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Wal-Mart suddenly closes 5 stores, lays off thousands of workers

Wal-Mart suddenly closed five stores in four states on Monday for alleged plumbing problems. The closures could last up to six months and affect roughly 2,200 workers in Texas, California, Oklahoma, and Florida, CNN Money reports.

'Furious 7' drives past $1 billion

It only took "Furious 7" 17 days to pass the coveted $1 billion mark, worldwide. In doing so, it is in the company of only a handful of films.

Toronto police identify suspects charged after brazen shooting

Toronto police have identified four men in custody and charged after a brazen outdoor shooting Thursday in front of a row of townhouses. None are from the Jane St. and Driftwood Ave. area where the violence occurred.

B.C. kills 84 grey wolves in first months of controversial cull

A wolf culling program is underway in the Canadian province of British Columbia and after three months 84 wolves have been killed. Some animal rights activists insist that the reasons given for the program by the government do not justify the slaughter.

Google announces plans to change how results are displayed

Google announced Thursday an official update to how website URLs will be displayed in a search results page. Google regularly tests variations in the design of its search results. Once it discovers something that works it makes a formal update.

Canadian research team cracks secret to knuckle-popping sound

Researchers at the University of Alberta have discovered the secret behind the “pop” sound knuckles make when they’re cracked. So, why does it make that sound? MRI video helps to determine what triggers the noise.

Bracing for deep loses, McDonald's Japan to close 131 outlets

McDonald's Corporation-Japan is forecasting deeper losses this year with the planned renovation of 2,000 of its 3,100 stores, along with closing 131 under-performing stores, putting 100 employees out of a job.

Manny Pacquiao media day: I have 'killer instinct' for Mayweather

Unlike Floyd Mayweather on his media day this week, Manny Pacquiao was on time to meet the press on Wednesday in Los Angeles. Pacquiao, 36, said he has his "killer instinct" intact and is ready to beat down the 38-year-old Mayweather.

Three killed, twelve injured at DOOM punk rock concert in Chile

Three people died and twelve were severely injured on Thursday night when a building collapsed during a concert of the long-running anarcho-crust-punk British band DOOM at a nightclub in Santiago de Chile.

Op-Ed: Harper government privatizing Canadian Wheat Board

Ottawa - Gerry Ritz the Canadian Agriculture Minister announced the deal with the multinational G3 Global Grain Group. The G3 are actually paying not one cent for the 50.1 per cent share they will get in the company.

Murder, rape, neglect in California mental health institutions Special

Sacramento - More than 800 pages of records released by the California Department of Public Health have revealed horrific crimes, including deadly physical abuse and neglect, rape, and brutal beatings, inside five mental health institutions.

Op-Ed: Pacquiao targets Mayweather's body for knockout win

Manny Pacquiao isn't famous as a body puncher but his longtime trainer Freddie Roach thinks there is a good chance Pacquiao could knock out Mayweather on May 2 with a nicely-executed body shot.

Medical marijuana heads south

A little less than half of U.S. states have passed legislation permitting the use of medical marijuana. California's law is nearly a decade old, and Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Maine followed suit shortly.

Review: One year after 'Bring Back Our Girls,' an artist tries to heal us Special

Canadian artist James Picard has had enough of the "chin-up" mentality that has allowed millions of people to experience horrible, traumatic events and never discuss them again.

Op-Ed: Agriculture has become China's biggest polluter

China's vice-minister of Agriculture Zhang Taolin said on Friday that agriculture has overtaken industry as the biggest non-point polluter in the country. Zhang said soil and water pollution hazards have increased the need for the safety of food crops.

Tips: Which browsers are the most secure?

Back in the early days of Internet browsing, the choices for the browser you could use were limited to Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Review: ‘Unfriended’ is more than just the latest gimmicky horror flick Special

‘Unfriended’ brings social commentary back to the horror genre, while simultaneously offering a unique viewpoint for audiences.

Globe's record heat keeps on setting records

With only a four month start to the year 2015, global temperatures are already breaking records around the world. March temperatures set a new record as the hottest month ever, since record keeping began in 1880.

Op-Ed: Governor to sue President Obama over forced Medicaid expansion

The Sunshine State has a dark cloud hovering over its health care system. The Governor claims that Florida is the victim of political blackmail in order to force Medicaid expansion.

U.S. troops on Ukrainian soil could reignite fighting: Moscow

Moscow - Russia on Friday warned that the arrival of U.S. paratroopers in Ukraine to train its forces fighting pro-Russian rebels could reignite the conflict, leading to mass bloodshed.
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