers all over the world using digital currency Bitcoin, will be jailed Friday.

Heron makes unannounced visit to No. 10 Downing Street

Larry the cat was nowhere to be seen when a grey heron came strolling through the open front door at No. 10 Downing Street today. The avian visitor was trying to avoid the advances of a rather forward-acting crow.

Indian boy, 5, beheaded in suspected child sacrifice

Guwahati - A suspected occultist beheaded a five-year-old boy in a ritual sacrifice in northeastern India before being lynched by angry villagers, police and relatives said on Friday.

Angry mob in Guatemala beat and then burn 16-year-old girl alive

An angry mob of over 100 people, including young children, stood back and watched as some members of the group beat a 16-year-old-girl bloody, knocked her to the ground and then set her on fire. VIDEO HAS BEEN EDITED

Kenyan man pleads guilty in U.S. to supporting terrorist groups

Miami - A Kenyan man pleaded guilty to supporting three different terrorist organizations, admitting to providing money and recruits in Syria and Somalia, the U.S. Justice Department said.

Saudi suicide blast on Shiite mosque 'kills three'

Riyadh - A suicide bomber disguised in women's clothing blew himself up at the entrance to a Saudi Shiite mosque during Friday prayers killing three people, the interior ministry said.The Islamic State jihadist group claimed the attack, the second in a week.

Interview: American Idol runner-up winner Clark Beckham opens up Special

Season 14 American Idol runner-up winner Clark Beckham chatted with Digital Journal about his Idol experience, the summer tour and his future plans in music.

Manny Pacquiao vs Amir Khan fight in Dubai looms

Intentional boxing promoter Bob Arum is targeting Dubai of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for his next star-studded boxing card penciled for March or April next year featuring Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan in the main event.

Michael Jackson's Neverland to go 'on sale for $100 million'

Washington - The sprawling California property that was once the location of the 'king of pop' Michael Jackson's mind-boggling amusement park is going on sale for $100 million, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

Prague court acquits femme fatale who toppled Czech PM

Prague - A Prague court on Friday dropped abuse of power charges against a top aide to former Czech prime minister Petr Necas, whose centre-right government collapsed over a bribery and spy scandal in 2013.

Boko Haram clash 'kills 4 Chad soldiers, 33 Islamists'

Ndjame - A clash between Chad's army and Boko Haram on a Lake Chad island has killed four soldiers and 33 Islamists, a military spokesman said Friday.

Shining a light on cancer with glowing bacteria

Scientists have come up with a novel way to detect liver cancer. The approach makes use of beneficial bacteria. Through genetic engineering, these bacteria emit a luminescent pulse when cancer is present.

Shiite militia rename mission to retake Iraqi city of Ramadi

Ramadi - Every military operation appears to require the proper name or branding. The Pentagon has become expert at providing euphemistic names for operations such as Enduring Freedom.
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